Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?


Initially, i posted a poll to address this, but then someone told me i should address it as a MyTake. Why not?

Since I've been on GAG, I've noticed that many, many white girls on here post pictures of black girls against white girls:
who's prettier?
who would you rather date?
rate both of these girls.
etc... etc...

Why? What's the purpose? Is it an ego boost? Or is it because they/you already know what the majority on here prefers and they/you want black women to know it? That you're somehow "superior" in looks and when men say they prefer you, you have some feeling of validation? Funny that you're still the first ones to say that you dress for yourself, or you wear make up for yourself. No. Deep down, men are your validation when you post these ridiculous polls about white women and black women who have completely different looks and body types.

Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?

Why are there videos on YouTube talking about Black girl magic? Why do you get mad when people say "Black is Beautiful" when black women see you trying to invalidate us publicly and on Anon almost daily? You can say "all women are beautiful" all you want, but let's face it: you don't think that because when it's people talking about how beautiful white women are, there are crickets in the background. So...what? You're all mute now?

Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?

Contrary to "popular belief", we aren't bulletproof and angry all the time and rude and loud. We get upset. You don't need to check-in. Don't worry, we all know white is the beauty standard. There's no denying it. There's no need to remind us "who's boss". But what is your goal on these polls? Is it the whole "inferior superior" rush that makes you happy?

Not only are these side-by-side votes between black and whites common, but it always seems to be a common, run of the mill dark skinned black woman vs a tall, white, long blonde haired, green eyed, Scandinavian woman.



does that mean that you choose people on different ends of the spectrum in hopes of acheiving the results you so desire?

Did you know different features such as eye color come on black people, too?

Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?
Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?

Not to mention the age old myth of all have short hair. Or we're all bald-headed. We have shrinkage. Something that a lot of people dont understand or don't even want to understand.

Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?
Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?

Black people are very diverse and it's annoying and ridiculous to see such trash posted daily. Why don't you ever use Miranda, the brunette with a bowl cut who attends your community college? I'm just saying that, women, let's stop this war of who looks better because it just doesn't make sense.

Why do you never see black people doing this? because we actually ask ourselves: what's the purpose?

Anyway. white women (some! not all! most of you here are quite sweet actually)...I leave you with this question:

Why is your regular beef between you and black girls? why don't i see white vs. Asian as often..? oh! or white vs. hispanic?

I wait on the edge of my seat...BUT. Before I wrap this up: I tried my HARDEST to avoid women wearing weave or wigs. but I just can't!

Weave and wig bonus round!

Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?
Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?
Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?

With love,

A black girl who is royally fed up.

Black vs. White on GAG? Seriously?
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  • Anonymous
    I’ll admit I’m what my boyfriend refers to as the quintessential white girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, “dresses like Han Solo with the leggings, boots and vests type shit (😂)”
    But I’m extremely insecure, people tell me I’m beautiful and all that crap. To be honest, I don’t see it at all. The point I’m trying to make is even though im insecure I really never understood what the appeal is of cutting someone else down, it doesn’t make me more attractive at the end of the day and it doesn’t make me feel better about myself to do it, so if I don’t look better or feel better then why do it?
    While you may not be looking for an answer I will still offer this, I wonder if it doesn’t have to do with the maturity level of the person asking the question as well as their insecurities. I’m not trying to make excuses for the women asking the stupid comparison questions but if that is the case I feel like you almost have to feel bad for them. How insecure does a person have to be to cut another person up like that to the point they kind of sacrifice their personality/ and internal beauty just to make people think they’re outwardly more attractive than another person.
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    • Anonymous

      this is actually a really good response. insecurities do play a huge part in those kinds of posts. it all comes down to how confident a person is in themselves and if using other girls to elevate themselves is how they do that, it reflects them in a negative light (even though they're usually on anon).
      That first part was so cute though😂sounds like you 2 are very happy!

    • Anonymous

      That’s the only thing that makes sense to me. If you didn’t feel so crappy about yourself then you wouldn’t have to put others down. (By you I mean those asking the questions)
      I’ve noticed you’ve not been able to show the questions this take is referring to but I wonder if you see them in the future I’d bet if you look at the anons age and nine times out of ten they would be 24 or younger. The 10th one might be the older woman that’s looking for some sort of validation that she might still be attractive to the opposite sex, again comes down to insecurities. 🤷🏼‍♀️ (However, at that point the black vs white comparison would be dumb as black women seem to age far better than white women, lucky you. 😔)
      Sadly those with such severe insecurities don’t seem to understand that even if they’re a 8 or 9 they’re insecurities and nasty personality drops them down and that eventually their looks will fade and their personality is what they will be left with. There again, you almost have to feel sorry for those women because they will more than likely end up bitter and alone. Karma will get them in the end.
      Lol as for the last part of your comment, yes we’re very happy. He’s amazing! 🥰

    • Anonymous

      omg EXACTLY! thank you for such a thought of response! <3 your boyfriend is very lucky to have you (and i'm sure you, him). you seem to have a great heart. thanks again!

Most Helpful Guys

  • RolandCuthbert

    "Black" folks don't get good press at GaG. But I don't think we should expect to.

    It kind of breaks my heart when I see young "Black" people struggle with how racism is kind of built into their experience. You are loud and rude. But not because you are loud and rude. You are loud and rude because you are a "Black" woman. It is just the way a certain portion of American society thinks.

    And every time you try to do what ever other woman does, feel sexy, wear sexy clothes, you are a prostitute, when others do it they are classy.

    I don't know what to say.

    Things may change with your experience over the course of your life. But you will have to deal with this pretty much on an everyday basis. You will find a way to cope.

    That's what we do.
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    • Oh, I forgot.

      You don't have to be anonymous little one.

    • Anonymous

      <3 i'll get off of it soon

  • Pegases
    There is so much unnecessary negativity surrounding people with brown skin that I genuinely grow tired of having to consistently combat it all. I've done my best to focus simply on our strengths, and accomplishments. Furthermore, it is unrealistic to expect our world to have different views when only 50 years ago, was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated. Some of the same people that supported Jim Crow are still alive today, and have children they've groomed to carry on their bias. So, we have a long way to go before we are seen as human beings among the majority of Americans. The Key I believe is to continue the trend of uplifting our own. Black is indeed beautiful. It always has been, and it always will be. #blackgirlmagic
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    • Anonymous

      i know, it's ridiculous to think that it was all so recent. that the civil rights movement concerning black votes only began about 54 years ago. we are our backbone and we need to support each other through ups and downs. all love<3 <3

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  • bubble_tea
    Good take. I remember seeing a question with a pic of a white model and that of a black woman. I've always assumed those askers were trolling.
  • saucegoddess
    I'm not white but.

    white guy chris on twitter said "What about the guy in Dallas that shot cops. And stated “I hate white people, and I want to kill white cops” that’s not racism?"

    other 'woke' white guy replies with "I would say prejudice yes but not racist. Obviously, what he did was terrible but racism is a systemic issue. The oppressed group cannot impose racism on the privileged group"

    i hate the belief that POC can't be racist.

    i've noticed a lot of black women are nasty and racist as hell to me just cuz im lighter. i'm not even fucking white, i'm Asian and hispanic with 3c hair and a non caucasian lookin nose but i still get made fun of by black women for not being ethnic enough. [?]

    its just that when white women do this shit it stands out to you more because you don't focus on what black women say to other women, as ur too focused on what white women do to black women.

    so yeah, social media is just a negative place for everyone. its not just black girls, everyone faces hate. and it's not wise to turn ur head when non indian women slap on bindis or non chinese women wear qipaos or non straight haired people straighten their hair or put in (STRAIGHT!!) weaves or extensions.

    you can't only care when white girls are getting lip injections or braids bc its clear no race is happy w the way they look and everyone wanna look like each other. so fuck the cultural appropriation and just let people do what they want, if Rebecca wants to get dreadlocks and isn't being disrespectful with it (ex getting braids but talking shit about black women) then i say let rebecca do whatever the fuck she wants cuz she isn't hurting anybody.

    all love x
    • Anonymous

      these are all good thoughts and would spark a good conversation. however, i do not have social media and can't act the way you'd like me to.
      i also notice you've pulled in police brutality, racist agendas, colorism, and cultural appropriation. i love discussions but i do also like to keep them to the topic at hand. thank you for your thoughts.
      all love as well<3

  • ILoveAnime
    Lol, I just made a question about the same topic. Glad I'm not the only girl with finding this stupid.
    With love,
    A white girl who totally agrees with you X'D
    • Anonymous

      yeah girl im the one who commented, i just want to be on anon. maybe i'll reveal myself in a few days😂im slightly shy with controversial opinions
      thank you though<3

    • ILoveAnime

      Lol, understandable

  • A-man-22
    The thing you have to accept and can't argue over is that people have their own preferences.

    Height, weight, hair colour etc.

    All preference.

    People can't alter their height yet people still choose based on height.

    Race makes a large impact on how someone looks

    It's the same with race as it is will height, you can't change it but people will still have preferences over it.

    You can't change someone's attraction no matter how hard you try.
    • Anonymous

      this is not about preferences. this is about competition of using very above average white women against below average black women. i don't care if you like white over black and i don't need you to change. i need women to stop competing and putting other women down.

      if you did not get that from this post, then you clearly skimmed seeing as everyone else understood the point.
      thanks for you thoughts.

    • A-man-22

      People will always try to make themselves look better no matter who they are.

      If you are a 7/10 you aren't going to compare yourself with a 10/10 because that will make you look bad.

      I guess all you can do is post a picture of a 10/10 black woman and watch as people prefer the 10/10

    • Anonymous

      of course they will.
      but the point of this is to stop making comparisons. and if you continue to do so, at least try and pick beautiful women from each race.
      and that's what i'm also saying: choose a black 10/10 and white 10/10.

      you took this as me not liking people comparing a 4 to a 10. no. im saying women, let's stop doing this or at least cut back.

  • TripleAce
    thing is, people like to pick on the underdog type thing
    so for men there is also a race or 2 that is least desired
    as well as for women... sadly its black girls for women... so people tend to pick on that fact
    • Anonymous

      yeah, that's what im saying. that's exactly why ww use them as the other option. it's dumb to me why they need to put down another race theyll win over just for personal pleasure.

  • watermelonbanger
    I’m white and I completely agree that it’s wrong for people to assume which race is more attractive. But I have one thing, I’ve seen black people doing the same. Let’s just quote it all together guys. It’s so stupid that we need to draw a line between the two of us. We are all beautiful.
  • Wharvey98
    Personally I don’t understand people making blanket statements about attraction via race. I’ve seen plenty of women of every race that I find attractive. As far as the black vs white women, that’s just people looking for attention. Those posts don’t accomplish anything and they know it. If it upsets you ignore them and starve them of what they’re looking for, your attention.
  • megaman242
    I have some preference, beautiful, natural, funny, Intelligent and sexy. If you are all that then I dont care what colour of your skin is. By nature I then mean if your black I would prefer the "afro" over the wig.
    • Anonymous

      not even braids? rough😂but i agree. skin isn't end all be all.

    • megaman242

      Not sure about the braids, it's "fake" but every now and then it can be fine.

    • Afrochick

      You will take this wig and LOVE IT

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  • tertater
    I can't say I've ever seen this stuff. I have seen supposed black posters hating on whites, completely trolling so their real race isn't important anymore. Just seen those threads pop up.
    • Anonymous

      yeah i've seen those, but majority are written on anon and the black people writing them are "black". i know exactly what you mean.

  • AdmiralBailey
    White people don't like to compare like with like. The average black woman I see are amazingly beautiful & the average white woman I come across looks about as plain as a toothbrush. At least in my area. I can't speak for all of America. If you compare like with like white women can't compete. I might fuck around and call them snow bunny's but I'm not blind.
    ~Mr Bails Extraordinaire
  • Lish89
    I think it's really sad you even have to make a mytake about this. Women are beautiful regardless of the color. Our genders should be helping build each other up, not down. I often find this question also gets asked of me though. If you show any interest in a man of color.. I've gotten the "have you dated one before or what race attracts you more." Attraction is attraction. I am just gonna date someone I like and who treats me wonderful, regardless if their yellow, black, brown or white. I'm sorry you have to even write a mytake like this. The world is twisted and sad. Big hugs and you are gorgeous!!
  • CuChullan
    It's stupid. Women of all colours and races have so much in common with each other, face the same struggles, put up with the same shit day in day out. Then you have to look at rivalry. It seems to come naturally to women. And since colour and race shows up the obvious differences in women, this will be exploited to validate one over the other. Keeping society divided is a powerful weapon for the political classes. Women united are a very powerful force, and that will never be allowed happen.
    • Anonymous

      i agree with you in some aspects. it does keep up divided, but i don't think we should put the struggles white women face against the struggles black women face. we do all have our issues and tribulations, but it's not by any means parallel. completely right about rivalry and exploitation. there will always be an inherent need to feel validation and "celebration".

  • AngryNoctis
    Everyday I see white people getting tans to look less white and black people bleaching their skin. Everything just seems more like a spectrum these days and G@G is the place where people always want to talk about their fantasy girl or guy. It doesn't matter who really is prettier or the prettiest some random anon would be like "She's not my type"
  • Liam_Hayden
    I fully subscribe to Dr. King's admonition. I judge by character, not color.
  • Dchrls78104
    And I honestly believed that I signed up for an international site rather than a racist cult. But then again, this is the internet; crazies exhibit themselves on it every now and then.
  • bhavy24
    I am against racism and take stand for it wenever i see it happening
  • mynameisvenus
    Why only black vs white? What about Asian, middle eastern, hispanic, native American, polynesian...
    • Anonymous

      The point is made on what's common. If you'd like to write one on other races, ill be glad to read it and keep my opinion on the topic set forth.

  • QuietRunner
    I'll take all three of those black girls in the bikinis and the girl in the Pepsi shirt. So f*cking hot!
  • Anon-ymous1
    Well, I can only speak for myself here, but I know I'm not the only one-- if I were to post to girls side-by-side asking which is hotter/prettier, their skin colors and hair colors and eye colors would be completely and entirely beside the point, for me and for many guys. Dunno about *most* guys, but many.
    The things I, and many guys, focus on is basically what makes ANY girl hot-- body shape, tit size, nice smile, slimness, ass firmness and shape, etc. etc. That stuff has nothing to do with skin color. If I compare a black girl and a white girl, their blackness and whiteness don't mean anything. But I hear your concerns here, and I can imagine why you're so annoyed.
  • Dallsimo
    My girlfriend was born in lebanon! Halfway between black and white ;) lol
  • zagor
    Not sure what you're talking about; links? Preferably more than 1 or 2.
    • Anonymous

      a guy wrote this and people started making parodies of it: Why are black women so gorgeous?😍? ↗

      but i honestly never vote or comment on black v white polls and it seems people in the comments also know what im talking about. i can't direct you to any, but they're around. i just can't find them bc i haven't interacted w them.

  • YHL6965
    Black girl or white girls? Both, at the same time if possible.
  • alexe56
    Good take
  • Grond21
    This is always annoyed me too
  • Poormanscomedian
    I choose the black babe in middle of top pic
    First world problems.
  • Iamperfect
    I am not white or black.
  • Walkot4
  • Anonymous
    All I know is a lot of white women are garbage, they are whores and try to gain attention from many men.
  • Anonymous
    Have you ever thought that if you would ignore some of theses posts and their comments, maybe they would stop. The same with racism.
    • Anonymous

      i've been on here for a few months now. ignoring things don't make them go away. if things worked like that, racism should've died out in, eh, around sometimes between the '90-'00.

  • Anonymous
    There are forum web sites dedicated exclusively to black / African aesthetics. There are no web sites dedicated exclusively to white aesthetics. Double standard?
    • Anonymous

      1) That actually has nothing to do with this post. Like, I'm seriously puzzled by your thought process.
      2) People reblog white people all the time bc they're more readily available and to some visually appealing. if you have a problem with "black web sites", then make a balanced representation on all websites.

    • Anonymous

      also, can you pls direct me to a "black website"? African websites deserve their sites... what would a white person be doing on a Kikuyu Tribal page?

    • Anonymous

      Africans deserve their own sites, but whites do not? Do you seriously not see how racist and entitled you are?

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  • Anonymous
    The girl on the far left is smoking!
    • Anonymous

      Which is your fave?