What fuels the political left's madness.

At a time when the economy has been decimated by COVID-19, the virtue-signaling left have gone from demanding people respect the lockdown restrictions and "stay at home", to now supporting mass protests where adhering to social distancing is impossible. I appreciate protesting and holding police accountable but rioting, looting, destroying businesses, beating innocent people in the streets, calling to disband the police, you lost me there and this is outright opportunism and the "liberal" campaigners are not only making excuses for this behavior, they are outright encouraging it which will result in the destruction of more black lives. The hypocrisy and stunning stupidity of that is breathtaking. The left is 99% emotion and 1% brain.

What fuels the political lefts madness.

The left/right paradigm is really male energy vs female energy, both sexes have innate characteristics that are positive and negative, this whole psychotic episode is a result of what happens when the worst aspects of female nature is cultivated, weaponized, and unleashed onto the world. You get hysterical reactionism. This what happens when male energy is suppressed and female energy is allowed to become dominant. Logic and critical thinking are cast aside in favor of blind emotion. They then use the most dangerous aspects of the male energy (the capacity to be violent) in a subservient role, to carry out the whims of the female. These energies need to be balanced, of course, the moment one outweighs the other you're going to have problems. To bring balance you must first identify the differences between the two energies, which is difficult in today's world because people are brainwashed into believing that male/female are no different. Anyone highlighting the innate differences is a bigot didn't you know.

This is another reason I fall back on religion as a source of wisdom, they recognize the innate differences between males and females and how they were designed by God (nature if you prefer) to interact in a complementary fashion. Whereas in the modern world male and female energies have been set against each other as enemies.

What fuels the political left's madness.
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  • Exterminatore
    I pretty much agree with all you said with one exception. The left does not lack common sense. They know very well how to lie and be deceptive and they do so well. The problem is not one of emotions it is one of moral bankruptcy. The left is completely morally bankrupt and they are sociopaths who’ve managed to deceive blacks into believing they’re persecuted when they’re not, to believe inverting your penis and dressing in drag makes you a woman, they claim to be all for tolerance... unless you disagree with their orthodoxy, they’ve managed to convince women men oppress them when in fact women have far more privileges than men. The list goes on and on. One must be highly skilled to create fairy tails and get masses of people to disregard common sense and what is readily observable and instead believe fairytales. The problem is not one of common sense but the desire to retain power, to overthrow our constitutional republic and replace it with socialism/communism and this all stems from moral bankruptcy.
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  • standingUP
    Projected fear of the easily manipulated. You can easily see that these people are so easily swayed to to be offended by trend. Remind you nobody was protesting until the news made it the thing to do. Nobody hid in their mothers basement until the news told them to. Nobody cared about any topic before they were told to care about it. Nobody hate Trump as bad until the media blasted him every single day all day long.
    People without common sense to form their own opinion are programmed to fear. They fear because they are lost and confused. Their social media friends that posts the most unhinged meme becomes a trend. No matter how unfounded their rant is. The more viral it gets the more it become their newly adopted offended level.

    If you are truly fearless and have an ability to actually see what is really going on then their is no need to have another's opinion sway your thought process. The liberal mindset is far and in-between of anything close to common sense.
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  • You’re seeing chaotic good at work here within the alignment system.

    Oh and religion is bullshit.
    • @MzAsh
      “Oh and religion is bullsh*t”

      That’s your opinion and a rather naive opinion. Most of the people who set the framework for what is modern day science were religious.

      Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) was a Catholic

      Emil Theodore Kocher (1841-1917), was a follower of the Moravian church

      J. J. Thomson (1856-1940) was a Anglican

      Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976) was a Lutheran

      Werner Von Braun (1912-1977) was a Lutheran

      Peter Grünberg (1939-2018), was a Catholic

      And the list goes on and on.

    • Well you are entitled to your opinion.

    • @MzAsh
      So are you 🥂 🙂

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  • The political left wing, specifically the American left wing has had it’s reputation tarnished due to how the radicals who exhibit hypocrisy, promote double standards and like using fallacious arguments have become the face of the modern American left wing. These radicals also can’t seem to have a simple debate without resorting to passive aggressiveness or blatant disrespect.

    By the way, I know not every left winger is a radical considering how there are left wingers who openly oppose radical left wingers (SJWs etc).
  • RomieHomie
    I feel as though anyone who is partisan in our current political atmosphere, instead of simply voting based on their self realized beliefs, is a simple idiot. Both sides are so extreme, that they are more like religions. This is our problem. No one is willing to compromise, because they believe it to be weakness. Neither presidential candidate has been worth their weight for multiple election cycles. Final take away, find your own truths, not the propaganda spouting from both sides.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Extremists on both sides are constantly ruining everything for the vast majority of us that are somewhere in the middle.
    • The Horseshoe theory is playing out before our very eyes.

    • Yes. Specifically what I usually state is this:

      10% of the population that's too far right and 10% of the population that's too far to the left ruin everything for the 80% of the population that's in the middle and can generally figure things out. Unfortunately for the 80%, the 20% of the population that are the extremists usually have the loudest voices and the biggest bank accounts.

  • Hepy82
    They love the attention, even if it is mostly negative, their just narssastic ego maniacs who love creating drama and division.
  • not329446
    It's like Ocasio said it's all about the Benjamin's.
    Millions of dollars are being spent to keep movement going. Wall Street is overjoyed. Never let caos and disaster go to waste
    Personally I think your post hits the nail squarely on the head.
  • marmalade5628
    Bullshit, your out here asking for people to be more critical and logical yet you still refrence religion (which isn't logical at all!).
  • The_Other
    How do you know the political identities of the looters and rioters? Have you spoken to most of them?

    We need to stop with these STUPID labels and assumptions about what side of politics people are in.

    Labels aren't reality, its not black or white, we're all a mix of things.
    Oppotunism is not equal to being "left" or "right".

    A person that is using a protest as an opportunity to start a riot and loot is not a determination or what politics that person has.
    Otherwise we could spend time here talking about the politics of those violent gangs in uniform and badges that have also been caught on camera starting violence against peaceful protesters too.
    • standingUP

      No hard working American would ever dream to destroy personal property that did not deserve it. Or adopt a false cause. It is the left that is so rattled with fear that they spinelessly exhibit hate while calling the other side hateful , lmao dumb. but comical. The world needs people like you to laugh at.

    • The_Other

      Give me a video of you discussing with any of the rioters about what political identities they have, then I might maybe take you seriously, otherwise everything you just said is rubbish.
      You silly assumption is that only the right are hard workers, get out of here with that nonsense.

    • standingUP

      show me you check stub and we'll go from there

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  • jamesgoldman
    1% brain... that's a mighty compliment to give to the left
  • Police brutality and a corrupt, predatory criminal justice system that preys on the downtrodden to pander to corporate assholes. It's not the BLM has been "taken too far", it's been pushed too far.
    • It's not *that BLM

    • standingUP

      coming from a white guy not fly enough to wear a black guy cloths. flat rimmed hat how original. time to grow up and realize you have no game when you follow the trends.

    • @standingUP That was fucking weak -_-

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  • michael1469
    The left goes crazy when the right has there head up there ass they can't see.
    • standingUP

      There is nobody on the right being crazy. you cannot do a stupid act then point the figer at someone else. YOU DID IT., All's you are implicating is that you are full of fear, and most of is fed by media. It's not even an issue you cared until it became the trend. We've been watching how the left reacts to every fear laced topic that arises out of nowhere and NOW you are all the sudden OFFENDED? lmao dumb.

  • QueenOfBaku