How can people fix the generation gap in todays world?

The society is made up of older gen and younger gen. Society cannot progress without active contribution of both gens. The relation between them should be on the basis of love and honour. They should be mutually satisfied. In this way, generation gap can be minimised and both gen can live happily.

How can people fix the generation gap in todays world?

For a while there, in the first part of the new millennium, the generation gap was pretty much assumed to be dead.

People in their 40s shopped in the same clothing stores as people in their 20s, and listened to the same sort of music.

It's obvious when we look at how youth engage with technology, the Internet, mobile devices, and each other, especially when it comes to social media. This is the new generation gap - the divide in how millennials develop relationships compared to the older generation.

Nowadays it’s different. Everything’s a lot more easy-going, more relaxed. And parents don’t stand on their dignity so much nowadays, either. As a result, parents and children are closer to each other than ever before. They go on holiday together, go to concerts, and share each others joys and sorrows. Almost like best mates!

And here’s another difference from years ago; the younger generations, Generation Y and the Millenials, are taken much more seriously. Much less patronized. If they ask “Why?” there’s a rule, they usually get a proper answer.

I personally believe that the gap is closing again. Just differently then when I was a teenager

How can people fix the generation gap in todays world?
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  • MotherEarth2020
    The youth of today haven't been taught to respect anything. People, life, the earth. They don't even have respect for their parents. I'm out day, disrespect caught you on the bad side of a backhand upside your head. We were taught to respect eachother, our elders and the earth.
    Get the world back on track of discipline and teaching kids and the world will become a better place.
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    • kespethdude

      Yeah, because child abuse was legal then. As Gen X myself, I agree with the Millenials on this one. And respect has to be earned, you do NOT earn it by smacking your kid for simply chewing gum wrong. That is the reason why you are not respected, BOOMER.

  • Just_someone23
    Kill everyone over 50
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  • WhereAmI
    Retire the elderly early and turn them into soilent green. 😂

    Then you're down to 3 generations. 😏
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  • Likes2drive
    They should listen to our advice instead of dismissing it and learn from us older ones
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  • WalterRadio
    There is no difference today then there has always been.

    Young people in general think they know everything, but as they get older, they realize they knew nothing. Repeat.
  • hansukota
    Understanding and respecting is the only way. Also living by average..
  • kespethdude
    The fact is, you can't. That's just the way it is.
  • MannySimms
    Never happened. Never will.

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