Why Wales Owns America's Ass!

Its time to change the flag
It's time to change the flag

Since America is in such turmoil I thought I'd write a little mytake on how we welsh are to blame for all your troubles. Warning contains more triggers than Trump rally.


Look theyre using round boats what more proof do you need
Look they're using round boats what more proof do you need

Prince Madog and his mates settled in Alabama (no it doesn't explain Alabama's incest obsession) in the 12th century becoming part of the Mandan tribe who spoke welsh and adapted many welsh customs. Unfortunately they were wiped out by small pox but their existence was used as evidence of British ownership by queen Elizabeth 1 during disputes with spain. Although the evidence of this is debatable (lets be honest every country claims to have found America before Columbus) without it the British may never had a part in the early colonisation of America. It also accounts for a lot of the racism and persecution of native Americans at the time.


At least 5 of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Welsh or of recent Welsh descent, and there have been at least 8 US Presidents with Welsh ancestry, including Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, John Adams and John Quincy Adams. If we stretch the ancestory tree a bit we can include Nixon and Obama. Hillary Clinton also claims welsh heritage and she actually does look very welshy.


So it's fair to say we've had a long history of fucking your country up. Just remember the next time your shot because you split a guys pint it was the welsh who gave him the right to carry a gun


Bonus points if you can produce it
Bonus points if you can produce it

One of the memorial stones on the Washington Monument is inscribed with “Fy iaith, fy ngwlad, fy nghenedl, Wales – Cymru am byth” - My language, my land, my nation, Wales – Wales forever. However this is often mistranslated as "One Language; one Country, our Birthplace, Wales forever. It's a good example of welsh grammar and how words mutate according to the last letter of the previous word so be grateful we let you speak English. More importantly it cements our claim to your country.


They were a better class of gangster back then
They were a better class of gangster back then

Al Capone’s accountant Llewelyn Humphreys, aka Murray the Hump, came from a Powys family and at one point was America’s most wanted man. He took control of the mob after Capone’s incarceration. Apart from killing a few people he was generally a nice bloke.


Joseph ‘Job’ Daniels from Aberystwyth, West Wales, emigrated to the US in the 18th century. His grandson Jack went on to create Jack Daniels whiskey and inspired millions of alcoholics across the USA becoming the get pissed quick option of rednecks n hillbillies everywhere. Thanks to Wales millions of Americans go so drunk they voted Trump.

More recently, thanks to JD millions of Trump supporters were too drunk to post their vote.


The Hollywood sign girl
The Hollywood sign girl

Peg Entwistle a welsh actress from Port Talbot (Probably the worst place in wales if not the world, famous for the terrible smell of the steel works) became the first person to commit suicide by leaping off the H of the famous Hollywood sign in 1932.


Robert Recorde was the first person to use the modern equals (=) and plus (+) signs in a publication. Born in 1512, in Tenby (a popular tourist town called "Dinbych-y-pysgod" in welsh pronounced deenbick eh piss god" meaning fort of the fish).
Not only did he invent the modern symbols for equals and plus, but he also produced the first English language book on algebra, and invented possibly the best word of all time, “Zenzizenzizenzic”, which means ‘the eighth power’.
Robert Recorde isn’t the only Welshman to have invented a mathematical symbol. William Jones, born in Anglesey in 1675, invented the modern symbol for Pi.

Thanks to their contributions the lives of millions of American school children have been made a misery as they sat through hours of math classes learning stuff they'll never need.


"It’s from the miners in Wales I first understood the struggle of Negro and white together.”- Paul Robeson

The welsh arent racist, as long as youre not English of course
The welsh aren't racist, as long as you're not English of course

Paul Robeson was a black lawyer and entertainer who struggled to find work because of Americas racist system and is the founder of the American Crusade Against Lynching. Like the black folk we Welshies like a bit of singing and it was the singing of a protest group of welsh miners marching on London that first drew his attention. He provided the miners with food, clothing and train tickets home but most importantly It was his interactions with the miners’ cause and witnessing the harsh working conditions and trade union movement that ignited Robeson’s political activism and changed his view on the world.
Although seen as a hero in wales, Americans view helping people as socialism and Robeson’s recording and films were removed from public distribution and he was vilified in the US press as a Communist and a traitor.

So there you have it, Wales owns your asses, always has done always will.

Why Wales Owns America's Ass!
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  • Wow. Amazing. What’s more interesting is Paul Robeson (Old Man River)
    Is this still revelant?

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  • NyceGuyFinishingLast
    Dumbest thing I have ever read. Nobody owns America. Wales is famous for nothing. No one ever thinks of Wales unless it is purposely brought up in conversation. A lot of counties like to lay a claim to the USA but none have the power to come and do anything about it. We could snuff Wales out like a match. We owe nothing to the country of Wales. This was a more boring read than the obituaries.
    • sadMeester

      Actually, isn't it famously the worst part of the isle for farmland? Or was that only true in antiquity?

    • @sadMeester. Yes thats true, apart from a few prime locations, such as the fields they grow Pembrokeshire potatoes in, the land is pretty crap for crops but it's good for livestock.

    • sadMeester

      Also you know... that derogatory term for welshmen

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  • Lliam
    That's cool. I always loved Celtic culture. After all, I'm descended from Irish Catholics. But it's too bad that the once proud Welsh now grovel at the foot of the British throne like good royal subjects/slaves. Now, many of them spend their time pissing and moaning over the fact the the USA doesn't do the same.
  • Levin
    Wales is owning America's arse every day with you on here, baby!

    Also, I bet many Americans are surprised to hear for the first time that there's a country called Wales! Shocked me, when I heard.
  • Avicenna
    LMAO, Poppy, you’ve really outdone yourself this time!
  • kikino
    12th century? 1180ish? How?
    Stopped read at 12th century.
  • portlandjason
    So Wales is to blame for America’s problems? Whats your point? Or is this just a “America Sucks Dick” statement?
  • masonova1
    And you guys even have the best EDM. Drum & bass absolutely rips.

  • Someone has too, I suppose.
  • Tamera952
    That's cool, ... I'm ok with that.
    I love this my take. 😂
  • Diversity_Hire
    Neat. Supposedly I'm Welsh, but fuck if I know.
  • 6RareBit9
    What you like 🤐
  • allaboutyou2
    I love Wales, keep the stories coming.
  • Texaskid1
    Do Welsh girls like spankings?
  • zagor
    Hey I liked algebra!
  • MrCreep
    I hate shit though don't want it
  • msc545
    Well done!
  • Anonymous
    Because of old fucks pretending to be young girls on GAG.
  • Anonymous
    How can Wales own America's ass when most of the world hardly know Wales even exists? I mean it's there on the world map, just like Suriname, but it's entirely inconsequential and no one really cares about it. But hey, if it makes you feel good to think that, I say go for it.
    • Humour really isn't your strong point is it

    • Anonymous

      Your comment is a bit ironic given the nature of my post.

    • Anonymous

      Regardless, I am pleasantly surprised and honored you replied. I think it's the first time you've ever responded to one of my comments in your questions. I'm tickled.