Happy international men's day everybody


Today is November 19 2020 today is international men's day .

Happy international mens day everybody

Sorry for being late today, I was a bit busy so with the time I have , I will make up for it in this short MyTake

Why do we need a day dedicated to men ?

A common question asked by women and even men, since a long time ago , women didn't have any rights and were held back from achieving their full potential .

So a lot of women can get a bit annoyed about having a day for men , since men hold majority of positions of power.

Men in almost all fields of professional are celebrated for their achievements that women rarely get .

So if men have it all, why have a day for them ? Is it to stroke our ego or fragile masculinity as many women have stated ?

If men are only concerned about a day for them only when women get a day .

Happy international mens day everybody
Happy international mens day everybody

Does that mean it has no meaning at all ?

Well contrary to what many believe, international men's day is required but for different reasons

International men's day tweets that prove why we need to talk about men's health

Mocking international men's proves that we need it

What do we do in international men's day ?

International women's day is the day where we honor and celebrate the achievements and contributions women have provided to society that is rarely recognized

So if international women's day is about celebrating women's achievements

What is international men's day for ? Men's achievements are celebrated every day so why have a day for them ?

Well this day is not to celebrate what men have achieved but rather talk about issues that men face but rarely talk about .

Every day we talk and support women for the problems they face in society

This is a mirror image of men's achievements being celebrated every day.

So we made a day for women to celebrate their achievements and we made a day for men to talk about their issues .

Now what are the issues that men face

Happy international mens day everybody

Now some of you might play the blame game . Since all these problems are caused by men , men have only their self to blame

This would be true............ if every single men are misogynistic incels

But that's not the case here is it ? some of these are caused by patriarchy

Blaming men for these problems will not solve anything, we know majority of our problems are created by men but it dosen't mean women all that innocent .

Even by the picture are one extreme issue that men suffer that no one ever talks about


Happy international mens day everybody

We all know it , we know the damage it does to the victim . But women make up majority of the rape victims right ?, why should we talk male rape when it happens so rarely ?

We have to talk about it because it's not as rare as people think it is .

Yes the no of female rape victims is more than male rape victims.

But the no of male rape victims is not at all a small number . I heard too many stories to believe the number is small

Same thing with female rape victims , even though it's high , scientists still believe there are more than the calculated number

Meaning there are possibly even more number of victims .

Rape is a difficult crime to keep statistics because it's the crime the victims are least likely to report due to fear of the rapist and backlash from society. Hence we don't know the exact number of victims

Although it is difficult for women to come forth , it's even harder for men to report it especially if his rapist is a woman .

This isn't to say that women don't face problems when reporting rape or isn't worth talking about but compared to men , men have it slightly harder due to society pressure and people find it even harder to believe men have been raped .

This is because society believes that rape only happens to women .

Another reason is the sexist view people have on men . Men are regarded as sex beasts always wanting sex very minute and hour .

This is one of the reasons why

1.women are blamed for being raped

2.Men shamed for being gay when raped by a man

3 . Men are congratulated or shamed for being weak when raped by a woman

4. And why we are telling women to be careful rather than tell men not to rape .

We know that rape happens more to women than men . We talk about it every day

Since we can't tell people to stop talking about female rape victims just to talk about male rape victims .

We made a day where we can primarily focus on male victims .

Ok I want to talk about two more issue here

Men expressing femininity

Ok I didn't want to talk about it since it doesn't seem much of a problem and thought it will just get normal by time .

But after seeing the backlash Harry styles got for wearing a dress, I wanted to talk about it .

So whats the problem ?
So what's the problem ?
Ben Shapiros and Candace Owens sexist
Ben Shapiro's and Candace Owen's sexist

The fact that the right wing people went crazy seeing this , is another example of sexism against men .

It is his body and his choice , he gets to wear whatever he likes just like women should be allowed to do the same . It's not my position to tell him what to wear .

If that's the case women shouldn't wear Jean's or hoodies since men wear it more often .

Why the double standards ?

Why only women are allowed to wear dresses and not men ?

how is it offensive ?

Why is it weird for men to wear a dress ?

That is exactly the reason why we should talk about it


Happy international mens day everybody

Remember when I said , that mens achievements are celebrated every day, well there is one situation where they aren't given much credit

It's being a father , particularly a single father

Happy international mens day everybody

All I hear is how they leave their kid behind , how they abuse kids, how incapable they are in raising a child etc.

Point is father have been given a bad image.

Father's are not being seen in the proper light as they should .

I'm not saying mothers don't deserve the credit they get .

I'm saying it's time we show the same love and respect we show our mothers to fathers who have done everything for us , making the sacrifices we never knew they made for us , for giving some of the happiest memories to us .


This day should be special just like women's day because we rarely talk about men's issues .

Even though men have majority of positions of power , it still doesn't mean they don't face problems based on their gender.

Talking and solving sexism against men will also help solve sexism against women even faster .

Unlike racism or homophobia, sexism is a double edge sword where both men and women are affected .

So solving both ends of the sword will lead us one step closer to gender equality .

This is my first time giving importance to men's day

I usually let days like go away and just move on with my day .

But after I started learning about sexism, I realised men are affected too and it needs to be discussed

Thank you for your time , if you feel I missed anything or made a mistake , feel free to comment about it

Till next time cheers

Happy international mens day everybody
Happy international men's day everybody
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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Great Mytake 👍
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  • Anonymous
    Cheers brother. Thanks for trying to bring some awareness to this. Sad this take is already a day old and so few responses, and not a single one from a female. Is it any mystery why gender relations are in the toilet?

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