Hilarious photos which prove that Victorians were not as serious as we think


For a minute, I forgot that I was looking at dead people. That realisation really moved me. And it's heart warming, how those people seem so happy. That really was a pure era, when people got along with each other and had more love and compassion towards each other. Looking at those photos makes me feel like we have lost something precious and that precious thing is warmth. Nowadays, people are just too judgmental and sarcastic. Nowadays, humans are more difficult and complicated than ever. For example: cyber bullying didn't exist in the old days. Nowadays, we have strangers trolling each other over nothing. Social media is humanity's enemy.

Hilarious photos which prove that Victorians were not as serious as we think
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  • Grond21
    I think each new era loses something precious from the previous and gains something precious and new. You're right, there was a certain amount of innocence back then. It wasn't universal obviously, but it was there. But look at us. You and I are conversing and we live on the other side of the world from each other. My best friend is someone I met online and also lives in the other side of the world. And yet we are still best friends. How crazy is that?
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  • zagor
    I think the reason cyberbullying didn't exist was technical, not due to some gentility that disappeared.
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  • Smashingdoozy
    These are sweet however there was a reason why most photos people weren't smiling. Obviously cameras were a reletavly new thing and taking a photo was kind of used instead of painting. In paintings it was seen as inappropriate to smile.

    But I don't know about that era being more pure. Women had no rights.
  • Thatsamazing
    There's no "nowadays," man. People have always been judgmental and sarcastic. Social media have simply made the problem more visible, and perhaps a little bit worse, but the problem was always there. "Cyber bullying" didn't exist, you're right-- real, awful, physical hazing and bullying did instead, which is even worse.
  • constant_freeflow
    All I am saying is I hope my good side is captured in history say 300 years from now
  • Jjpayne
    It's fun to think about the old days. :) just watching the little women movies can remind us of that silly humor
  • Guanfei
    The thing is, at that time, taking a pic was kinda expensive. It was also much more difficult. So when you could have one, you wanted it to be the best possible.
  • Daniel3035
    Ummmmm I kinda get what you're saying honestly the 60-70's were the best but you see I'm not a fan of being spanked or caned by my teacher or parents. I honestly think a paedophile invented spanking.
  • torgor67
    Yep because we view the Victorian times from the serious pictures and not look into it more people will think that the era must've all been serious due to what is taught at schools which can misrepresent an entire generation in my opinion which could lead to misinformed opinions which can lead to even more problems so its always good to dig for the truth as while it can be hard labour the riches of the truth buried under the lies can be more precious than anything that society can offer. Good take!
  • chris0977
    Where is the evidence these weren't altered? Or is this just a blind assumption thing?
  • GreenGold1992
    unless they're photo-shopped