Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020


It's Over.

Donald John Trump is officially the 45th president of the United States of America, for at least three days. And no matter how many peaceful, violent, or whining "protests" occur, nothing will change this fact. So, it's time to get over it.

With that being said, I'm going to list some candidates who may run in 2020 against Donald Trump. Before I get started, allow me to preface of what this Take will be about.

-I'm going to give Donald Trump a chance. This isn't a "sore loser" Take.

-I know there are third-party candidates who run every election(I've voted third-party twice), but I'm going to list viable candidates who could run, which are going to be Democrats in 2020.

-I'm going to list the most realistic candidates who could possibly run. I'm not going to pull a wild card, and assume some 100 year old unknown woman will run as a Democrat in 2020.

Elizabeth Warren

Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020

The Massachusetts mother of the progressive populist movement is at the top of most lists for 2020, as many Democrats see her with a great chance to take out Donald Trump.

Warren turned down calls for a bid in 2016, leaving open the progressive void filled by Sanders, but refused to endorse until the writing on the wall became clear.

And after positioning herself as a key Trump antagonist during the election, she was back at it during a Thursday speech to the AFL-CIO where she pledged to protect minorities and laid out the populist argument for shifting left. At the same time, 67 years old now, she would be even older than Trump – the oldest person to take office on inauguration day 2021.

Her Strengths: She's a seasoned politician, and has a very likable personality-Not to mention she's able to work with moderates, and liberals alike to "unite" the two groups.

Her Weaknesses: She's a woman(And let's face it-Many Americans are still skeptical about voting for a woman), and her most die-hard supporters tend to congregate on the east coast, which votes Democratic anyway.

Odds of her running: Due to her popularity, and her appeal to independent voters-As well as the fact she is a proud "Trump Foe", I strongly believe she will run in 2020. Mark my words!

Tim Kaine

Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020

Kaine just suffered a devastating loss as the party’s vice presidential pick, but that position gave him the national recognition needed to launch a future bid of his own.

He’s won many friends within the party in no small part thanks to his tenure as Democratic National Committee chairman from 2009-2011 and helped Clinton keep Virginia blue.

His Strengths: He isn't too extreme on his views, and doesn't have as many scandals as other candidates, not to mention he represents the critical swing-state Virginia.

His Weaknesses: He has close ties with Hillary Clinton, and many people will vote against him on that. Also, he lacks charisma in his speeches.

Odds of him running: I think they are pretty good. He's probably bitter due to his 2016 loss, and it's not uncommon for vice presidential candidates to run for president.

Michelle Obama

Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020

Michelle Obama was the wife of Barack Obama, and First Lady from 2009-2017. Michelle is similar to her husband on the issues, but also has a plan to get people "healthy again." It would be interesting to see what type of candidate she is.

Her Strengths: Michelle is similar to her husband, Barack: She's very likeable, and has a great deal of charisma. She could definitely energize Democrats again.

Her Weaknesses: She's obviously going to be tied along the same lines as Barack, and Hillary Clinton, and this is going to be a problem. Many Republicans-And now independent voters-will vote against her for that very reason. Plus, the fact she's a woman doesn't help, and she won't be recognized as the first "African-American" to be elected, so that effect won't happen.

Odds of her running: At this point, I think she will. The Obamas miss the White House, and given Michelle's indirect hints on Twitter, I think she wants to make a run.

Al Franken

Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020

A less common pick, the former Saturday Night Live cast member could be an interesting foil to the reality show superstar turned President Elect.

Franken, 65, has sought to ditch the “funny man” reputation since he arrived in the Senate, but has started to open up a bit more recently as he stumped for Clinton and bashed Trump.

Some are buying into the early speculation, with the “Draft Al Franken2020” super-PAC registered on Wednesday.

His Strengths: His personality, and sense of humor. Even if he's not the most competent when it comes to politics, he can win people over with a good joke.

His Weaknesses: Too many people won't view him as a serious candidate. Plus, Republicans can counter Trump-haters by claiming Franken is similar in the sense he is a reality star.

Odds of him running: Probably not good(Maybe 40 percent). He seems to enjoy his job as a senator, and he doesn't seem entirely deranged by Trump's presidency.

Bernie Sanders

Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020

Sanders is already refusing to rule out a future bid despite the fact he would be almost 80 when the next election rolls around.

His recent bid gave him the platform, the increased standing in the party, and his legion of supporters could make a 2020 bid easier. Sanders brought new voters out of the woodwork for his cause and his small-dollar army shattered fundraising records throughout the primary.

His Strengths: Despite the fact he has zero charisma, oddly enough, he can generate enthusiasm, and very easily persuades the independent voting block to his side.

His Weaknesses: His biggest core of voters are less educated white voters, and his crowds severely lack diversity. Not to mention his constant complaining of the Democratic wing, and "whining" mentality won't help. He needs to learn how to debate, AND campaign.

Odds of him running: Very slim. I know age isn't much of a factor anymore(Donald Trump became the oldest president ever elected, at 70 years old), but in 2020, he will be pushing 80, and people will look down on this. Not to mention the bitter nomination battle with Hillary Clinton turned many Democrats off, and going from some of his fans who betrayed him, it will be tough to get the enthusiasm which surrounded his campaign in 2016.

Hillary Clinton

Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020

Hillary Clinton just suffered a very bitter, and disappointing loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election. She's the former First Lady of the United States(circa. 1993-2001), and wife of former president Bill Clinton. She's also a former senator for New York.

Her Strengths: She still had a solid fan base, and is able to energize Feminists, and minority groups. Not to mention she's competent about the issues.

Her Weaknesses: She's very unlikeable, lacks charisma, and fails miserably among independent voters. Not to mention she has no lost two runs for president in an eight year span, so this would put a dent to the voters' faith in her winning.

Odds of her running: Slim to none. The fact she won the popular vote against Barack Obama in 2008, and lost the Democratic nomination that year-AND she lost the popular vote against Donald Trump in the 2016 election, will probably shoot any confidence she has to run for a third time. Not to mention her age, and health will probably get in the way, so she probably doesn't want to run anyway.

So, who do you guys think will run in 2020 for the Democrats? Are there any key third-party candidates you want to see run? Share in the comments below.

Potential Democratic Candidates Who Could Run for President in 2020
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