Why I feel battles of the races and sexes is a loser's attitude and how to get into the winner's circle

I will discuss the races and sexes and why many things seem to be geared towards upholding certain races and sexes not to compete together.


Everywhere we go, we see white men and black men say things like I can't dance like that. I'm white. Women usually don't do it to the degree that men do. It is used to somewhat suggest that we need to be a certain race to be good at something and you don't. Also, it is said that they have church like black people as if it is to indicate that white people can't get thrilled about worshipping God. To get a winner's mentality, we need to focus on coming together and not using key events that certain people are good only because it is seemingly due to their race. The 1992 movie White Men Can't Jump was a good example about breaking racial stereotypes.

Why I feel battles of the races and sexes is a loser's attitude and how to get into the winner's circle


By having a female champion and male champion of an event at a drawing or places to separate them is promoting sexism I feel. If people are entering a pool or sporting contest, we should have a winner if rules imply we must have one. By having a male winner and a female winner is going suggesting that we live in separate worlds and pitted against each other. Please stop the sexism. Yes. There is places like Boys Scouts and Girls Scouts where separation is important and they can built from members of their own sex but in neutral places like drawings, math contests and others, there should not be different winners per sex. Yes I can understand winners per age bracket as our maturity and skills are hugely different and seems more fair.

Why I feel battles of the races and sexes is a loser's attitude and how to get into the winner's circle


I feel that in most situations, this can be avoided but most will always have a click and group the sexes and races differently on certain things. My wish is that this unfair comparison ends one day and is brought to attention.

Why I feel battles of the races and sexes is a loser's attitude and how to get into the winner's circle
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  • NerdInDenial

    To ignore sexual dimorphism is to ignore nature. Men and women have different muscle mass; as such, it would not be fair to pit one sex against another. That's why there is much controversy for male to female transgender athletes. It's important to establish a male and female division especially in physical sports.

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  • stephen1488

    If you want to group everyone together that's a great plan... everyone has a plan until they are punched in the face.

    You can't seriously expect women and men to compete against each other in things like mma? Boxing? Running, weight lifting, triathalon? Think about what you are saying.

    As far as the race thing no one is better then me because of their race. And if you think they are then your racist.

    • My recent female pal here who I'm starting to get turned on by with her desire for the sexes to value their masculinity or femininity @Wowgirl30q really and I mean really thinks it is superb and wonderful for men and women to compete in MMA tho.

      How would you assets that? If you doubt it, you can ask her yourself.

    • assest

    • I would tell her that even Ronda rousey said she wouldn't fight a man.

  • Unit1

    Losers keep saying "white men this", "black men that", "Asians this", "Americans/western women that"...

    Winners keep saying "it's nice to meet you!"

    • Honkler

      You’re ridiculous if you think that garbage. Chinese stick to Chinese Asians stick to Asians. But if white oeople want to be with white people it’s racist, you probably think Columbus was a genocider but immigrants are our strength. How is there strength smith tribes and races with no mutual culture? None, it’s Babylon, and diversity is white genocide period

  • That's Ms. Pink Ninja
    I said little men...

  • letsfigurethisout

    I really think it's your outlook on life

  • 1828avaava1828


  • It's an unnecessary war with no gain.

  • ok 😊