Are we in an era of Organized Irresponsibility?


Re-read an old philosophy class book that says our countries are too interconnected that if one nation tries to act responsibly, the consequences would be too much. So we’re stuck in a huge cycle of status quo.

I’m sure some anti-globalists will be commenting with a “told ya”. But isolation doesn’t seem to be the answer. Neither is electing a pseudo billionaire, former reality tv host.

Fear Appeal is needed for the public to move. Like say climate change. Humans need fire to run from or a carrot to run too. And I guess this is where religion comes in.

We literally created heaven and hell to transcend Human Apathy. But it didn't work because now we’re expecting our divine creator to fix all our problems. “Kill ‘em all and let god sort it out.” Said in a number of wars, I expect.

So not sure where to go from here. We’re stuck in the rut of Organized Irresponsibility and our religions, corporations and each of our own selfish desires will keep it that way.

Are we in an era of Organized Irresponsibility?
Are we in an era of Organized Irresponsibility?
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  • Joshua_L_Blackmon
    why does everyone rely on the government , corps , and the school system for their common sense. Not their knowledge. Their COMMON sense.. the government , corps and schools all tell you The problems, but notice how they don't TELL you the problems without first preparing a convoluted none fucking solution. someone reasoned climate change.. and offered a non answer. there is an answer , and that answer gives no one control over your life, and lets no one profit off of it. its true the earth is changing , there's a small impact of humanity that gradually changes the earth , sure. However no one ever gives a real answer.. the truth is carbon was once 10X or more many years ago.. How are other gasses in conjunction with the new carbon we are creating handling the earths atmosphere.. there was less Nitrogen in the atmosphere years ago. Nitrogen is 74% of the atmosphere.. its a green house gas and you don't need much of it for neither the animal lifeforms or plant life forms to prosper.. in an age of technology where we can create molecules in the air..(sometimes with terrible effects as with airsoles) the solution is in every chemists face.. Make devices that cause the nitrogen to become liquid and be stored in the landmasses.. convert Nitrogen to the lighter carbon. the answer is never shared , because its inexpensive (therefore no control) and not very profitable. its even cheaper than replanting trees, until we are ready for energy that is green and it doesn't come still at a high cost. The economy will let you know when you are ready. there are other maters to talk about too , not just CC. every , again problem OFFERED by the state, or corporate powers.. comes with a solution proscribed by such powers, because its profitable. OverPopulation , thousands upon thousands of farmers burn excess crops , ordered by others. It is true if you feed a population that cannot sustain itself, it becomes dependent. This is the Christian mistake , but given a effort to proceed to change that population that has no work force , followed by growth , the population of the world suddenly , becomes a non issue. wealth inequality.. the BIGGEST non problem. it should be poverty , poor and abject poverty.. Wealth inequality is only a problem if you are super egalitarian . I'm not God and no other human is God. The answers to fixing the poor and lifting them up , is not an easy one, but many failed and false answers came from those in power, or those who are poor themselves.. who would not be poor if they knew the answer.. and those who are in the middle class or rich , who have never been poor.. the simple observation is to look at the millionaires who were brought up in poverty. It doesn't fit someone's argument to look at them, but they are a glaring truth. that their individual answer was making something, and selling that something. a poor native American , made solar power with soda cans, something that was already invented , but made himself very famous.. in the process. An acholic invented blender.. this is not THE answer for the poor, but it is an answer that has worked , a lot better than the competitors of those people and the governments who want a cycle. In a form or fashion i suppose it could boil down too, if you don't have it , make it.. can't make it, make something to trade for it. And 10% of people might like my answer for Covid. Covid , made by a government.. used by other governments.. killed some people and the ANSWER they want.. also kills people, when there's alternatives.. the answer for Covid.. is let each be his own judge. Because there would have been less protests.. people would have taken it more seriously, and they could have come out with a Vaccine that has far less side effects given people took it day by day, instead of being Told to do something against their will..
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    • OddBeMe

      Funny it’s corporations who convinced you climate change is just slightly impacted by them. And not completely fcked by corps.

    • do you read minds? , because I just said that corporations benefit from the climate crisis.

    • OddBeMe

      You wrote a shit ton, and jbh I could only scan the shit.

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  • Stoner710
    I’m agnostic so I can’t really say if the “ lets kill them all and let god sort it out”. But I do think you’re right we are organized to be irresponsible and the left has been trying to do this for the last 104 years trying to make utopia. Now I’m all for do whatever the hell you want off the clock drink gamble smoke weed sleep with whom you want my issue is when people start thinking the government is mommy or daddy and that’s how people now view society in the west. If you want wood for a fire you gotta chop down a tree (preferably a dead one that’s been killed by the Japanese bark beetle) chop it up and have a fire have some tequila or whiskey and beer smoke some weed and enjoy your life. You have to work for what you want. But unfortunately my generation thinks they can have everything handed to them on a silver platter
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    • OddBeMe

      Let’s not forget the right wing side. Cutting back welfare, climate change and civil rights laws. And who’s economic policies led to massive chaos in S America?

    • Stoner710

      S mean south both side are guiltily republicans are more guilty primarily because of Nixon. Who was a paranoid drunk who feared weed, current right is more 60-40 on weed it started with LBJ.

      Solution invest in manufacturing more close to home.

      Welfare I understand disability and food stamps beyond that I would hate to see a person born into a situation like me, and get rid of abortion so there’s an incentive for fathers to stick around and not leave the women they had a kid with. Abuse like what I went though is unacceptable

    • OddBeMe

      Your father abandoned you?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • maria_cam
    Honestly it feels like everything's kinda going to shit. In BC things were catching on fire bc of climate change. They're cutting down a lot of the old growth forests there and the govt completely supports it even tho they're apparently trying to stop climate change. Make it make sense. Oh never mind I get it now. Ofc they're not gonna go out of their way to stop it bc they'll lose money. They'll be in retirement homes or dead by the time everything's in full swing
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    • MijoMPapi

      Because the government is behind that and all of the crazy BS that has happened in the world since 2020 and no not the Democrats or the Republicans the world governments as a whole. They started those fires on purpose. They want the world in chaos.

    • OddBeMe

      @MijoMPapi You sound crazy…but you’re not wrong. The Shock Doctrine is an interesting book and film. Basically, like torture someone, they keep are attention directed where they want as Wall Street pilfers Main Street.

      Example: CRT. We’re still arguing slavery and eugenics while we’re getting fcked in the ass economically.

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  • f_ckjoebiden
    You are in a bliss of wokeness. I'd wish you'd take a step back. Our countries are interconnected, and there's a reason why every industrialized country sucks compared to ours. Stop taking it for granted.
    • OddBeMe

      You think I’m taking the US for granted…yet you think we’re better than every other country?

    • Yes, we are. They are only in their position because of the US. And I sure as hell wouldn't want to live in any of those countries.

  • Floppy2112
    We are in some fucked up upside down world where women are men and men are evil. Where timeliness and tidiness is white supremacy. Where people not just books are getting banned. Where the government is forcing the population to segregate based on correct or incorrect thought. Where money doesn't matter and is the only thing that matters simultaneously. Where silence is violence and violence is peaceful protest. Nothing about the current state of affair makes sense except for the one through-line that runs through all of it. Evil.
    • OddBeMe

      Ok, hang on. If you’d like, bullet by bullet, deconstruct this and then think about it. None of this is actually true.

    • Floppy2112

      That’s racist

    • OddBeMe


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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "The other countries are making me do it" seems kinda flimsy.
    • OddBeMe

      Well, not really. Basically, the US can’t act as responsible as it should or we’ll lose out to China. So in a way, we’re forced to ignore climate change.

    • Aww.. we'll be out-competed?
      Poor us.

      I think I can take losing a couple dick-measuring contests. 😑

    • OddBeMe

      Obvi I agree…. but Trump was elected because most Americans can’t.

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  • anylolone
    To solve the problem is very simple, in your case you shut up and let the grown ups talk.

    We did told you so about the dangers of a welfare state with globalism and you constantly sided with defaulters in an attempt to cripple heaven.

    You literally created the problem and then demand us to give you power to enact a solution which was exactly what caused the problem.

    And now we are looking to see how much we should emulate lincoln and churchill.
    We don't not want to end up saying "we weren't brutal enough" (like lincoln did) as our own chastise us for crossing that line.
  • LegendaryIcon
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    • OddBeMe

      Are you Chris Nolan fan? His company is called Legendary. I guess I just think of that icon when it appears before his films.

    • Ha, no

  • msc545
    More like Organized Stupidity and Ignorance.
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    • OddBeMe

      Yeah-ish. Basically our politicians are acting responsibly in the present- by ignoring climate change- in order to keep pace with China. Which is stupid and irresponsible for future gens.

  • Juxtapose
    Welcome to our inevitable extinction.
    • OddBeMe

      We agree again. Which dystopian sci fi movie is most accurate? I think Elysium.

  • Anonymous

    1. "our countries are too interconnected that if one nation tries to act responsibly, the consequences would be too much." What the heck does that even mean?
    • OddBeMe

      Take manufacturing. If we act responsibly and regulated emissions, corporations would just go to china.

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