Peak of insanity? More like pee of insanity.


So, I'm sure we've been hearing about this news about how some people in India are drinking the urine of cows to ward off the coronavirus. I'm attaching links here.

Yes, let that sink in for a moment. Got up from the shock already? Here, have another article to read.

Anyway, it has been believed that the urine and dung of cows have some medicinal value which has not been proven till date. Wonder what proof is there whatsoever. These guys are drinking the liquid and claim to be bathing in the faeces. Does it take too much sense to realise that it is metabolic waste, I repeat, WASTE of an animal?

Firstly, urine is sterile and antiseptic. Yes it actually is very clean. This is the reason why people who get genital piercings are advised to actually let the urine flow over the piercing to heal it. BUT, that is for a couple of moments only. Urine gets contaminated insanely quickly. A few moments out of the body and it starts harbouring all sorts of bacteria. And... our smart people are drinking it.

It doesn't matter if it has zero pathogens when it comes out. Five seconds in, there'll be millions of them regardless of whether you cover it, filter it, boil it or whatever. Sure, dung used to be applied to floors in the old days to polish them but that was a whole different scenario. It would be allowed to dry out perfectly and even then only feet would come in contact with the floor. But this, is on a whole new level. Seriously, I'm spellbound.

Allow me to re-imagine the song "Chlorine" by Twenty One Pilots. If you haven't heard the song, please do. It's a good one. Of course, the original song credits go to them. I hope they don't get angry for me using the lyrics.
Sippin' on straight urine
Let the vibe slide over me
This pee is a chemical, pee is a chemical
When I drink, don't sniff my teeth
I'll be back when the cup's empty
The moment is medical, moment is medical
Sippin' on straight urine

Lovin' what I'm tastin', woah
Virus on my tongue, dependent at times
Salty cow vibrations, woah
Help my body run....

Peak of insanity? More like pee of insanity.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Is there at least one (1) proof that a confirmed COVID-19 patient was cured because of consuming cow urine? Articles mention that groups of Hindus drink it in the hopes of curing cancer but still doesn't directly state that cow urine has actually cured any type of cancer. Now, they're giving hype to drinking it for the new pandemic. We need scientific proof that such practice has actually healed a confirmed Coronavirus-affected patient.
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    • Maraneva

      Yeah you're totally right there. Up until now, research has no backing for the cancer curing claim and researchers are sure that it does in no way cure corona. That much is certain.
      But on the other hand, even if it miraculously did cure or whatever, I'd not take that route because the risk of contamination is way too high.

    • Keeping as side the Urine you know there were many rumors that there are medicines for curing cancer but medical mafia suppress those medications I beleive it as same way. But yes there are many things in world science can't prove yet I am also a pro science guy, the fact that Indians work on beleif more than proofs so for some it might work as placebo but there are benefits of cow urine, but Carona is virus that effects your immune system its not like tumor or cells I am not sure if drinking cow urine will help here it's not possible I guess

    • @Maraneva: Thanks for the MHO. :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Aakash_Hangargi
    I am not sure if it cures corona infection but for some people it has helped in curing of cancer

    https://www. mansworldindia. com/culture/features/the-man-who-used-a-cow-to-cure-his-terminal-cancer/
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    • It does has some medicinal effects like when they prepare like drugs by using urine skin or venom from other animals just like that I am not sure how does that work...

    • Maraneva

      I researched a lot before posting and they all agreed that it is antidiabetic in nature but no actual link to cancer treatment and such.
      In any case, we cannot oversee the fact that it is among the easiest to get contaminated.

    • I don't know much about it so I won't argue on this, but I have seen old people drinking it and stayed healthy and less prone to diseases because I have seen with my own eyes so I beleive. this is not a new practise in India from long time i think from centuries its going on..

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  • zagor
    I think the only benefit of this practice with regards to the coronavirus is the extra social distancing you would get when other people found out about it.
  • Gedaria
    They do consider the cow as a sacred animal. So I can see why they would think it would help. There isn't cure you never know it might work. In nature there is always seem to be a cure or natural way help the problem. It started with animals, maybe the cure in animals..
    • Maraneva

      Yep, the cow really is a sacred animal here. But there are so many factors we need to consider. Is the cow healthy in the first place, is the urogenital system of the cow functioning normally and such. Infected metabolic waste can be extremely dangerous. If Hindus believe in it, it's all okay with me. Are they being careful enough with what they're doing though?🤷

    • Gedaria

      It's not a new thing drinking urine. It's not that long back female hormones use to come from pregnant horses. I found this out when I was hormone replacement to take on female attributes. I was fine with it , it did the job but they ended up changing it, I wasn't happy with the alternative so I asked to go back on it...

  • Bananaman177
    Everything that makes me fucking gag is a common practice in India. And everything that is common practice in India makes me fucking gag.
  • Pipeliner87
    These 3rd world countries... I wonder how did they get over here again? God stupidity.
    • iOoko

      it's not like jesus' blood is any better

    • Maraneva

      Hehe definitely not the whole country I mean, I'm sitting here questioning the stupidity of my own country in the take

    • 3rd world country?

      Does India have more death and infections than the U. S?

  • well one thing is for damn sure: even if nothing else is infinite, human idiocy for sure is.
  • Guffrus
    Now you understand how most of you look to me in normal circumstances.
    • Maraneva

      And why would that be, might I ask?

    • Guffrus

      Because i dont drink cow pee or cool aid.

    • Maraneva

      Nor do anyone else other than these few🤷🤷

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  • iOoko
    everyone knows jesus' blood works better. or that thing a famous televangelist did. blowing the virus away while praying
    • Maraneva

      Well, it's a faith that we have, to kinda keep ourselves calm in trying times, y'know. Especially when reading a couple of verses in silence calms us down quite a lot (I've experienced it so I know). But other than that, some famous guy claiming to do this and that while dragging naive followers across a stage, that's actually nonsense, I agree.

  • sp33d
    Well, it's definitely up there with "5G is the cause for corona virus"..
    • Maraneva

      What😂 Who's spouting this stuff?

  • TheEagle_000
    The real red bull drink.
  • Great take 💖💘
    • Maraneva

      by the way the tag got automatically selected as sexuality and I'm stuck with no way to change it or update the post. Pretty limited options, don't you think?

    • Maraneva

      GAG content review mercifully changed the tags and also promoted the take! Awesome 😄

  • can't fix stupid
  • Stonernights
    Cool have fun with that
  • Submissive_wallet
    I would drink womens pee.
  • 12Maril7
    Does it also cum in a diet version?
  • Mrswright077
  • chillpg
    It's a hard one to swallow
  • Anonymous
    Human beings are a failed experiment.
    • Anonymous

      @LidiaNympho Or fuck off?

  • Anonymous
    Oh my gosh! 😱
  • Anonymous
    • Maraneva

      Didn't get you. Sorry?

    • Anonymous

      Poo in loo