Why should The Right Concede Anything?


So I saw Stephen Colbert getting all weepy about Muh American Values, and it hit me. Why should the Right concede anything, in all seriousness?

After Trump won in 2016, how did the Left react? What were some of the peaceful, American loving ways respecting our great traditions and establishments and freedoms? To look at a couple examples:
Like declaring the NRA and it's members are terrorists?
Like declaring Trump is an illegitimate President?
Cheering when their brownshirt corps Antifa physically attacks anyone who dares have a legal rally they don't like?
Black power militias literally holding military parade in the streets and publicly and explicitly threatening to attack the city they are in, without consequence?
Don't forget 2020 and how the Left cheered the mobs on as they roamed cities attacking people, looting, burning down buildings to terrorize their enemies into submission.

Why should The Right Concede Anything?
Why should The Right Concede Anything?
Why should The Right Concede Anything?
Why should The Right Concede Anything?

And NOW the Left wants to speak of American values? Why exactly should the Right concede anything? How is any attempt at literally anything not completely justified at this point by the Right? There is no "American values and decency" for the Left to speak of anymore and the Left has already given a preview of what to expect if they regain power. Donald Trump could literally deploy the military and declare martial law at this point and it would be justified against the violence the Left has already carried out this year alone.

Why should The Right Concede Anything?
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  • Jonasindia
    Y'all need to take a breath and chill. Don't let extremists on both sides drag us into our 3rd Civil War. And if you get that excited over politics and politicians then you are, by definition, an extremist. Most normal people just want to survive COVID and get on with our lives. Normal people go for days, weeks, and months without thinking once about politics and politicians, until somebody comes up and rubs it in your face. Then you try to remember who that was so you can vote against them next time. Government isn't good or bad, left or right. The only government that works is the one that nobody is watching. It's the people who pick up your trash, provide water to your flush toilets, and keep the power going to streetlights and stoplights. Government is the people who maintain the roads, cook hot meals at your elementary school cafeteria, and clean the classrooms at your State University. They buff the floors in your county hospital, treat you in your county ER, and pick up the dead bodies when the extremists get out of hand. They help your kids at school crossings and make sure the lights work at railroad crossings. That's government, folks, and we hope and pray that they keep doing it. And they generall don't give a c__p about left or right. There is also going to be someone managing it all. Either they will be people you elected or, as in most of the world, people who elected themselves. I prefer the word hated by all extremists. I prefer the compromise of letting everyone vote on them and live with the results. I know that all of the people who work under them just want someone qualified to do the job that isn't a complete dick. You really can't say that about most extremists.
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    • unfortunately the stupid magatards will put is into a civil war. luckily they will lose since the rest of the world hates them.

  • Kaazsz
    It’s not the right we need to worry about conceding. It’s the leftists.

    There’s two groups on the left. Liberals, aka democrats, aka neoliberals, aka support a regulated capitalism.

    Then there are leftists. Aka college educated leftists who have been taught capitalism has zero justification and socialism and communism is the way to go.

    If you ask me it is those people who we need to worry about. And we need to worry about them because the liberals are slowly bit by bit conceding to leftist beliefs.

    Of course, it seems to me that they think the leftists are no threat. They think they won’t ever give up on freedom. I don’t know about that lol.

    As the left becomes more left the right needs to become more principled. Right now the right plays on the left’s turf and the right already strays from principled argumentation.

    So basically, socialism guaranteed. Our children are going to starve to death some day. Might be a few generations. Unless we stumble upon great thinkers who are able to convince people that freedom is better than socialism. Which it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.
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    • 19magic

      This just sounds like Britain tbh minus some of the violence

    • Kaazsz

      Same in Britain eh? I suppose I’m not surprised. I don’t know much about how politics are going outside the US though. But we share a lot of common ancestors in terms of great thinkers. And the same goes with philosophers of recent times who continue to write tons and tons of anti liberty and pro socialism stuff.

    • 19magic

      I don't follow us I see trump haters I hear about the tweets, but I'm inclined to believe the lefts are too much let's spend, spend, spend and get our country in debt but at least the teachers have their wages and rises and the whole NHS deal both good and bad. And the rights let's fix the mess of the lefts and just as they finish fixing the mess the majority goes to the left again to restart the cycle 🤷🏻‍♀️ most of the time I try not to get involved as my lifestyle and those around me don't change no matter who's in power so there's not that big a deal who's in majority

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  • Mishan97
    Hillary Clinton conceded the day of the election when it had become clear that she’d lost the electoral vote. If you read the article you linked, it’s clear that Hillary is referencing republican led efforts to suppress voters in poor and minority communities from voting and the misinformation campaigns on Facebook and other social media sites. She said these factors contributed to trumps win. She did NOT attack the legitimacy of our election process or falsely claim “voter fraud”. Trump is the first president in modern history to not give a concession speech. It has nothing to do with right or left. In fact, John McCain, a Republican, had been widely applauded for his very gracious concession speech in 2008. Trump IS attacking American values because the number one thing that is valued in America is democracy and by attacking our democracy and the integrity of our elections without any proof, he is insulting America. He’s a sore loser. Also please don’t be so one sided. You are bringing up riots etc as if many republicans didn’t riot and loot when Obama won. The left did NOT ever encourage rioting and in fact 90% of the BLM protests were peaceful. However, I do recall in 2016 when far right protesters marched in Charlottesville and ended up killing an innocent women. I also recall When far right Kyle RIttenhouse tried acting like a vigilante and committed cold blooded murder. There are examples of violence from both sides, so next time be sure to include examples from the Left & the Right.
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    • PeteyB

      1. It's an unofficial count
      2. Iirc California alone rejected more mail in ballots during the primaries than the USA as a whole during the presidential election
      3. While Benkert isn't at all a definitive measure of determining fraud it can point to statistical irregularities
      4. The left did encourage rioting. They both condoned and supported them.
      5. Even Trump denounced the racists at Charlottesville (https://youtu. be/JmaZR8E12bs 1:55 seconds) and the majority of people both rejected the Neo Nazis and far right while supporting the right of Americans to protest the statue removal.
      6. Agreed both sides have issues. I think the Trump truck that tried running the Biden bus off the road is a prime example of stupid people taking things too far and endangering the lives of others. I hope they are prosecuted accordingly.

    • @PeteyB what do you mean denounced the racists at Charlottesville? "good people on both sides" his most famous line that turned many of the people against him. How can you stand by this man.

  • 90sVibe
    The right isn't interested in tit for tat, all they want is a fair election which they've been denied so they will fight for equality and truth in this.
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    • PeteyB

      Just wanna say it made me really happy to see these opinions. In a society where disagreeing with liberal policies or candidates labels you a racist and worse it is nice to not be the only one paying attention

      -Former Liberal

    • I’ve been saying conservatives are cowards just letting the left walk on them and the establishment... of this makes them stand up and roll their big tank wheels over the left for stepping out of line then maybe this was a good thing.

    • Shamalien


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  • jshm2
    Because The Right has sparked and enflamed a lot of the "issues" it likes to virtue signal the left about.

    Also, The Right tend to get caught out for their lies very quickly.

    You cannot trust a person on the right, as they lie or bullshit every time they open their mouth.
    • Y2KxD

      "If you don't know if you are for me or for Trump, then you ain't black"
      "Poor kids are just as bright and smart as white kids"
      Oh and I forgot to mention... The crime bill Biden supported lead to the lock up of millions of blacks. So your side has all the racists. Sorry the media covers for them, and throws the evidence in the memory hole so weaklings like you blindly follow them

    • PERIODT. The only respectable man here

  • invalid1
    These things were done by normal people.

    But Obama did not say "heh, Hillary won. This is Fraud" I won't give up power unless supreme Court... Etc. He went next day and he said "it's OK guys.. Democracy is hard".

    Fuck politics. But I really admire Colbert. And have to defend his point.
  • PeteyB
    Just wanna say it made me really happy to see these opinions. In a society where disagreeing with liberal policies or candidates labels you a racist and worse it is nice to not be the only one paying attention

    -Former Liberal
    • You were never liberal stop wanting attention

    • PeteyB

      How on earth would you make that assumption? I was only liberal my entire life until 2016

  • FakeName123
    Rules for thee but not for me.

    They do that, because they now they have committed a lot of fraud and hope to pressure Trump and his supporters into giving up so it doesn't get exposed. It's essentially a big demoralisation propaganda campaign.
  • DreamCatchcer
    Trump can now claim the Russians are at fault for him losing.

    Hillary has been claiming that for four years.

    Plus, I still haven't seen any videos of all those redneck Trump voters roiting and burning down police stations. Why is that? The media claimed it would happen if Trump lost.
  • VanillaSalt
    Because the right isn’t the left... as long as votes are counted, all votes not post marked after Election Day, all votes with doubt have been confirmed then Biden’s president regardless... that being said our normal elections are over... fucking pigs in the media ruined this presidency regardless who it was and will butt into future presidency’s. On that I say I’ll straight up assassinate any mfer that tries to take my rights Biden, Harris, police, trump idc. Come for my guns, my job, my freedom and I’ll end you.
    • FAKE NEWS. y'all were going to complain regardless, but don't worry I'm pretty sure another white supremacist will run in 2024 :)

    • @Froyologirl Ok first fuck you ;). Don’t make me get your guys montage from Hillary’s failure. Second trump will be there and you suckers won’t get away with cheating this time around.

    • no he's going to die or go to jail. It's over

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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    So by your logic, a few bad actors on the left JUSTIFY more bad actors on the right?

    You've missed the entire point Biden and Kamala are making.

    Both sides have fringe players that are extremist. Trump is dangerously extreme and dangerously close to a mental breakdown from what I can tell. His extremist rhetoric has torn this nation in half, and he's arguing (like you) for hell on earth if he cannot rule.

    The majority of Americans are SICK of this Hatfield / McCoy bullshit, and that's what our votes represented.

    Trump, Guilani, Barr, Mitch McConnell, and that sad sack mouthpiece Tucker Carlson spewing their hatred needs to stop. I will admit, Pelosi and Schumer need to go too.

    This type of hate is no longer wanted, and won't be tolerated anymore in politics.
    • look at the four trumpies who got their feelings hurt LMAOOOOO

    • @Froyologirl It's not their fault, they too are victims, they just haven't reached that conclusion yet.

  • Y2KxD
    Don't forget that Kankles McPantsuit demanded that Biden not concede under any circumstances. The left has brain rot, and wants to gaslight the rest of us to believe their delusions.
  • Froyologirl
    If you don't like it here then leave! I hear Russia or Germany is pretty nice
    • Germany is pretty nice, they have like 5 wks vacation a yr. Free healthcare and leadership that doesn't not act like a 2 yr old when he doesn't get his way.

    • PeteyB

      Says someone calling anyone voting conservatively a racist? You didn't like it here the past 4 years apparently. Why didn't you leave? I'm asking honestly. Why stay in America if half the population are racist? Wouldn't it be easier to live in Canada or Europe?

    • They are welcome to leave. I left for a lesser populated area in the USA.

  • Tamera952
    Yes simply because they lost. THE END.
    • Ogopogo

      The media doesn't decide this and neither do the candidates. The president is elected by the states, and ultimately the result is decided by the electors, statehouses, and possibly the US Congress. It is silly to wring hands over basically meaningless tradition that have no basis in law - the "CNN calling it" moment, the concession speech, the congratulations. None of it means anything by law until weeks after the election.

    • @Ogopogo The media uses the official numbers to "call it" because they always have. Trump and his followers had no problem with this when he won in 2016. In fact, he sat down with Obama on 11/10 to start the peaceful transfer. So now Trump and 49 million people are completely against a format they openly embraced only 4 years ago? Smells like something I stepped in recently.

    • Ogopogo

      @BeenThereLovedIt Hillary Clinton didn't contest the count in 2016, and the Democratic Party wasn't suspicious of it. When Jill Stein expressed reservations she got her day in court without anybody having a fuss over it, and serious people didn't question her motives. When Al Gore made an issue of the count in 2000, the media appropriately waited for the court cases to play out rather than to act as final arbiter of of the process. Most of the time it makes sense for them to call an election, because the projections necessary fall within their expertise, and involve only information to which they have access. When there are recounts and large numbers of contested ballots, ruined ballots, improperly handled ballots, and concerning issues with equipment or software, the media is way out of their lane pronouncing a winner.

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  • UncleJessieRabbit
    I'm right there with you man.
  • Anonymous
    Because Obama
  • Anonymous
    If we were smart we would end the left wing fascists on harsh terms. At least that radical 8% or so.
  • Anonymous
    They will concede because the right is weak.
  • Anonymous
    Cause they are losers.
  • Anonymous
    you're 100% correct. If Biden or Harryass actually do get into office I'll be shocked though. A big investigation is about to take place, and the way they're pissing their pants trying to cover things up, makes it pretty clear they are guilty.
  • Anonymous
    RESIST !!!