Aren't men objectified for money like women are objectified for their bodies?

Arent men objectified for money like women are objectified for their bodies?

I like to listen to feminism PSA's sometimes. I think it is good to try to understand things from women's perspectives.There is a lot of talk on how men objectify women for there bodies. The presenters can get pretty intense, and sometimes I feel, unfair. I was also thinking that women aren't innocent in objectifying men, though men aren't necessarily objectified for their looks. From what it seems I've heard from women, a good male upper body is nice to look at but not titillating, and male genitalia is disgusting to look at, so women don't feel like they objectify men because the male body has no sexual allure to them. I once heard a comedian make a joke about why there is no hooters for women; it's because seeing a man in a speed-o would be repulsive. If he really wanted to turn on a woman he would show her is bank account and perfect credit score.

I've also heard women refer to men as machines. They are often ridiculed for not knowing how to do every single task (they practically have to be a plumber and an electrician at the same time along with there regular job). It kind of feels like men are seen as convenient for wealth and chores and nothing else. I once heard a woman say that one of her boyfriends asked to help pay for amenities and she called him a pussy, even though she also had a full time job. That's basically saying money is just for me and your money is also for me. I think men would be happy to be wanted in a sexual and sensual way, but I think they are just used for money. I think most women lose interest in sex before there husband, so I don't think men appeal for sex, but more for financial stability.

Of course, it's wrong to objectify women for there bodies, but I feel like men get objectified too. I'm interested to hear peoples opinions, though.

Aren't men objectified for money like women are objectified for their bodies?
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  • websterII
    first i think we need to remember we're all individuals.. and instinct is not everything that makes us.. there is also our environment and education and personal experiences that make up our core values. certainly in the past.. when we were animals.. looks were the hook.. cus someone who looks healthy was mose likely to ensure our dna would succeed us. even now.. the first thing we notice about someone is how they look. Men can father 1000 children with 1000 women.. so their investmenti is cheap.. they can "shotgun" their seed all over the place.. and some will stick and grow.. so men dont have to be so choosy.. women however invest a year of hteir life.. for each child.. that's a HUGE investment.. so they have to be VERY careful in their choices.. so there is a real world reason that men and women would approach the mate selection process.. men want healthy a spossible partners.. but.. no worries.. the more parners the better.. for their dna to be successful.. women however.. have to choose wisely.. they cannot pick a loser which would reduce their dna chacne to succeed her.. she has to pick the best she can get she's only got a few shots and passing on her dna.. unlke men. now thats all just where we came from.. the animal.. instinct part.. but that can be modified by education, environment experiences etc.. but men and women ARE different for very good reasons. men also have that testosterone that makes them more agressive.. so they jump between teh tiger and their woman.. the woman has to survive so their offspring can survive.. think of it this way.. if you have a nation of 100people 50 men and 50 women.. 49 men die.. next generation can still be 50 new kids.. in 1 year.. on the other hand.. if 49 women die.. your extinct.. so there is another reason why women and men are differnt.. men are expendable while women are not... so now i see.. why men go for looks.. and women go much much deeper.. bank account.. jobs.. house.. reliabliity compassion someone who can protect her and her children.. physically financially emotionally etc.. women have a lot more riding on the choice than men do.
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  • ThisIsMyOpinion
    You will never see rich men without a beautiful women no matter how old, ugly or violent he is, but that is because those women are the kind that can endure it all for money. Gold diggers.
    Normal women that actually have standards for themselves will never be with a man just for that.
    Of course a man needs to have a job and not be a lazy slob, have some ambition in life, but not super rich.
    Any man that actually thinks that love can be bought is a fool.
    Any man that thinks that his woman will leave him for the first chance with a richer man, has no idea what is worth as a person is
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  • Tamera952
    Umm yea, not really. it’s like apples to oranges comparison — not even close.
    Men wish they could be more objectified for often for money, I’m sure.
    It’s a false equivalence.
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • Adam1978
    The difference is that almost all men is looking at appearance and treatment, while women is looking for status. You can always ask which is worse and in the end it probably boils down to how lucky you where with the genes you where born with which side you pick. I also think we are all gender biased. Status is something you should aquire on your own not something you should have because your with someone that has earned it. That where todays female fail in my opinion. Not all but a lot of them.
  • Maybe
  • Anonymous
    Of course they are! Listen to any group of girls gossiping over brunch. One girl says she just met a dude. Girls ask, "what does he do?" If she says a doctor, a lawyer, a successful business person, etc. etc., they'll coo with approval. Pretty much the same as if a group of guys is together and a dude says he's met a girl and she's models lingerie designed for really petite women with huge boobs. lol!

    It's all good though. That's just how it is. Figure out what you want, then figure out what the people you want want themselves so that you can do the best job you can of appealing to them.
  • Anonymous
    Men objectify women much more than women objectify men.

    That's because men do it on instinct, they see a sexy woman and they see her as a sexual object because of their raging male instincts.

    For women however, it's a bit more complicated, it might be of instinct as a woman would want to provide a wealthy healthy environment for her future kids, but that's highly unlikely these days.

    Though for other women with infinite greed, yes, they do objectify men for their money, it's getting more and more common but not to the point of it being toxic, unless you're stupid and can't actually tell if a girl wants you for your money, it's pretty obvious.
  • Anonymous
    Hmmmm... No.
  • Anonymous
    Men are objectified for their bodies too