Physically Attractive Women Are Not Stuck With Bad Boys & Players. They Can Get Good Men Too.

Physically Attractive Women Are Not Stuck With Bad Boys & Players. They Can Get Good Men Too.

I am referring to women who are universally attractive. It is common for an attractive woman to be committed to a bad boy, alpha dog, or player. Fortunately, there are attractive women who are sick of these types of guys and actually want a good man for once as well. But why don’t good men approach you? Answer: good men generally do not get involved with attractive women romantically.

The good news is that not all hope is lost. There are ways for hotties to get good men to approach them and remove their feeling of habitual fear towards a hottie. I also understand that who others are dating is no one’s business.

Before we get to those methods, let me tell you want to expect from a good man. He may not be a looker, you may be lucky to find one who is. He has a little more insecurities than the bad boy at first, but he should be confident as time passes. He cares about you from the beginning. He can be sentimental. He calls or texts you more than once every two weeks. He does not have a lot of tally marks, if at all. He doesn’t have too many options with women. He may seem “clingy.” He is not exciting all the time. The list goes longer. But let’s move on. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time, so if you can’t accept half of the “flaws” of a good man, then this myTake may not be suitable for you. In that case, have a nice day. If you are fine with the traits of a good man, then we are in business.

Let’s get a better understanding of what’s going through the minds of a good man. These are my experiences along with what I see and hear from good men regarding universally very attractive ladies I have been gathering. Why do good guys avoid women out of their leagues?

Attractive women have options and high competition

They can get any guy wherever, whenever they want. The intense competition doesn’t help motivate them either. There is no doubt bad boys will be in the mix. Bad boys like their women beautiful so good men tend to avoid to be in the mix altogether. That’s why they usually just go for women in “the same league.”

Attractive women seem to be taken often

Attractive women don’t give good men a second look or time of day

Hotties are portrayed as sluts

Hot women tend to be mean

Why they got to be nice when so many people put them on a pedestal?

Attractive women belong to bad boys & alpha dogs

Men like Jason Statham, Steven Seagal, Dolph Lundgren, Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, Mario Lopez, etc. Like I said earlier, who others are dating is not anyone’s business. A good man knows this. Therefore, that’s the exact reason why they tend to let the bad boys feed on stunning women - they don’t want to get into her business and happiness. When it’s all said and done, a good man knows that beautiful women dating alpha males don’t exactly affect his life. After all, it’s not his business right?

Attractive women are hard to keep

Even if an average man got the attractive girl, it is hard to predict how long she will hang around. She may be looking for a better partner on the side. It’s too difficult to keep up with an attractive woman’s checklist as well. Beautiful women tend to be picky with men. I mean they can be right? This lead to good men thinking hotties are not worth pursuing. After all, a man has to be nearly perfect to have a chance to be with one.

Good men are rejects in society

Society tends to give mad respect to jerks while ridiculing good men. It’s normal for good men to believe that stunners think the same. Good men face rejection a lot by women who are good looking. It’s normal for them to stop wanting to be rejected. So they often go for average looking women.

Despite all the odds, you, as a hot woman with almost perfect looks, can do something about it. Just because a good guy doesn’t generally plan on approaching a hottie DOES NOT mean he will never do it. He just needs some motivation from the attractive lady. Here are some ways you can get it done. You may not need to do all the following, or you may. It depends.

Accept good men and stop believing in their stereotypes

You first need to know that you want a good man. If you don’t do this, then nothing else you do will help you progress. Not all good men are wimps, they can still like rap music, violence in entertainment, weapons, sports, cars, the gym, and other masculine things. They can excel and be confident at other things, but unfortunately, just not so much with women.

Have a pleasant personality and a responsible lifestyle

Good men hate women who have nasty personalities. They don’t like women who destroy their own health. Also, they hate women who are reckless with their finances.

Dress nicely

Don't try too hard on your outfits. You don't have to dress extravagantly. Just dress moderately and you should get good men to notice you from a distance.

Don’t discourage him from approaching an attractive woman

If the good man feels intimidated by you, you probably did. Maybe you gave him a cold and straight face. Maybe you gave him that ughhh look without you realizing it. If you give him a negative expression, there is no way he will approach you. It is hard to lie with your body language.

Be approachable enough in public

I know you still need to defend yourselves from bad men. But no headphones. Avoid casually talking on the phone. DON’T pretend to talk on the phone. Refrain from crossing your arms. Try to appear positive and upbeat. Occasionally play with and brush your hair to show that you won't burn the good man approaching you.

Try not to appear to be taken

Don’t wear a single bracelet or something. That’s just plain weird and perhaps desperate. I know rings are a sweet accessory, but you wearing a ring can give the wrong vibe that you are taken. Talking on the phone for an extended period of time can lead good men to believe that you are speaking with your boyfriend.

Initiate eye contact

Good men tend to hesitate to approach a woman who doesn’t appear to acknowledge them.


You MUST do this part. Smile back if he does smile at you!

Try to be alone

If you are somewhere by yourself, do the previous steps above. If you are with company, take some time to be alone, like going to the restroom or go outside for some fresh air. Checking your phone is fine. It’s less intimidating to approach a woman when she is by herself. Thus, it's more welcoming that way.

Walk pass him a couple of times without anything to him

This sends a message that you are interested and that you are comfortable with his first impressions. Believe it or not, if you do this too much, he WILL think you are weird, even if you are a 10.

Learn the habit of rejecting bad boys

This is the hardest part. If you continue to show that you are attracted to bad boys, good men will very rarely wants to do anything with you. They won’t even approach average looking women who are attracted to bad boys. But if you show that you are not into bad boys anymore, good men might actually find you more attractive as a person. It shows that you are different. You will appear to have more strength and morals compare to a regular attractive woman.

DON’T approach men

I don’t care if he seems to be a real stand up man. It’s the man’s job to approach women they fancy. Good men should not be spoiled by women approaching them. It is still a man’s responsibility to initiate a conversation with a woman. Sometimes you don’t know who you are approaching. There are dangerous creeps out there who pretend to be good men. That’s a risk you do not want to take.

Have an exit plan

If the man turns out to be a creep, a complete beta male, a fake good man who turns out to be a bad boy, or just not a man you click with, then be prepared to cut them off. If you make yourself unapproachable altogether, then you are going to miss out on opportunities with genuine men. Attractive women tend to have an escape plan with good men but not bad boys right?

Be gentle

Good guys can get creeped out and scared too. You don’t need to go out of your way to earn his affection. Be somewhat mysterious. Don’t reveal too much too soon. Let him dig and get to know you. If you and he don’t click, there are other good men out there. You don’t need to be super nice to him, just be yourself. Don’t move and get attached too fast, just let it flow. Don’t seduce him too much, or else he will think you are using him or that you have ulterior motives, which does more harm than good. And get this, don’t sleep with him too soon! It may sound like good men would like this, but know they don’t respect women who spread their legs too fast. They like women who choose wisely.

Be yourself and don’t try too hard to hide your “flaws”

Don’t try too hard to impress a good man. Your attempt to show your “perfections” can intimidate him as he thinks you are way of his league. He will accept you as long as you are friendly, ambitious, study hard, have good morals, even if you are not perfect. A hottie that is not afraid of showing her imperfections is quite sexy actually! It shows that she is not afraid to be who she is. Also, she doesn’t rely on her looks to bail out everything. A knockout living like a human makes you sexy as a PERSON!

A good man can also be the WRONG one for you

Let’s say you had a bad experience with a good man. That just means that he isn’t the right guy for you. Just because you had a bad experience with a good man doesn’t mean all good men are beta and desperate creeps. Also, just because a man is “good” does not mean he is automatically right for you. That alone should not be the excuse to stop dating good men altogether and go back to bad boys.

When it’s all said and done

Even though you have done everything, it does not guarantee good men will approach you. You still need to learn patience. Remember, good men are used to being rejected by women who are out of their leagues. Their confidence with the hot women has been torn down. I believe that if you work hard to try to get a good man, your hard work will pay off, regardless of how you look like. Attractive women are human beings like the rest. They don’t have the privilege to have everything going their way. It is only a justice for them to go through challenges in life as well.

It really comes to down to whether or not attractive women want to give good men a chance. If you want a good man, show him that you want one. I am not trying to be shallow. Truth is, average or fairly attractive looking women have fewer problems with good men. These are the women good men tend to go for. It’s just a matter of time. An attractive woman can have bad luck with sincere men for a long time if they don’t do anything about it. Good luck and hope you hotties out there are not destined to be with bad boys who treat you like a piece of meat, only value you as a trophy, and just another tally mark.


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  • You are so wrong. Most of the nice men I know are very attractive. I don't believe that attractive has anything to do with them being a player. I know players who aren't attractive as well. I get so sick of people assuming that looks define personality. Hot girls aren't always bitches. Ugly girls aren't always nice. It depends on each individual person. Hot people can either nice or mean. Ugly people can either be nice or mean.

    Now I don't know how attractive I am. I'd say I'm probably at least decent looking. I've always attracted good looking men. None of those men have ever been bad boys or players. They were always decent.

    I'm so sick of generalizations when it comes to looks.


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What Girls Said 18

  • "Physically Attractive Women Are Not Stuck With Bad Boys & Players. They Can Get Good Men Too." - duh

    The rest of this is bitter BS.

    And why is there a picture of a half naked women on at the top? To underline that you are not a nice guy?

    And what's wrong with Johnny Depp? He seems like a great parents and husband to me? Same with Jason Statham just because he is in action movies doesn't make him a bad guy. How about you "stop believing in their stereotypes"

  • This entire take is nothing but bullshit. And stereotyped. Yeah those guys that get attractive women MUST me assholes because they're not you right? This is just some bitter nice guy sexual entitlement bullshit and I regret clicking on it

    • He says people can date whoever they want a couple of times. He doesn't feel entitled at all

  • It is funny how the "nice guy" isn't so nice in the end, because all he wabts is to getthe girl. But suddenly he starts insulting the girl if there is no mutual attraction. I admit, i have done that myself. But i dont go labeling myself a nice girl. Im a human, good or bad it doesn't matter. This good guy bad guy nonsense has to stop. Girls like guys who are attractive. Some attractive guys gt so much attention they dont feel the need to be nice. But i know soome of the sweetest attractive guys.
    what is this post about anyway?

    • For someone so young, you have shed some wisdom on this "ugly" topic. It seem difficult for us to accept that we are all some combination of good and bad. Some better, some worse. We try throughout life to improve with varying degrees of success. That success (or lack thereof) will make us good or bad partners. It's a shame that when relationships go awry it brings out bitterness in people and that's ALWAYS bad. This poster for instance is probably angry at some girl for some reason and want to take it out on whoever. At least you possess the reasoning skills that will make some guy happy to have you.

    • Exactly, I totally agree with you. I really appreciate the comment, thank you so much. It really gives a nicer approach to what I had said.
      I apologuze to the people I offended and I thank the people who gave me the upvotes.

  • This is so stupid. Why was this in my email? I can't even to begin to list all that's wrong with this article.

  • This article is kind of mean and lengthy. "A good man" doesn't want "an attractive girl" because she his high maintenance. A good man doesn't look at leagues or tally marks. A good man would laugh at this article. In the last paragraph... Good luck hottie's? A man only treats a women the way she let's him. So these "physically" attractive women have a head up their ash and a good guy finds that unattractive.

  • There's something sexist, misogynistic, or something along those lines about this article... But the author seems so immersed in the fact that they are the epitome of a good man that human relatable qualities arr a little absent?
    but he is seeking not a personally attractive mate, but a 'universally' attractive mate to likely make up for some qualities that he needs to impress the world with that he can't on his own... as he excludes all other women and effectively tells them not to approach men and look there best for this good guy... who seems to be a author...

    @GAG why was this in my email?

  • Wrong presumptions made by this article...

    LIE: Women want nice guys, but hot ones can't get them.
    TRUTH: Women don't want nice guys, and hot ones don't have to settle for them unless they run into sociopaths.

    LIE: Women go for bad boys.
    TRUTH: Women go for DOMINANT MEN.

    LIE: Hot women "just wanting a good guy" means they want a nice guy doormat.
    TRUTH: Hot women just want an empath who knows how to take charge AND care about them and love them.

    LIE: Only guys who are unconfident and lame are good.
    TRUTH: Good people can be found anywhere, but chances are, better people have more virtue, thus more things to be confident about.

    LIE: Hot girls need your help in getting a shy f** .
    TRUTH: Lol.

    • "LIE: Women want nice guys, but hot ones can't get them.
      TRUTH: Women don't want nice guys, and hot ones don't have to settle for them unless they run into sociopaths."

      His definition of nice guys are wrong, women do want nice guys, truly nice guys not wimps or pussies.

      So said it yourself, "Hot women just want an empath who knows how to take charge AND care about them and love them"... that's the true definition of a nice guy.

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    • @circlebill So is your stupidity.

    • Awwww! The bratty little princess is still having her tantrum!

  • umm... the thing is... it doesn't matter about attractiveness so id really like people to stop spreading around thart they some how have to be super attractive to get people to like them... i mean it kind of does... it depends on EVERYONES'S preferances, when you make these articles you seriously do not help the amount of insecure people these days... when you are making them feel unwanted if they aren't "skinny" and "beautiful" you are disgusting people and should never be aloud to post, have some respect and consideration for others please.

  • Attractive women seem to be taken often

    Attractive women don’t give good men a second look or time of day

    Hotties are portrayed as sluts

    Hot women tend to be mean

    LOL no man, that is so inaccurate and so untrue

    The whole "attractive girls go for bad boys" image is just movie foreplay. In reality, this likely only applies to middle school / high school. Grown adult women do not prefer douchebags. Attractive women want nice, respectable men like every other woman. Nice men are not a rare species, they're everywhere. You can be attractive and nice.

    • This x10000000000000.

      And people e-stat their life. The girls who say they constantly get approached usually never and the guys who said they have slept with 20 different girls are lying too.

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    • Untrue. I'm in university. College girls are not the ditzy neanderthals the media makes them out to be. Every single one of my female friends - yes including the model types - are intelligent, and prefer men who are not only smart but kind. We would never waste time chasing after assholes who are rude to us (which is what the OP implies) since we're too busy studying and launching a career.

      Honestly, I don't know WHERE you guys are getting this from. Either you're inexperienced and/or bitter or just misinformed. Fact is, kindness is one of the most attractive traits out there. And there is an abundance of it. Nice guys are indeed everywhere, they aren't a special minority.

    • You might want to check out video on this link! It's called Douche Bag Math 101. Watch it and you'll get a better idea of what men are seeing. And this is from a WOMAN.

  • Wait, so a guy can't be attractive and nice?

    • He never said that, he is just saying MOST young good guys are not considered physically attractive by MOST women. Of course there are some good guys that are considered good looking by tons of women but let's be realistic

    • Actually, a guy who is really nice is never very attractive to most women. A man can be tall, powerfully athletic and movie star handsome. If he shows a great deal of kindness and caring, he will NOT be attractive to women! Women will see him as soft, weak and unattractive. It is a fact that most women automatically take kindness for weakness. So NO! A guy CAN'T be attractive and nice at the same time!

  • Omg all of this is just so wrong. Just no.

  • Yeah. Still doesn't work.

  • I'm not sure if this is a :troll job" or not but of the many things I disagree with is the concept that women shouldn't approach men. That's a great way for women to cut their dating opportunities by at least half.

  • This article does touch on a few key point but for the most part it doesn't seem to flow correctly. It's like the article in-tells that attractive men are total assholes while the non attractive are sweethearts. Personality doesn't come with looks. I'm not saying that a portion of it isn't true because it is but for the most part it's not.
    Universally attractive? I don't think that's possible. One can date a variety of men or women from different backgrounds. But that same person won't be attractive to a particular group of people.

    "good men generally do not get involved with attractive women romantically."
    What that suppose to mean? So all the "good men" are looking for "good women" ?

    This article is all over the place. It's not adding up. It's quite contradictive.

  • Why do guys always say that no girl wants a good guy. And consider good guy is not cute/handsome/sexy -_- And this whole girl falls for player BS -_-
    This article is quite stupid, especially the part where it says "IT'S A MEN'S JOB TO APPROACH WOMAN" Well, No! And secondly, the guy might turn out to be a creep even if he approaches you first.

    God, was dealing with idiotic questions any less that GAG introduced this My Take option?

    • He said most VERY ATTRACTIVE women don't like good guys. Specifically talking about the young very attractive females. It is a fact that MOST don't. And let's be realistic, he never said there are no good looking guys that are good guys but most young guys that are good guys are not considered good looking by most women in general.

    • I guess guys need to step out of the little bubble they are living in. Every girl be it attractive/ugly/young/old wants a good guy who would stay loyal to them. Girls don't fall for player because they are player, but because they say all the right things that make girls believe they love them. They are quite charming (even though they turn out to be jerks later) so all a guy who wants to get attractive girls need to learn how to connect to her at different levels, charm her with whatever they have got and stop whining about players/badboys -_-

  • Why did you say that hot girls are sluts?

    • Hotties are portrayed as sluts; is the line he wrote. By personal experience, i can't say them sluts, but i can definitely claim that they are egocentric, rude and mean.

  • I think people are weary of the "good men are unattractive looking and awkward" cliche. A guy who isn't good looking and charismatic who is super excited because he has his own hot chick doesn't make him a better partner.


What Guys Said 22


    *I started skimming after half-way through.*

    • I need a seat. Thank you very much. I have been on my feet most of the day.

    • I really tried to empathize with this one, I really did. My brain started hurting half way through, though, same as yours.

      The "have a seat" meme is lost on you, Take Owner. Look it up! : )

      I think this could be a solid piece if you were to boil it down to about 6 important points you want hot women to take away about finding a virtuous - but shy - man.

  • I stopped reading after the first paragraph, you had already caused me to disregard your article by stating
    " Fortunately, there are attractive women who are sick of these types of guys and actually want a good man for once"
    So after these Attractive women are done dating and being with bad guys for years, the good guys finally get a chance when they are used up and are emotionally unstable

  • There's a lot of dislike in this take. It may be out of bitterness, but it's actually the truth. Most young attractive women don't want a good young guy. Most young guys that are attractive know that they are the shit and they start messing with other women. On top of that, young women likes the challenge of changing a man to get him tamed.

    • Hey, I am just telling from what I am seeing. Let them dislike this take. Not really running for a popularity contest here.

    • It's not out of bitterness. I hate it when people say there are no good guys around when there are. If there aren't, fine. I understand. But there are.

    • Exactly dude. Most people on here know it is true what the guy said.

  • Who cares, dude? Don't tell anybody else what their priorities should be when looking for a partner. Attractive girls can do whatever the fuck they like, and it's nobody else's business. You can't expect them to be only interested in a guy's personality when you're only interested in how hot they are. If you're having trouble getting a girlfriend, maybe you should lower your standards instead of telling other people to lower theirs.

  • The only thing I have learnt from your take is that you are a loser than doesn't get any girl to like him and has no clue about what he is talking about.

    Have a nice day and see you in hell.

    • Funny how it's almost men only who dislike my opinion, probably losers as well :(

    • You don't really know what you're saying! The Take Owner is right! Young girls have bad boy-jerk fever until they are old enough to become serious about getting married and starting a family! They finally realize that bad boy-jerk qualities are not good for a long term relationship. That's when they look for a genuine nice guy. The Take Owner is trying to help women who've reached that stage!

  • Must be hard bimeibg attractive.

    I actually lost sight of why I was reading this before I finished, I can't see the title and still don't remember why as I am typing this. Lots of stuff contradicted each other and the audience its aim toward get a littler blurry as you read, I'm not sure if good guys were supposed to read this or attractive girls.

    • Whoa, that word was supposed to be *being*

      Don't even ask me what it turned into

  • You my friend are what I and plenty of people I know would call a chode. A putz. You have no idea how attraction works and you are most likely a virgin whose never seen behind the curtains of human sexuality. I feel so sorry for you since you don't seem to know that physically attractive women are human beings capable of making choices for themselves on the type of men they chose to be with and interact with. They have no reason to change and are definitely not in need of saving from bad boys and players. Your entire post reflects exactly what is wrong with the male population of GaG. In a way, I'm happy that people like you exist so that I may take all the women to my own while you're sitting behind your computer typing away all your conjured up nonsense. Keep it up for my sake.

  • what a crock of shit. Attraction is based on mutual attraction... sorry to say pal. If your a good looking guy but nice you still get more attention than being a fat basement dweller with a heart of gold. alpha dog, player, are you kidding me? sure if you are handsome and an asshole some women will fall for your tricks. that is because ure attractive? what do you think a player says to a woman? what they wanna hear. Atttraction is also not cut and dry. If you are attractive to one person you might be as well hideous to another... also that term nice guy, ughhh, its self serving and most nice guys are just bitter assholes who manipulate by being fake and friendly. be you and be genuine.

  • you spent a long time writing a whole load of shit buddy O_o

  • There is a massive difference between a GOOD MAN and a nice guy pushover! Once I realized that I could be the guy who girls think is cute and be a good man while not being a pushover I started giving the jerks and bad boys a run for their money as competition. It's just society saying bad=hot and not what's in the conscious minds of most individuals.

  • A lot of women get hit on all the time by smooth talkers and they seem to buy it. Tragic in a way. The good guys dont knock on every door. Live and learn. Darwinism at play for foolish women.

    • You don't understand Darwinism...

    • Show All
    • Promiscuous men (players) would historically have had more children than the average man, it makes sense for women to be attracted to them because it increases the chance of her sons being like that and hence spreading her genes around.

    • Players do notbraise their kids. In our society that puts them at a significant disadvantage. Just look at the African Amaerican community. 72% of all black babies are born to single moms. The single moms only make $24k a yearbon aberage whereas a married couple makes $81k. The son of the married coupke will have the advantages that two parents can provide including better child rearing, a smarter child as he is read to and taught, given better schools... You know, all thise things that are claimed tinbe the products of racisim lol, its just because they have two committed parents. Read this from CNN anchor on black babies being born to single moms, it applies to all single moms. Modern socienty requires more to raise a quality child than say a rabbit or a dog.

  • Hey man. I think you sort of misunderstood the dating game. Luckily, this is a great resource:

    Take care buddy.

  • I don't buy you entire definition of good/bad guys, you seems to imply good guy are not attractive but bad guys are.

    Girls don't fall for player because they are players, but because they say and do all the right things that make girls believe in them. So all the "good guy" have to do to get the girl is to learn how to charm her, presuming they both have attraction towards one another.

    Yes, good looking guy have better options, it's easier for them to attract girls, but them you want the "physically attractive women" too, so you are no better yourself. We all want as physically attractive a partner as possible both genders and all ages, want's that, it's universal, what we can get however depends on many factors including but not only, our own physically attractiveness.

    • You've made some very intelligent comments on this thread and I agree with you. However, on the subject of attractiveness, there is one item you seem to miss. Say a guy is physically very good looking! If he shows women a great deal of kindness and respect, they will automatically classify him as weak and therefore unattractive! Women almost always take kindness for unattractive weakness! So a man has to be at least a bit of a jerk in order to be seen as "attractive" by most women.

  • ... SMH...

    Look, it's easy to tell where you were trying to go with this. Short & to the point: This entire "nice guys finish last" deal is wrong." What it actually comes down to is Attractive Guys Always Win. This isn't anything new, girls are attracted to what they like, they make no apologies for it, & certainly don't care how average looking & "ugly" guys feel about it. Flip the roles, as guys are guilty of the same shallow shit.

    WE'RE ALL SHALLOW, TO AN EXTENT. The faster people admit this, to themselves, the better.

    Looks & personality are two different subjects. Any attractive guy can be nice or a douche. An unattractive guy can be nice or a douche. No one gets to pick their genes. You simply work with what you have, improve where you can, stop stressing what you can't change, & more importantly stop letting what girls think about your looks "define" you.

  • I can't agree with the "DON’T approach men. There are dangerous creeps out there who pretend to be good men. That’s a risk you do not want to take."

    So it's better so wait around for the jerks and creeps to approach you? It's not like it's a guarantee that only good men will approach. It's more common that it's the drunks and jerks that will approach, just saying.

    I would say the direct opposite, DO approach men. Don't wait around for prince charming who's is often a player in disguise. Take charge of your own life and do your own choosing. Don't wait for things to happen. Make things happen instead. If someone want to lead a happy life one must get rid of these ideas that women always have to be passive and men some kind of hunter. Mix it up, live a little.

  • I don't agree about not approaching guys.

    A lot of 'good' men have been rejected by attractive women who want the exciting alpha guy, so you may HAVE to make the approach; no matter how approachable you may seem (all that is good advice, btw), some guys are still not going to make a move. Actually, the 'nicer' the guy, the more likely this is to be the case!

    As you point out, even following the other advice, the 'good' man may not approach you, because of what I said above

    Sure this is a little dangerous, but for the good man, approaching you is just as dangerous in his mind, so why not practice some relationship equality now?

    Don't be aggressive or repetitive about this--once is enough--but SHOW him you want his attention!

  • Attractive women have options and high competition
    Attractive women seem to be taken often
    Attractive women don’t give good men a second look or time of day
    Hot women tend to be mean
    Attractive women are hard to keep

    these reasons i have a lot in mind every time i see an attractive woman... well most the girls i'm fancy to its either they have bf already or like/date someone else... i does really confuse me whether i want to be a good person or not... certainly, no woman will see me and my existence, enticing. but i don't blame them of course they have their own preferences

  • this is so funny, hahaha. why 'nice guys' finish last, haha

  • Awwww! You're still having a bratty tantrum! "So is your stupidity!", Ohhh such a witty, biting big girl's insult! You're SO FUNNY!

    • Dear Take Owner - The comment above went to you by accident! It was supposed to go to a childish female opinion owner who trashed your "Take" below! I believe your "Take" was very intelligent and brings up facts that a lot of people are too immature and egotistical to address! Nice Take! Up vote!

  • Sensing a troll here...

  • Dude you are so right and it's funny how most people on here don't want to admit that you are right.

  • What makes you think that a good guy with few or no "notches" would even want a hot woman who is the town bicycle?


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