RE: What do you hate the most about society and humanity in general?

RE: What do you hate the most about society and humanity in general?

What do I hate the most about humanity and society? The massive, unrelenting, Betelgeuse-sized, infinite stupidity of humanity. Especially when modern politics comes into play.

Not to sound pessimistic, but when you know humanity is a sh*tty species full of retards and assholes, and we're literally the only intelligent species we know exists in the universe, that's how you know for sure humanity is sh*t.

And it's not like I don't wish better for them. I feel like an intelligent child raised by two f*ck-ups for parents, who despite their ups and downs, I managed to finish high school, go to college, and get a successful job by 23, while they continue to bitch about Donald Trump, smoke weed and do other drugs while on welfare, and complain about "white nationalists and racists" on Twitter while being racists and leeches to society, themselves.

Keep in mind, this is a metaphor, not real life. That's how I feel about humanity. On one end, I want the best for humanity. But on the other end, their massive stupidity is all their own doing and I don't feel bad for them when sh*t like The Great Reset happens.

I know this may come off a little arrogant to some, but obviously I don't care: I'm too intelligent to be stuck with this species. I know some people are out there, but we're few and far between. The people who have self-awareness and can see how stupid people are on a daily basis and how that stupidity is turned up to 11 when modern politics are involved. The few of us (and believe me; we're very few) who can see the political sabotage against humanity to where politicans and CEOs are getting people to turn against their own friends and family and swear allegiance to the Blue Bullsh*t Party or the Red Bullsh*t Party, regardless of the country. (Other countries may have more than two politcal parties, but it's still just liberalism versus conservativism; the new versus the old, ideals versus the truth, etc). How the average human being can't see this, is beyond me. It's SO F*CKING OBVIOUS!

And then, we have the psuedo-intellectuals who think conservatives are better people, or the REALLY dumb psuedo-intellectuals who think liberals are better people, when it reality, the answer isn't one versus the other, but living together peacefully and cooperating with each other as the true solution. Y'know, coexistence? That one thing we can't seem to ever get right? It's like saying should we all live like England or live like Japan, and then forcing others to choose. Instead of just going, "how 'bout both?" For f*ck's sake, we were getting closer to this only ten years ago!

The fact that humans can barely coexist with each other, even among the two genders, and the fact humanity is astronomically dumb, means we'll almost never stand a chance. Perhaps it'll be more of a one step forward, three steps back kind of deal, like walking on the moon in 1969, and then developing Twitter in 2009; achieving Civil Rights in America in 1969, then undoing all of it with "social justice" in 2009.

I mean, humanity HAS achieved a lot in its very brief history (really only about 5,000 years or so of no longer being hunter-gather primitives). Humanity has overcome a great deal and it is true that "Peaceful times make weak men, weak men make hard times, hard times make strong men, strong men make peaceful times." (paraphrasing) So I still have hope for humanity yet. We're probably the galaxy's favorite reality show, as every alien in the United Alliance remains on the edge of their seat from that 2020 cliffhanger. What will the 6,121st season of "Earth" bring in store for the human species? Will this be the last we see of ratings-grabbing US figure Donald Trump? How will the people of Earth overcome the supervillains' plans for The Great Reset? Will global warming make a surprise comeback? Get ready for the season premiere of Earth!

I think that's what keeps me going, at least. Even in the darkest of darkness, there's always a way to find light and use it to shine over the darkness. Maybe we'll overcome this all, together. ... The 2020s, though? Yeah, this is going to be a doozy. 2020 really was the "Tutorial level." After the US Civil War II is done, I guess World War III against China is next. Hopefully, humanity will be A LITTLE less stupid by 2030. ...I hope.

RE: What do you hate the most about society and humanity in general?
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  • Stoner710

    i feel it man in a sense Ignorance is bliss if you talk to the people who don't Pay attention to politics which I'll admit I pay way too much attention to politics and political issues but when you talk to the people who don't pay attention to politics you have a more vibrant conversation and you have fun talking and hanging out with the people that don't talk about politics. but your right its Conservatives versus liberals it's eastern philosophy or versus Western philosophy when no side is 100% correct and we need to realize that the other side isn't your body meant of evil and we simply disagree on certain issues.

    unfortunately nowadays conservatives and liberals are living in two different realities. And like you said after the Civil War and like you said after the Civil War 2 We might come back together and realize that certain things that should be considered like the idea that men and women exist and you cannot change your gender is rational thinking and the idea that you shouldn't be a racist piece of shit It's a good thing. Right now the red shirts and blue shirts both look at each other as evil and when you were trying to rent Hitler from taking office or are you trying to prevent Stalin from taking office You were going to fight against the left believes that Trump is Hitler and the Right Believes that their opponents or Stalin or mao its not good.

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  • Celtero

    Hmmm, I suppose human sexuality and women in general are a good source of a lot of my misanthropy. I feel women are grossly overrated, being generally less capable than men in almost every way, yet they bitch about themselves being our equals, and then whine some more when we're tough on them like we are on other men. And so many men pedestalize trass ass useless women.

    We're supposed to accept that most women are whores and people in general fuck around as if they're dogs in heat. It's mostly accepted that a woman should be able to get cummed in, raise the fetus to viability, and then kill it last minute and still be considered a good, worthy person. And these same people say the death penalty is cruel.

    You get these guys that think they're hot shit for being able to get a bunch of stupid whores into their bed. These women have no actual use, they're just young and attractive and somehow this reflects value in the man? It just feels like 99% of our culture revolves around sex.

    You look at this dogshit website with its inhabitants when you ask a question about society or philosophy and you get like 3 replies max... But a pink user with hot chick as a profile picture asks a sexual question and that's gonna result in 150 replies.


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