Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.


Biologically and physically speaking it's obvious man and woman are different from each other in some aspects but that difference between us as opposite genders is what balances us and helps each other in our weakness where we our lacking and builds our strengths.

I will address in this Mytake why man and woman should embrace their specific gender roles and the importance it plays in a relationship, marriage and society.

*Note: Some roles can overlap to both genders.

It's Your Duty To Protect Your woman And Household!

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

This specific role of protection is soly designated for the man, you as a man are physically stronger than woman and need to be the first line of defense against the bad guys if your wife and kids are in danger wheather outside or inside the home.

The Provider Of The Family.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

I believe both men and women should work and have jobs and careers to provide for themselves and contribute to the household and overall expenses; nevertheless, it's your job as a man to always make sure your family has all their needs met, roof over their head and a hot meal on the table to eat.

I don't care if you have to wake up under freezing cold weather, hailstorm, sick etc to go pick up soda cans around the city, you better get your ass up and handle your business for your wife and kids and household.

The Head Leader And Decision Maker.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

This leadership role is soly designated for the man; in our society we have structure and rankings for a reason and it's for to create order and dissipate confusion.

Not everyone can be the boss at work, lieutenant or army general in the military.

Everyone has a role to play in the military, sports team, corporations and society.

You as a man must be the leader of your wife, kids and household; you must possess sound wisdom and insight and know what the hell you're doing to make sure the family is heading in the right direction spiritually, financially, educationally and security wise.

Now, in saying all that, please don't interpret it as your wife shouldn't have a say in any matter.

You should always listen to your wife's perspective, advice and feelings on the matter and if she has a better plan then don't be such a stubborn jerk where you reject everything you are told, nevertheless, you are still the final decision maker and whatever happens you will be responsible, so don't point fingers if things don't work out on the decision you made.

Lead And Teach With Guidance.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

Men, your kids seriously need guidance in this cold world, this is both your and wife's job but more so you since its coming from a man's voice of authority and kids tend to admire their father; so it's your responsibility to instill great positive values such as the value of work ethic, general respect of others, self respect, confidence, generously and personal responsibility.

Proverbs 17:6:
Children’s children are the crown of old men,
And the glory of children is their father.

Be A Stern Disciplinary.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

Children are known to try test their parents to see how much they can get away with.

As I already said, a man's voice carries weight and when children hear their father speak with authority they will respond unlike their mom's feminine voice which they tend to disobey and rebel against.

A child that back talks to his or her mother and is disobedient to rules and commands must be disciplined early and often by the father when they are very young to let them know that foolishness and disrespect towards their parents especially mom won't fly in the household nor in public.

*Roles for women.

Nurturing And Loving Your Children.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

Women generally are more caring, careful, affectionate and emotional which gives their kids the warmth and love a mother can provide for her kids.

That's no to say men shouldn't play a role in giving their kids love and care but women generally do better than men in this area of nurturing while men do better in disciplinary actions.

Watching Over Her Domain.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

This role of women is taking care of the business of the household, making sure everything is running smoothly, bills paid, her kids are sound and safe, being well fed with healthy food, well educated, home trained, have all their clothes clean and in order.

Women generally are gifted with doing amazing things with homes from decorating it and making it look amazing from both outside and in.

Moreover, I fully support a woman having a career and doing amazing things in her life but it shouldn't be where she's working insane hours at the expense of neglecting the home, husband and kids.

Home Cooked Meal From Wify.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

Ladies, I know that some of y'all dread the kitchen and don't want the image of the 50's in your mind, but I would suggest don't look at it like that.

I think rather y'all should see it as a great blessing to cook for your husband whom you love and feed him and your kids when you come home from work.

Most men can't cook, myself included and I would certainly appreciate my wife for cooking me some good home cooking from her heart to eat.

Be An Encourager And His Side-Kick.

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.

Ladies, believe it or not most men seek validation from you and secretly deeply care what you think about them especially if you are their woman.

Your words can up lift your man or discourage and break him.

Don't criticize him to tear him down if he's a bit fat, can't last sexually more than a minute or isn't making enough money and needs to upgrade to a better career but rather use your energy and mouth to speak life into his spirit.

You'll be amazed how a man will respond when his lady speaks positivity and encourages him.

His ego will inflate and his confidence will rise where he will think he can beat up Super-Man.

Be a helper to your man, in fact that was the purpose God created Eve for Adam; so that she be his side kick and helper.

Genesis 2:18: And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

Why Gender Roles Are Important And Why You Should Embrace Them As A Man And Woman.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • What if a man *likes* cooking? I genuinely like cooking for people. I did most of the cooking in my marriage, chiefly because I liked doing it and my wife acknowledged I was the better cook.

    "Most men can't cook"
    How is it every man I am friends with CAN cook?

    "myself included"
    If you can't cook (and the distinction is in the words "can't," which was your word choice) then that is an incompetence that needs to be remedied. I've taught 9 YEAR OLD CHILDREN how to cook, boys and girls alike.
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  • Anonymous
    some of these i'm okay and fine with, others i'm not.
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    • Which ones you don't like and why?

    • Anonymous

      the gender role that guys have to make the first move and be the initiator in terms of starting the relationship, that's something I've always had strong resentment towards due to how one-sided it feels, it's like why can't women come after men too right?

    • I never mentioned that.

Most Helpful Girls

  • wynn-ing
    Interesting points! Very well articulated and there is no hatred towards men or women which is rare to see when people talk about gender roles : )
    I am very liberal and do not believe in gender roles whatsoever. I think that if the man and woman are both comfortable in working through gender roles, that's great. If they don't, that's great too.
    As long as priorities are met and things that need to be done gets done, I really don't care. Nontheless, this can work for some people for sure!
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  • ElissaDido
    Im not gonna lie I kinda like gender roles because I grew up in a traditional house and always felt safe and protected and cared for, so I want to recreate that environment for my own future children.

    But I also want to have a career on the side, I love academia and would love to do research and teach in university after getting a PhD. I think teaching is a good job for someone who also wants a good balanced family life.
    And a bit more income doesn't hurt.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    You have just described my Dad's & Mom's old-fashioned, very traditional home in general. Well done. Although my life's journey has taken a different path to that ideal one my parents took, I agree with you on this. However, I doubt today's "modern women" will. Nevertheless, I truly appreciate knowing there still are people in this world who believe & promote long-established upright family values. Thanks for sharing this.
  • MackToday
    This is pretty much what you have to do. It makes strong healthy families and children that don't shoot up their schools like the ones coming out of Marxist homes that deny nature.
  • Rocky_Jocky57
    Highly, and i mean HIGHLY disagree. But thanks for sharing your opinion.
  • IAMNathanael
    I agree. Our strengths should cover each other's weaknesses.
  • bamesjond0069
    Gender roles are important. The more masculine you are the more attractive you are to women and the more feminine you are the more attractive to men you are.
  • Dchrls78104
    Now so you see why I wouldn't date or marry a woman who is not a Christian?
  • EleanorRigby
    I think couples work best if they complement each other. She has what he doesn't and he has what she doesn't and together we work perfectly.
    For some couples it could lean more towards traditional gender roles, for some it's the complete opposite.
    Personally I would never be with a man who expects me to cook for him when I am back home from work while he has his legs up in the air. I truly enjoy cooking for other people and it makes me happy seeing people I care about enjoy food I prepare. But I am not marrying to be somebody's housewife. That'd only be acceptable if I was a stay at home mom (which I would never want to be), in which case it would really be my only job to do housework and raise kids.
    For every other arrangement, I expect us to share everything, work included.
  • Massageman
    Amen! Great points.
  • Wowgirl30q
    Nice job
  • KaraAyna
    Good mytake
  • Anonymous
    Dude, this is legit no difference than the feminists you probably either claim to hate or kiss up to. How bout this? Don't tell men or women how to live their life. It's theirs, not yours. if both my wife and I always carry a pistol, with either of us able to defend our home at any time, that's our damn business, not yours. She can make just as many decisions as I will and have the same responsibilities. Anything and everything needs to be negotiated before hand, with a decent agreement on things before we even think of anything near marriage or the like.

    I know this strategy also works, as both relationships I've had, I was the one sought after, and both girls and guys still go to me for relationship advice because i don't hold back and tell them relatively similar things, not giving a shit about gender, unlike many who advise them and likely make things work. Basically, I have results to back it up in modern times. I'd like to see results from your strategy that didn't end in huge arguments, cheating, or divorce in the entire human history, as really? Gender roles are illogical because no person is the same and therefore, usually breaks itself at some point.
  • Anonymous
    LOL, nonsense, some guys are better in cooking than girls, on the other hand, some girls are better leaders than guys.
    In other words, gender roles are crap, invented by church.