HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.


I came a cross a question on GAG about Indian war paint.

It made me wonder about my own Indian heritage The Taino Indians. The post was quite an inspiration. However it was sadly deleted or it glitched on me. Of course it was my luck to find out it was deleted or it glitched after I took a whole day of working on it and I had hit the submit button. Luckily for me I had saved my work. I decided to share my opinion post as a MyTake about my indian Culture based on the inspiration from that particular post regarding war paint..

I must say I knew Indians wore war paint but I never stopped to wonder what the paint may have meant. Her post made me realize how naive I have allowed myself to be in regards to this part of history and of the native lives today. I was left with so many questions.

I realized I never dug into my own background. My family never spoke much about our Taino indian past. I know we have Taino in us but my family were more prone to speak of our “pure” Spaniard routes. Some of my family rather claim they are strictly from Spain but all my life I was told I looked indian. Deep down I knew I was more than Spaninard. It doesn't take a genius to know we are actually a mix of spaniard Taino and the Africans brought over when the Taino slaves began to die from fighting to defend their land, diseases and hard labor due to being enslaved.

I decided to pull up my DNA chart.

My Dna breakdown shows the interesting mix. I was a little off on my numbers when I relayed my DNA to people I spoke with but only by 1% or so.

HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.

The post about war paint opened up an awareness for me. I need to know more about my Indian history. I owe it to my children to teach them of their past so we do not lose the culture. It was once attacked by settlers and it keeps being attacked by our naiveness of the past.

HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.

So I looked into the Tainos from Puerto Rico. The Tainos are a subgroup of the Arwakan Indians. They called our island Boriken. They lived in caciques (huts) and survived off the land by fishing, hunting and they were very skilled in agriculture. They were very spiritual they prayed to a couple deities or gods. They were polygamist in the sense men and women may have had many spouses. The men and women painted themselves on special occasions. Both wore earrings, nose rings and necklaces. Some were made of gold. That darn gold was one of the reasons the settlers stayed and took over. It is one of the reasons Puerto Rico was named as such. Puerto Rico means Rich Port.

HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.

The men usually went naked or wore a cloth somewhat covering their bottom parts like a loin cloth. Unwed women wore headbands and went completely nuded. Married women covered their genitals, with cloth or palm fibers. The length of the Tainos loin cloths distinguished rank.

The Tainos were bronze in color, about average height and size, with dark flowing thick hair and slightly slanted and arched dark eyes.

What do you think? Does my indigenous genes show?

HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.

I looked into the Tainos face paint and I found they used minerals to create face paint. They made black yellow and red paint by scraping these minerals against rocks and adding water.

Here is a link showing it being done.


I wanted to give the look a try myself. I cannot say if it is exactly what the Tainos did but I felt it gave me a connection to my past. I had fun trying it and enjoyed the look. It filled me with heritage pride.

HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.

I'm not an expert by any means in Taino history or even Puerto Rico's history but this was more of a MyTake on me exploring my past and what I found I hope you enjoyed it.

I want to thank SECRET

the maker of the post who inspired me to look into my past a bit more. Her piece was truly amazing. I am not sure why it was deleted or perhaps it was just a glitch on my end but regardless I think the war paint history post would make for an amazing MyTake. I was so moved I disappeared for more than a day from GAG to research and share my own Native past.

HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.
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  • Lliam
    Nice Mytake, meetkitty123. Great topic.
    I love anthropology and especially cultural anthropology. It's tragic how many indigenous cultures have been lost and continue to disappear.

    Where I now live in Northern California, the indigenous people who once thrived were completely wiped out after the discovery of gold. Fewer than 1% survived. Those who did intermarried and assimilated. Some of them in recent years have begun exploring their lost heritage and trying to rebuild it. But only bits and pieces remain and they actually know little about the culture aside from language and a few traditions.

    I'm of Irish heritage and have studied ancient Irish and Celtic culture. It, too, has been lost to the ages and only fragments remain. There are those who would like to rebuild it, but it's impossible when so little is known. Any traditional culture that we rebuild will only be an approximation. It will be something completely new and different.

    I admire your curiosity; the pride you have for your lost heritage. I hope you succeed in learning more.

    Regarding body adornment. Every culture has different traditions. There are still indigenous cultures in the world for us to learn from. I would seem that, contrary to Anglo-American belief, body paint was not just applied for war. Sometimes it is for adornment, similar to the way we use certain clothing, makeup and hair styles today. People who don't feel a need to cover themselves with clothing often make themselves attractive by using body paint and jewelry/accessories. It seems that homo sapiens have done that forever.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Im am currently trying to convince some family members on my mom side to take a DNA test that i will pay for so I'll can complete my mothers paternal line. Im hoping to fine my native American line.

    • Lliam

      Good luck with your research. All the indigenous people of the Americas had rich histories.

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    I loved this. It reminds me of my own past too. To think that most of my DNA is Native American even though I do not look it. My ancestral tribe originated in Zacatecas. But what also blew my mind is that I also have blood from the Vikings, Celts and Scots. 😄HistoryTake: Indigenous heritage of the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.
    • DNA break downs are so amazing. It is awesome to learn of our past.
      I couldn't quite see from the picture. What was you native percentage?

    • 23% Durango, Zacatecas and Chihuahua
      20% Ireland and Scotland
      14% Eastern Hungary, Eastern Slovakia, Northwest Romania, and Western Ukraine
      10% Italy
      7% Spain
      6% Germanic Europe
      5% France
      4% Basque
      3% Baltics
      2% Senegal
      2% England, Wales, & Northwestern Europe
      1% Greece and Balkans
      1% Yucatan Peninsula
      1% Cameroon, Congo &Southern Bantu
      1% Norway

      There you go lol i just wrote them all out. I guess the picture got fuzzy. I even have some African in me. Lol

    • Wow thats an amazing mix

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  • Tstrbrainer
    Cool, and yeah, those pictures gives you an Indian look.
    I don't know much about their history.

    That DNA test is a new thing for me. How does it work?
    • Buy an ancestry DNA kit register it online and answer the questionnaire then spit in a tube provided in the kit and mail it back.

    • Sounds good, I need to check if it's available in my country

  • mrgspoter
    That's cool would like to look into the DNA thing of myself how do you go about that, and the paint looks good not sure how them people actually looked to know if you do though
    • I use 23andMe
      I also think you can use ancestry. com

    • mrgspoter

      And it's reliable information too, does it show a lot of information or cost much?

    • I usually get it around holidays when I buy it for family members cuz you can get it on a sale such as mother's day Father's day Christmas those sort of holidays
      I did manage to find a legit one on eBay and I bought it for my daughter

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  • This was so awesome! Thank you for sharing your family history and heritage with us! :)
  • alance99
    You look very pretty in that look and your MYTAKE is knowledgeable, i had never heard of Taino Indians before 🙂🙂
  • larry69
    This is a very nice take. I will need to re read so I can comprehend.
    Lots of great pictures
    • Thanks.
      I hope you do re-read it when you are feeling alright.
      I just might request an entire book report from you lol. 🤣 If you plan on going Latina it would make fir some interesting conversation if you know of their past
      Homework assignment for you

  • Awesome take:

    Too many people think that the Tainos are "extinct" :(
    • It lives in some of us. But if we dont learn about them and teach our kids their past then they will be extinct

  • Bhavin2184
    Nice take..
  • Guardian45
    "https://m. youtube. com/watch? v=qFd0g1LHF-c"