Why I'm pro choice and you should be too.

Why Im pro choice and you should be too.

I saw a YouTube video of the cutest little baby boy drinking milk from his bottle. He was adorable, but it seemed like no matter how cute, loveable, and innocent the baby was- I was still pro abortion and nothing could change my mind. Here are a few reasons why I'm pro choice.

1. People's negative opinions on the poor. Most people on this site say that healthcare should be a privilege and only given to those who can afford it. Unfortunately, a lot of women who want abortions are poor and or in a abusive relationship. Does it really make sense to prevent poor women from getting abortions AND stop them from going to the hospital and getting medical care, causing the baby to suffer?

2.. Being an unwanted child really fucking hurts.

When my mom was 31, she gave birth to my brother and my brother passed away after a freak accident. My parents sued the hospital and got over 100K. My mom still wanted another child, but my dad didn't. After pressuring him, she got pregnant again. And here I am. Growing up, it was painfully obvious my dad didn't want kids and only did it for my mom. My dad was barely around me. Forcing people to keep kids they obviously don't want or aren't able to care for will harm the child and have long lasting affects.

3. To save children from suffering

Sometimes the child's mother isn't fit to be a parent. Abuse, drugs, diseases, and it's best for the mother to abort. You could say put the child in foster care, but even then the child still has a high chance of being abused and even raped.

I'm not saying that mass murder is okay and that women shouldn't be responsible for their actions, I'm just talking about the long term effects. This world is a very cold place. Most people are only out for themselves. People who are pro life don't adopt kids, don't go out to help foster kids, they walk pass the homeless man on the street, yet, they still call themselves heroic.

Why I'm pro choice and you should be too.
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  • nightdrot
    The interesting thing about this is that its' solution to the problem of suffering children is to kill them. Not sure that works too well. Moreover, it conduces to the convenience of the individual doing the aborting but treats the child as mere instrument. As a cultural, political and even individual matter, that is highly problematic at best.

    The British statesman and political philosopher Edmund Burke wrote, "The effect of liberty to individuals is that they may do as they please. We ought see what it will please them to do before we risk congratulations." Therein lay the problem with laws that permit abortion on demand.

    A society that premises its law as "Choice"- to use the locution of abortion rights advocates - effectively leaves open the question of the value of human life. It becomes not a standing principle, but a subjective judgment to each individual. In such a society, human life becomes not an end in itself, but mere instrument. Life becomes not an object whose preservation is the highest standard, but rather a convenience to be maintained or not according to the satisfaction of another's will.

    We shape our laws and then our laws shape us - see also the civil rights laws of the 1960s which have effected a revolution in race relations. (The idea that a black man and a white man cannot sit together at the same lunch counter is as alien to this generation as Neptune. Yet in 1965 it was pretty much the norm.)

    Inherent then in the pro-choice argument is the idea that life has no value save that which each person chooses to attach to it. It denies society any authority to make a collective judgment on such questions. Therefore, in this view, the law may not afford protection to life except at some arbitrarily defined (and inherently subjective) point.

    This then conduces to an assertion of power over rights. Life is maintained not as its own end, but according to the will of the person who, effectively, controls it because they can. An ethic of convenience is established and it is a slippery slope on which to build a culture and a legal edifice.

    Such a society will not value life that sees life as not an end, but as a means to some other end. Indeed, that is why at about the same time as the culture began to shift on the abortion question we also saw a rise in child abuse, spousal abuse, divorce, out of wedlock births and other social pathologies. These were not unrelated phenomena.

    Aristotle said that the first questions of politics are, "How ought we to live? What kind of a people do we wish to be?" The implicit answer of those who support abortion on demand is, in effect, that it is nobody's business. Predictable results follow. One cannot expect the society to absent itself from collective moral judgments on the value of life and then expect an ethical social order to result.
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    • Anonymous

      Well, I didn't ask to be born. I wish I wasn't

    • nightdrot

      Well, then, this piece seems to reflect your personal anxieties and not a generally applicable, let alone desirable, moral principle around which to organize law and society. You need, at least, to separate the two.

      As to the personal, my sadness at your unhappiness and I would urge you to seek out help. There is nothing wrong with doing so - any more than it is wrong to go to the doctor when you have the flu.

      My sincere wishes that things may improve for you.

  • Anonymous
    I will support "pro choice" when it also means men have a choice as well. That is, when men have the legal right to absolve themselves of all legal, financial and parental responsibilities associated with a child they fathered.

    The vast majority of abortions happen because the mother is not ready or in a position to be a parent. There is no reason men should not be able to exercise the same right, for the same reason.

    The only caveat I would add is that men should only be allowed to exercise that right within a certain period of time after the beginning of the pregnancy, say 3 months, so the mother can make an informed decision about whether she wants to continue with the pregnancy knowing she will be a single mother, or exercise HER choice to abort.

    That is fair, and until men have "pro choice" too, I will not support it for women.
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    • Anonymous

      Something I forgot to mention. Currently a pregnant mother is not legally compelled to tell the father he has fathered a child, which is morally wrong. It should be a legal requirement that the father be notified as soon as the mother knows (if she knows who the father is),

    • If the government should stay out of a woman's uterus, that same government should stay out of my wallet when it comes time for child support. If a woman has a right to abort my child with out my input, I should have the right to refuse paying child support.

      Isn't the issue "pro-choice"? Well let's level the playing field for all.

    • Anonymous

      @DreamCatchcer Exactly, well said brother!

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  • hahahmm
    I’ll be pro choice if the woman’s identity & decision is public info. Because if it’s a good decision then there’s no reason to keep it a secret anymore than the state keeps executions secret. And i’m 100% serious. I agree that a woman’s body is her domain. But she shouldn’t be free from all consequences like a guy being able to decide if he wants a woman who’s had 10 abortions for example. Or finding out that the woman he’s emgaged to had an abortion while they were together without telling him.

    Let’s add on to that: the dad should have the right to financially “abort” and disown that child up to 5 months after he’s first told about the child. If the mom wants to wait till the kid is born to spring child support on him woth her secret pregnancy it’s on her. He still gets 5 months to decide.

    Going back to the reasons you gave to be pro choice... We could use these same reasons to abort adults. Say an older woman can’t find a man: she’s unwanted. If the government or ex husband is paying all of her bills then why not flush her down the toilet too? Just curious why you draw the line at helpless babies.
    • Anonymous

      Interesting for next question

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow you sound pretty sexist.

    • hahahmm

      Studies show single moms are twice as likely to have mental health issues. They also show that women acting like men (career focus) have physical problems due to their bodies generating more testosterone due to stress. Nature is on my side.

  • Wewladdy
    1. If you can't afford a child dont make a child.

    2. If I dont like someone, I can't murder them, next.

    3. Murdering someone is the opposite of helping them lmao.

    Take responsility for your own life and quit worrying about murdering babies to compensate for your shit choices.
    • Anonymous

      I'm a virgin. I never had an abortion

    • Anonymous

      And don't plan to

  • DreamCatchcer
    So are you saying solve our problems by limiting how many children a couple may have. Don't forget China's policy was to abort female babies as a form of population control. Sounds a bit sexist and totalitarian also.

    Okay. Let's play your game.

    You gave a list of all the ills of the world. Okay. Abort babies to solve that problem.

    Now if a mother has a 5 year old child and find herself in financial hard times, should the solution be to kill her child? Problem solved.

    Let's talk about heath care.

    End of life care tends to be the most expensive. My mother just past. She was in a nursing home the last couple years due to dementia. The cost was was $10,000 per month. She had a decent retirement income because she worked all her life. She had Medicare. She sold her house a few years back so she had a pile of cash stored up.

    Her bills blew through that money in no time. Medicaid picked up the difference. The point is this. we were waiting for her to die as the system sucked up her assets. Don't give me the bullshit that healthcare reform will fix everything. It won't. I have a financial background. When she was in the hospital it was a 24/7 operation. Employees, doctors, you name it. The nursing home it was the same thing. I could make a good guess by adding up the expenses I saw in the care of my mother. "Reform won't cure health care costs.

    So I propose this question to you. If killing the unborn to save resources and future misery, why not have euthanasia. It would save billions of health care cost and misery.

    You need to think your proposition from both ends of the spectrum.
    • Anonymous

      I support euthanasia

    • Anonymous

      Who wants to live a life of pain

  • Liam_Hayden
    The divide between pro-life and pro-choice should be simple. If you believe that what is in the womb is a distinct human you should be pro-life. If you do not believe that then you should be pro-choice. If your view is counter to what you actually believe you are a hypocrite.
  • captain_voidwalker
  • Not_Average
    There's always adoption. I personally can't come to a place in which I can rationalize taking an innocent life like that. Also, with all of the options of birth-control... there's really no excuse anymore. They often hand out these options for free if you're poverty stricken. If you can't access it, then wear a condom? If you don't have a condom, then don't have sex? I mean, there's very little excuse in my opinion. If you're that stupid to not take responsibility when having sex at all, then have the kid and put it up for adoption.
  • John_Galt
    I’m not telling other people how to live their lives... I’m just responding to the post

    to me, none of those reasons gives anyone the moral right to end another human life. You don’t get to unilaterally decide that someone else would be better off dead... then kill them. if you decide that you have the moral right to do that, why stop at babies? what about mentally ill people or drug addicts or people in a comma or on a ventilator? They are obviously suffering. Let’s just kill them!!!

    No, to me all human beings have certain unalienable rights. Such as life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness! I don’t get to just decide on another persons behalf that “you know what... your going to have a crappy life and I’m sure that you would rather be dead!! So I’m gonna go ahead and make that choice for you and kill you”!!
    • Anonymous

      I don't mind dying

  • allaboutyou2
    Adoption is a far better solution than an abortion. There are many couples out there who can't have children of their own and would love and cherish the child that an abortion kills.
    • An abortion isn't supposed to be a convenience for irresponsible people.

  • memer2020
    honey i was pro choice long before the word was invented

    i must say quiet brave of you to make this MyTake

    proud of you keep it up
  • joeldalton
    Lol, you don’t get to tell me what I should be. You sound bitter about your childhood and are projecting that on the topic.
  • Looks like you are too scared to reveal who you are because you are ashamed and know that abortion is really wrong. If you had been pro life, I seriously doubt you'd stayed anonymous.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah I guess. People would be like she has depression so of course she'd agree with abortion she's sick

  • Ryfyle
    I'm pro choice, but not for the reasons you would like to hear.
  • I don't want to burn in Hell for eternity. Sounds like you do.
    • Anonymous

      In some cases the bible supports abortion

    • No it does not. Another atheist liberal rewriting the bible to fit their narrative. Have fun in Hell.

    • Anonymous

      Exodus 22:21-24,

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  • Bluemax
    I'm already pro choice
  • Kaneki05
    Can't change the minds of idiots. So don't try lol
  • MountAverage
    I am firmly pro-choice.
  • Waffles731
    I'm pro choice already
    Not your body not your baby not your right.
  • Nachowedgie
    No thanks, I don't support murdering children
  • Anonymous
    Liberals are stupid and I don’t respect respect them.