LaVena Johnson's story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.


This story pisses me off and why I'll never join the Army, but let's get into it.

LaVena and her family grew up in Missouri. She was very smart and an honor roll student. She wanted to go to college but actually told her family right after high school, she wanted to join the military. This way, her college would be paid for. Her family didn't have a problem paying for her college, but she wanted to go out of state for college. Her dad was a veteran and she wanted to follow in his footsteps off and take initiative and be more independent.

LaVena Johnsons story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.

Lets fast forward to 2005. LaVena was stationed in Iraq. She was a private first class in the United States Army. At this point, she had only been in Iraq for about two months. She would regularly call home and she called home often because she worked in the communications building. She would also write letters. She always sounded upbeat and positive in her letters. She never gave the impression that something was off. She did mention that she and the female soldiers felt disrespected. She said the male soldiers would call them a "sol." That is a slur that means half of a soldier.

LaVena and her father
LaVena and her father

On July 14, 2005 LaVena called home and told her dad about her day. She said she was locking up the communications building but the other soldiers weren't listening. They were just ignoring her and being disrespectful. The general showed up and ended up having to kick the soldiers out. The general didn't get upset at the soldiers but instead got upset at LaVena for not being stern enough. LaVena's dad got upset at the general, remember he is a veteran, and he felt the general shouldn't have spoken to LaVena that way given that she is a private. LaVena's dad told her that she needed to get a battle buddy.

A battle buddy is someone with you all the time and has your back all the time. She told her dad that she didn't feel comfortable asking for a battle buddy because she didn't want to ruffle any feathers or make it seem like she needed help. LaVena's father said he would give her time to step up and ask for a battle buddy or he'd do it himself. It later came up that perhaps the reason LaVena didn't want to speak up was because she had been recently sexually assaulted in the military and was being treated for an STD as a result from the assault. It's unknown who assaulted her. Her family didn't know at this time that she had been assaulted.

LaVenas family being presented with a flag. Pretty disrespectful given it was the military that covered up her death.
LaVena's family being presented with a flag. Pretty disrespectful given it was the military that covered up her death.

Something was obviously going on where she didn't feel the need to speak up and just wanted to lay low. Three days after talking with her dad about battle buddies, LaVena called home saying she might get to come home early and she'll be home around Christmas time. Unfortunately that was the last time her family spoke to her. A few days later, there was a knock on the door. It was a soldier who came to tell the family that LaVena had passed away. Her family is in complete shock. Her mother is inconsolable and her father wanted answers. The soldier slipped and said she committed suicide, he then attempted to backtrack.

Vanessa Guillen. Military tried to coverup her death from infamous Fort Hood.
Vanessa Guillen. Military tried to coverup her death from infamous Fort Hood.

LaVena's parents got a phone call the next day to better explain what happened. LaVena's father is more stoic and stone faced, he steps up to ask answers about what happened. Phone call said LaVena had a normal day at the communications building. She got off at about 4 to 5 pm and locked up the building. She then got in her physical traing clothes and went down to her physical training. LaVena never showed to her physical training so someone went looking for her. Eventually she was found in a contractors room, in a pool of blood with an arm covering her face. On her right side, is a pile of burned papers. On her left side is a green cot and on the other side of the cot, is a M16 rifle. Right away, I think if she killed herself, whats with the burned papers and why is her rifle so far away from her body? Before her body was sent home, the Army did an autopsy and her death was ruled a suicide.

LaVena Johnsons story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.

The Army said she burned notes from her boyfriend who she had been dating for 6 months and shot herself with her own M16 in her mouth. The Army sid she killed herself because of issues her and boyfriend were having. The Army urged them to do a closed casket because her bosy was in such bad shape. Her parents went against that and did an open casket and I'm glad they did.

Right away, her father notices her face is in pristine condition. Also, her nose appeared to be broken and shifted, buthtat someone tried to pop it back in place. LaVena also had bruises and cuts on her face and lips. Her teeth had also been knocked loose. LaVena did have a small bullet wound on the left side of her head. LaVena is right handed. Also an M16 is huge. Her dad has experience with guns from his time in the military and he could tell right away that the gun used was a 9 mm. But wait there's more.

LaVena Johnsons story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.

LaVena's family noticed that her gloves had been super glued to her hands. The funeral director said gluing gloves onto the hands isn't a thing. I think the gloves were glued on, so they couldn't get DNA from under her nails. Obviously this wasn't a suicide. One thing that bothers me is that a rape kit wasn't done. LaVena's family knows the Army won't give them answers so they hire a criminal investigator.

They finally receive documents and crime scene images but it's obvious the US military isn't cooperating. The Army sent the most grainy, xeroxed photos that all you can see is shadows. Documents confirmed that LaVena had no gunpowder residue on her hands, witness statements confirming she had been raped, and was being treated for an STD from her rapist. This is the first time her family heard she had been raped. In the documents there is a random paper of a xeroxed CD-rom. People speculate this was a mistake and someone was trying to give the family a hint.

Gregory Wedel-Morales. Another coverup from Fort Hood who is infamous for homicide coverups.
Gregory Wedel-Morales. Another coverup from Fort Hood who is infamous for homicide coverups.

The Army fights them on this and says they must go to court for this CD-rom. The army says that there are other peoples names on the CD-rom and they have a right to privcy but that makes the family want it even more. Army tellls them to get a lawyer. Her family one upped them and went to a congresswoman for help. With the help of Congresswoman Lacey Clay it takes two years for them to get the CD-rom. It had the crime scene photos, LaVenas body when it was first found, LaVena's body before, during, and after the autopsy, all in color and good quality.

In the photos, you can see she had been hit with a blunt object in the face and her elbow was popped out of place. Her backside was covered in mud, dirt, and debris like she had been dragged. The photos also show a blood trail coming from her tent and burn marks on her hands, her back, and bruising on her stomach. That is not even the worst. Someone also poured acid on her genitals. Meanwhile the Army is like, Suicide. Case Closed.

But wait there's more. The CD-rom also confirmed LaVena's tongue, anus, and vagina had all been cut out and that wasn't reported on the autopsy report. LaVena had such a bright future and she only joined the Army to go to school. In return, she gets murdered and her family is called crazy and dismissed. Side note: I find it interesting that she was found covering her face. Of course she could've covered her face as she was being beat. Also, if someone close to her was responsible for her death, they would likely cover her face. Psychologically, they wouldn't be able to stand looking at her face as she lay there dead.

LaVena Johnsons story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.
LaVena Johnson's story. *spoiler* It was a military coverup.
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  • Why would an enlisted boot have such contact with a general? I’m a Marine Corps vet, and would never dream to have a conversation like that with a general lol. There’s something called Chain of Command.

    Also, if that’s true, then she should be punished if her soldiers are not following her orders. She needs a stronger presence, because in combat, this is required. Life on the line if you possess an inability to carry a commanding presence when in charge.

    You can most definitely kill yourself with an M16. It’s a large and heavy rifle, but it’s more than achievable.

    Why was the man who sexually assaulted her “unknown”? That’s fishy to me. She was sexually assaulted but didn’t mention who did it to anymore before she died?


    The story sounds unlikely and untrue tbh. I skimmed through it, so maybe I missed some parts. There are just so many things conflicting. There would be so many things preventing this. It more than likely sounds like a typical military suicide. Couldn’t hack it, got in her head, and offed herself. People love conspiracy theories.
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    • I don't have the energy to argue with you and you're a gross person. That's why I never date military or police officers. Did she pour acid on her genitals and cut her own vagina and anus? An M16 would've blown her head off. And you protect our country? Wow I feel so safe.

    • I don’t understand why questioning the legitimacy of such far fetched claims is gross? If that’s legitimate, then that’s heinous, and an absolutely disgusting crime. I just see a lot of holes in this story, so it doesn’t seem legitimate to me. An M16 wouldn’t have blown her head off lol. It fires a 5.56 and while that’s a powerful round, it wouldn’t blow her entire head off.

    • Clearly you didn't read the my take. Her face was in good condition and had a very small bullet hole. Why are you still talking? You clearly don't know enough about this to have an opinion.

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  • Waffles731
    With all the sexual assault revelations about the U. S U. S Military, sometimes I wonder if there is something my mom isn't telling me
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    • I feel the same about my brother who is in the Air Force.

    • Why do you say that? Is your mom in the military

    • Waffles731

      @SuccessfulHornDog she was, both my Parent's are Ex-Air Force.
      They met while stationed in Texas

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Mystic_Nova
    It's why I think women shouldn't join the military and such.

    They love to preach how the army and such are United and fight for each other, yet they dont respect their female soliders. They are people are going through the same shit they are and are risking their lives just like the men. Calling women half soliders, raping them and not even listening to their orders. It has nothing to do with her presence, she can be as stern as she wants, she can't change her gender. Men are to disrespectful.

    So, if they think men are so much better and can do a better job, then let them be the ones dying for the people they THINK they are protecting. And I say THINK because they dont even respect the people thay are fighting with them.

    Why fight for a country, who soldiers and many citizens, think you dont belong there🤷‍♀️
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  • Apple1996
    The military loves covering shit up. Trust me I lived in fort hood for 3 years and there was so much that happened there that never ever made it to the news. It's really sickening some of the things I thought were just rumors that turned out to be true. There is a lot that civilians have no idea about so I get why they dont release more info.
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  • Chikky
    Wow, that's a terrible way to die tbh, I pray she finds rests and her killers killed that same way too. They all deserve her fate even much worse
  • simplelikeme
    Regardless of what happened nobody should have ever died and everyone involved should be held accountable for this action.
  • mrgspoter
    That's sad a hell, it's why I have problems with women being around dogs that's trained to kill and not care about it too much
    • mrgspoter

      I wish men didn't allow outher guys to be this way how do they do it is beyond me. It's kind of obvious that guys like this will be in military but there should be enough decent men for this to not happen at all anywhere.

  • Wow i hope and pray this family make good policy changes in the Army
  • Oram52
    It is sickening it is years now we've been hearing about these revelations, and cover ups. Still nothing substantive is being done about this. These women are trying to serve their country and deserve better. Regrettably LaVena is not alone, its been happening for years. Its just covered up.

    I hear things like oh just report it and it'll be dealt with? Everyone is to blame, military, politicians and us civilians. And its not just women just to clarify men have also suffered sexual violence and rape, though majority regrettably do tend to be women.

    It needs to stop. Military needs to be held accountable, they are suppose to set better example for everyone else. These women are trying to serve their country, they deserve our respect and admiration.
  • LuvMeSomeBoys
    Where did you get this info?
    • The LaVena Johnson documentary.

    • This is dated info. This story grew legs and added elements with each telling of it. The case has long been resolved to the satisfaction of the Johnson family, who live here in my hometown. Nobody else matters. Let’s let the family have some peace.

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  • Dragonstarterplus
    Our Black women are soo marginalized it's sad
  • maadison
    my heart breaks for shit like that.
  • Agape93
    Rest In Peace, lavena