Why We Tell You Women to Smile


By: Anonymous White Male Who Did Not Vote For Trump, But Could Not Help Being Happy When He Won

Why We Tell You Women to Smile

I do not deny your right to be angry when a man tells you to smile. He is being selfish after all expecting you to put on a good face for his pleasure. Do you have nothing else to do with your time? Such conduct is highly patronizing and I haven’t forgotten myself how unpleasant it was when I was a child and adults told me “look up don’t look down” or how on school picture day no matter how hard I tried to look at the camera the photographer always thought it to be their God given right to take me by the chin and move my head around.

Nevertheless, though I have never gone that route myself I must humbly admit to the temptation to ask a woman to smile when I see her have a straight face. It could be passed off as another form of objectification and for some men it may well be. For me however, and likely others (this is not the sort of thing men usually discuss with each other or at all), a frowning woman conjures up old images of the thing we have long feared most as millennial men: our teachers. This is a deep fear that millennial women likely share to some extent. The surveys which demonstrate that women prefer male bosses can be easily passed off as internalized misogyny, but could there be something different to it, something buried?

In previous generations children were permitted a great deal more freedom. They were allowed to play unsupervised without the heavy restrictions placed upon them today. For millennials growing up, it was very difficult to have any time alone away from adults. A large number of activities that were not so discouraged in previous decades, were forbidden to us in our impressionable younger years. These were disproportionately male cultural activities such as wrestling, climbing trees, and rollerblading. Our mainly female teachers were the most vital part of enforcing such rules on us. My own school started with not allowing kids to catch and drag each other, and then forbade us from even chasing one another. Snowball fighting in the winter and leaf throwing in the fall were likewise strictly banned.

Why We Tell You Women to Smile

With this “killjoy” attitude on the part of our female teachers who maintained a relatively constant frown when supervising us on the playground, we began to increasingly shun outdoor activities overall in favor of junk food and video games. This became more apparent in our waists when we reached secondary school. At this point our still mainly female teachers with more frowns on their faces, blamed us and television for the new obesity “epidemic” (my middle school health textbook defined excessive television watching and junk food eating as a sickness). Their solution, take away all of our High School vending machines. At the time I was in student council on the financial committee which received funding for student events from those machines. The self-righteous administration of course, never bothered to offer us an alternative source of funding.

A serious blow against childhood obesity might be struck if schools would consent to have gym class every day, this would only require cutting instructional time from each class by a few minutes. That however would be inconceivable. I am myself a teacher and have recognized the importance that our society places upon real or perceived learning. This hits us millennial men (and women) most when we reach adulthood.

In an interesting irony, the Democrats’ policy of pushing for more educational funding has probably protected our national security (by working to ensure that the people who design our nuclear weapons are some of the best educated on the planet), but has brought little visible benefit to the everyday individual in the United States. Did liberals actually believe that the students who came out of improved schools would all be able to find white-collar work? As every millennial can attest to, desk jobs are nearly impossible to get nowadays. The competition is cutthroat and those few poor souls who don’t have a high school degree are lucky if they even have the honor of washing dishes.

Why We Tell You Women to Smile

For men personal independence is vital to our self-esteem. We feel as pressured to make more money than the next man as women do to look more attractive than the next woman. It therefore should come as no surprise that men, especially white men (who are very culturally independent, and don’t have discrimination to justify their own lack of success) are sinking deeper and deeper into depression and suicide.

Frowning women are a symbol of a society which is making it increasingly difficult for men to live according their own definitions of what a man ought to be (tough, adventurous, and self-dependent). Whether society should change or men need to change is a completely different debate which I am not going to get into here. All I wish for the women reading this mytake to know is, we do not always have bad intentions when we ask you to grin.

Why We Tell You Women to Smile
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Most Helpful Girls

  • kittymouse2451
    Honestly, women are freaking tired of being told what to do by anyone who is not in the mirror. Media, cultural standards, and now the guy on the street?
    Women would better appreciate a polite conversation where the person gave a compliment instead of a drive-by comment or command. "Great shoes!" and you'll get a genuine smile, too.
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    • soleil2666

      Anyone sane is tired of being told what to do - especially by self-serving hypocrites.

  • emmily2396
    Only insecure guys ask that. My serious face doesn't mean i am angry, it is just me being calm. I don't smile when I am sleeping, right? If my calmness disturbs you then you have some issues, not me.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Random_Guy_Online
    Nobody should tell anyone else to smile. People do it to me occasionally (out of the blue when I'm just minding my own business), and I dislike it. You should be free to use your own expressions. Like what if your parents just died and some random ass person who doesn't know you told you to smile? You'd be upset!
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  • soleil2666
    I didn't have the patience to read the elaborate statement on why the condescending attitude is, presumably, valid. Whoever is happy does smile. Whoever doesn't smile isn't happy. You can tell them whatever you like - whatever instruction you give them you are making it worse.
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    • soleil2666

      Posted by an anonymous coward of course

    • Anonymous

      I posted anonymously because of people like you who cannot stand anybody disagreeing with you, I have seen your mytakes.

    • soleil2666

      Oh, wow

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  • natrickk
    Yea ladies, us guys have it hard with all you killjoys forcing us to stop rollerblading. Least you can do is treat every man like his happiness or lack thereof is your personal responsibility 😂
    • natrickk

      The saddest thing is that some women think this comment is serious. I didn't think it would be necessary to /s this thing smh

  • wynn-ing
    Just let people wear their facial expressions how they please for fuck's sake!
  • cirno
    So uh... We live in a society?

    I dont understand this post at all tbh 🤤
    • waggys

      LOL'd so hard at this 😭

    • cirno

      Your welcome 🤣

  • adolescentswede
    Read 1/2) not my experience. It is a bit vain to ask someone to smile for ones own pleasure.
    It is however a good to smile for how it interacts with the nervous system and stress
  • Bananaman177
  • bamesjond0069
    Women have a right to not smile.
    Men have a right to think they are stuck up nasty bitches.

    A man knows what he can change and what he can't.
    • soleil2666

      I mean, really. So a regular neutral facial expression means she is a stuck up nasty bitch? Come on dude, it's the same for a male. Or do we say a male not smiling must be a convicted abuser?

    • @soleil2666 a good woman is pleasant. Personally if a woman isn't a pleasant one, i dont want to be around her. I dont hang out with men for their pleasantness though so a smiley man is not really what i care about.

    • soleil2666

      @bamesjond0069 That is THE BIGGEST pile of UTTER BULLSHIT I have heard in my entire life FULL STOP.
      Who in the world cares what it is that you think about a woman - in any of her attributes or dimension.
      This is so preposterous.
      Nobody owes you a smile - if she smacks you over the head, you know she is in a bad mood.
      Your mother really did something wrong.

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  • KrakenAttackin
    That first Frowny-bitchy look picture you have, I fucking HATE that look from women! That look screams "I'm a cunt"!
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you, I don't think many people here understand that I am not trying to force women to smile, merely trying to help women understand male motives in saying "smile" to women.

  • razzamatazzp01
    IDGAF who u voted for. You're beta AF dude!
  • DutchGuy12
    Do people still do this?
  • Joker_
    Ok so you're scared of women
    Who dafuq is "we"? Speak for yourself mate.
  • AH_1488
    Everyone gets told to smile...
  • Anonymous
    I don’t want to smile so why tell me what to do? It’s so stupid regardless of gender
  • Anonymous
    "Why we tell you women to smile" 1, that was very long. 2, Consider this; The only time ( I feel ) that is appropriate for someone to tell someone else to do with their body is if it's for their well being. Example, self harming. But. Smiling isn't affecting you in any way, shape or form. Maybe someone doesn't laugh at your joke or is just having a bad day? Then they get some prat going "YoU nEeD tO sMiLe MoRe". How about grow the fuck up first