Why do people feel the need to fat shame?

Why do people feel the need to fat shame?

I’m not looking to argue whether fat-phobia is a thing. Because it is. But I just want to discuss components of it.

I feel like fat women and men can’t even sit down for a meal somewhere without eyes on them. And I’m not even referring to obese individuals, this happens to those even with the slightest bit of stomach fat.

when it comes to those who aren’t slim, suddenly everyone is a health expert. When will people realise that slim ≠ healthy.

And also body shaming in any form is damaging. But no, skinny shaming is not the same as fat shaming. While body shaming absolutely is something that people in thin bodies deal with (and shouldn’t have to), and while the effects of that can be devastating, thin people do not experience weight-based oppression in the same way as fat people. Thin people can literally look out the window and be reassured that their body type will always be accepted, and favoured. They are society’s beauty standard.

anyway this was half a rant half an actual my take.

thanks for reading.

Why do people feel the need to fat shame?
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  • likelyOK
    I think that guys do it more than women. I have also seen men do it who themselves are overweight so I feel in that case it's self loathing. It's only a theory but I think that a lot of men still feel a sense of entitlement, that women are here just to be looked at for their enjoyment and that being fat takes that away from them, fucked up mentality.
    There are some instances where I feel that extent to which the person is fat is unhealthy and should not be promoted.
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  • SoWhatHuh
    I never openly fat-shame not irl not on the net, but I feel uncomfortable when I'm with fat people non the less.
    I think you need to put effort into your looks and health if you seek acknowledgement. Fat people should either match the general standards or not bother with others' opinions; just like how they don't want to change for the society, society won't change overnight for them either
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  • Anonymous
    One fact is that they are responsible for huge costs in the Healthcare industry. Otherwise I also think that a lot of fat people are unpleasant to be around. That doesn't help with how people see them overall. Being extremely fat is having a lack of self respect and thus give people a reason to not respect them.
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    • Anonymous

      I’m from the UK where our health service is free...
      And also that sounds a bit general to say all fat people are unpleasant to be around

  • Dinosaursandanime65
    People (girls) that worry about their weight be like

    "I am never going to emotionally recover from this"
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  • meesegoMoo
    Fat-shaming is appropriate at times. I certainly dislike women who are barely dressed, when they are blobs they appear to be naked when they sit. People of a certain size become disgusting beyond argument. Why should I not be bothered by the smell and liquids that seep from their folds? I would be bothered by a dirty anorexic, why should I give fat people a pass? Yes it's more difficult for them to clean themselves, but having reached that point was their own doing.
  • Ámayas_20
    The short answer? It affects other people. The same reason people feel that smoking is bad, if you're doing something and it negatively impacts other people they have a right to dislike it.

    'Fatphobia' also is not a thing.
  • Handysandy69
    Because we are human, we're creatures of habit so anything deemed un naturel like being over weight or a 21year old with a 50 year old or mixed race relationships or single parents are looked down on by society (im not being racist FYI just stating facts)
  • I think its pretty legitimate to criticize fat people. If you stand for universal healthcare, you cannot stand for fat acceptance without making all of us pay for the addictions of the few.
  • cute_short_nerd
    I honestly mind my own business. You people should try it sometimes, it can get you far in life.
  • My eyes hurt by the pic and the lady in pic is not fat, being a bit chubby is fine suit yourselves what you want we don't need to worry much, if they don't want it's there problem
  • FrenchyRomain
    why do people feel the to create the body positivity movement?
  • Anonymous
    "Weight based oppression " bro lol So close to half of Americans are weight based oppressed?
  • Anonymous
    I prefer to be at a healthy weight.