George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why don't both their black lives matter?


This is George Floyd:

George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why dont both their black lives matter?

Everyone knows by now that he died while in police custody, it was said to be at the hands of a cop who was kneeling on him to keep him down but the autopsy has since been released and it seems to show that while that did contribute to the death, it was not the actual cause. At the end of the day, it was just an unfortunate accident.

Because of what happened to him people have since been protesting, rioting, celebrities are getting involved, tv and radio even plan to go silent today to honor this mans life. His black life matters to people, his life is precious to people. So much so, people are willing to create chaos and upheaval in an already chaotic time.

This is Ahmaud Arbery:

George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why dont both their black lives matter?

He also died but unlike the guy above, there is video evidence to prove he was hunted and killed like an animal. This kid was just jogging on a nice sunny day in the state of Georgia, something he always did. Except on this jog he was followed then blocked in by two trucks, one truck held the father and son that killed him and the other held the guy who video taped it all. They said they thought he was a burglar and they were trying to stop him, that's no evidence to show that. They ultimately killed him with a shot gun and this poor kid died for nothing. His only crime was jogging in an all white neighbor in the state of Georgia while being black.

As you can see, he is also black but the interesting thing is his black life doesn't seem to be as important as the guy above because no one has rioted or protested for justice to be sought for him. No celebrity has gotten involved (other then dr.phil), to say how horrible this is and this violence towards blacks has to stop. The only people that seem to care about this young man's life, is his family.

So, riddle me this boys and girls if all black lives quote "matter", then why does it seem people only cherry pick the ones they think matters? If all black lives mattered, then every act done against a black person would garner the same reaction but it doesn't.
Please tell me why George's life is more important and his death more significant then Ahmaud's? Why don't both their lives seem to matter? I'd really love to know.

George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why don't both their black lives matter?
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  • SpiderManFan2002
    What are you talking about?

    All over social media I have seen Ahmaud Arbery, being mentioned:
    A) On his own
    B) With George Floyd

    And many other victims of police brutality. What you need to understand is people aren't just protesting for George Floyd, George Floyd is predominately mentioned in protests because it's his case what broke the last straw on the camels back, because the way he was murdered was fucking disgusting.

    But we're not just protesting for George Floyd. We're protesting for Ahmaud Arbery, we're protesting for Breonna Taylor, and we're protesting for the hundreds if not thousands of black lives lost due to the police brutality, and we're protesting against police brutality, we're protesting against systemic racism, and we're protesting for equality and change.

    George Floyd is just one of many examples people are using, because the way in which he was killed was traumatising. Everyone decent human being who saw that video is sickened and disgusting. We all watched a man die. At the start of the video he was alive and at the end of the video he was dead. People are traumatised from that and can't get those images out of their head, so a lot of people are using George Floyd as an example.

    And there have been protests for Ahmaud: A direct quote from the BLM website: "George Floyd’s violent death was a breaking point — an all too familiar reminder that, for Black people, law enforcement doesn’t protect or save our lives. They often threaten and take them."Here are all the black people they are speaking for:

    So, no they're not just speaking for George Floyd, they're speaking for every black life, including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and all the other black lives, I'd list every single one of them who have been a victim of police brutality but there are too many people, ones I probably haven't even heard of to list- I'm still learning, but I think that says everything.

    So I don't know what the fuck you are talking about, but either start educating yourself about the many reasons behind these protests, or shut up, and stop trying to defame the movement.
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    • Though I must make clear Ahmaud wasn't killed by police brutality, none the less, the fact that it took the police so long to arrest his killers, is another reason why we are all angry.

    • sickened and disgusted*

    • I wasn't trying to defame the movement, I was trying to understand something that's all but as always people on here always seem to think they know someones intentions for what they wrote better then the person who wrote it. I also have to say Ahmaud's murder took place in February which was around the same time all this virus stuff started and so most of the news was devoted to that. I didn't hear about it on the news or see anything about it online, if I hadn't watched Dr. Phil I wouldn't have even known it happened, that's all I'm saying. It just didn't seem be as big of a headline or it seems. So, the point of this was just to try to better understand.

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  • manicmage42
    Neither of them really should be martyrs. Arbery was jogging in boots for gods sake, suspicious to say the least even though the guys who shot him were obviously in the wrong.
    Floyd has previously been in prison for holding a gun to a woman's chest while his friends ransacked her home and was only being held down because he was resisting arrest. He wasn't a good person and shouldn't be treated as some innocent victim of brutality, even if the officer clearly took it too far. He's been arrested and that's that.
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    • What's wrong with jogging in boots?

      Was the officer too dumb to understand that kneeling on ones neck for too long will kill that person?
      He is arrested, but the charges should be more serious

    • @Tstrbrainer Nothing but he wasn't jogging in boots, he was wearing gym shoes. So, I'm not sure where the boots come in.

    • Yes, not all people can be expected to wear different shoes for each occasion

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Most Helpful Guys

  • who_dey86
    Black lives matter is about police brutality towards black people. We can't possibly go over every white on black and black on white and label it because at the end of the day the police are figures of authority that we legally cannot disobey. And when most black people then follow those orders and still die that's completely different than any other case. This all lives matter bs slaps black lives matter in the face because not every life is in jeopardy during a routine traffic stop. Yes all lives matter. But black lives matter is strictly about the police.
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    • Alright. Well, that clears a few things up for me. Thank you.

  • ZackBan
    It's not about black lives that's only a headline. Clearly this is a political ploy. I'm willing to as far as to say the entire murder was orchastrated in order to cause this uprising. Now the who and why remain a mystery.
    Considering this is an election year it's not completely insane to suggest this was all done to ruin Trump's chances at winning but that might not be all there is to it.
    End of the day the media fuelled this flame and started a forest fire it's not about Floyd or Arbery or Tupac it's about the theatrics needed to cause this mess.
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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    Wow, so much is wrong with this post, I don't even know where to begin.

    George Floyd's death was not an "unfortunate accident." A second autopsy was performed privately and it was confirmed that George Floyd died of asphyxiation. George Floyd would have never died if Derek Chauvin never placed his knee on Floyd's neck. The first autopsy could have easily been the result of the coroner's office attempting to manipulate the cause of death so that Chauvin could get off scot-free. Most people are protesting peacefully, but the violent riots garner the most media attention for political reasons. However, many of those protesting do so because police brutality has been an ongoing problem for several decades, especially regarding Black people. According to the statistics, Black people are five-times more likely to be killed by the police when they're unarmed compared to White people and when a police officer does kill a police officer through wrongful conduct, he or she often gets off scot-free. For several years, people have attempted to reform the police force through peaceful protest, enacting legislation, and raising awareness, but to no avail. As a result, some people believe that violent protest might be the only answer. As history proved many times, war is sometimes necessary to make change. However, you also have people with other motives for the riots. For example, it has been confirmed that White supremacist organizations have been disguising themselves as ANTIFA during the riots.

    As for what happened to Ahmaud Arbery, outrage did exist when he was killed. However, the killers have been arrested and charged with murder. Investigators also testified that the killer used racial slurs after the shooting, proving that the crime was racially motivated as people initially assumed. The problem with your post is that you don't seem to understand that just because people are more focused on one issue doesn't mean that they don't care about the other. Apparently, both Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery's lives mattered, but people are expressing outrage regarding George Floyd because police misconduct is a problem that the Black community suffered from for a long time and police are very rarely held accountable for their misconduct. With that, the outrage isn't only about the death of George Floyd, but also lack of police accountability. George Floyd's death by police serves as an example of why the police force needs to be reformed and if police officers actually will be held accountable for their actions due to current events, then it could help every other Black person in the future that might have a run-in with police. Of course, creating a better future for all Black people shows that Black lives matter. However, if Black people continue to be killed by the police when unarmed at 5-times the rate, then that proves that Black lives matter 5-times less.
    • Zzsleepy

      You took the words right of my mouth. I agree with you and this is well-explained.

    • the second autopsy is not more valid than the first. also george floyd was shouting "i can't breathe" before they kneeled on him. finally he had fentanyl in his system he was clearly high. its possible he suffocated from that.

      more importantly none of this matters because george floyd put a gun into a pregnant woman's belly once, he should have been executed years ago

    • @007kingifrit: I don't see how his supposed criminal history is relevant to the situation. Are you suggesting that police misconduct is acceptable as long as the suspect has a criminal record? As for the cause of death, that's simply not true. The drugs supposedly in his system were not listed as the cause of death. The second autopsy is definitely valid. This is basic common sense here. If the police officer has his knee on his neck and he couldn't breathe, he wouldn't have died. There was no reason for him to have his knee on his neck and he was already subdued. He was begging for him to take his knee off his neck because he couldn't breathe, but he kept it there. Therefore, the cop purposely caused his death.

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  • GraveDoll
    You need to do YOUR home work

    They did it just wasn't HUGE yet George death just broke the straw back

    literally take the time to read up on these see how long it took for them to arrest the three guys after calling him a racial slurs did you know any of that or no?

    probably not because if you did you would have not need to ask this question

    this one was MAY 17,2020
    George died on the 25 2020

    again do homework first...

    nothing kills me more than people trying to compare shit but dont have all the FACTS first'

    . somethings like this keeps drama up and people dont get the truth.

    Stop making it sound like the BLM is new it not it just people had enough and it SOOOO MUCH MORE DEEPER THAN BLACK

    the justice system is fucked. hell they pushed an old 75 WHITE year old man down he was bleeding. They lied until they found out someone had a video of it was is horrible to watch not one decent cop stop to help. there were to many of them not to.

    see the big problem and stop the damn cherry picking.
  • Konabeana
    Both lives do matter... why would you say otherwise? They died tragically. If you rely on all of the news from social media, you will only hear what other people want you to hear. Use all of your resources, not just social media/media.
  • blank_expression
    Nobody’s lives matter that is the real story. Only cops on black fires up the media. A white being killed the same way by a black cop would never see the light of day. The left is out to capitalize off this by burning as much down as possible while promoting and hiding behind a false righteous movement.
    • Hypnos0929

      You're right because the cop would lose his job or be in jail

    • Probably because when cops do kill a white man they actually have a reason. Most of the police killing blacks are for them doing nothing or being suspected of doing a crime.

  • Futureboy
    Because your country still belivies stereotypes about Blacks. The cops think they are gangsters and thugs linked to crime. So somehow the police think it's OK to use excess force on them. It may be less than it was 60 years ago but 2 or 3 is still unacceptable.
    • GnarCute

      all country believes stereotypes about all races jackass

    • Futureboy

      Maybe so but our British government doesn't go around killing unarmed Black men. Same goes for other countries, how about France do you see them systematically kill Black men they are arresting. There may be racism in other countires but not from law enforcement.

    • GnarCute

      yeah no your government just went to go on to basically enslave most of africa, india, the middle east, cause extreme opioid throughout asia and slaughter millions of innocent lives for no good reason.

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  • belle_kai
    I think the incident with George Floyd was the last straw. People including celebrities were advocating for the arrest of Ahmaud Arbery but not on the scale that is has been for George Floyd but like I said this was the last straw.

    Also you do know that a second autopsy was done by George's family and it has been confirmed that he died from asphyxiation which was caused by the police kneeling on his airways. That was the SOLE reason for his death

    I also want to point out that there is other footage out there where someone with a camera went around the car and you can see two other officers pressing him down

    I also want to point out these were police officers that did this to a man that did not commit a violent crime. It was over a $20 bill.

    Also the police officer put George into the back of the cop car handcuffed then proceeded to pull him out throw him to the floor and kneel on his neck. NOT ONCE did George resist arrest.

    Again, this was the last straw, everyone know what's been happening in the lead up to this, before and after George.

    We have had enough
    • belle_kai

      Ahmaud Arbery's killers**********

  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Because, while horrible, it wasn't the police that did it. If you asked people, about 99.9999% of everybody protesting George Floyd's death would be equally outraged by Ahmaud Arbery's death. Yet, the protests we're seeing are about police brutality, not necessarily generalized racism.
  • standingUP
    Because in Georgia there is no real all white neighborhoods and nothing to burn down in Georgia anyway.

    But when you witness a slow death by cop that pissed everyone off.

    The rioting, burning, and looting was just an excuse for Tide Pod eaters to find something to be offended about for no reason.
    • Do some research. Those were undercover cops who started the riots. And most protestors now are very peaceful until the cops become the assholes that they are and teargas them.

    • standingUP

      @Froyologirl LMAO STFU idiot Tide Pod eating ______ !

    • Tide pod eating lmao. You trump supporters and your comebacks. Come back with an actual argument.

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  • Cherokeehp
    They both matter. George Floyd is simply at the forefront because he was murdered by a cop, with multiple other cops present who did not help him. Also the death of George Floyd is a bit more recent so it’s still fresh in the minds of the public. Ahmaud was killed in February, but it didn’t draw attention til a bit later. Floyd was killed in May. But at the end of the day they both matter.
  • RolandCuthbert
    Always remember Breonna Taylor.
    • Oh, let me respond to the entire post then. If you think this is just about George Floyd, you are pretty much late the party. We have been protesting police violence for decades.

      George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why don't both their black lives matter?

    • Zzsleepy

      That's right!

  • nelly83

    This is a must watch. BLM is just a bunch of criminal crying racism for special privileges
  • Darcia
    Eric Garner had 6 kids, asthma, and shouted “I can’t breathe”. Both big dudes both died in the hands of police. Should we remember Rodney King whom police brutally beat up or Sandra Bland where cops were faced in the wrong. Each act isn’t going unnoticed it’s just a time and place where everyone is having their voice heard. We haven’t forgotten about no one who fell a victim to white supremacy, racism, hate crime, or just being attacked.
  • Red_Arrow
    A second autopsy requested by the family from an independent expert concluded that the kneeling and choking was the cause of his death.
  • bklynbadboy1
    First off I love this my take and thank you soooo much for doing it. It's just sad that in this day in age we still have these senseless killings because some one has a different skin color. I hope we as a people can get past our petty differences cause ALL LIVES MATTER!!!
    • GnarCute

      i hope we will too but odds are we won't because this has been an issue dating thousands of years before the USA, racism has always been an issue in humanity and its one of the core reasons countries refuse to be civil with each other its really sad tbh

    • GnarCute

      1 will claim the other is evil while killing innocent lives, the other will claim they are defending themselves from defenseless farmers

    • So true

  • Powderpuff97
    Who said both their lives didn’t matter?

    i think Floyd’s death was the breaking point

    I do think Amhauds death was far worse because he was murdered by a mob of white men. His death looked like a scene from the kkk.

    it’s both just terrible honestly

    every black person murdered by police is being honored
  • You see there is nothing as a target, you say some people did this but you know most people aren't exactly like this so it doesn't make a very good news story... now replace it with police being that bad or some with some form of power, it might insight fear and probably might make a good news story...
  • Blueeyes81
    There is always going to be a straw that broke the camels back. Doesn't mean the straw that came before or any of the straws for that matter didn't play a part in breaking the camels back, just that at some point all the straw combined broke the camels back.

    Every black life that was lost prior played a part in the events that we see today. Just that Georges death was the last straw and it broke societies back.
  • Rangers
    Because one was supposedly killed by police, police are the main targets of these terrorists because they restrict them from committing horrible acts of crime against the American people, so they used it as an excuse to do all of this, knowing that fake news outlets would cover it up and bail them of any responsibility for what they're doing.
    • Waffles731

      Oh yeah looking like a dude who used a counterfeit 20 dollar bill is totally reason to murder someone.

    • Rangers

      @Waffled731 I didn't say what happened was justified and the cop who put his knee on him is a horrible cop, as are the cops who were with him and didn't bring attention to the possibility that he actually can't breathe and using a different detainment method that wouldn't carry with it the same possibility of causing harm to him. The fact that they are politicizing his death by playing identity politics and using his skin color to feed their narrative that cops are racist and that they should be killed is ridiculous. by the way, more than twice as many whites are killed every year by police than blacks, even though blacks are the most likely to attack police, statistically a cop is 18.5× more likely to be attacked by a black man than the other way around, the reason cops end up surviving is because attacking police officers almost never works out for the attacker. This year, cops have been doing much better than at any point in the previous decade, we're on pace to have less than half the amount of people killed by police than any year in the 2010s. I had to delete some stuff so I wouldn't run out of space. Let's compare the percentages of those killed by police to their population percentage based on a 2019 census which is unfortunately the only reliable source I was able to find on population as the rest was just CNN, Buzzfeed garbage.
      Whites-46.3% vs 60.4%
      Blacks- 22.59% vs 13.4%
      Hispanics- 18.14% vs 18.3%
      Other- 4.46% vs 1.5%
      If we assume all people listed as unknown, I'll be generous and assume all of them are either black or hispanic and add all of them to the list of deaths by police and show the percentage.
      With unknown added-
      Blacks: 31.10%
      Hispanics: 26.64%
      Whites- 40.06% vs 60.4%
      Blacks- 20.98% vs 13.4%
      Hispanics- 14.86% vs 18.3%
      Other- 3.61% vs 1.5%

    • Rangers

      With unknown added:
      Blacks- 41.46%
      Hispanics- 35.34%
      Whites- 36.85% vs 60.4%
      Blacks- 23.41% vs 13.4%
      Hispanics- 15.74% vs 18.3%
      Other-3.88% vs 1.5%
      With unknown added:
      Blacks- 43.53%
      Hispanics- 35.86%
      Whites-18.42% vs 60.4%
      Blacks-13.60% vs 13.4%
      Hispanics-5.70% vs 18.3%
      Other-1.32% vs 1.5%
      With unknown race instances added:
      *out of the 228 people killed by police in 2020 so far, 139 of them has a race listed as "unknown".
      Now, let's compare people killed by police every month so we can accurately compare them to this year:
      2017:82.25 per month
      2018:83.00 per month
      2019:83.67 per month
      2020:45.6 per month

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  • genericname85
    I don't know man. People always frame them as innocent and the police as evil.

    Yet George Floyd was a criminal known for theft, violence and drug abuse... Not exactly an angel.
    What did he die actually die off by the way?
    • AlphaGhost

      Dude he had zero criminal record according to US official census seriously NOW !

    • @AlphaGhost well there's shit on the internet that claims the opposite. I don't know how to tell apart the bullshit news from the truth in this case.

    • @AlphaGhost I'm not simply going with someone's narrative cause it sounds good.

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  • Jacked_Jones
    both of them are freemasons used by the eilte to fool your asses! everyday the sheeple get fooled every day think about since the day you being born you being fooled!
    he's not dead or got killed he played a character you fools like kobe bryant micheal jackson and even donald trump. get woke out there sheeple.
  • HayleyMarie
    I think George Floyd death is what prompted the protest, but they aren’t just for him. They are for any POC that has been unjustifiably killed by a member of law enforcement.
  • R3DthatDude
    Uhh there is video evidence for both. Also the media picks and choose which story they think will get them views so people who deserve attention will not always get it because of stupid news media
  • Ad_Quid_Orator
    People were upset about both but the outrage over George Floyd's death isn't just over his death in particular, it's about a recurrent pattern of police brutality. While hate crimes have adversely impacted African American communities, police brutality is a much bigger problem.
  • Shiver
    It's been building up for years. These two are not the first, nor the worst cases and I guess in the wise words of that quiet kid in class, "Enough is enough".
  • lockster
    Nobody cherrypicked. We did acknowledge aubrys death, but when george floyd died u flipped the switch because " enough is enough"

    I don't know how hard it is for you to understand, instead of bringing up these dumbass strawmans
  • GnarCute
    i feel like you didn't need to put black in that title just put "Why didn't both their lives matter?"
  • 0oGreyo0
    Why don't their life's matter enough for y'all to vote and create and change laws in your area. How does black lives matter destroying business where black people own and employed.

    They arrested both of murdered of these men
  • Liam_Hayden
    The primary difference is that the latter was murdered by a couple of random yahoos. The former was murdered by a police officer acting in his official capacity.
  • AcidT0y
    The level of chaos that ensues is not an indicator of how much someone's life matters. This guy had his throat slowly crushed by a cop. That doesn't justify the shitstorm that followed but it's what sparked it.
  • LeRetard
    How on Earth did you get to this half-witted conclusion?
  • Shezadi
    What about white girls getting raped by Pakistani and Muslim grooming gangs in England? Do their lives not matter?
  • RationalMale
    George Floyd, an armed robber who held a gun on a pregnant woman and died likely from fentanyl overdose.

    Now basically a saint to blacks. How fitting.
    • Y'all always want to look at the negatives. So what? He wanted to make a better life for himself and now he can't do that. Not every robber deserves to die.

    • @Froyologirl when we Whites get upset over a White victim we only care about 100% innocent victims. Kate Steinle, Tessa Majors, Justine Damond. Then blacks claim we're evil racists for caring about murdered Whites.

      Black people seem to mostly get upset over career criminal scumbags.

    • Literally no one claims all whites are evil and racists. Stop victimizing yourselves lmao.

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  • DashboardLight
    Because of media attention.

    It's why Joe Biden is the candidate for the Democrats.
    It's why Donald Trump is the candidate for the Republicans.
    And it's why it's George's murder specifically gets more attention than any other.
  • AlphaGhost
    You do realise people can read the autopsy report and it only mentioned that "Asphyxiation" was the major cause of death cuz they were unable to find damage to trachea and autopsy was done by Trump organisation anyway.
    The report only established that Asphyxiation was not the major cause but something like "Heart-Attack" was major cause of death due to STRESS CAUSED BY THAT KNEE ON HIS NECK... you do realise the Autopsy reports are there to state facts and they did that,
    I can't believe someone will go as far as to discredit something like that to serve whatever agenda you are trying to portray here... I am 5th year of my MD college so whatever lie you had stored back there "better keep it there"
    • AlphaGhost

      was not,
      I forget to mention the report was lacking everything like "they didn't say anything about Hypoxia, Pulmonary Congestion, Cyanosis or about that mystery chemical in his blood. The entire thing feel like it was not designed to found a cause of death but rather its primary Objective was to establish that Asphyxiation was not cause of death... which it failed miserably to establish cuz trachea damage is just indicator of Tracheal damage and people can still die due to Oxygen cut-off or due to low O2 transport to the body,

    • AlphaGhost
      Read that stupid woman...

    • Zzsleepy

      Thank you for adding that because what she saying about that was ridiculous. I had to shake my head. The position that Derek Chauvin was using is KNOWN to be DEADLY. It is even an illegal move in MMA fighting. He was not taught to use that on civilians as a police officer. In videos, you can hear a member of an audience, a Jiu Jitsu fighter, tell the officer to get off and that it is a move that will kill him. We can see him lose his final breath under his knee. Again, thank you because I thought this was obvious but these days people are not taking things as it is.

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  • 007kingifrit
    george floyd once put a loaded gun into a pregnant woman's belly, obviously he was shit and we decent people are glad he is dead
    • goaded

      Yeah, you keep saying that, but if it's based on this fuzzy twitter posting, perhaps you'd better try getting a better copy where you can see the case number, anything about a pregnant woman, and explain why the official court document doesn't have his full name.

      George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why don't both their black lives matter?

      In the mean time, listen to what the man, himself, had to say.

    • @goaded it is quite clear he spent 5 years in jail for the crime. it is dishonest of you to pretend we don't know what happened. stop lying

    • goaded

      No, it's clear that someone with a similar name (these documents include the whole name, his full name was George Perry Floyd Jr.) spent 5 years in prison for something, in Texas, before 2010.

      This wouldn't be the first time "proof" anout someone put out by the right wing turned out to be about someone completely different. Including on this site.

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  • I think a bigger deal was made of George Floyd's death because it was by police officers, which is much worse because police officers have so much power and are government employees.

    With Ahmaud Arbery, his death was by people who were just ordinary citizens. While it was still wrong, it didn't have as high of an impact as a similar crime being done by police officers, who are supposedly there to PROTECT the public. Those random guys who shot Ahmaud weren't being held to as high of a standard as members of the police force.
  • Smoothing
    George Floyd's name is a representation and symbol for all black lives lost at the hands of the police. So just because Ahmaud Arbery's name is not at the fore front, doesn't mean this protest is not for him as well. The protest is for all the lives lost at the hands of police whether it was caught on camera or not. Whether it was public or not. People are in rage because for too long this has happened and it went silent. Now all that rage has been building up for years and it just exploded as soon as George Floyd died. And the kneeling on George Floyd's kneck and chest was a direct cause of death according to an independent autopsy
  • grif429
    they do the differnce is you expect the police to protect you and not kill you. murder by another is different because you expect or know that is likely but not from cops
  • Geminiheart69
    All these people rioting out there all brainwash n the ones that set it all up are getting paid, so sad what's happening in our beautiful country today
  • zagor
    Because the guy who shot him did so in a struggle. He didn't spend 7 minutes where he could have changed his mind.
  • MountAverage
    For the same reason why Breonna Taylor's, Trayvon Martin's, Ezell Ford's, Michael Brown's, Michelle Shirley's, Eric Garner's lives, and all the countless other black people who were murdered by police officers in this decade in the decades before. Because they were black. Plain and simple. There's no way around that fact.

    Slavery was abolished long ago, but the systemic discrimination of black communities has been passed on from generation to generation until now. Black communities simply never had the same oppourtunities. The US is an inherently racist country. It's whole structure is built on systemic racism. That's why these lives don't matter in this system. And that's why these riots keep happening and will continue to happen. Until things drastically change.
  • monkeynutts
    Yeah it's terrible, Im not American so I didn't know anything about what happened to that other guy, but I'm not a protestor, and won't destroy private property or hurt others because I'm angry either. Ahmaud, he may have been killed for other reasons. Racism most definitely, but it seems like a premeditated and coordinated cold blooded murder. That police officer is just a fuck up, he has probably put his knee into a hundred other people's throats and not killed them, who ever told him that was something you do in an arrest should be fired too.
  • hellacray
    Cause people are retarded. I mean from what I've heard George was initially arrested for using counterfeit money and he had a previous criminal record.

    And just recently there was a GoFundMe for his family that raised $8 mill.

    Honestly I think Ahmaud thing is much worst than what happened with George. But I don't know I think people in general hate the police.

    And we are living now in a society of gentle snowflakes being triggered by everything and social media. So when this started spreading I'm not too surprised about the protests.

    I am however surprised by the smashing and looting. I didn't think I would ever live to see that happen.

    I assumed people would have learned from what happened in previous protests and riots.
  • American_Centurion
    Both criminals. One died in police custody the other got shot after launching a vicious attack on a man who happened to be armed forcing his victim to stand his ground and shoot, it was a similar situation with Trayvon Martin and Micheal Brown
    • goaded

      Oh, FFS. At least keep the contradictory memes apart. He was wearing running shoes, you can see them in the final picture, and in police reports.

      He lived a couple of minutes job away.

      Why would anyone believe this crap you're putting out?

    • @goaded running shoes or nog he attacked a man, which is criminal.

    • goaded

      So is brandishing a gun, which is what the killers were doing. And you don't get to use his reaction to being "arrested" as the reason for the "arrest".

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    The ahmaud arbery case you mischaracterized completely
  • Gedaria
    It was the police, involved with Floyd.
    They say it's police brutality why he died...
  • youknowbetter
    Does anybody know who David Dorn is without Googling his name?
  • Fuentes
    The issue was public servants killed him who are paid by government
  • They do matter.
  • carlodane
    George Floyd was really the tipping point.