Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)


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Elections are close and it's time to share objective information! I've drawn a few graphs showing objective statistics to know your candidate better and to understand where they stand in comparative position. Also, I'd really appreciate if you've any suggestions for me.

1) Candidates By Age:

Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)

We all know Bernie is often targeted for his age. But what isn't well known is Donald Trump is the oldest president EVER to hold the office. Apart from that, Bloomberg is 78 as well but the difference between Bernie and Mike is of almost 200 days. Pete Buttigieg is the youngest candidate just above minimum age. If he wins, he'll be the youngest US President.

2) Candidates by Net Worth:

Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)

There is no denying that Mike is a clear winner. Alas, he's the 9th richest person in the US and 12th in the entire world. Even Trump's wealth looks so small in front of him. Socialist Dem Bernie is also worth $2.5 Millions as well. Pete is the poorest candidate by far margin and most of his wealth is because of his mayor salary.

3) Candidates by Years of Holding Public Office:

Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)

Joe Biden leads the way being VP and Senator and so many other things as well. Bernie, just after Joe has served public for 39 years. He was a mayor and now serving as the longest senator in US History. What stands out is Pete isn't the one with list experience. Oddly, It's Donald Trump. Although he has least experience for holding office, he held the highest public office in the US and now everyone is fighting for it! Just FYI, Trump is one of the only 5 presidents who didn't hold any public office before becoming President.

4) Candidate by Sexual Allegations:

Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)
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This is the most controversial graph and hence kept for the last. Mike Bloomberg has total of 40 sexual harassment against himself/ his company but he's well protected by NDAs. The allegations against Trump are well known. Bernie Sanders has no allegations against him but he had to apologize for harassment done by his campaign handlers. One with Joe Biden is a bit controversial since all of the allegations are for "Inappropriate Behaviour" and none of them claims "Sexual Harassment". But to make this graph neutral, I've added them as well. Pete Buttigieg had one case but it was proved to be fake. I couldn't find anything against Warren and Amy.

Again, these are allegations and NOT CONVICTIONs. They can be fake, but we can't deny their existence.

Thank you for reading! I'm trying to be objective and if you've any suggestions, any ideas for the new graph, please do tell so we can share information together!

Profiles for 2020 Presidential Candidates (US)
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  • JimRSmith
    This is pretty informative stuff, and I like the way you've highlighted a few things that are otherwise somewhat below the radar, particularly if you're non-Americans, like you or I.

    I don't support him, but I don't think it would be a bad thing at all, if Mayor Pete got further than I expect him to get, simply because that would disprove my current feeling that this race is something you can't even get into without substantial financial resources.

    The allegations stuff is fascinating, as well. Thanks for doing this, I enjoyed reading it!
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    • Well, thank you for reaching out and reading this. G@G decided to not approve this (promoting this is out of question now) for some reason. It'll be buried deep even in my own profile.

    • JimRSmith

      Well, as we both know, what does and doesn't get promoted frequently makes no sense at all. It's disappointing that people won't see this, though, as it certainly brings to life a number of interesting comparisons.

      I hope this doesn't dissuade you from writing other stuff in the future, I always enjoy your articles.

    • No not at all. Honestly you definitely reading my articles forces me to cross check and improve what I write. I've posted another take. Let's see if they promote it!

  • TadCurious
    President Ronald Reagan was 77 years old when he left office after the end of his second term. So President Trump is not currently the oldest person to ever serve as President of the United States.
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    • Yes. I realised that mistake later on and made some changes but it's not possible to edit mytake.

    • TadCurious

      Also, Bernie Sanders is not the longest-serving senator in U. S. history. That distinction (?) belongs to Robert C. Byrd, Democrat--West Virginia, who served 51 years in the Senate.

    • Rissyanne

      Also Byrd was a member of the kkk

Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    I find this very interesting. I just stumbled upon your profile and I was wondering if you do mostly informative stuff for politics or if you have some opinions in here as well. I can interpret the bias in you myTake but everything is biased in some way. Thanks for the facts though and clarifying that they are accusations, not convictions!
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    • I'm really interested in knowing my bias. Since you're anon already, I don't any reason not to share that.

    • Anonymous

      You lean more liberal/democratic by the way you format each paragraph and convey your words. Your tone also shows a little bit of negative though towards Trump, pointing out that you dislike him. "The allegations against Trump are well known" showing how you don't have to elaborate because everyone should know about them. Also when you mention that it is odd that Trump was the only person who has not taken office, relaying the idea that you think that his lack of experience might make him "unfit" for presidency.

      It also looks like you you tend to favor Pete and Bernie as your top candidates. I can't quite tell which one you like better but you word the information in a way that shows the better side of both democrats. Also because your repetition of their influence on each category.

      Anyways, that's just me. I'm taking an AP literary analysis class so I kinda do this out of habit. I do not know if my conclusions are correct but that is my take away of your bias.

  • Anonymous
    You missed candidates by race, Elizabeth warren native American spokeswoman
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  • Rissyanne
    Biden announced yesterday he was running for senate lol
  • i1T2daty
    Please, anyone besides the obese, illiterate asshole, ly12 year old current pretending to be POTUS

  • boredhubby2020
    There is a man running a no money campaign I seen on face book to bad he isn't in the debates what I read on his page think he be our best choice
  • _乃尺OЩ刀_TITI
    Lol Bloomberg stands out like an erect penis.
  • BasicBad
    Someone don’t like bloomy
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.