What the hell is happening in the USA?


Okay, so I hate generalizing but honestly, USA has gone crazy.
I mean, I just don't get why people are so??? Entitled???
Like you don't want to wear masks cause that is neglating your "free will"??? This is a joke right? Are you genuily telling me that you'd rather spread the virus rather then be safe because you are offended??? Go fetch, you swine.
And Karens, oh dear God, what's up with that??? Like, who the hell raised this people. I feel sorry for their kids.
But hey! Since a lot are anti-vaxx, then they won't have them for much longer :)
by the way, Obamacare was a godsent and you guys blew it. As a person who comes from a place with a healthcare policy similar to that, I can't express just how usefull it is.
Also, the new thing, BLM. I don't get what people are so against it??? Is it difficult to understand that your skin colour doesn't matter? That we all deserve respect??? I'm not saying that this is an excusive American thing, it's just that movement has gone wild there.

I swear, I have no idea what to even say. Oh and Trump can go suck a big one.

#AmericaHasGoneCrazy #WhatTheHeck

What the hell is happening in the USA?
What the hell is happening in the USA?
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  • nightdrot
    A little historical perspective helps.

    In truth, we've been here before. In the 1960s and 70s, we had an era of race riots, a low intensity war, campus radicalism, assassinations, populism, "do your own thing," and political extremism. One need only mention Kent State, the SLA, the Black Panthers, the Kennedy assassinations, and the Martin Luther King assassination, Charles Manson or the year 1968 to be reminded of the recent past.

    Then there was the small matter of a civil war. Four years of war fought to the nth degree. The result was over 650,000 Americans, killed at each other's hands. That is an ocean of blood that Americans did not even match in either world war, indeed in both world wars combined.

    Speaking of which, there was the country during World War I. Aside from an unprecedented curtailment of civil liberties by the government, as Americans watched warily for German spies, there were cases of mobs tarring and feathering those they thought guilty of siding with the enemy.

    Even in World War II, the so-called good war, when Americans were united by Pearl Harbor, there was bloodiest race riot in American history in 1943. Also in 1943, the United States lost more hours of work to strikes and other labor unrest - some of which became violent - than in any other year in American history. This, when the nation was rallying to defeat the Axis powers.

    That is not to say that these are not difficult times. Certainly the effects of technology may be magnifying some of the splintering forces in the culture. That technology makes every event seem larger and unprecedented because we just don't read or hear about them, but see them. Further, the technology reinforces a ethic of instant gratification and puts every person in their own mental universe.

    This has created a cultural environment of mutual incomprehension, heightened emotionalism and the discounting of reason over feeling. The latter being a problem in the best of times, but in the current context it is arguable that the nation has conferred upon itself more rights than it can handle.

    As Burke said, "Men have no right to that which is not reasonable." A difficult argument to make in a culture that is ardent about rights, but no so much about responsibilities.

    Still, as Adam Smith said, "There is much ruin in a nation." These things come and go. The tumult of the 60s and 70s gave us the relative social peace of the 80s and 90s. We've been here before.

    The same applies to the world. Imperfect beings cannot - and never will - create perfection. Ever it will ebb and flow. Again as compared to what?

    Is the world more or less "messed up" then when Jews were being thrown into ovens and humans were killing each other by the thousands daily. Again, perspective helps.

    Besides, as John Cardinal Henry Newman said, "Spring passes into summer and through autumn into winter. Only the more surely, by its ultimate return, to triumph over the grave toward which it resolutely hastens from its first hour. We mourn over the blossoms of April because they are to whither. But we know that withal that April is one day to have its revenge upon November, by the revelation of that solemn circle that never stops. Which teaches us in our height of hopes ever to be sober. And in our depths of desolation, never to despair."
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  • Anonymous
    I'm not American, but I'd say that you're the crazy one. You can't see that the agenda is really to take away your freedoms, and you're telling people who think that their freedom is important that they're entitled.

    The mask does fuck all. Studies have shown that they don't prevent the spread of the virus. What's more, the death rate from the disease is actually comparable to the flu. So you're calling people crazy for not wanting to wear a mask, which doesn't even work, to prevent a flu-like virus.

    That's because you've been fooled. People like you are so gullible that you can be convinced to beg for your freedoms to be taken away while you browbeat those who aren't and call them crazy.

    It's also not just about a mask, it's about the slippery slope. If they can force you to wear a mask, and you comply, they can force you to do almost anything. They can tell you whatever they want to tell you, you'll trust them because they're in a position of authority and you're gullible, and you'll just accept it. Whenever they say jump all you'll do is ask "how high?" The more people do that, the more they can run roughshod over all of your rights and freedoms.
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    • ILoveAnime

      I'm the guillible one? You are the one fooled by fake news. Check yourself, boy

    • Anonymous

      You are, yes. Mainstream news is fake news. It only exists to shape public opinion.

    • ILoveAnime

      Bitch, I ain't even American, you think I watch their news?

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  • 1truekhaleesi
    I'm sorry we're such an embarrassment to the world and democracy. I knew Trump was a bad choice but slipping into a tyrannical government didn't even make my top ten list things Trump would do to the US.
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    • ILoveAnime

      As John Mulaney sayd "Trump is like a horse loose in the hospital. No one knows what will happen next, much less the horse".

  • WildButterflyKiss
    You need to listen to both sides of the news. Turn off CNN for two weeks. Open your mind to the other side.
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  • front2back
    The argument on masks and personal freedom can be shot down from an early 1900's Supreme Court case where a man argued he could not be forced to be vaccinated by the government. It was found that during a public crisis, certain personal freedoms can be limited by the government if it's a clear benefit for the population. If the government has a SC case saying they can force you to be vaccinated, they can certainly force you to wear a mask.
    However, while I do wear one, I have severe doubts on how effective these dinky cloth masks are based on previous scientific studies have shown they're only a little effective at best vs a medical grade mask like a surgical mask. Better than nothing, of course, but not enough for me to conclude wearing one when you aren't showing symptoms or know you haven't had contact with infected will do all that much. It's a desperation tactic.

    For the BLM movement, I'll try to keep it as diluted as possible as to not cause a firestorm in my comment feed, but I have no issues with idea of the movement itself. Police brutality in the United States is a real issue and I do not care that most cops are good, the issue has yet to be solved effectively. If anything police have been getting more aggressive the past decade than the opposite, and black people are more often the victim of it than other races. However, the organization of BLM and the corporate pandering for BLM I don't care a bit for. At some point you have to start doing Olympic level mental gymnastics to justify the riots, attacks on innocent people, arson, justification for communism or other radical left-politics, and the idea that the only way things can improve is if people in the majority willingly give up their jobs and any sense of safety.

    Either way, of course shit is going bad his year. Anyone with a brain predicted it would last year, though lung herpes pademic wasn't on my list. Oh well, things will collapse, eventually things will go back to normal, people forget, life moves on imuntil the next crisis.
  • Browneye57
    You don't know what the fuck you're talking about. The scientific FACTS are that masks DO NOTHING. They don't block you from spreading the virus, and they don't block you from getting them. A layer of cotton (or whatever) fabric simply does not block particles of anything the size of a virus.
    Go back to your cave. Seriously.
    • Hahaha if I were you, I’d really wear a mask, you’re clearly on the at-risk age range!

    • Browneye57

      @BulletproofNY - I do where I have to. This whole thing is a fucking joke. You can riot and shoot people, burn buildings and tear down statues, but you can't have a beer at a pub, or go to church.
      What a fucked up mess. And everybody lies. They're either incompetent, ignorant, or both.
      The numbers are jacked up. You can't believe anything they're telling you. They all lie.

  • JackSmy
    WOW!! Being from Portugal, what do you really know, RIGHT NOW, about the US, except the BULLSHIT YOU SEE IN NEWS!!
    I'm right there, where the RIOTS started, and it is NOTHING like what you think you know!!
    If you want to talk, that's great, and I would be happy to!
    But I am offended at how you posted this, assuming, and being half a world away!!
  • MissDawn7961
    I am an American and live in the U. S. A. ! do not concern yourself with my country , just yours ! thanks
    • ILoveAnime

      Kinda have too, you know. Only one world and all that. Don't really want a nuke sent to somewhere else.

  • scarlett774
    America has been going down hill ever since they elected the biggest idiot ever into the White House. Trump made this country a laughing stock to everyone else.
  • must be a Canadian , where you to jail for free Speech. USA is going to hell because of Liberal policies. If no nuts Biden gets in we are finished. I predict $0 dollar within 2 years.
  • Trooper205
    Excuse Me... I seem to have entered the wrong room.
    • ILoveAnime

      You're excused. You may leave if you wish

  • Adam1978
    Odd selection of bad things, neither of those would be on a list I would pick when it comes to bad things about Usa, but of course most of them are not news they have been around for ages.
  • mrgspoter
    I'm worryed about humans I don't think we can survive ourselves people are too selfish greedy and close they mind off to the reality of what we have become.
  • kespethdude
    I swear that my words are coming out of your keyboard here, good job!
  • Snakeyes7
    No one even knows anymore because the MSM refuses to cover the obvious destruction.
  • 3dbrah
    I'm under the impression that its a Communist revolution akin to 1968 revolution.
  • msc545
    Welcome to the results of uncontrolled capitalism and the resulting GROSS inequality.
  • RolandCuthbert
    We went crazy four years ago.
  • Virgo31
    Think this is what you call the apocalypse
  • Conspiracy_Theorist
    Great take loved it
    Amen sister!!! 😂✌
  • Anonymous
    there’s going to be a lot of people in politics who get arrested/ indicted. Some governors and mayors will end up making license plates for some time for the Pontiac unemployment line. Governor Newsom looks like a dick, so because people in California aren’t believing covid or his lies he punishes them by releasing prisoners, and is using other people as a scapegoat like a true racist that he is. Keeping people under house arrest for three months, and turning a blind eye when protests erupt, then he blames owners of small business like hair salons. A democrat bartender gets shut down. A democrat gym owner gets shut down, etc... He’s like Stalin when Stalin has to use Trotsky as his scapegoat. People in California don’t take politicians like Newsom serious please. Anyone else watch the show supernatural? Newsom looks and reminds me of the villain Dick Roman.
  • Anonymous
    First off you should do some research. Sure we have the covid floating around. But I'll tell you right now it's not even close to what they say. You probably believe in that white privilege too, dont you? There are more whites that live in poverty then blacks, more whites in prisons. I've never been handed anything. And cops would kill me just as quick if I was an idiot. All you gotta do is shut your stupid mouth when they detain you
    • ILoveAnime

      Of course not. I said that I stand with the BLM, what I didn't undertand was why people were against it. I don't know how you got it confused.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not against it, cops dont have a right to kill anybody. I dont feel I'm entitled to anything. I dont wear the mask for 2 reasons, it's hard to breath, and I'm kinda fond of breathing, and the Corona virus is bullshit. Iymta real, but its not as bad as they say. We've got, what millions dead from it already? Who are these people? I've asked a lot of people if they knew anyone who's gotten it, everybody says no. A few people say yes they know a person. You ask that many people and at least half of them should know someone. I'm sorry for flipping on you

    • ILoveAnime

      It's fine, however please take covid-19 serious. It might seem like it's all fake propaganda but I can asure, it's not. If it was then the doctors wouldn't be working like slaves at the hospitals and having to wear a lot of protection to do their shifts.

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