Men are not less empathetic than women!


Most of the time, when we think of empathy and emotions, we always see women as having more of it. But why do you think that is? A lot of studies have concluded that women seem to be more empathetic than their male counterparts. But listen to this...

We might conclude from this that females are indeed more empathetic than boys. But the difficulty is that this study (like most studies on empathy) relied on self-report: Participants simply reported how distressed they felt or how easy or hard it was to see things from the other person's perspective.

When physiological measures are taken, however, these sex differences tend to disappear. For example, in another study, male and female teens gave self-reports and had several physiological measures taken while they viewed animated clips depicting people being hurt. Female participants scored higher than males on self-reported empathy, and this sex difference increased with age. But no sex differences were detected in blood pressure, heart rate, or pupil dilation—all measures of emotional responsiveness. These results suggest that males and females feel the same thing, but report what they feel differently.

Source: Are Males and Females Equally Emotional?

Yes, they are
Yes, they are

Studies made on emotions and empathy most often depend on how the person describes themselves instead of what they actually feel. We humans are very biased on the way we feel, most of the time we label ourselves as less or more emotional than we actually are, and this largely depends on what gender we belong to. Most of the time, men seem to say that they're less emotional than they really are, and women seem to report that they're more emotional than they really are.

As you can see, these studies that have a black & white view of men and women are often very biased and don't truly examine where these differences even come from or explain what actually happens in the brain, they only rely on self-reports. Not the best way to come up with scientific results, in my opinion. It's largely known in the psychology & scientific community that the thought process of humans is affected by their culture, so why would we rely only on self-reports to come up with scientific conclusions? It almost seems redundant and repetitive, like we're going back to square 1.

Men are not less empathetic than women!

Men are not less emotional/empathetic than women

A lot of people say that men are too logical to understand a woman's emotions and needs, but she's as much of a human as you are, and you're not as logical as you think you are. She experiences human emotions, human thoughts, human viewpoints and she also makes human mistakes, just like you. She is not an alien from outer space, you're just overthinking and overanalyzing what she truly means when she says "I need space" or "I'm fine".

Both genders get attached to their corresponding gender roles

Okay, so here's another more confusing fact. Men and women have specific roles in society, but mostly they are subconscious and involuntary. We as humans underestimate the level of influence these roles place on our behavior and thought process.

If society says women are more emotional and men are less, then women will act accordingly and men will also act accordingly, even if they are both equally emotional at a physiological level. This is why it's not a good idea to do research on this topic by asking people about their feelings and level of empathy. They will be biased most of the time, I promise you that.

As society changes its mindset, humans also experience changes in their thought process and behavior
As society changes its mindset, humans also experience changes in their thought process and behavior

100 years ago, it was seen as strange for a woman to wear pants. 100 years ago, homosexuality was seen as a mental illness. As society's perspective evolves, human beings also change and we start to see the ignorance of the past. People in the future will look at us as ignorant for thinking women and men differ in their emotions/empathy solely based on their genitalia and biological sex.

If you're a man, embrace your human emotions. You're not more feminine for crying, you're not less manly for showing vulnerability, compassion and empathy.

If you're a woman, don't believe the people who say you're overreacting if you're just giving your civilized, reasonable opinion. Don't listen to the ignorant people who say you're being irrational if you're only expressing your perfectly logical thoughts.

Conclusion: YES, some people are more "emotional" than others, but it's not based on gender... Human beings are more complex, and boxing people into two categories as if it were *that* simple is only creating more ignorant stereotypes and biased expectations.

Have a good day everyone! I hope you liked this take :)!

Men are not less empathetic than women!
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  • anonChineseMale
    Yeah, this kind of the bias we grown up with through story telling and media in general. The ideas of how different men and women are from one another beside the biological stand point is kind of ridiculous. The problem is multifaceted. In the early age of science, media, historical story telling, religion, and other belief and ideologies. The separation of men and women is everywhere. Yet we are probably most likely psychology similar to each other than we think of we did not have such influence from our upbringing or history or consumption of Media. While there are some psychological difference, I don't think we could ever reliably measure it. As shown in your example. I think it would be best to bridge the gap and overcome the bias we have towards each other. Yes there are differences but I don't think it should be a large or various as it is today. The gender roles and social... Norms of what a man or woman should be or should do or should act is probably what is hurting us the most.

    Specifically that men should be bread winners, be the first to initiate conversation or dates or express love to initiate a relationship, etc. And for women that it's not all about looks, character and personality can go a long way, seeking help is fine however I want to encourage women to try first. I seen too many women just delegate problems to men because that is what men do... Fix things or drive or pick up. Etc. Both of us can do it it just we are wired to think that only women sow or patch up clothing. Men can do it too. Literally anything you think a man or women should be able to do is false, both of them can do any job or task.

    As for emotions I think we need to see more of both sides. Men expressing emotions and women being hero's or more can do attitude. Dramatizing it is not doing to be easy because it has to be entertaining to capture audiences but hey the new kids will like anything so... Hopefully someone out there is working on it. Also I don't think we should separate men and women in sports. But that's a different conversation.

    I love the post. It really got me thinking.
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      This is from Hormone and gender dependent differences in empathy:

      Aim Pg.4

      AIM:The principal assumption of this study was that endocrinological therapy has a psychological effect; Or more precisely, that estrogen and testosterone exert specific effects on our empathizing abilities, as we demonstrated on female controls (FC), male controls (MC), male-­‐to-­‐female (MtF) and female-­‐to-­‐male transsexuals (FtM).

      Results pg. 4
      "Further, we found that the female gender (FC and MtF) was predictive for better empathy performance in the Interpersonal Reactivity Index."

      "Two different cross hormone therapies provoked two opposite performances in transsexual participants, while a lack of drug intervention in the control group resulted in steady outcomes. We found that before treatment testosterone had a dampening effect in FtM on affect intensity and on emotional susceptibility. Diametrically opposite, MtF increased the intensity and expressiveness of emotions, especially of love and happiness contagion during cross-­‐sex hormone administration."

      This is an interesting statement for transsexual people. Biologically they are still Female or Male going into what they feel is the right gender. The controls have not taken any hormones. The Female control group and Male to Female group scored higher in empathy. (the Male to female are still biologically male). So for females transitioning to be more male like took a test and they found before the hormone treatment that "testosterone had a dampening effect in FtM on affect intensity and on emotional susceptibility." However for the Males transitioning to females had the opposite effect. Their emotions and expressions became more intense.

    • What about it? The question wasn't about trans people.

    • What is the point of that quote?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • HowAwkwardToBeAlive
    I think society just raises men to be lead emotional because they make it seem like guys have to be strong and strength is all about not feeling when in reality strength should be about accepting your emotions and being honest with yourself.

    Most of the men I live seem to be a lot more emotional then me and I always think it’s very cute because they even cry more than me, but that doesn’t bother me I like to see gender roles destroyed.
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    • You sound very condescending towards the men you live with.

    • navyrobin

      @ThisIsMyOpinion I don’t think so. It seems like she’s just saying it like it is. My dad is more emotional than me but I love him and we have mutual respect for each other. Not a condescending thing to say.

    • @ThisIsMyOpinion um, how? I’m saying men should be able to be emotional without stereotypes that tell them to hide their feelings? Wtf?

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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    It's simple men are very much capable of expressing but the way they might express it would not look empathetic as compared to women.

    As men rely in immediate fixes and long term solutions.

    For example if a girl falls walking in a street at least 10 men would come to her aid but If a guy falls I think hardly even 2 would come😂.

    Men are kinder actually in many different ways they are good at deciding value for money so that every other person gets the value for there effort.

    The prob arrives actually is that women rely on men so they have to take appropriate charge and maintain balance so they had to be protective and possessive of there family and assets.

    If he Is not and shows concern or love and be quite empathetic she will just call the wuss, pussy etc..

    If men are soft they loose value sooner or later bc now the responsibility of the house securing would be on them.

    It's a deep ditch and hypocrite world so wouldn't go to deep into this stuff lol
    • navyrobin

      I hate women who don’t appreciate men’s natural humanity

    • VIVANT

      There’s no way anyone who is not a sociopath, would not come to rescue someone who hurt themselves.

      As far as men caring for women... Women are raised with the task of acting for everything that moves. Even the jerks are Exposed to this. I Can not think of any culture this is not the case. I don’t think many people are aware of how many ways a person can be protective it isn’t simply young and getting jealous or varying a bat.

      I think being dating is an ability that most people posses. Whether they put it to use or not.

      Everyone is empathetic unless they actually are not as in they are clinically sociopathic. which is maybe 1% of the population.. but being empathetic, it doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole. Unfortunately.

    • There was even a social experiment done on streets that while a man was abusing physically a women, men women came to rescue of her, but vice versa when women hit man and abused verbally and physically people laughed and took video only a handful of people that is men and very lesser women that to old aged cane to help of the guy if you don't believe do social experiment yourself lol.

      I do agree everyone is empathic and I believe even sociopaths are empathetic in there own ways may be not to humans but any other living creatures.

      Women are raised as such bc they have natural leaning towards empathy nobody can raise empathy in a person it should be already present

      While men are hardened so they learn to suppress it were women are allowed to be more caring nurturing and soft if a guy is soft he is called a pussy wuss etc etc.

      Honestly tell me if you would date a guy who had feminine qualities acted more softer like he wants to try your dresses and make up but is straight
      But performs his every other duty would you even fall for them?

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  • Unit1
    You can thank the "men don't cry" toxic masculinity propaganda for that. That resulted in depression spiking and left uncured.

    And of course not having the money to see a physician and swallow anti-depressants. Nothing wrong with injecting happiness substances. I miss them.
    • navyrobin

      I'm sorry. *hugs*

    • navyrobin

      I always try to make guys I love and care for feel like they can open up and cry and not feel like they're less of a man just bc of that

    • Unit1

      Thank you 🤗

  • jgibsonian1986
    Men internalize their emotions. Women externalize them.

    Hence the idea that men aren't as empathetic as women. A man will probably get that same empathy, and do nothing about it.
  • KenReidCoach
    Love this! Men are certainly as empathic as men, but a lot of us have been heavily impacted by society and don't recognise the need to tap into our emotions rather than trying to bottle them up or try to run away from another's emotions as well. We tend to choose flight over responsibility for our actions and that can be a real challenge for us.
  • tofamous
    Load there are distinct differences between man and woman physically Yes OK so why is it that a woman can carry an 8 pound baby all day long and not break a sweat but you give that same I pound baby to that big burly strong man of yours crying like a little baby within 15 minutes it's too heavy take him O Because when he handed that baby to that big burly man of yours it's out of his realm he's not designed to carry a baby But I pick up 300 pounds of concrete both hands and picking up to his chest and put in in the magma's truck and do that all day long My wife now my ex wife when we 1st got married she had a very good job at green nursing was making big money and the long story short 6 months later as baby you don't have to work no more if you don't want to that's your call what you want to do and I so she then we did research and we found out that the top women a fortune 105 100 companies have a big hole inside them the biggest regret in their life was not be in home being a full time mother and a wife No I'm not a male chauvinist pig and no I'm not racist but let's face it a motorcycle design from 1 to 2 people not to Hall and 80000 pounds of fruit loops By way all life matters quick being racist And you know what We should just recognize Hey we're all victims Verne's own stupidity and we all have this in front of us I am 80% of my problem that's pound the low side Don't wear that shirt you were in do you realize it took 500 people to get you that shirt home I does America Taylor made or what I've 100 people minimum we need each other we need hugs we need to hear the words we need to feel a touch Real men do cry Real men do suffer the loss Of their. still stillborn baby
  • jshm2
    You used a lot of words to say nothing.

    You could have simply stated that old gender tropes are not established in facts.
    • navyrobin

      It’s called a myTake for a reason.

  • igaveyouanickname
    Many moons ago in middle- and high-school, I was an emotional train-wreck due to undiagnosed depression, ADHD, anxiety with stuttering, and an unstable father at home with screaming histrionics. Oh and I was gangly, obnoxious, and had public crying spells. That relegated me to the outside of the outside with only 2 friends.

    At least I never got beat up because the other boys were afraid of me, although I wasn't interested in sports.
  • Massageman
    Great points. And, I would tend to go along with that thinking, too. Guys have it in them: it just has some trouble coming out (don't read anything into those last two words).
  • NatalieKeller95
    this all goes back to ancient world mindset, of Men are supposed to be warriors and bear through all the pain and grief unshaken, while women are supposed to be healers, caretakers, to keep the moral of everyone up during tough times, a lot has changed since then, but in a way I'd say both genders are capable of being either more or less empathetic
    I think it just depends on the individual. People often like to clump things by groups or genders however I see men and women more equal than the majority so, that I believe we are completely the same, minus the anatomical differences. And the chemical difference that may dictate how a gender may respond to a situation. So really it's just a different angle of approach when it comes to the chemical differences.
  • I never assume anyone is or is not empathetic. We don’t know anything about anyone until we know them. Empathy does not mean kind or caring or nurturing.. it means the ability to relate to others. Even if a person can relate to others there is no guarantee they will use this ability in an altruistic manner. Master Manipulators, are highly empathetic.
  • This take is well written girl! I'm glad that you mentioned this as society labels men to be weak when being empathetic. I genuinely believe that vulnerability has nothing to do with gender.
  • ahmadali01
    If society says women are more emotional and men are less, then women will act accordingly and men will also act accordingly, even if they are both equally emotional at a physiological level. This is why it's not a good idea to do research on this topic by asking people about their feelings and level of empathy. They will be biased most of the time, I promise you that.
    • navyrobin

      Why did you copy what I said. Lol

  • I think we are all same. It’s just society expectations that men should be that way woman should be this way.
    • navyrobin

      Yeah it sucks. Human beings are more similar to each other than we think

  • ChefRon
    Men are just as empathetic, were just much less vocal about it because its frowned upon. "Toughen up young man!" Its not right, but its the truth.
  • Celtero
    Lol, I'd rephrase that as "Women are not more empathetic than men." Because most people aren't empathetic... they can be good at faking it, but empathy is a struggle for most.
  • startingfitness
    this is true.

    But telling men to cry is still bad advise. No one respects men who cry and women aren't attracted to men who cry.
    • navyrobin

      I didn’t say you should cry. All I said was to not be afraid to express emotions, which can be in different ways. What I’ve noticed is that being that men are equally emotional, they usually express it through violence or drinking, smoking, overindulgence of any other kind like gambling. It’s their way of escaping from crying or seeking therapy

    • Well, those are some of the ways which seem acceptable for men to express our emotions. But ok lol no one smokes to release their emotions. Unless we are talking about the green stuff.

    • navyrobin

      Yes, people smoke to release their emotions. Lol maybe you just haven’t met a lot of people who smoke?

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    there's a difference between emotional and being empathetic.
    emotional just means that you have feelings.
    empathetic means you understand what the other person is feeling.
    • navyrobin

      Not exactly. Empathetic means that you feel the other persons feelings,
      which is related to emotions.

  • soleil6997
    Certainly equally emotional and equally empathetic. Men tend to make more moves, women tend to make sure they are available for male moves, and welcoming of them, when they care
  • Syrian_survivor
    I think both sexes should have control over showing their emotions to some extent, fully putting your emotions out there for literally anyone is bad for you
  • Madmegalomaniac
    Agree for the most part but this (sort of but not really even a disagreement):

    "If you're a man, embrace your human emotions. You're not more feminine for crying, you're not less manly for showing vulnerability, compassion and empathy."

    in my opinion, we simply express our feelings differently. Sometimes via aggression, other times through silence.

    Also, part of "not crying" has more to do with the fact that crying won't improve the conditions of the situation, but sitting down and thinking calmly about whatever is making you sad, probably will.
    • navyrobin

      Crying is an expression of your emotions but it doesn’t make you more or less emotional. You may express your own feelings by internalizing them instead, but you still have the same physiological response as the woman next to you. The thing is, people associate crying with being emotional and the reality isn’t as simple as that.

  • jabariw18
    From my experience, women have more empathy for other women, or children and animals. Men have more empathy for everyone.
  • Gigglytr0n
    I find that I am VERY empathetic towards children but practically not empathetic at all to other adults
  • They're just not very expressive, yeah?
  • jmstarling
    So much of our societal attitudes about the differences between the sexes are rooted in stereotypes and prejudice more than they are in reality. Socrates was asked about the difference between men and women, and his answer was "one begets, and one bears." When pressed for further differences, he denied that there were any. Of course, he was executed (coerced suicide) for his beliefs. Human beings are complex and very different from one another, and these differences don't fall readily along lines of gender stereotypes. I heard from a friend about an Asian man in his neighborhood that has twelve kids but whom people thought was gay because he's gentle and mild-mannered.
  • mrArcher
    Wow, thank you.
    Coming from a woman, it's much more reassuring.
  • Ranasal_Gansen
    Hooray for empathy
  • hfxfhjkko
    Thats true men have feelings too
  • Bigdaddy1992
  • Anonymous
    Women are also good hypocrites unfortunately men are brutally honest.
  • Anonymous
    On average, you are just factually incorrect.
    • navyrobin


    • Anonymous

      Emotions are not just physiological responses. They are also cognitive appraisals of your experience. Your study findings only demonstrate a similarity in physiological responses.

      Sources: two-factor model of emotions.

    • Anonymous

      Also the study probably didn't investigate responses to a vast breadth of stimuli.

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  • Anonymous
    Women view themselves as more empathetic. That’s all.

    They might be more sympathetic.
    And they are certainly more emotionally reactive, so that seems more like where this mistake comes from.
    • navyrobin

      Men also view women as more emotional

    • Anonymous

      It’s a bit nebulous, but are they wrong.

    • navyrobin

      According to science yes...

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