How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics


Note: Unfortunately there are politically biased folks who are adamant in trying to infringe on our rights and liberties as law abiding citizens to protect ourselves and our families. Despite almost every state having castle doctrine laws, there are those politically biased folks who will do whatever it takes to distort the story of a person who acted in self defense in order to paint him or her as the “perpetrator”. Which is why you must always know and follow the self defense laws of the area you reside in. Liberal areas tend to infringe on people’s self defense rights and liberties more often than conservative areas. This link shows my stances on self defense laws and liberties.

Castle doctrine and self defense disclaimer: Never use the castle doctrine or any self defense law in an unlawful way, here are some simple reasonable rules that you must follow. Use non lethal tactics as primary defensive measures, only use lethal tactics as a last resort(only if absolutely necessary), only use the necessary amount of force to neutralize the threat(s), don’t use the castle doctrine as a form of vigilantism, don’t use it as a way of settling a personal vendetta, don’t fire warning shots, don’t chase down fleeing home invaders(only certain states allow you to chase down home invaders under certain circumstances), don’t endanger the lives of your neighbors and most importantly make sure to properly confirm that a suspect is an actual threat before using force. Video evidence is your best friend should politically biased folks of the law try to vilify you. In this link I explain self defense laws in greater detail. With that being said, here are warning signs to look out for, various tactics and strategies you can use to halt a home invasion.

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

Warning signs: Always be aware of your surroundings(who, what, where). Be wary of suspicious individuals and activity no matter where you are. Incompetent and politically biased behavioral science “experts” tend to wrongly attribute suspicion to paranoia, but in reality being wary does not equal paranoia. Being wary is simply a survival instinct that helps a person sense danger. Every living creature has a similar instinct. So, here are some suspicious behaviors you should look out for and report to the appropriate authorities if you are almost certain that there is a legitimate threat at play.

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

Warning sign 1 stalkers: If when you are out on your daily routine you notice suspicious individuals who constantly glance at you and have a tendency of showing up wherever you go, then you must notify the police and post a picture of the culprit(s) on your neighborhood watch. Likewise if you get suspicious texts, emails or comments on your social media. Screenshot everything and contact the police.

Warning sign 2 Suspicious cars: Should you notice suspicious cars constantly driving around your house, parking around your house late at night that clearly don’t belong to any of your neighbors, keep a close eye for any further suspicious activity(masked individuals, brandishing any kind of suspicious items etc) and quickly call the police before they have time to carry out their plans.

Warning sign 3 someone you know: Normally we like to think of home invaders as being random. But many times, the perpetrators are people we know personally or maybe interacted with just once. Their motives can range from knowledge of your wealth to personal vendettas. It may be harder to spot any warning signs but they may act nervous around you, too nice, ask too many questions and or stalk you.

warning sign 4 loitering: Let’s face it, nobody likes loiterers around their homes, that’s enough to put anyone on edge. But analyze their patterns, are they specifically hanging out around your house. Do they constantly look at your house while talking on a cell phone? Do they get spooked when you turn on your porch light? Are they taking pictures or videos of your house? Are they dressed in a way that conceals their identity?

warning sign 5 suspicious doorbell ringers: Technically anybody who rings your doorbell after the sun goes down most likely does not have good intentions. But what about doorbell ringers during the day? The first major warning sign is if they try to open your door. The second warning sign is if they come in groups larger than 2. The third warning sign is if you open your door but leave the metal screen locked and they try trick you into letting them in or unlocking the door. The 4th Warning sign is if they can’t properly identify the company they supposedly work for, evade the question or leave as soon as you ask them questions about their company.

Warning sign 6 Unfamiliar and suspicious sounds: After living long enough in a house, you will become familiar with and used to all the noises your house makes like the water sprinklers turning on, your pipes acting up, your floor creeping with steps etc. But if you hear noises in close proximity that you are not familiar with or shouldn’t be heard late at night like someone trying to open your doors. Then you better act quickly and appropriately.

Warning sign 7 Threats: This is very serious, when someone threatens you in person, via phone, email, texts, social media etc. Call the police ASAP, even though the person making threats is probably just using scare tactics to torment you, you can’t take a chance.

Precautions: Now that you are familiar with some warning signs, here are some extra protective measures you can take.

Be vigilant
Be vigilant

Precaution 1 Do not post your address on social media or share it with strangers: Never post your address on social media or any online site and do not let any strangers know where you live. Bad folks can use it against you especially if you say something that angers them.

Precaution 2 join social media city/neighborhood watch groups: Fortunately with social media now being so popular, information gets around very fast. Neighborhood watch groups keep you informed on any suspicious or criminal activity within the listed city. Aside from joining your city’s watch group, join neighboring city watch groups as well. And be sure to post any suspicious activities you notice on the pages.

Precaution 3 Form close relationships with your neighbors: It’s always best for neighbors to have each other’s backs. A united neighborhood can help keep a neighborhood safe by letting each other know of any suspicious activity and coming to each other’s aid. Form emergency plans with them.

Precaution 4 Make sure you are never followed: When you are driving, make sure you are not being followed. If you suspect you that are being followed then drive around in circles and see if the car is still following you. If the car still follows you then drive to the nearest police station.

Precaution 5 buy personal defense equipment: Logically you must have some form of defense mechanism to protect yourself and your household, should you get unwanted guests. Your local sports shops, tactical gear shops and general goods stores should sell the necessary equalizers.

precaution 6 install a surveillance system: A surveillance system can come in handy by helping identify any would be home invaders, sounding an alarm that will attract the attention of your neighbors and for proof that you’ll need to deter any skepticism from biased members of the law.

Precaution 7 Check your locks: Before going to bed or going out, make sure that every point of entry to your house is locked. Never leave a door unlocked just because you live in a “safe city”.

Precaution 8 Come up with plans: You and your family should come up with multiple plans on how to proceed during home invasions. Know all your home’s escape routes, keep weapons in safe yet reachable places, know the best defensive areas and run drills every once in a while.

Precaution 9 Don’t appear defenseless: Always give the impression that you have some way of protecting yourself and your household. Never give the impression that you or your household are defenseless.

Precaution 10 take legit self defense classes: It always helps to take legit self defense classes that train you in various ways to defend yourself and your family. Be wary of fake self defense classes, do some research before signing up for a self defense class to make sure it’s legit and not a scam.

Worst case scenarios: But despite all these warning signs and precautions, sometimes home invasions still happen which is why you should know how to react. Note that your two major advantages against the home invaders are the darkness and the fact that you know your home’s layout very well. Two more potential advantages are any plans you’ve came up and the element of surprise. Also, Never assume that the home invader is working alone. Even if you managed to subdue a lone home invader, keep your guard up until police arrive.

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

Hypothetical Worst case scenario 1, quiet escape: You reside in a house by yourself and you don’t have any proper self defense equipment or any surveillance systems. You wake up in the middle of the night at the sound of your living room windows shattering and multiple voices. You quickly rise from your bed and think about your options. In this case you have around 3 options.

option 1 quiet escape: Close and barricade your bedroom door, grab your cell phone and any household object that can be used as a weapon and get out through your bedroom window. Once outside call the police and see if you can get the attention of your neighbors so they can offer assistance. If you can’t get the attention of your neighbors then hide behind some bushes monitor your house until the police arrive.

Option 2 a small complication: As soon as the home invaders break in, they decide to split up. One heads towards your room. Quickly close and barricade your door, grab your cellphone, grab a nearby object and proceed with option one. But for whatever reason, the perpetrator gets in your room then use your improvised weapon to quickly and quietly subdue the perpetrator. You’d have a major advantage if you get the jump on the perpetrator. Afterwards, tie up the perpetrator, use your smart phone and take a picture of the unconscious perpetrator’s face. Then get out of your house and carry on with option 1.

Option 3: Taste of their own medicine/castle doctrine: You manage to subdue one of the perpetrators as in option 2 and you notice the perp was carrying a gun, use the perp’s weapon to get the jump on the remaining home invaders. Usually wounding one home invader is enough to make the accomplices flee.

Hypothetical worst case scenario 2: You live in a house by yourself but in this scenario you have some self defense weaponry you can use. Let’s say you legally own a shotgun, semi auto pistol, taser, tactical pen and some pepper spray. Aside from the options in scenario 1, you now have two more options. Keep in mind that video footage of some sort would definitely help protect your freedom from politically biased members of the law that try to distort what really happened.

Option 1 castle doctrine confrontation: you wake up, grab as much of your gear as you can. You then confront the home invaders and uphold the castle doctrine by kneecapping one of them, which will most likely causes the rest of the home invaders to flee due to them not expecting that level of resistance and because they can’t risk a shootout since the police would arrive shortly afterwards. They would also leave behind their wounded accomplice since he or she would slow them down. If the home invaders don’t flee, then retreat to a defensive position and hold the perpetrators at bay until the police arrive.

option 2: Tactical ambush/ castle doctrine: So you gather your equipment just like option 1 but instead of confronting the home invaders you surprise them by attacking them from behind. You manage to incapacitate two while the remaining home invader(s) will most likely bolt for the nearest exit.

Hypothetical worst case scenario 3: You live by yourself and also have access to self defense weaponry. However in this scenario you actually know the home invaders are coming, so you prepare in advance and plan to give them a surprise.

Option 1 warning lights: You notice a suspicious van parked down the road from where you live, you also notice 4 masked individuals getting out of the car, prompting you to call the police, shut off all the lights in your house and flicker your porch light, under many circumstances this may be enough to let the would be home invaders know that you are onto them and they’ll probably flee realizing that you may be well equipped and probably called the police by then.

Option 2 Don’t let them in: You flicker your porch lights but they persist and proceed towards your home. So in response you get your weapons ready and wait for them to attempt a forced entry, they go to one of your windows and break it. One of them goes in first but you instantly blast the would be home invader with your pistol, wounding him and causing the rest of the home invaders to flee. It is highly unlikely they’ll try anything else but if they persist and try to find another entrance then “rinse repeat”.

Hypothetical Worst case scenario 4: In this hypothetical scenario you and your family wake up to glass shattering, it is your job to get your family and yourself safely out of harms way but you don’t have any self defense weapons. Here are several courses of action you can take to ensure you and your family survive unharmed.

Option 1 lead family do safety: You wake your family up and have them follow you to a room with a window. You close the door, barricade the door. You and your family then get out of the house and retreat to safe distance while you call the police and wait for them to arrive.

option 2 lead family to safety: Just like option 1, You manage to lead your family to safety by having them quietly exit through a bedroom window but before you can get out, one home invader barrages into the bedroom. Now you must fight back by any means necessary. Use any household objects and fight dirty until you’ve managed to either stun or incapacitate the home invader, then quickly get out through the window and rendezvous with your family and call the police.

Hypothetical worst case scenario 5: You and your family wake up to the sound of glass shattering but in this scenario have access to self defense weaponry(shotgun, pistol, taser, 2 pepper spray cans and one tactical pen.)

Option 1 chase them away: The father grabs the shotgun and a tactical pen while the mother grabs the pistol and the taser. The parents then give each of their kids a can of pepper spray along with a cell phone to call the police and hide them in the closet. The parents then carefully analyze the number of home invaders and if they have any weapons. Afterwards the parents lure some of the home invaders into ambush and incapacitate two of the home invaders while remaining home invaders flee.

Option 2 citizens arrest: Just like option 1 but the parents get the jump on the home invaders and manage to force the home invaders to surrender. The parents detain the home invaders until the police arrive.

Hypothetical Worst case scenario 6: just like worst case scenario 5 but this time the parents know the home invaders are coming.

Option 1 Warning lights: Just like hypothetical worst case scenario 3 but instead the two most physically capable adults in the house grab their weapons, shut off all lights and flicker the porch light to scare away the would be home invaders.

Option 2 don’t let them in: Just like option 1 but if the home invaders remain persistent and still proceed to the house, the two most capable adults will await for them to try a forceful entry. Once one gets in the two home owners will surprise attack the home invaders, incapacitating some and causing the rest to flee.

Hypothetical scenario 7: Let’s say you know for a fact it’s only one home invader. In this scenario you have an abundance of options. If all physically capable adults work together they will easily overpower the lone home invader. Even just one physically capable home owner can handle one home invader by getting the jump on said home invader.

Household objects as improvised weapons: Almost any household object can be used as an improvised weapon. Pens, pencils, heavy ceramics, workout equipment, tools, cloths, chairs, lamps etc all can be used as improvised weaponry. Aside from household objects, you can also make your own makeshift weapons.

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

Close range combat tips: There are many parts of the human body that can be targeted in self defense scenarios, they include the pinky, thumb, vertebrae, throat, side of knees, back of knees, back of neck etc. Be sure to fight dirty and use any weaponry(conventional and improvised) available to apprehend the home invader. If you wound any home invaders and they flee. The blood they leave behind can help identify them through forensics.

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

Best conventional weaponry for home defense: There are certain types of weapons you can legally purchase that can give you an edge. They are pistols(Glock, Berreta, Walther, Sig Sauer) shotguns(Remington, Browning, Benelli), tasers, pepper spray, knives, tactical pens, knuckle dusters, self defense lanyards, tactical flashlights etc. They work best in close quarter environments.

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

Summary: Be wary of any warning signs, take precautions and know what to do in the unfortunate case of a home invasion. Know and respect the self defense laws of your area, have video and or audio recordings to protect you from any misunderstandings, use common sense and stay safe.

Family at shooting range
Family at shooting range

4 of the many real cases of people upholding the castle doctrine:

How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics
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  • NightOwl8801
    Once they cross that threshold they'll either get a belly of 12 gauge slug or 00 buckshot depending on what I keep loaded in my shotgun at the time or I'll just grab my Glock.40 and pepper them...
    People call me paranoid that I check the doors before bed or even double check the car doors to make sure they're locked up...
    Still this is a well written and thought out article... love it
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    All very good points & tips many, if not all, of us should learn from. Thank you for sharing them.
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  • OhWonderland
    I want to comment - but I’m afraid I will be attacked... And I don’t even know by whom, exactly.
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    • Why should you care if someone likes your opinion or not? aren't you here to give your opinion?

    • name_is_eric

      Why are you on the internet if you fear that people will be mean to you? Makes no sense.

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  • Don't forget dogs, dogs are territorial and know people and someone testing a lock will allert a dog. Even a small dog will tell you something is wrong, big dogs have lot's of teeth and are not afraid to use them. We have 4, 3 are large and one is medium. I know when someone walks up the path to the door (which has a motion detection light that I also recommend) and anyone coming up also knows that we know (bark bark bark bark bark, howl. .. Etc) we've had someone come up towards the door and change their mind half way up the path, probably missionaries but the point stands.
    Another point charge your cellphone in your bedroom that way it's available at night if you need it.
    And lastly even if you don't keep firearms for whatever reason a good hunting knife on the back of the bedroom door may just save your life.
    And if you do get into a confrontation, strike quickly and with intention don't try and scare anyone away. If anyone should be running it's you, because you can not predict their behavior. Strike to maim and kill not to hurt especially if they are in your home, just because you don't see a weapon don't assume there isn't one.
    • Anpu23

      Well it just happened to us. About 11:30 at night, just hanging out with my wife. And the dogs the three big ones start frwaking out. I go to check it out, and the porch light is on (it's motion activated) and the front door is ajar slightly. Whoever it was is long gone, but for the doubters it happens.

  • Levin
    How to be a paranoid and terrified American, part 1.
    • @Levin You sound like a typical shrink who likes to make baseless assumptions.

      Not to mention that you obviously know nothing about America.

    • zagor

      None of the gun owners I know are paranoid or terrified. As the saying goes, when seconds count the police are just minutes away.

  • goaded
    Wow. What is it like to live so scared of life?

    In 99% of cases in Europe, shouting will get rid of any home invaders, they don't want to be caught. Buy some insurance for the things they might take.
    • Jamie05rhs

      Okay. So buy life insurance, then.

    • goaded

      @Jamie05rhs I've got it!

      I'm 50x as likely to need to use it for an accident than dying from any sort of attack, and way, way more likely still to die of a disease. Half a million people die each year in the UK, a few hundred of those were murdered, most of them a lot younger than me.

    • ADFSDF1996

      @goaded “Oh poor criminals” Seriously it’s sickening how you people are so adamant on trying to restrict a person’s right to self defense.

      I get it you’re from the UK, a notoriously liberal dystopia where citizens have heavy restrictions when it comes to self defense so it makes sense as to why you can’t seem to understand self defense laws of the US.

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  • humanearth
    Let's someone come into my home.

    1st the outside is protected my Guineafowl. They are like a car alarm for the yard. The noise they make can be heard up to 3 miles.
    How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

    Then we have ram goats roam freely on the property. When threatened they will attack. These beast can be close to 8 feet tall when standing on hind legs is attack position. And been known to do major damage to the human body.

    How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

    If they just happen to make it into the house. I have 5 large dogs and weapons stashed thoughout the house

    How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics

    So lets see them try.

  • Minerate
    Some good tips, it is always helpful to be prepared and to keep the mindset that anything and everything can become a weapon, given the intent of the individual.

    I personally like to keep mostly blunt weapons on hand (bats/wooden swords/hammers) since they tend to stick out less/pose a hazard, but are still fairly available while keeping in mind where the sharps are (kitchen knives, pocket knives, ice picks, saws). You never know when you might need something, a good multipurpose knife can save lives in a car wreck if it has a strap cutter or center punch to break windows.
    ((I STRONGLY recommend buying a self-centering punch at the very least for cars. It's like $4 at Harbor Freight and it can break a window in seconds if you need to escape. Such as if you drive your car in lake or other large body of water, which happened to one lady who called 911 since she couldn't get out and died.))

    I would rather have and not need, than need and not have. Same with knowledge, I would prefer to know how to use firearms/bows/knives/martial arts, etc and never have to use it. It's reassuring in a way to have some knowledge and preparedness, as several people tend to panic/go blank when these sort of things happen. In a way, it's not much different than a fire or tornado drill at schools/work.
  • LuvMeSomeBoys
    Most of your points have merit. But when it comes to your use of “Castle Doctrine” and worse case responses, you’re way off the mark.
    • @LuvMeSomeBoys Am I to assume that you are one of those folks who doesn’t believe in the castle doctrine.

      Simply saying something is “way off of the mark” without explanation proves nothing. In case you didn’t know, the castle doctrine has saved countless lives before.

  • Passinggas
    Good list and I have all plus more in place. I live out in the sticks so we have no LE and they have stated we are on our own for at least an hour. Where I live, I can pursue a threat and neutralize it lawfully. I have thwarted two to date.
  • Randomawkwardness
    I didn't get past the first paragraph without rolling my eyes. I know that you aim this at liberals and dems, which I am. But the thing is, I don't want to take away your little guns and stuff. I want to make it harder to get them so that we don't have someone mentally unhinged end up with one. Also, people don't need semi automatic weapons. Are you really going to pump a deer full of ammo before eating it? At least you're reasonable in not grabbing the gun first and instead trying other tactics but still, the whole 'politically biased' parts are ridiculous.
    • Agree mostly, definitely about keeping the political rant out of it.

    • @Randomawkwardness You don’t even know the difference between a semi auto and a full auto weapon.

    • Yes I do. A semi is where the bullet is loaded in automatically, when would you need that?

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  • Gedaria
    No , having guns create a violent atmosphere. Same with knives. Precautions yes. For me if someone was determined to break in and take stuff, I would not kill them to protect it..
    • So you would just stand there?

    • Gedaria

      What do you suggest, you arm yourself and start firing. All that will get you, either dead or serving life. Plus could cost you your family's life. Nothing is worth that...

    • @Gedaria That’s typical illogical reasoning usually spouted by liberals who have more sympathy for violent criminals than law abiding citizens.

      If you have a chance to defend yourself why not defend yourself? It’s either you or them. How can you be so sure they won’t try to harm you or your family?

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  • Redstang88
    Yeah, thankfully I live where it’s really not an issue. Very grateful that “shoot first, ask questions later” is not an acceptable practice.
    • @Redstang88 So you’ll just let home invaders ransack your home while you just stand there and do nothing?

      I guess it’s not surprising, after all you guys are way too liberal.

    • No, fortunately it’s really not a thing here.
      Reasonable use of force is legal; executing someone for simply being somewhere they shouldn’t be isn’t. Thankfully we are required to think before shooting someone here.

    • @Redstang88 Fair enough, that’s why I put a disclaimer at the top where I said:

      “Use NON lethal tactics as primary defensive measures, only use lethal tactics as last resort (only if absolutely necessary), only use the necessary amount of force.”

  • AynonOMouse
    Liberals have a good home defense solution. Ruin the economy so bad that people can't afford anything worth stealing to have in their homes. lol j/k
    • Jamie05rhs

      Or even a home at all, for that matter.

  • broncobryan
    I think in order to protect your home say against a home invasion, you need levels of security. Security system and locks being the first level, get a dog that's the second level, third level get a gun and learn to use it. If an intruder gets past the third level and you shoot him its guaranteed he will stop and won't do it again.
  • Janncis
    Here in Europe armed home invasions (with guns) are realy realy rare, so good shield and mace tends to do trick quite well.
    Doing HEMA so have my own toys that come with it. Cold steel is way more scarry than firearm.
    Ps. Morning star is fun to xD
  • codycccccccccc
    10 foot 50kv fences fallowed by 4 guard dogs and a 1.3km long drive way up to a house designed to survive a direct hit from a small nuclear weapon seems to work for me
  • AbleLearner
    Don't use a gun. Keep a Sai or Tuifa in your bedroom, and hit the person in the throat with it when they break into your house.
  • name_is_eric
    Move to a calm neighborhood. Or move to an apartment, nobody will climb to +3 floors.

    I've lived 22 years, unarmed, and never been burglarised.
    • Ogopogo

      Here's to that. I spent most of my childhood riding around in the back of a Jeep with no seatbelt, and nothing happened to me either. None of these silly things people worry about ever happen. I don't check my smoke alarms either, because seriously when is there ever a fire? LOL. Waste of time.

    • goaded

      @Ogopogo Oh, ffs, move to somewhere where home invasions aren't a thing!

    • goaded

      Christ, I just realised I agreed with a Nazi. Civilised countries don't have (armed) home invasions. Burglaries when you're out, maybe, but they don't get to steal guns, generally.

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  • Pejtu
    I suggest for the invader to check opponent first and then think twice or even three times How to prevent a home invasion: Warning signs, precautions and castle doctrine tactics
  • lightbulb27
    Well said. I could pick it apart but nothing is perfect, you have to really have a mental plan like you said and then react cooly.

    This reminds me of the CA man who thought there was an intruder in his closet, took out his gun and shot... it was his kid hiding in there. I belive that's true, but never followed up.
    In my state weapons have to be locked up... unlikely will be able to get to it unless concealed carry, I'm not carrying one around all the time.

    Neighbors... I have good ones so that works well. Some people have lousy neighbors who are the enemy.

    Everyone do the best they can... My thinking is give the $ and stuff. If they want more, fight to the death...
  • Waffles731
    You should check out the true scary story community on YouTube, its made me realize the only thing that works is a gun
  • How to stop a home invasion?
    Arm yourself, post a "No Trespassing-Violators Will Be Shot, Survivors Will Be Shot Again" sign clearly visible to all.
    If someone tries to break in, enforce the warning.
    Shoot first, ask questions later.
    Once intruder is disabled or dead, then call the cops to come clean up the mess and collect the idiot.
    Word will get around very quickly to others with bad intentions that it's a good idea not to fuck with you or try to break into your home, unless they have a fucking death wish.
    Problem solved.
    End of story.
  • TwoToTooTutu2
    This would come in handy if I didn't live in Minnesota.
  • Jltakk
    People want to take guns away till they're staring at a muzzle.
  • 2os4ngeles
    America is such an idiotic country.
    • Why? Because our forefathers decided to put a clause in our constitution that allows us to own firearms to protect ourselves?

    • @broncobryan Because your country is armed to the teeth, thus necessitating said protection.

    • British policemen don't even carry guns.

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  • Pysco240
    It's my right to own a firearm and if the leftist liberals want to take away my right to protect and defend my home and family I will do exactly what the criminals do now obtain and keep a firearm illegally because they already do not give a fu@k about following the law now so what makes you think that they would be willing to follow the law if there's ever a day when the Constitution is just a relic of a past republic that no longer exists cause there no legal way they can outlaw firearms another way because removing the 2A is going to be impossible to do with the guidelines set up and the amount of people who have to agree 100% in so many ways to even get it to a slow roll to being repealed
  • Nik1hil
    Oh dear god this is SOOO.. Paranoid.. 😂🤣😂😂🤣
    • There’s nothing paranoid about being cautious.

    • Nik1hil

      I am not saying it's wrong..
      It's a just paranoid..
      I maintain caution..
      This one time a car for few continues days was getting parked in alleys end.. And it was empty side. And car was facing my house I could tell by its silhouette.
      On fifth day I called 5 friend and we ganged that car and decided to question the dude..
      We ended up catching a Bank Manager having affair with his secretary.

      We sneaked on to a car which a couple was having sex in it 😂🤣
      Called them out.. And asked her if she was already and wasn't prostituting and it was consensual without blackmailing..

      Then were drinking and smoking while at it..
      Told them to Not drink because the dude is drinking back after that..
      They can smoke it cool..
      Gave him. Phone number
      If he needs help ever..
      It's funny the only help he and her often needed was restroom which he used at friends help..
      That car still park at that place and they had fun for another few months..
      Until one of them got transfered or got caught..
      Don't remember proper details..
      But it was one fun summer story..

      It's usually people doing sneaky affairs..
      Instead of spying..

    • Nik1hil

      Told them to Not drink because the dude is driving* back after that..

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  • Phoenix98
    Pretty much yeah.
  • ByronArclight
    I blame the mice