The latest issues in Australia show one thing. We need to learn about respect!

All everyone wants is to be respected for who they are
All everyone wants is to be respected for who they are

It looks like it’s time for each international airport in Australia to put up signs saying “Welcome to Australia! Where we allow everyone to express themselves but not when it comes to peoples religion or race/culture”. There have been two major issues which has divided Australians, and being an Australian, it’s shaped how I view Australia. These issues are with AFL (Australian Rules Football) star Adam Goodes and Australian Rugby Union player Israel Folau. If you are not from Australia or haven’t heard as to why these are major issues in Australia, I’ll go through both issues a bit more.

Racism of Indigenous Australian Rules football star Adam Goodes

Adam Goodes calling out the 13 year-old girl for calling him an ape
Adam Goodes calling out the 13 year-old girl for calling him an ape

The AFL has a large number of Indigenous players in it’s national sport, Adam Goodes is one of them, each year the competition dedicates one round for the celebration of Indigenous players and culture.

On Indigenous round in 2013, a 13 year old girl (who was sitting in the front row) yelled out at Goodes calling him an ape. Now let me make it clear again, on Indigenous round in 2013 an Indigenous AFL player (Adam Goodes) was called an APE by a 13 year old girl who was sitting in the front row. Adam Goodes pointed this girl out and security escorted her out of the stadium, but the damage had been done. Adam Goodes tried to continue playing out the game, but was mentally hurt too much to continue. His team won, but he never joined his team mates in the celebrations.

In 2014, Adam Goodes was awarded the Australian Of the Year for his community work in Aboriginal communities, he took this opportunity to speak up about racism and yet was ridiculed for calling out racism in 2013.

In 2015, again on Indigenous round, he took the opportunity to express himself and his culture and did a war cry dance with an imaginary spear towards the crowd. After this, he was booed continuously by opposition supporters when he touched the ball, every week. Adam Goodes thought it was racially motivated and got extremely hurt by it, he had enough and lost his love for the sport and retired early. Many supporters of the AFL are saying they were booing him because he is being a baby by apparently acting to receive free kicks, but almost all players in the AFL competition act to receive free kicks.

Personally, the booing was indeed racially motivated because Goodes spoke up about racism, all other indigenous players did nothing at all. The fact the booing occurred continuously, each week, is bullying. Which is not on!

If a player does something which angers the crowd (say knocking out an opposition player) in that game, only then is it acceptable to boo that player for the rest of that game only.

Rugby Union player Israel Folau being targeted as homophobic after expressing his religious beliefs on an Instagram post

Israel Folau (Right) is being targeted for being homophobic after posting the image (Left) on his Instagram which expresses his r
Israel Folau (Right) is being targeted for being homophobic after posting the image (Left) on his Instagram which expresses his r

Israel Folau is an orthodox Christian Rugby Union player who posted a religious image on his instagram page that advices those who commit a number of sins to repent as they will go to hell if they continue. Due to this post saying homosexuals among others will end up in hell if they don’t repent, he had his Rugby Union contract torn and will never be allowed to play the sport he loves and he received a heap of hate from the public of Australia.

He took it into a legal battle with Rugby Australia, they reached a conclusion in which both Israel Folau and Rugby Australia were happy with, but the damage had already been done, more so the impact of how I see Australia with the behaviour of the Australian public.

As a Christian, I can definitely say that we do believe that homosexuality is a sin and they will go to hell if they don’t ask for God’s forgiveness. If another Christian believes otherwise, they will also go to hell as they are going against the bibles teachings. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect homosexual people or people who have different opinions on the issue, its only when the verbal and physical attacks start does it become a further issue, and that’s exactly whats been happening here.

Then there are other things to consider, Raelene Castle (CEO of Rugby Australia) says Inclusiveness is one of their core values. How can they say they are inclusive of all people and then scrap a players contract due to their religious beliefs? That is far from being inclusive of everyone.

The post lists a number of sins, not just homosexual people are recognised as sinners. Why are people making it a problem when it lists a number of things not just homosexuality? I would consider it a problem if it was just targeting homosexual people, but it’s targeting a range of other groups.

Lastly, why are people complaining that people in this list are going hell? I thought everyone looks at heaven and hell as this mythical fake place unless they are Christian or Religious, no one should care about it only those who are religious.

You might be reading this and thinking that this has nothing to do with you because you are not from Australia. True, but this got me angry enough to actually show this is what society is now. But the question is… Why? Why is society so judgmental on peoples opinions? People have a right to express themselves in anyway they want. Everyone has a range of opinions and beliefs, it makes people unique and the differences need to be celebrated. Instead of degrading someones opinions, ask questions as to why they have that opinion, educate yourselves. People say to be yourself and express who you are, how can people do that anymore when we live in a society who is judgemental?

This is not on and society needs to change in someway. This kind of thing damages a persons mental health, like me (being a Christian and with a darker complexion) this has had a negative impact on me. I now see society differently and I'm very scared that I might one day be killed after attending church.

This is the world we live in and it’s definitely not on and we need to learn how to respect each other and recognise what makes us different.

The latest issues in Australia show one thing. We need to learn about respect!
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  • OfDeath
    In the case of Adam Goodes I think he did the right thing and was never wrong about his action. The reaction to his goal celebration with the imaginary spear was not fair to him. He was just celebrating his culture and his goal.

    HOWEVER, Israel Folau was totally out of line. He deserved to be sacked for what he said and it wasn't the first time either. He had already been warned for homophobic statements and then he took it further by including atheists and other people.
    The thing he did wrong was to alienate people with regard to specific traits about them. This would be unacceptable in any job down to retail workers let alone someone on the world stage. He has the freedom to believe what he wants but he doesn't have the freedom to alienate others and discriminate against them.
    • Anonymous

      He was sharing the bible. He has a right to do that. Your discriminating against religion when you attack and degrade someone based on their religion. It’s not right and you need to respect it. As a Christian I believe homosexual people will go to hell, the same with liars be it any sin that is committed. So are you saying I can’t express myself saying these things, expressing my beliefs. You make it would like you want everyone who has religious beliefs be killed, because we don’t conform to societies views.

      I’ve had to deal with depression due to being attacked for expressing my beliefs and expressing the things I love. I have had thoughts of drinking bleach and ending my life because of it. Still right now I have flashbacks to these events and tell myself I shouldn’t be alive. I’m suffering for being myself, a Christian individual who wants to express what makes me the person I am. Its only believing in Jesus that actually keeps me going.

      You are allowing homosexuals to have their own views and express themselves but then discriminate towards those who express their religious views, it’s not on! It’s either we all respect each other or with the way society is going, I WILL end up committing suicide.

    • OfDeath

      You can't just hide behind a religion so you can say offensive things about everyone who doesn't believe what you do. That isn't how it works. That is discrimination and bullying. He was sacked for very legitimate reasons.
      If he wants to believe all of the things he said, that's fine but the fact is that expressing those beliefs offended everyone because he had extremely offensive things to say. Offending people and alienating them is wrong. It is not acceptable in a workplace.
      Do you understand?

    • Anonymous

      So you are saying it's good to discriminate peoples religion because they don't conform with societies views cause it sounds like that.

      Know what, I will kill myself. If people will continue discriminating me because I don't follow society, I don't deserve to be alive.

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