George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why don't both their black lives matter?


This is George Floyd:

George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why dont both their black lives matter?

Everyone knows by now that he died while in police custody, it was said to be at the hands of a cop who was kneeling on him to keep him down but the autopsy has since been released and it seems to show that while that did contribute to the death, it was not the actual cause. At the end of the day, it was just an unfortunate accident.

Because of what happened to him people have since been protesting, rioting, celebrities are getting involved, tv and radio even plan to go silent today to honor this mans life. His black life matters to people, his life is precious to people. So much so, people are willing to create chaos and upheaval in an already chaotic time.

This is Ahmaud Arbery:

George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why dont both their black lives matter?

He also died but unlike the guy above, there is video evidence to prove he was hunted and killed like an animal. This kid was just jogging on a nice sunny day in the state of Georgia, something he always did. Except on this jog he was followed then blocked in by two trucks, one truck held the father and son that killed him and the other held the guy who video taped it all. They said they thought he was a burglar and they were trying to stop him, that's no evidence to show that. They ultimately killed him with a shot gun and this poor kid died for nothing. His only crime was jogging in an all white neighbor in the state of Georgia while being black.

As you can see, he is also black but the interesting thing is his black life doesn't seem to be as important as the guy above because no one has rioted or protested for justice to be sought for him. No celebrity has gotten involved (other then dr.phil), to say how horrible this is and this violence towards blacks has to stop. The only people that seem to care about this young man's life, is his family.

So, riddle me this boys and girls if all black lives quote "matter", then why does it seem people only cherry pick the ones they think matters? If all black lives mattered, then every act done against a black person would garner the same reaction but it doesn't.
Please tell me why George's life is more important and his death more significant then Ahmaud's? Why don't both their lives seem to matter? I'd really love to know.

George Floyd vs. Ahmaud Arbery, why don't both their black lives matter?
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  • SpiderManFan2002
    What are you talking about?

    All over social media I have seen Ahmaud Arbery, being mentioned:
    A) On his own
    B) With George Floyd

    And many other victims of police brutality. What you need to understand is people aren't just protesting for George Floyd, George Floyd is predominately mentioned in protests because it's his case what broke the last straw on the camels back, because the way he was murdered was fucking disgusting.

    But we're not just protesting for George Floyd. We're protesting for Ahmaud Arbery, we're protesting for Breonna Taylor, and we're protesting for the hundreds if not thousands of black lives lost due to the police brutality, and we're protesting against police brutality, we're protesting against systemic racism, and we're protesting for equality and change.

    George Floyd is just one of many examples people are using, because the way in which he was killed was traumatising. Everyone decent human being who saw that video is sickened and disgusting. We all watched a man die. At the start of the video he was alive and at the end of the video he was dead. People are traumatised from that and can't get those images out of their head, so a lot of people are using George Floyd as an example.

    And there have been protests for Ahmaud: A direct quote from the BLM website: "George Floyd’s violent death was a breaking point — an all too familiar reminder that, for Black people, law enforcement doesn’t protect or save our lives. They often threaten and take them."Here are all the black people they are speaking for:

    So, no they're not just speaking for George Floyd, they're speaking for every black life, including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and all the other black lives, I'd list every single one of them who have been a victim of police brutality but there are too many people, ones I probably haven't even heard of to list- I'm still learning, but I think that says everything.

    So I don't know what the fuck you are talking about, but either start educating yourself about the many reasons behind these protests, or shut up, and stop trying to defame the movement.
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    • Though I must make clear Ahmaud wasn't killed by police brutality, none the less, the fact that it took the police so long to arrest his killers, is another reason why we are all angry.

    • sickened and disgusted*

    • I wasn't trying to defame the movement, I was trying to understand something that's all but as always people on here always seem to think they know someones intentions for what they wrote better then the person who wrote it. I also have to say Ahmaud's murder took place in February which was around the same time all this virus stuff started and so most of the news was devoted to that. I didn't hear about it on the news or see anything about it online, if I hadn't watched Dr. Phil I wouldn't have even known it happened, that's all I'm saying. It just didn't seem be as big of a headline or it seems. So, the point of this was just to try to better understand.

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  • manicmage42
    Neither of them really should be martyrs. Arbery was jogging in boots for gods sake, suspicious to say the least even though the guys who shot him were obviously in the wrong.
    Floyd has previously been in prison for holding a gun to a woman's chest while his friends ransacked her home and was only being held down because he was resisting arrest. He wasn't a good person and shouldn't be treated as some innocent victim of brutality, even if the officer clearly took it too far. He's been arrested and that's that.
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    • What's wrong with jogging in boots?

      Was the officer too dumb to understand that kneeling on ones neck for too long will kill that person?
      He is arrested, but the charges should be more serious

    • @Tstrbrainer Nothing but he wasn't jogging in boots, he was wearing gym shoes. So, I'm not sure where the boots come in.

    • Yes, not all people can be expected to wear different shoes for each occasion

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  • who_dey86
    Black lives matter is about police brutality towards black people. We can't possibly go over every white on black and black on white and label it because at the end of the day the police are figures of authority that we legally cannot disobey. And when most black people then follow those orders and still die that's completely different than any other case. This all lives matter bs slaps black lives matter in the face because not every life is in jeopardy during a routine traffic stop. Yes all lives matter. But black lives matter is strictly about the police.
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    • Alright. Well, that clears a few things up for me. Thank you.

  • ZackBan
    It's not about black lives that's only a headline. Clearly this is a political ploy. I'm willing to as far as to say the entire murder was orchastrated in order to cause this uprising. Now the who and why remain a mystery.
    Considering this is an election year it's not completely insane to suggest this was all done to ruin Trump's chances at winning but that might not be all there is to it.
    End of the day the media fuelled this flame and started a forest fire it's not about Floyd or Arbery or Tupac it's about the theatrics needed to cause this mess.
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  • Anonymous
    Both of their lives matter, the lives of Black people enslaved and killed from the days of White settlers colonizing the lands of America from the Natives in a brutal nature matter. But I believe the death of George Floyd is the straw that broke the camel's back. The fact that tax payer money pay the salaries of these crooked cops and this is how they treat others is utterly ridiculous. It's comical how paranoid racist people comprehend their arguments and get mad that certain minority groups (ie: Muslims) will get so much hate, why is that? Here's a new flash, police officers have killed more Americans than Muslim Americans committing acts of crime in the United States. But yet people love to spin the narrative they want through false, bias reporting. At some point people who harbour hatred cannot hide their ugliness forever, the true colours of hatred will emerge.
    • Anonymous

      Just to add on my last point when I say there ugliness can't be hidden forever, it can’t, there will be big changes coming. I don’t know exactly when but this world that oppresses others will end. I want to see peace and harmony.

  • Anonymous
    So, are you suggesting there should be riots for everyone who is killed unjustly? If so, then riddle me this... why hasn't anyone rioted ever, in the entire history of the US, for even one single white person who was killed by a cop?

    Did you know that a black person who gets arrested is actually LESS LIKELY to be killed by cops than someone else? That is a statistical fact.

    You seem to think that the only lives that matter are those for whom there are riots. If that's the case, then tell me why it is that ONLY black lives matter.

    BLM is a hypocritical movement based on inaccurate perceptions.
  • Anonymous
    This is just too much chaos
  • Anonymous
    He died by the hands of a klans man and the supporters of the ku klux Klan and the president who attended klan rally's at a younger age. Racist people only care about raids and looters. Not a black man's life. That's why BLM is a thing
  • Anonymous
    Ahmaud Arbery was on the two men's property and they thought he was a robber running off with stolen goods. They attempted to put him under citizen's arrest but evidently ended his life. They were revording as evidence for the police not knowing they were documenting a death. I'm not saying what anyone did is justified but i feel li ke the situation really wasn't as big of a racial matter as the media made it out to be...
    • goaded

      He wasn't on their property, it was someone else's, and he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, if he'd stolen anything from a construction site (which several other people has looked in to), it would have been very small.

      You know what they could have done? Taken a photo of him for the police, if there did turn out to be a crime.

  • Anonymous
    The more important question is this: why are black lives important enough to riot over, but other lives are not? When a black person gets arrested, they are actually LESS likely to be killed by police than anyone else who gets arrested. The same things happen to whites, Hispanics, Asians and others, but we never hear about them in the national media and there are never any riots. Why is that?