What is wrong with our society and this election

please read further to understand why i have anti-democratic party sentiments
please read further to understand why i have anti-democratic party sentiments

I haven’t been very active politically for the last 4 years or even before that. It is my fault that I never really seriously considered the issues, but I do have quite a few friends who have graced me with some of their comments and original thoughts over the years.

This is why I don’t support the Democratic spin on things:

I feel like the Democrats want you to believe that everyone else is responsible for your success or the lack of it. Don’t have enough money? It’s because you’re black. Can’t get a boyfriend? It’s because men are neglectful and abusive. I also think they use these negative generalizations to control other people’s perceptions and get themselves elected.

Alternatively, this isn’t a question of pointing the finger at different parties or at each other or your internal racial, social, or other group affiliation: *this is about removing the need to point the finger at all.*

This is literally crazy. The Democrats have got us all pointing the finger at one thing or another that none of us can be really responsible for our own fate or fortune anymore.

Did someone make a mean comment at you?

Hold the government responsible! Hold the mean man’s mother responsible!

But isn’t it better to learn how to play off someone else’s hostility? This is a mark of grace, charity, and wisdom: not viciously attacking the other person back (unless they’ve made it their life’s mission to destroy you, of course) or running off to blame and catcall the government for somehow being made to responsible for a random negative social event which happened to you 10,000 miles away.

I feel like if we keep the Democrats in power, this is how our society will crumble.

The only thing people will learn is to play better victimhood games, and not to take personal responsibility to correct, stop, or fix problems themselves.

The negative social interactions you’ve experienced is never because you never learned how to take care of the ugliness that’s inherently part and parcel of living in this world— it’s always because some group or people or race is out to get you.

In psychology this is called paranoia.

Unfortunately, I also don’t know a lot about Trump, but I do know that anyone has the right to say mean things about people who are saying mean things about him. I am not saying that Trump has always behaved perfectly in the past, but accusing him of rigging elections and all other kinds of sordid things is a little disrespectful, and I also think somewhat biased because even if he did do something “not completely right,” I’m sure his enemies behaved similarly or even worse.

What is wrong with our society and this election
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  • nonratracereality
    Since you cannot see all three points of answers especially again since you went one way and not the other. Looking at from one view look at it from all views but there'll come a time when assumed answers and limitations judgments and decisions will force you to maybe see the truth. No mention of Republicans. Also men dint know what women are going except for some of us who are open minded and can see the real truth if humanity not prerogative or privilege. If we all can share and understand then we can be if not then there's a problem either we all get along with all our differences because that's what this country is about everything coming together but everybody is not on the same page. Example if you are Caucasian you'll NEVER understand the plight if everyone who isn't white. Also men don't have periods but we know how it is and vice versa. You dont have to watch your back or have a manual like a language book to translate. It's like being a bug you have to be careful with all the predators outside that you do not become someone's prey and in this instant negativity burnt of negativity joked or racism on all levels not race but sex finance, intelligence responsibility and maturity. Grow up and see the whole world not just what's in your neighborhood. It takes a lot to learn takes no time not to.
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  • Gravit1
    Trump represents conservative policies and the Extreme Left Democrats hate him for it. They've been trying to remove him from office at every turn from his first inauguration with various hoaxes. If he wins his legal battles and gets re-elected they'll result to more violence. They hate the voice he brings to conservative values. They are trying to eradicate those values because those are in their way for complete power. They cheated in this election, but if the legal system proves honest Trump will win.
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  • DizzyDesii
    I dont recall anyone trashing Trump befoee he was prez. He was just rich with appealing hotels and everyone wanted to be on The Apprentice. So I don't know where all that came from. He started talkin noise first when he got more power. And then people started talking back. Now i admit the people are overdoing it but he's also egging em on. Both parties are in the wrong in my opinion
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  • The biggest problem with the democrats is that their ideology is full of hypocrisies. They frequently preach “equality” all while scapegoating certain groups as “privileged”.
  • VanillaSalt
    I voted trump so I’m biased but I will say this... democrats scare me. What they wanna do makes me willing to go to war against them. I’ll vote for a fucking ham sandwich before I see Biden in office...

  • Heavenly_
    Great take, i guess being fair should be enough more than some equality shit lol
  • Cryptic-Game
    I hate when democrats take over. That is why I voted Trump. Donald Trump is literally the best president America has ever had.
  • Grond21
    You're certainly not wrong on any of this
  • OddBeMe
    You’re not smart enough to understand liberalism.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    I enjoyed this post.
  • Anonymous
    Liberals act on emotion, not logic, their feelings stand over everything else, this is the future of society, sadly.
  • Anonymous
    You elect a mentally ill criminal like Trump, you get chaos and destruction.
  • Anonymous
    You are correct many democrats are paraniod of Trump. They also go out of their way to say mean things while calling themselves "The party of Tolerance". This is called Trump Derangement Syndrome or TDS.