The stay at home order is not about politics or any superficial means.

I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us
"I stayed at work for you, you stay at home for us"

While everyone is staying at home and social distancing we are preventing the amount of cases that are being urgent enough to land in a hospital as to not overwhelm the medical staff or god forbid it be like pearl harbor and we have so many cases that we now have to decide who lives and who dies. Are people really that heartless to not care? Do people really just care about themselves anymore during a tragic time?

If you look at the hospitals now there are already an overwhelming amount of people who have it and are dying and they're running out of space for the bodies. We need to be humans for a sec and not think about ourselves or politics or any superficial means.

People are staying at home and practicing being safe right now to help flatten the curve. They are helping to slow down the rate of which people are being infected so that way hospitals can treat those who need it and help save lives. Without these people, we wouldn't have workers to help strengthen the economy.

So while people are protesting the stay at home order and saying they deserve to go back to work, you are being completely selfish. You are not thinking of those around you. You are not thinking of the well being of your business. It should not be forgotten that the singular you is just one of many in a company. It takes an army to win a war, so to speak. And we can't have an army without our soldiers.

In short, making people stay at home RIGHT NOW, is allowing the people who dont have the virus to have minimal contact with the people who do have the virus therefore slowing the spread and decreasing the number of deaths.

The stay at home order is to protect Americans from having a massive amount of exposure. It is also giving the healthcare workers the time they need to treat everyone, amongst the scrambling around that they are already doing to keep those who are infected, alive.

Whether you're democrat or republican or independent or don't care about politics, you are still human and should care about the lives impacted by this pandemic. This shouldn't be about politics. It should be about doing what's right.

The stay at home order is not about politics or any superficial means.
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  • musicbrain5
    Exactly. I wish more people would understand the point of staying at home or just simply not going out on a whim or visiting/gathering with people because you want to. The longer people carry on as normal, as if nothing is happening, the longer this is going to go on. Even a few days ago, Trump was insisting that Canada open our borders to non-essential, recreational travel from the US. Thank goodness Trudeau made a good decision that it’s not happening, and Trump relented. We don’t need anymore sick people coming here, especially from New York State. People in the US absolutely love politicizing everything, and this is no different.
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    • Trudeau just spent a bunch of your tax dollars buying protective equipment from China only to find out the shit he bought doesn't even exist and the planes he sent to pick it up had to come back empty, which cost even more money. He's a fucking dipshit and a world class sucker, they elected him to legalize weed and he legalized dog blowjobs instead.
      The stay at home order is not about politics or any superficial means.

    • msc545

      @Bananaman177 Dogs give blowjobs?

    • Please do not post sexual crap about dogs on mytake

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  • Anonymous
    Thank you. This is spot on. I am continually surprised by how many stupid and ignorant people there are. Some people are just dumb as a rock.

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    • Omg thank you for recognizing him as being one of them. The stupidity of people on here make me really sad for humanity.

    • Actually , most people agree with me, so you and your genus friends are the minority.

    • @888theGreat ok barbie doll

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  • OlderAndWiser
    Apparently, you are not in the half of the planet that lives from paycheck to paycheck. In an ideal world, everyone could stay at home indefinitely and consistently act in an altruistic way. However, in the real world, economic survival is as important as medical/health survival, and many people see their lives crumbling with no obvious path to recovery.

    The fact that you don't understand what motivates these people doesn't mean that they are wrong. It just means that you don't understand.
    • Lliam

      Thank you for a breath of intelligence, OlderAndWiser. It cracks me up how privileged people can call someone selfish for having compassion for those in distress.
      50% of Americans don't have $500 in reserve for an emergency. Official unemployment numbers have skyrocketed to 26 fucking million. People are losing their homes, their life savings, their shops and small businesses. People in nursing homes aren't allowed to have their loved ones by their sides during the last hours of their lives. Alcoholism and drug abuse are spiking due to the consequence of isolation. Suicides are increasing. Oh, but it's selfish to think about all that.

  • AllThatSweetJazz
    "saying they deserve to go back to work, you are being completely selfish"
    They NEED to get back to work, for EVERYONE'S sake. You're not going to have a country to get back to if you just sit inside. Millions more every week are becoming unemployed, crude oil just went negative -- companies have to pay to get rid of their oil. What's this all going to look like if you get to something like 50% unemployment?
    Meanwhile there's speculation that China is gearing up for war. The virus is bad, but that doesn't mean that it's the only bad thing out there. You flattened the curve, good job, but you can't just flatten the curve forever, there's a cost to it. At some point the risks of staying inside outweigh going outside -- and it's coming FAST. Normally there's something like 150 people in the US that are said to die from poverty each year. What happens if this economic damage continues, people are running out of food and social order breaks down?

    You say "The stay at home order is not about politics or any superficial means." Okay well, neither are the get back to work protests. There's a political justification in that the US government should have the authority to tell people they have to stay inside, but that justification is to serve the underlying reason people want to get back to work: because they are going to lose everything if they don't. We're all interconnected, so dismissing it as selfish is nonsense.

    How about I call the people telling everyone to stay inside selfish for wanting to let the world starve and collapse because it's not afflicting them that badly for the minute?
    • you're thinking of the economy of thinking of the amount of human lives we'll lose if this virus gets out of control. No people = no economy = no government

    • I'm thinking of the people.
      "No people = no economy = no government"
      Correct. If you say inside and do nothing and people don't have access to the economy, people won't get food. It's ignorant to just look at the easy obvious answer that "the virus is dangerous so stay away from it". Yeah, obviously. But you're ignoring the "if no one works then there's no food" part and the "with no economy, the country is vulnerable to attack" part. Yes, it's an equation and so you should be trying to balance it.

      Why don't we shutdown for the flu indefinitely? Because we deem the 500,000 people that die from it every year to be acceptable losses. The benefits of working help people more (in other words keep more people alive) than hiding from the regular flu.

      It's so ironic that it's the people who are calling the people who want to work ignorant, when really it's the people telling everyone to only fixate on the virus that aren't seeing the big picture.

      So don't tell me I'm not thinking about human lives. I was telling people the virus was going to get bad back in January and I still think it's dangerous, but there are new complications. I'm thinking about the cost of human lives if *everything falls apart*. Yes, people will die to the virus. But the risk of losing *even more* lives is eventually greater if you stay inside. Can you grok that?
      At some point it is *more dangerous to hide* from the virus.

      The economy is how people get food, medicine and all the other goods and services *that they need to live*. Maybe it's time to wake up and realise that the economy isn't just money, it's the system that we use to sustain ourselves and whaddaya know that's actually kind of important too.

    • No actually I'm not. That's why we have essential workers staying open. Its moreover that people can't afford food and such. There are tons of farms right now wasting crops because they can't transport them before spoil.

      Dont duck your head in the sand

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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Yeah it is. First and foremost, when can we start working and earning money? I mean since you and those like you think you know best, so much so that you believe its perfectly exceptable to shut down the world (because you said so) and put upwards of 15 million americans out of work and with no income, what is YOUR solution to this? OH! I know, we can all just collect "free" money! Yeah, that's it, we can just have the government magically make money and give to us were we can all live in a lovely little utopia where the government just magically makes everything appear (never mind that the government doesn't have a side job and only gets money from people paying taxes (something they can't do if they are not earning money). Or we can face reality that this virus, which by the way is NOTHING compared to other flu's and that's including the common flu (which by the way they have been conflating all deaths with coronavirus deaths (since we started keeping track of coronavirus deaths we have seen virtually no deaths from the flu (which kills 500,000 globally), pneumonia (which kills 2.5 million globally), strokes (which kill 5 million globally and disable another five million) and heart attacks (which kills 18 million globally).

    Seems rather strange, well until you actually pay attention and here actual fucking doctors pointing out that based upon how we record the deaths we are in fact conflating non coronavirus deaths with coronavirus (which means we honestly have no fucking idea how many people are dying from it but its less then what is reported by a substantial margin, especially considering that 75% of the people who have died "from" coronavirus had at least one preexisting disease and about 50% had three or more).

    In short your saying we should all die of starvation and have economic collapse that will cause generational economic issues and poverty and homelessness and starvation, because people on one side of the political spectrum said so and continue to bad mouth and dismiss the other sides point when they say hey, if we don't open up the economy now instead of a minority of people dying we will have the FUCKING MAJORITY! This is absolutely potlical, the left prayed for this to happen, they begged for an economic collapse to make trump look bad and they got it. One guy started surveying leftists in the streets asking if they would continue the quarantine and have millions more people lose their jobs and become homeless if it meant that Trump would be forced out of office and most leftists were fine with that trade off.

    This is superficial and its fucking political and your going to drag us all down to hell because of it.
    • Ok people like you, can ignore all the rules, get sick and die

    • HA! First and foremost, your literally calling for me to die anyway, so what the fuck does it matter? I mean I'm sorry I'm not as privileged as you, that I cannot simply not work for months at a time, to have my bills paid for me, to live without having to pay rent or buy food. I'm sorry I'm not being taken care of by others or being afforded the opportunity to collect a paycheck without showing up to work, I know that I'm just a lowly poor piece of shit that isn't deserving of life like you are, but unfortunately I still value my existence enough to not want to starve to death. I know, how selfish of me. This is why I despise the left, you claim to have the moral high ground, claim to care about the poor but then you don't hesitate to throw them under the bus the moment its convient for you. This virus isn't lethal to the overwhelming majority of humanity, I don't have three preexisting diseases nor am I over the age of sixty, so I don't think I'm going to be dropping dead any time soon (at least from this virus) so I'm sorry for disappointing you.

      You just admitted your agenda is more important then the lives of every American, the 15 million people who are now jobless and unable to get work, rent money, and food but please keep telling me how your morally superior to me and every one else in the world.

    • I just dont care about what you're posting

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  • lightbulb27
    well said. this is the challenge we face, we need to manage the spread so doesn't overwhelm the system and postpone the spread until have better tools... but how do we do that for 12-18 months? A lot of businesses will be shuttered and only have so many trillions before the currency collapses... paying social benefits.

    that's the tension. I have friends with businesses and they are looking at losing it all and who knows what else and their view is... let me work, staying away from others is a choice, manage it. e. g. they can do what they can to.

    Seems like some things can be opened, some are not going to make it... anything that was social fun strikes me as not working anymore. Some businesses that were booming before may not be viable under old cost structures. The whole economic system was already bubbleicious and now it's been pin pricked...

    Some things that may not come back in my view for a long time...
    bars, stadium events,
    restaurants... marginally... I don't see how they work on the old cost structure.

    we need to spin up new economy so people work from home and socialize in other ways.

    It's an issue of how do we manage this... I haven't heard a great ansewr yet, I don't know anyone has one. I think social payments are going to be part of our reality, however that is facilitated. and depression.
    • Thanks for responding. It was interesting reading this. It sucks that the people who are taking this virus seriously and are acting responsibly are being overlooked because of the people at rallies and such who are not.

      I definitely agree though with the work at home thing. I wish my job would let us work at home permanently if we choose.

    • yes, I was noting to someone else... the media always puts a lense on the annoying loud ones. Whatever sells, whatever looks out of whack... they show that and amplify it. The majority are well behaved an in line... but there are a lot of people itching to get back to $... not so sure that is reality. Be careful of the media, it is an amplifier.

      I've seen both "left and right" supporting those events, it isn't just the right. They look nuts, some of them are and we had one in my state die from covid... who was complaining about stay at home. But they have a legitimate issue. They own a business and don't know how to make ends meet, or they live paycheck to paycheck. no food on table, no meds, risk of eviction, etc... trouble! The other issue is social such as people who work with addicts, feel restricted and are losing people by way of distancing. In effect, it's asking them to sacrifice people they love (addicts they care for, women pulled off the streets) for someone they don't know. It doesn't equate in their minds.

      There has to be a balance. "May we live in interesting times". chinese proverb.

      I face this whole challenge myself. I can work, but should I? The more I do the more I put myself and someone fragile at risk. I'm more in favor of going dormant like a plant... wind the whole economy down to a degree to low level, low cost, low burn rate... ramp back up when ready. That is an extreme answer... not sure we are ready for that as it be a depression.

      if we could ramp up more "at" home jobs, that be good. put your thinking cap on... or maybe you are a nurse/med and it isn't necessary. REalize though... a lot of hospitals are not in a good place. $ comes from societies output... that output isn't there, the $ making treatments aren't happening. The whole system has to shift. Hospitals may need a bailout from what I've surmised.

    • Who were you noting to? You can always @ them. But I do agree. We should have more at home jobs. This is terrible for people with mental health issues. Meds are expensive

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  • chris0977
    Because "experts" said millions would be dead by now. World death count stands at around 170,000. Were this the death count for less than the population of the United States (say 300,000,000) would be 0.0005%, except this isn't the US population, but out of over 7,000,000,000.

    Further, doctors speak on medical diagnostic codes being combined in the death count for co-morbid patients, meaning if someone dies of heart failure but has CV-like symptoms, this counts as a CV death.

    When I ask many what they did to analyze, or give context (individual thought) to information presented, many can only repeat, like robots, whatever the news put in their head, and say things like:

    "I wear a face mask because I still don't want to get it."

    By this logic, because of all the forms of flu, and other contagious disease, everyone should wear masks their whole lives, because many other diseases, statistically, they have a far greater statistical chance of getting, including many cancers.

    The public emotionally reacts to whatever the news chooses to present, then forgets about their outrage a week later as the news focuses on some new shiny object, which the public collectively outrage to that, as if no other issues exist.

    I've presented a few analytical considerations regarding context (i. e. reflected on information presented to reach individual conclusions).

    You've presented a narrative built on causal reasoning without any supporting analysis, only emotional appeals as justification (selfishness, etc.) as the sole basis for why someone should agree with you.

    I'd be very interested to hear your factual support behind this judgement, conclusion, reaction.
    • I'm pretty sure they said could be dead you know if we didn't go into full lockdown everywhere basically. Which we did.

    • chris0977

      @Iamagoodguy I live in Massachusetts. No stay-at-home orders or mandated restriction on groups, ever. Despite this, I'm lucky to find someone who can say they know someone who's been hospitalized, even tested positive, meanwhile New York, which went into full lockdown, along with New Jersey, supposedly has more cases than us.

      "recent CDC projection estimated that the U. S. coronavirus epidemic could infect between 160 million and 214 million people"... by this logic the most infected states should not be some of the most lockeddown, while a state with no lockdown is beneath both, since core to preventing spread is social distance.

    • chris0977

      Didn't phrase that well. The 1st and 2nd states in full lockdown are New Jerssey, while Massachusetts, a state without any lockdown, or gathering restriction, is 3rd, assuming social distancing is critical to preventing spread.

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  • 888theGreat
    I think it is a superficial crisis to Hurt Trump on the Economy , which was Trump's strength. I know liberals and nothing is beyond them. No ethics or standards. Lying is fine if it gets the results. They told us 1 million of us would die, wrong. They have told us we would die from Global Warming and US would be 50% under water by now, wrong. That when Saddam burned the oil wells in Kuwait, it would block the sun and there would no food , wrong. They continue to manufacture crisis (for ratings) and tell us we are all going to die, wrong again. Now , if you can shut world economy , hold all citizens under house arrest over a nasty cold , you can unleash martial law with the drop of a hat. The total dead here is a measly 36,000 , more died from normal flu, more die everyday for other causes. 7,425 people die each day in US , that means in 5 normal days we lose more than Chi Com 19 has killed. I also don't think that 2% of the population should hold the other 98% of the population. You are born and die, that is the way it is. Also most of the high risk people put themselves in that situation. Did you smoke, did you catch HIV from butt sex? Sorry , but it is true.
    • zagor

      Yeah, you sound like a Trump supporter. The Prez who initially told us this was no worse than the flu.

      So somehow the "liberals" concocted this, and then got the rest of the world to go along with it, just to prevent Trump's re-election?

    • @zagor Media led cry economy must be shut down or everyone will die

    • zagor

      Yeah I'm sure the Chinese media caused their shutdown.

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  • Goma15
    Refreshing to read here. I also want to point out that the "save the economy vs. save lives" thing is a false dichotomy.

    The economy will be negatively affected whether there is a lockdown or not. People will go out less because of this virus anyway. Which means a lot of businesses will have less revenue regardless. If the virus is allowed to spread too much people will start falling ill, preventing them from working. And if the virus were to spread enough it could literally kill hundreds of thousands of people. And that's a heavy hit for an economy anyway. And that's not even counting what would happen if the healthcare system is overrun. It would either mean another new shutdown or that people who don't have the virus would just start dying because there aren't enough doctors or beds. For those saying the lethality rate is super low, by the way. You don't know that. Nobody knows the exact lethality rates. And they tend to vary as well from country to country (probably based on amount of tests, affected groups, etc.). As of March 3 the estimated lethality rate was 3.4%. The typical seasonal flu has a lethality rate of less than 1% (as little as 0.1%) and mostly old people. Coronavirus affects all age groups, even if it affects old people more. Not to mention NOBODY IS IMMUNE and there is NO VACCINE! This means that every person in the world could theoretically get it. Know what 0.1% of the entire world is? It's a lot. 3.4% is even more. Talk about tanking the economy.

    What I think is the most selfish though is people who are overly worried about not being able to go out and do fun things. Yes, it sucks that nobody can go out and do fun things with friends or whatnot (though you can still go on walks on your own and stuff so long as you stay away from people). I haven't seen my girlfriend in 2 months and I miss her. But this is a few months of your life of not being able to do that stuff. There will be many more months and years to go out and do fun things. But people who die due to this thing will not have more months and years to spend on anything. They'll just be dead. And going out isn't just risking your own life. It's not "I might get sick, but I'll brave it anyway." If you get sick you risk spreading it to everyone you come into contact with. Thereby not only making it so that we're stuck with it longer, doing more economic damage but also leading to further deaths. I don't know about anyone else, but I would be fine not going to the beach for a year if it would save only one life.
    • Goma15

      A source I used for reference

    • Goma15

      When I said if it were allowed to spread more it could kill hundreds of thousands of people I meant in the United States. It has already killed about 200.000 people worldwide. But "only" about 50.000 in the U. S. so far.

  • The states with the lowest death rates are the ones that never locked down.
    • That's good

    • Very good. I think we should be questioning whether the lockdowns are saving lives or wether flattening the curves would have taken 2 months regardless of what we do.

    • I dont think we should. Really it's not up to people like me or you. It's up to each state regardless of what anyone thinks. Each state has their own problems.

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  • Bananaman177
    Hey, guess what?

    You don't need to explain this shit to people, we all hear the same propaganda you do.
    • Are you sure?

    • chris0977

      I would like an actual explanation for the reasoning behind these arguments beyond emotional (i. e. "your actions, perceived selfish by me, are therefore invalid") but doubt the OP has considered anyone else's perspective, or made any attempt to empathize, based on this post which attacks anyone who acts in ways which don't agree with the OP.

    • Haha are you a trump supporter?

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  • gotc147
    Jesus I don't even know how to start this...

    "Social distancing" (a cute little buzz term, thought up by marketing people) is not and has not been working. The outbreak happened in November, so December, January and February we weren't doing any "social distancing" and the virus was being spread completely uninhibited. Hospitals were not overwhelmed, people weren't dying by the truckload and we didn't even hear any stories about how there has been a spike in deaths from the flu or pneumonia. This means the virus isn't a big deal, going about our daily lives has not lead to what the "experts" have said it would lead to.

    Stay home if that makes you feel better, but you do not have the right to put everyone else under house arrest because you're afraid of your own shadow.
    • So when you get sick do you want to be intubated or nah?

    • gotc147

      @1truekhaleesi Good god no, what kind of idiotic question is that? Over 99% of cases have no symptoms or symptoms so mild that the treatment is go home and ride it out. Almost nobody who gets it needs to be hospitalized, let alone intubated.

      You think this virus is a death sentence don't you?

    • We don't know how this virus operates. I've had healthy patients drop dead from it. I've had old, immunocompromised patients fully recover and get discharged. You're more than welcome to go out and get sick. You're what my coworkers and I call, "job security." The issue is when you get others sick.

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  • Intactivist500
    It is way more complicated then you realize. People want to go out of the house, so they can go to work. The government is only giving them a one time stimulus payment of 1200 dollars. That is not enough for anything. Plus, the mortgages, and other due payments were not put on hold. So in three months when everyone returns to work, they'll have to pay for three months worth of bills, and mortgages, plus the current month that they return to work. People are going to lose their houses if they don't get back to work soon. And the government is sitting on their asses and doing nothing to help the common people.

    Plus, the doctors and medical community are supposed to be there for the people. They are there to help us, and they refuse to help anyone unless you have Covid-19 or in severe pain. I cannot even go to get a root canal right now. Even Dentists refuse to see me. The hospitals are literally turning people away, and people cannot even go to see their own doctors. So much for having great health insurance, or if you're one of the lucky individuals that has free healthcare because of your job, and don't have to worry about paying for health insurance. Speaking of which, you know what is going to happen when those people lose their jobs due to this Covid-19? They will lose their medical insurance. Businesses will eventually re-open yes, but not all will. Some will go bankrupt, and the individuals that had those jobs will be permanently out of work even when the economy re-opens.

    This is not a Black or White situation. There are logical arguments from both sides, but you have to look at it from the protesters' point of view too. What if you were let go of your job, and you could not afford the bills, rent, or mortgages because the government is only giving you are one time 1200 dollar check that won't be able to take you far, and you still have a lot of bills to pay, and no money because you cannot go to work to make money?
    • Lliam

      Thank you for your awareness, Intactivist500.

  • Shamalien
    when you override people's constitutional rights, it becomes political, sorry but that's an unavoidable fact. Now go ahead and call me names
    • Yeah that's true. But in general, the overwhelming consensus is to stay the fuck home so people dont die at a faster rate. Its political in your example, the order isn't political.

    • Shamalien

      what order isn't political? Look if you are fining people for leaving the house and you as a governing body instituted that without a vote or anything, it's not just political, its hyper political, it's un democratic, not how republics are supposed to function one could even call it treason

    • Its definitely not treasonous. I feel like being political and acting as an authoritative figure are the same for you.

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  • betaTester
    I think it is okay to go outdoor, just don't go near other people.

    The problem is when most people go out they don't just "go out", they actually go to some other destinations, either indoor places or places with other people, like going with friends to some pubs or parties. Someone who protests the lockdown might say "b-but I go out and keep my distance", the thing is he doesn't see the big picture, millions of other party goers are beyond his control, and he doesn't see the conspiracy theorists who believe the virus is a hoax standing right next to him, in fact he doesn't realize most people around him in the rally are the type who believe 9/11 is fake or that you can recover from AIDS by taking vitamins.

    If people are smart, the government wouldn't really have to tell them to stay at home or stop going to concerts or stop going to the beach parties etc. The problem is many people are not smart, and the government has to take care of stupid people too, not like we can just ship them off to an other planet, so they had to resort to draconian counter measure. If your population is smart you can just let people go out they will know to keep their itinerary to minimal, then you can do contact tracing on infected individuals.
  • Steve37
    The problem is that the corona virus isn't the only thing we are fighting against. People are losing jobs and are unable to pay mortgages and put food on the table. The longer we stay licked in our homes, the more businesses will fail which means those jobs are lost permanently. For a large majority of our population, financial ruin poses a greater risk than the virus. You can call those people selfish if you want, but how is that any more selfish than those expecting the entire population to self quarantine to reduce their risk?
    • It all boils down to whether you care about others more than yourself.

      Businesses will fail. We'll rebuild them. As far as people needing money to eat, I don't know the solution, other than food drives and such. That's a question for the higher up

    • Steve37

      Caring for others more than yourself works both ways. I'd gladly expose myself to greater risk which I can manage myself if it meant a handful of people could start earning an income again to care for their families.

    • Not everyone can do that

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  • Rangers
    Stop making emotional arguments and go look at what they're doing in Michigan, then tell me it's not political.
    • It's not political. Go take your political bullshit somewhere else. I'd rather not lose any lives than do what Michigan is doing. And michigan certainly doesn't speak for the United states. It's sad to see that you can't fix ignorance and stupidity.

    • Rangers

      It is political in Michigan because of how strict they are and they somehow think distributing weed is essential but not firearms. You're emotionally unstable and unable to see facts for what they are, hence why you lost the election and will lose again because the electors saw that

    • Wtf I didn't run for president. Stop talking like you know me. You dont. You know what I post. And MICHIGAN DOES NOT REPRESENT ALL OF THE U. S.

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  • loveslongnails
    " This shouldn't be about politics. It should be about doing what's right."
    Tell that to the Republicans and trumpfuck supporters who are running for re-election.
    • That's what this article is meant to do but you can't fix stupid.

    • No, you can not. And I just love the down votes from Orange Douche supporters. Their stupidity seems endless. It's astonishing, actually.

    • Yeah. At first I was arguing with them trying to get them to see how wrong they are but it's like talking to a brick wall.

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  • Kiran_Yagami
    A recently posted study by the University of Southern California and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health shows that nearly 4.1% of Americans have covid-19 antibodies in their blood and that anywhere from 200,000 - 400,000 people in LA county alone have already had and recovered from Covid-19. That means the mortality rate is less than a tenth of what everyone is claiming it to be. Less than 1%, and most people who get it never know they've had it or even get sick. Social distancing is about CONTROL. In all likelihood, we will all get Covid-19 and never even notice and social distance hasn't done a damn thing to stop it.
    • 1. Where are the other studies? Are you doing a comparison for every state? Where are your sources for the general consensus of each state? 2. You aren't very concrete for presenting one case of data. Maybe another states study will contradict with LA. Maybe they made a flaw. Who knows because you didn't include any of them. 3. Yes social distancing is control. It takes self control in order to control staying inside or going out. Yes the government is trying to control us going out to control the spread of the virus. 4. Yes everyone will probably get it at some point but this "control" is segmenting the virus therefore allowing us to "control" the virus 5. I bet you any amount of money that if we werent social distancing, then the amount of cases would be uncontained. Social distancing allows us to contain it.

    • Both Stanford and UCLA conducted their own studies and came to the same conclusion. Social distancing is about control. We don't need drones monitoring people remotely for social distancing. We don't need to arrest fathers in the park playing with their kids while there isn't another soul in sight for social distancing, or to arrest people alone on their boats in the middle of the ocean to maintain social distancing. Nor do we need conduct police raids at drive in churches where everyone stays in their cars to maintain social distancing. Stop being so naive.

    • It still means it's dangerous, just for different reasons. People should be looking to get back to work either way. But even if the mortality is equal to the seasonal flu, it doesn't really change the risk assessment since it would mean the infection rate is *way* higher that the flu and so even with the same mortality we would still expect to see similar numbers of deaths. The benefit of lower mortality and higher infection rate is that the ceiling for how many people it could negatively effect is lower, but in the short and medium term we can still see loads people die. (This is all assuming you can't get re-infected and that it doesn't go dormant and then come back).

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  • Teyfet
    Thank you! I was going to post something similar. Self-quarantine is about protecting our first responders, our healthcare workers, the people we most depend upon to save lives & help us. Hospitals should have the right to reject Anyone who does not comply, because they chose to endanger themselves & others - in assuming those risks, they should also be forced to accept the consequences.
  • msc545
    Without Trump, we might still have this problem, but with a lot less people involved. Trump has been the real catalyst in getting people to protest quarantines, and mostly because it is costing him money.
    • Thank God for the protesters who are defending all of the ignorant people's rights.

    • Ewww

    • msc545

      @Liam_Hayden when the protesters start getting sick, they will be the first to demand care. They will need to leave their ridiculous weapons out the hospitals though.

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  • Liam_Hayden
    We should all VOLUNTARILY choose to follow CDC guidelines but the stay at home ORDER is about controlling an allegedly free people.
    • But not all people do so that's the job of the government is to step in and try to control the virus

    • Lliam

      Yeah, BlackWidow93, if you live in China or North Korea. Totalitarianism is actually about caring. Lol

    • Where do you live

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  • Nerdvana
    I hear what you are staying. It's nice of you to care about others. But it's more complicated then that.
    • I care about others more than I care about myself

  • MalcolmNZ
    We down to only a couple of cases a day in New Zealand because we adopted a lock-down quickly, I got a police warning for hiking out of my local area. We were allowed out of our houses for solitary exercise, and to go to the supermarket while maintaining a 2m distance between people. That was pretty much all that was allowed.
  • YesIsaidit
    People aren't conditioned to staying at home. They're conditioned to alcohol, music, sex and hate. Staying at home isn't really a struggle, because those conditions will continue but try and cut the conditions out and see the rise of crime and death. Which is why this is a big warning. And society have to learn from this and prepare for worse. If it's just stay at home. I reckon we should have an international stay home day.
  • Evil_Chuck
    BlackWidow93 is correct. I encourage you all to stay at home so that my plans of authoritarian global conquest can come to fruition.

    In all seriousness: I wasn't even aware this issue had been politicized. But it's America, so I'm not surprised either.
  • Marriedwith2
    The Right never has a problem ignoring the truth... maybe we'll get lucky and the morons who refuse to stay home will all catch it and die?
    • Wow so tolerant. You must be a very nice person hoping for others to die. The fact is that you are a ignorant plebian who believes whatever the king tells you. This virus is not very dangerous and yet here you are willingly surrendering all of your freedoms for the sake of safety. Its pure fearmongering. I bet if the media began to push for a new law making everyone give up their genetic data to goverment database to "prevent infection" you'd be first on board and you'd call everyone who didn't a stupid bigot.

  • Johnson7319
    This was a live action drill you sheepeople.. physiological experiment that's unprecedented.. the fuxking presidents telling people to shoot laundry soap or sumahit.. I live between two of thwargeat military bases in the WOELD and military activity has done nothing but escalates instead of being nuetral as in no live action drills over the gulf of Mexico (live bomb drills?) Noisy.. the American gun owners are the biggest military on the planet. They thought they were gonna have problems with us and we've rolled over like bitch dogs and said ok as long as we're off work n still draw a check.. this was a voup against our economy and our social lifestyle and they've won we won't go back to how it was.. ever.. ok let the fucktards loose n I'll field questions
  • Sensmind
    What has happened although many people have died, is that we were too successful, in Ireland the worst case scenario was 20,000 deaths but I think we are roughly about 500 now just past peak we think. We have a reproduction rate of under 1 (one person infected infects another down from 15 at the start)
    So all the people economically affected are straining at the leash "Its over let us back to work" and they are being temporarily held at bay by warnings of a second surge and need for testing and contract tracing before large scale relaxation of restrictions. We are in near lockdown for 3 weeks, schools closed for 5 and another 2 weeks to next checkpoint (6th May), I think it will be hard for government to hold the line, with public opinion and of course cost to state. They reckon 25% of the population is receiving some kind of State Covid support (in context that would be 80 million in the USA).
  • KrakenAttackin
    Well now they are relating COVID-19 to blood clots and stroke, saying "don't wait to long to come to the ER". No shit , this was today's revelation.

    Fucking Doctors.
  • Vito123123
    Idc really... This is Gr8 way of shutting down outdated or expensive bussinesses... Easier time for New companies easier for decent portfolios and easier for entertainment corps during lockdown...
  • gemgem
    When the orders are coming from politicians, they are political. It’s basically an axiom
  • DaddyRollingStone
    Most people I know in healthcare are saying the hospitals aren't at capacity and it's not that bad. I don't live in a major city though.
    • Ahh ok that's probably why. Major cities like philly are packed

    • I live in the suburbs around Philly. Sometimes I drive around and it seems like nothing is even wrong. You see less people walking around but the same amount of cars.

    • I live near philly and the hospital was packed last time I checked

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  • chico800
    Who's staying at home? Not many people in my Pittsburgh suburbs, that's for sure.
    • isn't that where all the factories and stuff are? I know the warehouse I work with is up there

    • chico800

      Nah, I'm talking Mt Lebanon. Mostly old stone houses and restaurants and shit.

    • Ahhh

  • MountAverage
    Well put!
  • Cherokeehp
    Some people are dumb.
  • Jaysonava
    American politics is crazy
  • Jamie05rhs
  • vannefftor
    Ignorance will always be bliss. Stay home people
  • Chris1690
    Good on you proud off everyone
  • ChefPapiChulo
    man I wish I was smart enough to be a doctor.
  • willisg
    Thank you
  • hi_it_is_me123
    Nice take.
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
  • Anonymous
    You completely fail to understand the impact of the economic shutdown on middle-class America. That’s unfortunate because so many people are suffering and will continue to suffer. And these effects are not temporary as you suggest; many jobs that are lost today (30 million thus far) will never come back. Food banks are already short on supplies and this condition will only get worse. There will be hunger and homelessness, and to ignore that is either callous or naive.

    You talk about flattening the curve. The purpose of flattening the curve was to prevent the health care system from being overwhelmed by Covid-19 patients. That was more than accomplished. Even in New York, the system accommodated every patient, and no patient needing a ventilator went without one. Also, flattening the curve does NOT reduce the space beneath the curve. That is, the expected number of deaths is the same; they are simply spread over a longer time period. And the millions of deaths predicted to occur in the U. S. from Covid-19? Estimates now put the total at about 60,000... about the same as the seasonal flu.

    Covid-19 is most deadly to people who have pre-existing health conditions, especially older people. That population can be easily identified and isolated without impacting the broader (entire) population. Remember, most people who go to an ER and test positive for Covid-19 ARE SENT HOME to recover. In fact, the survival rate from the virus is now estimated to be 99.5%. That’s not as high as the seasonal flu, but it does demonstrate that if you are otherwise healthy, you are highly unlikely to die from this disease.

    A broad stay-at-home policy also ignores the benefits of, and destroys the opportunity for, herd immunity. Sweden’s policy of NOT shutting down its economy has not only produced death rates at or below other European countries, but they are now unlikely to have a “second wave” because of herd immunity. That is, less people will die overall.

    Public policy decisions always require multiple inputs. That is, there are always trade-offs to consider. Covid deaths will never be pushed to zero and that’s something we must accept as a society (for the greater good). Deaths from the flu, tuberculosis, AIDS, and many other diseases/viruses are also not at zero, and yet as a society we’ve come to accept that. There is nothing radical about accepting it with respect to Covid-19. Good public policy requires it. We could reduce highway speeds from 55 mph (or even 70-75 mph in some states) to 35 mph and save thousands of lives. We don’t because it’s not good public policy.

    • Anonymous

      We have indeed had a crisis in the U. S. and around the world. Emergency action was necessary and warranted to reinforce our health care system... flatten the curve. Mission accomplished. It is now time to address our Constitutional rights, specifically the Bill of Rights. Those rights include freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly. Also, the government cannot seize your property (including you business or your job) without just compensation. These rights were inserted into our Constitution not for common times, but for the uncommon ones. The times when such rights could be threatened. Like now. The governments of many states revoked the rights of their citizens, even threatening to enter citizen’s homes to cite and arrest those in non-compliance. In other words, the freedom of Americans has been taken away. On our own soil. By our own government. All without giving heed to the basic facts stated above.

      How long will this continue? How long should it continue? Another month? Six months? A year? Or should we wait for the promised vaccine in 12-18 months? What if there never IS a safe effective vaccine? (There is no vaccine for AIDS or the common cold, which is also a Coronavirus.) Yes, you can say “wait,” but what happens when millions of American lives are destroyed, the economy collapses, people die from lack of care for their unaddressed medical conditions, hunger and homelessness become rampant, and violence follows? Think it can’t happen? Try Venezuela.

      Think the government should simply pay people to stay home? What do you think happens to all that debt the government issues? Who will buy it? Who will pay for it? The government cannot give money away without first borrowing it or taking it away from someone else. Heavy taxation will just further crush the economy.


    • Anonymous

      You say this shouldn’t be political, but your myTake is politics in its purest form, since it encourages government to take away the freedoms of its people. Also, the longer these freedoms are seized, the longer the people must rely on government to survive. Then people essentially work for the government and the government controls the means of production. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s socialism, pure and simple.

      Your myTake is a nice endorsement of socialism. Give up your freedom; the state will take care of you. After all, we must be humanitarian, right? And there’s this virus. It’s a great narrative, but heartless and deceitful to those of us who are now feeling the real pain.

  • Anonymous
    I think it really depends on where you live. In big cities, hospitals are overwhelmed. Not so much in smaller ones. Also, you have to factor in the psychological consequences. I live alone and I work from home, so I haven't had any real human interaction for weeks. People really are losing their jobs, too. Lives are being ruined. I am not saying you are wrong, but it is more complex than you suggest due to the psychological impact.
  • Anonymous
    Good mytake. Also with the police so busy the Pakistanirape gangs are taking advantage of the situation to rape young white girls, another reason to stay at home.
  • Anonymous
    The guy at the top left is hot😂lol i always wished to look like that
  • Anonymous
    Yes I hope some dumb ignorant people would understand it
  • Anonymous
    It is though, people are just gullible as fuck and think that those in power have their best interests in mind, not seeing how this is going to be used as an easy excuse to take away the people's freedoms. In fact they don't even need an excuse, the people are stupid enough to beg for it too.
    • No the people aren't too stupid to beg for it. It literally is mindboggling how you can see the logic, look at the hospitals and still be this disillusioned.

    • Anonymous

      There are countries without an enforced lockdown like Sweden and Japan that are doing just fine, better than the US actually.

      I'm also not saying that the virus isn't bad, that it doesn't exist, or anything stupid like that. I know nurses dealing with covid patients.

      However, you mention hospitals - it depends on what you mean by that. Are you talking about the things you see and hear in the news? Because they're going to push a certain narrative anyway, and that's where people are gullible. And anybody who questions the official narrative is automatically assumed to be an idiot - that's precisely why people are so easy to fool.

      Many hospitals aren't over-crowded at all. The opposite in fact. Some nurses are actually out of work. That won't be reported in the news because it doesn't fit the narrative.

      There are also some strange goings on outside these hospitals. I can't link of I'd show you the videos. Groups of nurses without PPE, in their scrubs, dancing in the street, some even with these big choreographed dance routines, laughing and joking. How do they have time to do all of that? Why are they not following social distancing rules, the rules that have us all locked in our homes? That doesn't make sense.

      And then, you probably don't see what's coming next. More surveillance, more tracking, less privacy. We're all being told to use banks cards rather than cash, why? Because we're about to go cashless. Some are talking about mandatory vaccinations. Microchips even. That's what people are begging for, not realising how it can and probably will be used against them. "Just do as you're told" you might say - exactly. That's what this is about.

    • No I 100% understand the news is geared towards viewers and yeah some nurses are out of work but like in NY, bodies were stacking up. We dont want that happening in other states.

      "Just do as you're told" is kinda the summary of this but in PA it's not all like that. We should've nipped the virus in the bud when it first got here and there wouldn't be any of this.