All men are good for is their money and all women are good for is their looks!


So...some guy by the name of Stefan Molyneux says that women should not waste their beauty on vanity and money , but instead get married and have children at young ages—specifically in the 20s. Early twenties, I am assuming based on context.

And to my lack of surprise, many agreed.

All men are good for is their money and all women are good for is their looks!

What confuses me is how backwards our minds are. As a group, as a society, we can never come to any agreement.

Many believe that women should use their looks to get ahead in ways such as making a “family” or to just settle down in general (babies possibly in the future). The message is that women should not have too many sexual partners and should stick to one man, early on in life. Her value rests in her alleged purity and ability to bear children.

Apparently there is power in a woman’s youth, innocence... and we know this. And then you have women looking for security and wealth because when a woman has those things, it means nothing. Her value is in her looks alone.

How come when women exercise this weird “hypergamy”, they are called out as gold diggers? Why are women called out for being vain when they go out of their way to please the male gaze (makeup, jewelry, eating less to stay thin, hair extensions, etc) when everyone else is telling them that all they have to offer is their appearance?

Yet there are so many men who will complain that women bring nothing to the table...WHEN THE BAR IS ALREADY SET SO LOW!

And then these ideas are further enforced when you have cases of husbands cheating on their wives because she “let herself go”.

As if beauty is supposed to last forever? Weight gain, loose skin, baggy eyes, disfigurement, etc...a lot of that is normal (for most). It’s apart of dying. It’s how life and death works. Metabolism slows and time moves faster.

Then there are women who do manage to work around the rules of life...they maintain a youthful appearance but then they STILL get cheated on or left for someone else.

There’s so much weight being put on women to look their best 24/7 when in the grand scheme of means absolutely nothing.

Clearly there’s so much more to men and women than just money and sexual appeal...but as a society we don’t push that narrative.

Instead we push for toxic codependency and power struggle.

How can we fix this?

Men are constantly putting each other in a crazy competition of Cash Cow...which I do not believe is the fault of women (entirely).

There are so many women who spend their lives on men who have next to nothing in the bank. So it confuses me when men believe that all women are attracted to their wallet. They put so much pressure on themselves to be hyper masculine with a Fortune 500 company and 2 dozen cars sitting in the garage of their 4th mansion.

And us women aren’t fucking helping! The handful of parasites makes us all look bad.

All around the board, this is just a hot mess. And this take is more of a rant so I apologize for the disorganization of my thoughts.

I am only addressing a problem. I have no solutions...other than nuclear war 😋

All men are good for is their money and all women are good for is their looks!

This video (Beauty is a bad Investment) will better explain my point:

All men are good for is their money and all women are good for is their looks!
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  • Kaazsz
    If you ask me, this is all rooted in shaming female sexuality.

    Women like to fuck too. And the things that attract women, and turn women on, apparently, are offensive to feminists and men.

    This makes society HIDE what women are truly attracted to.

    Since nobody knows what women are truly attracted to, especially us men, we have to experiment.

    We are drawing the wrong conclusions.

    That’s why so many men become workaholics trying to make tons of money. Because they think all women want is money.

    It’s why women have to focus so hard on looks. Because since men have no idea how to be attractive to women, the pool of attractive men is shrinking. The competition for a quality man is fierce among women. And the quality of men will continue to get lower and lower until society allows women’s sexuality to be free and unshameful.

    If we truly understand what makes women attracted to men, and it’s common knowledge, than men will quickly increase in attractiveness, and as a result, become better men ideally in the process. Although I’m not sure about that. It may be that women just like bad boys as a fundamental level and then all you will see is every man trying to become a bad boy and won’t become better men. Just the number of bad boys will grow and the number of real men will still dwindle.

    Actually I think we are close to that reality already. Real men are far and few in between. Bad boys are the majority of men that women are attracted to these days. And the rest of the men are the clueless ones who think girls want money, and who also don’t get very much action and continue to go down into a hole.
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    • Djanhk

      Thots do want money tho

    • Kaazsz

      But you’ll see thots, spending mad money on their bum ass boyfriend who doesn’t have a job.

      You know this as well as I do.

      What women are TRULY sexually motivated by, is a mystery. Well, I think it’s not quite. But that we are al so offended by women’s true sexuality, that we have been hiding it since the Bible was written at least and probably since before that.

    • Kaazsz

      And because we hide it, because we shame women for their true sexuality, ya men are left in the dark and we suffer.

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  • Unit1
    This is exactly the damage done to society when both men and women cannot stand up for themselves. Both men and women suffer from it.

    Males as in setting these toxic and shallow standards "submissive, at least 9/10 in looks, sexually experienced virgin, stay at home, giant ass, huge tits".

    Females as in trying to impress those exact same males, who set those ridiculous standards... Then men complain about gold diggers (how else is a housewife supposed to be?) and the autonomous strong and independent career women.

    This whole thing is just completely absurd and an epic fail. Just screw all of it and Light it all on fire 🔥
    Do what you have to do. That goes for everyone.
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    • No men want that. Wtf. Some men want a housewife, some men want an independent career women. Just as some men want a girl experienced and some want a virgin. Nobody is looking for half assed shit or both. That's impossible and I've never once heard of that.

    • Unit1

      @bamesjond0069 I agree, *MEN* do not care for shallow standards (I'm not saying looks is unimportant). Weird males however do exist as do weird females.

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  • MzAsh
    As women, were damned if we do, damned if we don’t. If we’re financially independent then we’re called power hungry and masculine.

    If you’re not financially independent and seeking a man to take care of your family then you’re a gold digger.

    Part of the problem is that we’re letting low value males such as this Stephen person pretend as if his minuscule opinion holds any value as some kind of standard. It doesn’t. Or at least, it shouldn’t. Because he is certainly NOT the kind of guy I’d ever go for and I’d never refer any decent woman to associate with the the likes of him.

    We have to stop letting sexist assholes set the standards for female lifestyle.
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    • MzAsh

      We women can help fix this by stop giving our attention to guys who pedestalize youth, beauty, and feminine submissiveness. Guys who cheat on a woman regardless are a type, and guys like Stefan are definitely in that type. He’s exactly the type of guy who says he likes a certain type of woman but he will NOT respect her. He’d cheat (by using his money because he’s certainly not using his looks to get attention) because his innate lack of respect for women knows no exceptions. It literally doesn’t matter. He could have exactly the type of woman he says he wants but no matter what you’ll still find him screwing some prostitute at some point or another.

      Stop valuing men like this. I don’t care how much money he has, he’s still bottom of the barrel.

    • Yep, that's it.
      Playing the victim and feeling the need to be oppressed, once again.

      I can assure you no one , I repeat no one gives a single fuck if you're a strong independent women, no one will call you power hungry and masculine, if anything a little extra money is always good.

      The thing is, once you start shoving down everyone's throat about how you're 'independent' that's when people make fun of women.
      So you're an independent woman? oh wow, good for you, now shut the fuck up because no one cares.

      And although I don't agree with his statement that women should have babies young, biologically his point is very valid, you loose the ability to get pregnant as you age, so it makes sense for a woman who wants kid to get pregnant early.

      But then, it's a fucking opinion, people are allowed to have opinions, no one is telling you what to do, it's just a fucking opinion of a random guy.

      Having the opinion that women should get pregnant early doesn't make anyone sexist, being sexist means you discriminate on the basis of sex.

      How stupid do you have to be?

      Go and be an independent woman, I can assure you not single man gives a fuck about you or your life.

      Stop making shit up to make men look bad and stop being a victim.

    • and no one is forcing you to be with a man, to marry a man, to live your life with a man, or make babies with a man.

      If you hate that stuff, then you don't have to do any of that.
      You don't like being submissive, pretty , young? oh then don't date men. Because men like that stuff, and no one is forcing you to be with a man, stay fucking single.

      Stop whining about it, you're almost 40 and you're whining on the internet, making shit up.

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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I'm wealthier than my husband. With that said, how could money be all that's important to me about him?

    Borrowing a line from a movie, he occasionally tells me that "I complete him." He doesn't say that when we're having a nice romantic dinner or making love. He'd tell me that when were holding hands walking in the rain & drenched in water or while we're jogging as body soaks in my own sweat. Plus, he also insists that he loves looking at me in my "simplest form" when I don't have any makeup or fancy clothes on.
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    • Ellie-V

      I’m not talking about individual cases. I am only talking about the message that society tends to push and how it effects people’s everyday lives in general.

    • I know. And, I'm giving myself as an example that contradicts the notion which that message is spreading. We can prove that message is false.

    • Ellie-V

      We know that the message is spreading by the way we witness women having a pattern of obsessing over looks while men encourage a toxic workaholic mentality.
      It doesn’t apply to EVERYONE. But on a larger scale, it is a noticeable trend, and it isn’t healthy.

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  • Meta1087
    Okay so a few things here. 1. Woman were mainly focused on looks in the early days rather than today. I don't know exact dates but I know it's not relevant today. 2. Cheating is not dependant on what the other party looks like, it's the sole reason of the first party not having commitment. Cheating isn't thought of as acceptable and shouldn't ever be. 3. The fact that both parties slowly looks their figure is totally natural and shouldn't be a deciding factor to cheat. This is not socially acceptable either but a small percentage says whatever and thinks nothing of it and THAT gets the attention. 4. Gold diggers are referred as such when they don't see any proof of Fortune and refuse any actions with the second party. However if they find out that they have Fortune and suddenly have attraction towards the other, that's what gold digging is, in it for the money. (This is not saying all women are gold diggers but they are out there and it gets a lot of the social spotlight) 5. The fact that men worry about how "big" their wallets are is because either A. We don't feel like we can fulfill our duty as a man if we don't have a lot of money B. That's the only way to look attractive to the second party. Neither of which is always true and people like me don't care about having a lot of fortune. It totally depends on the scenario where this is happening but in society today, only minor things are still here like gender specific jobs that society chooses. If SHOULDN'T be a thing but it is and there isn't but we can do to prevent it.
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  • Lliam
    I found it difficult to find a solid point to agree or disagree with in your stream of consciousness, thinking out loud commentary, Ellie. It was the same with Kim's video. But I do find the topic interesting. So I'll share some thoughts. And my comments will probably be in a similar form to yours and Kim's because, yes, it's a complicated subject.

    1) Since the dawn of time, women have liked pretty things. Women have worn jewelry or added embroidery or details to their clothes. They fixed up their hair or wore various forms of makeup. They added "feminine touches" to their living spaces. I'm not sure that they did/do all those things just for guy's benefit. But guys really like it. I know that I love that about women. I think those things are virtual definitions of femininity. Women who don't do those things don't fit into the definition of femininity. By that I mean, they are mere people. But they have no sex appeal and can't possibly expect to bond with a male partner. Not that there is any obligation for women to bond with men. Not in this day and age. I actually know women who have abandoned femininity and the desire for male partnership. Some of them are the unattractive sort of lesbians, but some are just asexual.

    I treasure feminine women. Just seeing them walking down the street brings joy. And engaging with such women in intimate sexual activity is an honor. No gift in life is greater.

    2) Ageism: When I was young, my feminine ideal was girls who looked like teen agers. I have a funny example. When I was 18 or 19, I went to a concourse d'elegance car show in Newport Beach, Ca. where a friend had entered his car. I was eager to see the Playboy bunnies who were supposed to be there. When I did see the bunnies, I didn't find them to my liking. They were too... fat. Yep, that was my impression. Looking back from a more mature perspective, they weren't fat at all. They were the ideal curvy form of Playboy models. They were what women become when they mature out of their teens and take on their optimal forms. I mean, those models were probably in their early 20s. One other thing that probably turned me off at the time was the fact that those models were wearing a lot of makeup and they looked really uncomfortable in those rigid bunny outfits.

    When I was a few years older, my taste evolved past the teen age form to the lush, fully developed form.

    As I aged further into my 30s, I continued to love women's soft curvy-ness. I became less critical of minor flaws - a bit more fat on the tummy, a couple of dimples on the ass, slightly saggier boobs compared to 20 year olds. Don't get me wrong, my girlfriends were beautiful and fit, but they were aging normally, as was I. The important thing about them was, they still fit the feminine idea. In other words, they didn't give up on looking pretty. They were clean and well groomed, fixed their hair, got mani-pedis, wore attractive make up and clothes, and they way the moved, spoke and acted was feminine

    My point here is that emotionally healthy men's attitudes mature. Not that I wouldn't have fucked a perfect 20 year old when I was in my 30s, but at least I no longer fantasized about teen agers. And even if I was smitten by the appearance of the perfect female form at its optimal age, I thought it would have been weird to pursue women 10 or 15 years my junior. I was okay with women who were closer to my age even though I admit that I was attracted to those who stayed fit and took care of themselves. I left those who had aged badly to other guys.

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    • Lliam

      3) A major theme of this discussion centers around child bearing, which begs the question: does everyone want to have kids? If so, at what age? When I was young, I wanted to have sex and female companionship, but the last thing I wanted to do was settle down, get married and start a family. It wasn't until I was in my mid 30s that I started to give the idea serious thought. By that time, I was more mentally and emotionally mature and I was financially stable. And I had explored all the joys of female sexuality from teen agers to early middle age.

      Once I was open to the idea of finding a life-long partner, I had a couple of false starts - relationships that, in the end, didn't work out. I finally found my lift partner when I was 40 and she was 38. My wife and I took the idea of marriage seriously and we worked at keeping our relationship healthy and strong. I can't believe that I did such a good job of finding such an amazing lift-partner.

      We both agreed that there were pros and cons to the question of raising a family. The only reason I would want to have children would be to pass on my family name. Beyond that, they are a pain in the ass and a money pit. I don't even think kids are all that adorable. In the end, though, the question was moot because of our age. We are both totally fine with that. One thing we consider is the hell our society has become and what it would be like to be a kid now days.

      4) Men who cheat are dishonest. Someone who can't be trusted is a worthless sociopath. You can't make a promise to someone and then break it. Stabbing your wife and mother of your children in the back in order to feed your appetite is despicable.

      So I guess the point of all my comments is, grow the fuck up, guys. Take some responsibility. If you are selfish and self centered, don't make promises that you don't intend to keep. If you willfully destroy someone else's life because you lack self control, you deserve to suffer the full weight of karma.


    • Its pretty normal for men to date someone much younger. Im 32 and my current girlfriend is 10 years younger. My ex was only 18 though so 14 years younger. It solves the kids problem for sure. Plus when im 50 she will be 40 which will be a very good thing then. Lol

  • Sensmind
    A good take or rant even - You are correct the narrative is set by said groups but I believe they are a a minority society makes these our stereotypes - There are many side issues going on that can be talked about another day - Lets say for sake of arguments sake that 30% make up this tier and say 60% are normal with another 10 % outside the circle for whatever reason.
    So the majority are not being catered to - Why iis it economic they seem to have and spend more money, social a form of control that creates an ideal they want you to aspire to the way elites controlled the masses throughout history - The world is morphing into shapes that can be fitted into a simple jigsaw when the world should be full of individuals and be the most complex jigsaw in the world.
    I do find that we are moving away from Stefan Molyneux ideals but what are we moving to a Kim Kardashian, Instagram influencer world what does that pan out to over the long term - What is success, a bank balance, happiness or beauty.
    Like you I have no answers but hope both of us and others like us can stay out of the quicksand to stay individual and "Normal" in our own way.
    • They are a minority, but they are still the ones who speak the loudest and people are only listening to their influence. It's the same thing with politics and government laws. Tyranny of the minority.

    • @UncleJessieRabbit "oppressive" culture will always be powerful more than the progressive culture. For better or worse, that group of people who maximize womens child production will always be reproducing at an advantageous level and population will grow. Anything deviating lowers the birth rate. Today the American monoculture has a declining birth rate. If it wasn't for mormons, and other groups like that having 8 kids in a family America would be already totally fucked. But it appears to be getting worse. Specifically mormons have normalized college for all the girls in the past 10 years and their birth rate decreased significantly. Any deviation to focus on child bearing decreases child bearing.

      So what im saying is give American monoculture a few more generations. The most progressive people will have bred themselves out of existence while the most focused religious groups will be the only ones increasing their numbers.

  • ThatDude29
    Sometimes i expect to come onto this site and just maybe my feed will be free of Men vs. Women, but i guess it never comes... sigh. Anyway, i see your points. I'm a guy who doesn't expect women to be this or that and i'd much prefer a girl who is herself. The only girl i ever loved was overweight, had PCOS issue, was an immigrant and barely could speak English at the time and was not by any measure a hot, beautiful, or pretty looking girl. I loved her because she stood by me on my darkest days and that is how we fell in love. She was my life and the only person that could take out a true smile from me. I worked hard so that one day i could marry her and i could build a family with her.

    There was no equality, no "who should pay", no "you're not hot", no "cheating", no "trying to bash each other", no "trying to prove men or women were better" ... instead there was just a sense of deep love for each other. I wish men and women, guys and girls would stop with the hate but unfortunately this is the real world were awful things happen.

    I used to wake up in the mornings with the thought of her smile driving me through all the daily challenges... it really was a dream to be with her. Then... the inevitable happened

    She left me alone in this world :')

    a car collided with her early 2016 and snapped her neck. she died instantly

    I feel lost everyday without her and she was never a 10/10, or pretty, or slim or smart or beautiful or like other girls... SHE WAS MY EVERYTHING.

    To all you young men and women out there... life is over in the blink of an eye. To you guys, don't hate women, to you girls, don't hate guys.
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  • Stoner710
    You do bring up some good points men and women can do more however, we are looking at a pattern of behavior that dates back about 20,000 years when humans were in caves. Of course we are talking about Darwinism.

    There are 2 forms of darwinism let’s start with the one that everybody knows and that’s physical Darwinism. Really until about 3000 years ago the dominant males would get the females the dominance of males being the males that brought in the most food and could defend their people from wild animals like sabertooth cats , short face bears and other tribes in the area that wished them harm. The women would go after the strongest man because he could protect her and keep her from getting killed. Women would take care of children and gather tubers berries and other greens and grains in order to eat, But they couldn’t defend themselves as well as men could mainly because they didn’t have spreads since women didn’t hunt. So they would go for the strongest warriors in the group to protect them. This of course ended when we see a mass migrations into cities.

    Which leads us to today where men don’t have to take on a lion to protect there families we need money which bring up modern human Darwinism. Since we can no longer take down a deer without a permit to eat that leaves 1 option, (money!!). Money is man new way of protecting women, Now of course you don’t have to be financially powerful, you need enough to survive. However like having more meat 20,000 ago, money is the way men can provide for there families but we’re not going to do that for a women who is massively over weight or ugly or both. We want the beautiful attractive women like Salina Gomez or Camilo Cabello or Beyoncé or milky bunny (Japanese pop star she is really cute).

    Women want security the modern days women by going after the men with the most money get the most security the more money a man has the more secure his girl/women feels. With less money the family is less secure and the women for are 9. And 10s get that security (rich class 1 million dollar + salary) wall the women for are 7-8 will get less security but have enough to survive (taking upper middle class) and it keeps going down from there, the prettier a women is the more a guy is going to be willing to spend on her (spending is now the equivalent of hunting 10,000 years ago)

    This is know as social Darwinism the more money you have the more likely you are going to get an attractive women. So women can now star in property and make there way up in society by relying on their looks. Wall men our only option in money, it doesn’t matter if you could K. O a lion in 1 punch if you don’t have money you get women who are less attractive. . So the more money you make the more attractive women you can meet and the more attractive you are the more likely you are going to find a guy with money.

    It ultimately breaks down to security and whether a man can take care of a woman or not if he doesn’t have enough money then the woman ultimately suffers because our society is driven by currency and really the only way to fix it is to completely abandon the idea of money and go back to the idea of the strongest human survivors which puts us back in the Stone Age. Which I don’t think anyone would want to do
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    • Routt5

      Women also want attractive guy's

    • Stoner710

      @Routt5 this is true, however I doubt most women would turn down an opportunity to go out of someone who is ugly as hell making 5-10 million a year, yes they would only date the guy for his money but the pay check is really attractive to women, If the guy was ugly as hell making 50,000 a year he wouldn’t get the same attention.

      If you say a guy full 6 pack making 50,000 a year I’m sure women would go after him, But put the ugly guy next to the hot guy and they both held a sigh saying what they make in a year the ugly guy making 5 million a year would beat the hot guy making 50,000

    • Routt5

      Jessica alba net worth is 200 million dollar her husband net worth is 10 million dollar i know many women who earn way more than their husbands both celebrity and real life

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  • Miristheiss
    Only with those with that type of character.

    We get love from each other, companionship, belonging, intimacy, connection, bonding, comfort, excitement, adventure, we have fun, a connectedness in our souls, it makes life more enjoyable, we get to give love and get love.

    Some do only give/get what you listed in the headline.
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  • Freiburger
    Ok, but it's Stefan Molyneux. You're talking about an ex-libertarian who sold out to become a MAGA idiot. His audience is a load of boys and manchildren that are hopeless with women...

    And we can't make generalisations about women based on the handful of golddiggers. Why? Because then we'd have to do the same for men based on incels and MAGA douchebags..

    How about we avoid broad sweeping generalisations?
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    • You are making a fucking accusation attack by taking any man's alleged status with in regards to women and using it to project a certain political opinion.

    • Freiburger

      @UncleJessieRabbit Not any man - just Stefan Molyneux's incel boys.

  • winterfox10
    This post reminds me a lot of 2 thoughts I had a few months back. I had realized (much like you) that people basically judge women entirely on their looks, and there is almost nothing at all that a woman could do to make someone respect and want her more than to be sexually appealing. So these were the 2 thoughts:

    My first thought was that women have had the importance of beauty shoved down their throats for so long that some, and maybe even many cases, that a compliment almost doesn't carry weight unless you also compliment their looks. Like I was once talking with my girlfriend, and I told her that she was a brilliant woman, and she kind of gave me this weak smile and said thank you. But then another time I was writing her a love note, and I told that she smart, and gorgeous, and wise, that I admired her, and she put her hand on her heart and giggled.

    The second thought was that men really need to start going out of their way to really uplift women in casual ways. I really believe that the major issue here is that men need to learn how to humble themselves again, because it's clearly taking a tole on the female self-esteem.
  • Cuppo_Mode
    The fuck? No this is a lie, god dammit, if all women only wanted men becouse of money they would all be hoes, I do not like hoes, all their good for is farming, as for women, yeh I guess that's true, but there's more to it you know?
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  • Dinoraptor101
    Also don't listen to Stephan Milneoux the dude is really stupid and he ran away like a mouse from a debate with me...

    That said nature designed us a certain way and originally were supposed to have offspring between 18 and 24 NO LATER. as the genetic markers start to wear off and chance of healthy offspring deminishes after that. It is VITAL for the male to be healthy and fit, and the female to be fed and a little puffy. (Skinny females make for bad pregnancy)
  • grega239
    Heard about that.

    And to my understanding the logic is.
    If women stop focusing on getting a career in their 20s and focus on having a family, it would lower competition for jobs, which would force companies to increase wages that would get men to focus on getting an education and attract them to those jobs.

    It's a good idea, but I don't imagine it happening

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    • grega239

      Come to think of it. This is the idea of the nuclear family. Aren't women against that arrangement?

  • Juxtapose
    How about people look for companionship and good sex instead?
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    • People disagree with this?

    • Juxtapose

      @bladedshard I guess companionship and good sex takes a backseat to this ridiculous war of the sexes and extreme pessimism of human nature.

      Most people outside of the internet don't care about this crap they're much more reasonable than the internet would have people believe.

      0% of my dates have used me for money. I've had dates pay for my meals before actually.

    • Ellie-V

      I downvoted because the “good sex” part was annoying

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  • bamesjond0069
    As a wealthy attractive man, a woman has nothing to offer me than to give me a family. The ideal girl to give me a family is young, healthy, caring, sweet and not a risk to cheat and ruin the family down the line. That means an 18 year old attractive virgin is my (on paper) ideal mate.

    That is just fact. There is nothing a woman can do to be more attractive than that to me. She could be a fucking nobel winning scientist who makes $100,000 a year. Whats so beneficial to me about that? Maybe she's more interesting but i can talk to anyone in the world to get my fill of interesting. The exclusive benefit to a relationship is primarily having and raising children. That cannot be simply found outside of the relationship such that interesting and money can. So it is by far the #1 priority in choosing a woman. Everything else is secondary.
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    • Porcelaine

      How does her being a virgin help you in creating a family? And 18? A child does not only need a healthy uterus and breastmilk, they need someone who knows how to be a good mother, mentally, emotionally mature and stable, if she did not have a chance to live her own life yet what exactly is she going to teach the child? From what experience? You should not get married because marriage is a union between 2 people, if personality of her is not important to you that is something you should simply avoid.

    • Djanhk

      Maybe ur retarded

    • @Porcelaine you do know young women have personalities right? Tbh most women who have lived life dont have anything relevant to teach. How does sleeping around with lots of guys and having a job make someone a better mother? If anything it makes a woman a worse mother.

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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    Hey, I'm counting on my 11/10 looks, bank millions and financial empire and my 14 inches penis to attract women!
    How can you say that's a bad thing?
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  • Chadnelson1973
    I've heard in recent years by women that men are only good for our money , babies , child support and jail. This seems to be a growing belief among women. Why? This is sad.
    Where has love , relationships and family importance gone?
    I would like to to find a good woman but I've heard these statements from many women and in the news with the pro feminine movements and anti man movements.
    This is why I'm single and it's very sad and terrifying 😢
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  • adolescentswede
    Yes, you will find advocates and shaming for and against most types of sexuality since.
    1. it is a primal urge thusly garners a lot of emotion
    2. we are enough diverse as species to have differing opinions
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  • Pulimuli
    Well its wrong for starters

    Both men and women want an attractive partner. To think that women somehow cares less about looks then men is the biggest lie ever told
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    • Porcelaine

      What they want is to be attracted to the partner, but the ways they find the man attractive are plentiful and varied, different to how men see women. Men are VERY visual while women can be attracted in many different ways

    • HereIbe

      I'm not ugly, I'm YOOOOOOGLY. Nevertheless, I'm attractive to women. Male attractiveness isn't based on looks except for the most shallow, vapid, worthless of women.

    • @Porcelaine men are attracted to womens morals and personality. Pleasant, caring, good mom abilities, doesn't believe in casual sex. A girl like that with normal cute looks would beat out a hot girl who is none of that. For sure.

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  • DWornock
    Because there are slightly more boys born than girls for male/female sex, the average number of sex partners is higher for women than for men. It is impossible to be otherwise. Counting all boys and girls born as men an women, I offer a $500 reward to the first person who can come up with any scenario or combination with at least one more male than females, other than zero male/female sex, where women do not average more sex partners. I will not hold my breath.
    • DWornock

      And, just in case there are two men and 1 woman having sex, which is possible, that still counts as her having two partners and each of the two men having one sex partner for each time that occurs.

    • Ellie-V

      What does that have to do with the take?

    • Optymistyk

      Some men are gay. So you could just select most men to be gay.

      Okay I hear you say that doesn't count because you mean random selection with a decent sample size and statistically speaking you should then select a similiar number of gays and lesbians. But one, you don't know that, maybe there really are more gay men than lesbians, I don't think anyone counted them. And second, female sexuality is more liquid. I have a friend who used to say she is a lesbian but now she is with a guy so even lesbians can want guys. Hence it is quite likely to randomly select a population of people that matches your criteria but favours heterosexual men.

      Here's my bank account number PL 25 1020 3639 0000 8702 0149 8252 thank you very much

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  • nerms123
    My opinion is that each sex is really only out to impress members of their own sex and that’s how they get their self worth. But they blame the opposite sex for their own problems.
  • SadLittleOctopus
    I personally just like to be with somebody that isn't acting, and is truly who they say they are. I dont care if they're more rich than Steve Jobs was, I prefer personality.
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