Support According to Gender Part 2

Support According to Gender Part 2

After posting my last myTake on this, I was given a fair and good opinion.

"I disagree...There's support for men...I feel people are trying to make a divide between men and women that doesn't need to be there. Not all women get that support you think and not all men don't. We need to do come together at this time and be a support for one another...we need to stop trying to divide... Unite and conquer"

This was a fair point. So before I go any further, I want to say my personal experience. I have been told that "if you want a girl you need to be the man". That is social pressure to conform. It is not, "you guys will figure it out, just have respect and kindness for each other". It shows a clear burden on the man to perform on behalf of the girl. I feel it's one thing to do it naturally, it's quite another when it's expected.

Support According to Gender Part 2

Another place where I personally experienced a divide in gender support was at college. There was a women's center. Not a man's center.

This is just an example of another college with which the above picture is connected to this quoted text, "The UC Women's Center is committed to the personal and professional growth of women and gender minorities".

It is committed to the professional growth of women and gender minorities. And as you notice, "the future is female".

Seeing this at college made me feel less special as a person... Move along, you don't belong here, go to the co-ed therapy and guidance office if you want help.....

It's an idea where because I'm a white male, I don't need help. I also get and understand that this office might be filling in gaps left by social disadvantage. But why not have a gender center?

Support According to Gender Part 2
Support According to Gender Part 2

If you are a girl, guy, gay or straight... it does not matter what path your life looks like, you could get help and support.

and this is where me and that opinion earlier agree. I think seeing things like this is beautiful. A movement towards equality.

Another point that was brought up is this.

"Women tend to be more open therefore people know when we need support. Men tend to be more closed off to what they are feeling. And we can't support what we dont know."

This is such a great point. I feel that programs could help men become aware of key issues that they might be ignoring. Finding things they did not know they needed support for. To teach them awareness and to become aware. To also teach them to not be ashamed of support and that they could use support, and it would help them.

Support According to Gender Part 2

Going back to my first point, "if you want a girl you need to be the man".

It was refreshing to see this, “i dont need protection or nice things from any guy. i dont need their support. im a girl, am i not? ill support a person if i want to support a person whether it's a guy or a girl. if there is a puddle, ill walk over it, if it rains whoop dee doo, i get rained on. i don't need someone to provide me safety because i can live a safe life without a person there. i dont expect anything from any guy they could spit on me in the street for all i care it's their problem. if men want me to hold the door for them i'll do it, but thats just being nice to people, it isn't supporting him because of his gender. if i am not supporting a person enough i have to know what they want from me and if i care about it"

Support According to Gender Part 2

This tells me that an idea of equal respect in gender is already happening. But it still makes me wonder how many girls have an expectation of what a man should do for them. I feel it should be less gender based and more human based. Not what can a man do for me, what can a friend do for me? What can a person do for me? Take gender expectation out of it.

And here's the thing. Let the nice things happen. Let the guy be the gentleman but let him do that based on him being kind not from some article on what women are expecting from their dates. And it's cool to see girls that are gentlewomen. They step up and do things nice for the guy.

"personally I am kind, sympathetic girl who always looks out for her guy friends"

This is nice to see. It's sad to hear that her guy friends don't in return. "in return I get yet ignored and or yelled whenever I ask for anything from them"

That is sad to see. We need to lean on human decency for each other, not specially by gender rules but by human decency. I feel that we should treat each other well but let it be but us doing it naturally because we want to.

Support According to Gender Part 2

Like that last picture, it should be both genders equally side by side. With the knowledge that support is not gender related, it is a need of the human condition. Given we all need support for different things but each person is given what they need, to get through life. Not every person has the same support. For some it's easier to find and for others it's not. Its hard to group certain people into this and I would say it's hard overall to group genders because each person is different regardless of gender. Some are clearly supported while others are not. It's sad to see support so swayed for each person. But overall I hope for equality in the future for all.

Support According to Gender Part 2
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Most Helpful Guy

  • PeterAyre
    I really like that article well written! We should support people. And gender roles do cause a lot of unnecessary suffering in the world.
    As an off point maybe their should be support not just for victims, but also perpetrators who want help to change. I know there is respect. uk. net in the uk but I don't know of much else. I think that would help society. What does it take to set up a support group I wonder.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • DanaeAdam5
    That was an amazing MyTake 🙂

    Like seriously you should become a writer or something you clearly have a way with the words 👏👏👏👏
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    • DanaeAdam5

      Thanks for MHO 🙂

    • Jjpayne

      You are welcome! And thanks for the support!

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  • alligatorblues
    Except online in a few places and tv, I haven't heard anyone talk about gender. The people I know must not think about it. I behave properly, because I was raised to. It would be an insult to my parents if I didn't. I have not found a female who objects to chivalry. It helps to get out into the world, to meet people who aren't online all the time.

    4,000 friends on facebook and $2.50 will get you a cup of coffee. Almost no one who isn't on a college campus ever even thinks about gender. It's just too simple to dwell on. There are many things people do for each other, which are not gender-based. But I think you're asking to have no gender-based behavior.

    People wouldn't like that. They like strong differences between man and woman. At least the people I know. Women love dressing like women, acting like women, being adored like women. They don't want to lose that. Men like doing things especially for women. They like observing acceptable etiquette.. Most people want to behave in a socially acceptable way. If someone dosen't want to, then people stay away from them.

    For all the stuff I read on GAG, I don't run into anything like it in offline, in the real world. The reason the world is the way it is is because most people like it that way. I know I do. People just need to get to know God. God will show each person who they are, and then who He is.

    You just confess your sins, vocally, claim the perfect living sacrifice of Jesus Christ as atonement for your sins, implore God's mercy and forgiveness, and ask for the Grace not to commit those same sins again. If you think of some sins you forgot about, confess them as they come up. Resist temptation. If you can't resist anymore, invite God to be present in your sin. He already is anyway. But if you pay attention to him, he will explain why you commit a certain sin, and He'll work with you on that. You just need to resist temptation a little more each time. You don't need to be perfect.

    It's a great way to sort out gender/biology conflicts. There are no Christian transgenders. They've all found the truth.

    Invite Jesus to be your savior; to live in your heart. Be persitent. He wants to know you mean it! Don't give up. Read the Bible after asking The Holy Spirit for understanding. If you've known bad Christians, learn it the right way and go teach them.
  • Tstrbrainer
    Yes, support should be situation or need based and not gender based. There should not be any gender based decency, rather a social decency is what we need.

    (Yes I noticed "The Future is Female" at once. It's hard to miss for any guy 😉😉. It's a nice T-shirt too 😜😜
    • That actually sounds like a horrible tshirt or I'm just not getting it

    • Knuxx

      @Stonernights you notice it's horrible T-shirt so you get it. As for anyone else that sees this "my take" as a complaint instead of seeing it for what it really is, a well explained observation of our current society. Since G@G is one of the platforms that provides a neutral supportive environment it shows that there are more places for all persons to turn to receive some help. I have so much to say on this since I think I'll do my first my take on gender equality and how it's not really happening for everyone.

    • I was just saying that I really liked the person wearing that t shirt

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  • captain_voidwalker
    I believe this quote comes from alien 3. " we all have to die, it's just a matter of how you want to go out, dou you want it on your feet, or on your fucking knees begging. Well I'm not much for begging, no one ever gave me anything." Personally I go through life knowing no one is going to support me so I have to fight and take everything I can get.
  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Just today I saw the movie Knocked up what a weird coincidence 😂and a good Mytake sorry your take😂.
  • lnva87
    I do prefer girl to be able and willing to take care of her self and not expect me to do it for her. I will be willing to do it all for her, especially in those scenarios as then its not expected of me but its something I can willingly offer.

    I don't expect anything special usually. Small things.
    If she cooks for me because she wants to it will mean a lot to me.

    Sure guys expect that they should do things and support girls. But girls should not expect guys to do that.
    Guys won't expect girls to do much to support them. It doesn't mean we don't like it when they do.
  • willisg
    If you are generous, supporting someone is easy. If you are self aware and generous supporting someone is easy. If you were taught to do it, supporting someone is easy. If you have emotions from the heart, supporting someone is easy. If you are thoughtful, supporting someone is easy.
    Sympathy is one thing being motivated to care is another.
    I felt the majority ha ( good intentions), but ( good intentions) can't make a move without motivation.
    I make life plain a simple for people I work with , people I associate with, people I manage at my job. I explain my expectations and one of them is everyone is the same and everyone helps out. No one never gave me a problem but I se everyone don't have the same philosophy as I so problems happen.
  • msc545
    Nobody gives a shit about men unless there is a war to fight or they need money.
  • kryptocynical
    I rember that movie, its the funniest
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take.
  • Anonymous
    Dont complain so much about support. Support others and hope they will do the same for you. Now relax, life's not so bad 🙂