Much Ado About Good Looking People


It makes so much logical sense, and yet it's the most suprising and confusing thing when good looking people are often so insecure even if they act full of themselves. Let's explore this "phenomenon."

The Poor Hate Their Oppressors

I know a rich guy who was absolutely shocked that that the "ghetto" girls weren't attracted to him because he was so "preppy." Yet, this guy has gorgeous girls so wealthy they could be considered American Princesses super impressed with him because of his last name. But let's think about it, poor people are living in super crappy conditions while rich people are living in excess and laughing about it every step of the way. Similarly, good looking people so often seem to crave the respect of ugly people namely with the old "you have a crappy personality" so often thrown at them by the ugly. Good looking people need to get over this crazy belief that ugly people should want them or even want to be them on a conscious level. They're social equilibrium will of course create a narrative that favors themselves over you. Good looking people need to not care about negativity thrown at them because of their looks.


This is a lot more of the issue than much else. When you're accustomed to getting a lot of positive attention, when you aren't the center or even a passing thought it can mess with you. When you know you're hot and people treat you like you're not in messes with your reality and makes you internally question your value in ways it has no buisness questioning itself. Here's the secret--normal people don't have positive attention given to them just because of the way they look, so when people makes jokes about them or insult them harshly it doesn't really bother their reality that much and they can easily come back with something equally funny or cruel. The Egoistic pretty person says no--everyone has to think i'm amazing or something is wrong. That's just not anyway to be happy in the long run...

Why Didn't It Work?

Similarly, there's this question good looking people go through "why didn't it work?" Why didn't my looks impress these people? Why do they want something different? Why do I look the way 90% of the world would kill to look and I'm still not happy or socially that successful? The myth that looks equals social dominance is true somewhat in the larger sense that people will always always notice you and be attracted to you physically but it doesn't make you a popular person that people have fun being around. In fact, quite the opposite. Justin Timberlake had to spent four months on set explaining to his movie cast that he, in fact, wasn't an a*hole. This is a larger version of the apologizing many good looking people go through everyday and it is here that I say the onus is less on good looking people but society for being massively and collectively insecure in their presesnse. But for every disadvantage, there is an oppurtunity and I for one envision a world where good looking people are oblivious to their good looks--not arrogant nor paranoid about them...

Much Ado About Good Looking People

Much Ado About Good Looking People
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