Should women have the final say in abortions?


In my opinion abortions are NEEDED.

Imagine a 13 year old girl being pregnant, she would be way to young and weak to push out a whole baby it would be dangerous. The obvious way to go is abortion, the child will be safe of any risks.

Also imagine a woman getting pregnant by a traumatic experience.. She would have to think about it all the time and possibly suffer from ptsd if she had the baby. It would be incredibly hard.

Abortions aren’t bad in my opinion, population is high enough, in a way abortions do help with that in a some sort of linked way. And they are aborting cells, it’s not murder. Anyways if it’s not you having the child and deciding why should it matter?

Should women have the final say in abortions?

I also think it hugely depends on the situation, but let’s say if it’s a couple talking about it, it should be 50/50 choice, but it’s ultimately the woman’s decision so not much you guys can do sorry. 🤷‍♀️

I just don’t understand why abortions are seen as murder, horrible and bad. I mean it’s better if they keep a child, I think a lot of mums who have thought about abortion but chose to keep the baby were ultimately happy they kept the child in the end, and of course a baby is a key moment in life, especially as a woman. But also sometimes it’s needed, so I don't know it just heavily depends on your situation!

Should women have the final say in abortions?
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  • Alpha09

    Yes. There's a lot of "unfair" things about the situation you could say, but people act like pregnancy is just something you do piece of cake. I'd never force someone to do something with thier body they don't want to, it's fascinating that some people actually think it's thier place to make that choice for another person.

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  • SavageGirl101

    Ofc she gets the final say it’s literally HER body🤣so I don’t know why these men in the comments are saying “oh no she doesn’t” when abortion isn’t even about u😂

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    • That’s a mans baby to

    • But is it in his body tho? Is he carrying it in his fuxking belly? No💀the man gets an opinion on abortion but never the final say💕

    • I mans opinion she be just as important. Killing an unborn child should never be the answer

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  • nightdrot

    Your posting misses the more important question. The British statesman and political philosopher Edmund Burke wrote, "The effect of liberty to individuals is that they may do as they please. We ought see what it will please them to do before we risk congratulations." Therein lay the problem with laws that permit abortion on demand.

    A society that premises its law as "Choice"- to use the locution of abortion rights advocates - effectively leaves open the question of the value of human life. It becomes not a standing principle, but a subjective judgment to each individual. In such a society, human life becomes not an end in itself, but mere instrument. Life becomes not an object whose preservation is the highest standard, but rather a convenience to be maintained or not according to the satisfaction of another's will.

    We shape our laws and then our laws shape us - see also the civil rights laws of the 1960s which have effected a revolution in race relations. (The idea that a black man and a white man cannot sit together at the same lunch counter is as alien to this generation as Neptune. Yet in 1965 it was pretty much the norm.)

    Inherent then in the pro-choice argument is the idea that life has no value save that which each person chooses to attach to it. It denies society any authority to make a collective judgment on such questions. Therefore, in this view, the law may not afford protection to life except at some arbitrarily defined (and inherently subjective) point.

    This then conduces to an assertion of power over rights. Life is maintained not as its own end, but according to the will of the person who, effectively, controls it because they can. An ethic of convenience is established and it is a slippery slope on which to build a culture and a legal edifice.

    Such a society will not value life that sees life as not an end, but as a means to some other end. Indeed, that is why at about the same time as the culture began to shift on the abortion question we also saw a rise in child abuse, spousal abuse, divorce, out of wedlock births and other social pathologies. These were not unrelated phenomena.

    Aristotle said that the first questions of politics are, "How ought we to live? What kind of a people do we wish to be?" The implicit answer of those who support abortion on demand is, in effect, that it is nobody's business. Predictable results follow. One cannot expect the society to absent itself from collective moral judgments on the value of life and then expect an ethical social order to result.

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  • JoseyWales4

    Ok I have a lot to say about this so buckle up because you asked for it.
    First things first, no matter how you look at it, from conception all the way to labor. Those “clump of cells” is a human being. I hate when people say, it’s no big deal they’re only a cells. Well you’re technically a clump of cells. Would it be ok for me to terminate you if you were an inconvenience. And you might be quick to say the number of cells are insignificant because they haven’t been around long enough and there aren’t a lot of them. However I guarantee you. That if NASA were to find those exact same cells that you’d find in the first few weeks of pregnancy on the planet Mars. The whole world would be a buzz and ecstatic over discovering life on another planet. So anyway you look at it that is a human life. Because given the normal course of time those “clump of cells” form into a baby.
    other arguments that I think are total nonsense include, the baby isn’t sentient or has no conscious there for it’s not immoral. I call total bull crap on that. If you were in a coma, you would have no consciousness so could I kill you. And science has proven that Brain wave activity is detectable at 12 weeks of pregnancy.
    someone said once that it’s not a human because it is totally incapable of being self sufficient without the mother. First off when are baby’s ever self sufficient. Once born they require the utmost car and attention, and I’d argue further that they would and do require more attention and care outside of the womb.
    And going back to if you were in a coma, you require life support just like how the baby in the womb is living. So would that take away your humanity. I don’t think so.
    the baby at week 8 has a heart beat and individual finger prints begin to form not long after that. And can feel pain. I implore you to watch videos, actual videos of baby’s being aborted. It’s gruesome, they are fully aware of what is happening and scream and feel the pain and the menthols of abortion are brutal and barbaric. Anywhere from the vacuum that basically rips the body to pieces, or the barbed pliers to tear flesh apart. So it’s not painless and it’s not civilized.

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    • and by far the most annoying and stupid (YES IM GOING TO BE SO BOLD AS TO CALL THIS STUPID) argument or saying because it’s become the chant of pro choice people. My body my choice. That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. That baby growing inside of you is not apart of your body. (If it this than name it, name that body part). Those “clump of cells” have DNA that is inherently individual and independent of both the mother and the father. It has its own unique DNA. It’s not your body.

    • And further more I hate when people use that knee jerk reaction argument of what if the Gilt was raped, that happens less than one percent of the time. That’s a fact. And that’s pretty despicable that people belittle someone else’s suffering to forward there political agenda. At the end of the day you have a choice. But you loose your choice the moment you decide to be irresponsible with sex. You shouldn’t punish a baby for your mistakes. And there are many other options besides abortion. Adoption, social services, etc. and it is wickedly unfair that the father has no say in it at all. If I accidentally knocked up my girl friend and she wanted to kill out baby. Legally I couldn’t do anything. And that’s beyond cruel, and evil. In the end no one can convince me other wise. Abortion is evil and it’s unjust and murder. I want to finish by saying. There have been many people who were going to be aborted because the parents thought that they either couldn’t take care of them, didn’t want the responsibility, or thought the world is to harsh and cruel there for there’s not point in raising a child, who weren’t aborted and live fulfilling and influential lives

  • ChrisMaster69

    I am and said a number of times on here that I am pro choice.

    it is not however something that should be used a backup to contraception.

    the impact on mental health of the individual is not always discussed.

    it is not always an easy decision for a girl / woman and the decision can stay with them for life.

    it should be the decision of the girl / woman but other areas such as legal and medical may be involved.

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  • HawkPerception

    This is my own opinion that I wrote and have saved on my phone so I can paste it into any abortion related post:

    I've always found it incredulous that there are people who think it's their right to make that choice for the woman.

    A man should never have any right to say "Hey that's my kid you're having. You are not allowed to get an abortion." What a ridiculous notion that is! If you're a guy that wants a kid, talk to your partner and if you're in agreement that you want a kid, it will happen. It's not your body or you pushing a kid out of your vagina.

    Same thing with the government. How is it possible people somehow think the government should have the right to make the decision for you? Let's give a scenario: If a couple lives in a secluded area of the world. The girl gets pregnant and decides to abort it because either she can't financially sustain it or she's just not ready for the commitment. Is it suddenly everyone else's business to get involved in her life? Should they send helicopters over to the secluded area and force her to have the kid? No. The fact is, no one would even know and it's none of their concern anyways.

    And then there's the whole notion people have that all life is worth saving. In that case, don't have sex because every time a guy cums those sperm cells are dying. Yes... all cells are alive by definition. No matter how small they may be, they are still life. Even if the kid has somewhat developed, it is still ethical to abort them because they have not experienced life at all and don't have that mental capacity at that time.

    Not many women LIKE having an abortion regardless of the circumstances. They feel the most intimate with the life they are slowly nurturing.

    And men that use the logic "A very small percentage of pregnancies are from rape so there should be no reason for the woman to not have the kid. If she didn't want a kid she should have kept her legs closed." are idiots. If the guy can't respect the woman's choice to do what she wants with her body, he should put his dick away.

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  • msc545

    No, the unborn child should, since it's their body you want so badly to kill. Since they cannot talk, let them been born, and ask them when they can speak.

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  • jasco

    I think accidental types like rape should be given the chance to abort. I think any teen should have it because it would teach her not to be a idiot, but at the same time i also think she should abort it and get her ass beat so she won't do it again so I don't know about that. Morals is a touchy subject. Most men have a high moral standing and so it seems a majority of women have a middle ground type

    • Teens that get pregnant aren’t idiots, they turned to be mature. And it wouldn’t be your choice for her to make, you can kick her out, shout and scream at her but ultimately you won’t be deciding, and not all teens that get pregnant is from irresponsibility.

    • jasco

      Well I am sorry but at the end of the day that kid is still under my roof so I can decide what happens to the baby that she made. Because if what you say is true about them not being stupid but mature than there mature enough to take care of it. Don't get me wrong I always ask the mother of my child the same question. Yea your right not all teen pregnancies are from irresponsibility, even so you shouldn't have been having sex in the first place. Wait till your older so when you do, you can make any choice you want to, and face the reactions by yourself instead of dragging the rest of your family in because you decided that you were so horny to the point where you just couldn't take anymore and decided to have sex.

  • Rangers

    Sure, if you give me the final and only say in firearms legislation considering that I choose to exercise my second amendment and y'all jokers out there crying about me owning an AR15 clearly don't exercise that right. Deal?

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  • joeldalton

    Abortion is seen as murder because you are killing a child.

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    • It’s not murder.

    • lol. Don't pull that stupid shit "ItS NoT MuRDeR bECaUSe itS LeGAl". Slavery was legal, too. It was still slavery.

    • I’m 14, a kid. Your 39, an adult. Yet I’m much more educated on the matter. It’s not murder, and there is medical evidence to back it up.

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  • Paulychicago10

    It should be up to them. I am pro choice though. If it is by rape, I imagine it should be the females choice completely

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    • msc545

      Rape is a crime, so you think that committing another crime (murder) cancels out the first one?

    • @msc545 did I ask your opinion about the problem?

    • msc545

      You expressed an opinion, so I asked you a question about your opinion. That is a perfectly normal thing to do. If you don't want questions, set the no responses flag.

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  • ashley_85

    I don't necessarily agree with your premise that abortions are needed but I absolutely agree that women should have the final say in medical decisions that involve their bodies. I think that there is a better solution that involves starting to educate children at a reasonable age on sex ed in a way that is honest and teaches them about those the pleasure of sex and the dangers that unsafe sex might cause both physically and emotionally. I think we are long past the days of Jesus wants you to be a virgin until you're married and God is going to be upset with you if you're not because that logic hasn't proved to be the best form of birth control over the last couple of decades and that was basically to some total of the sex that I got and I'm 42 years old.

  • ThePolishKnight37

    They are the only ones that should have say. It is their life and their body.

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  • PAcc92

    Seriously give up on it. Abortion is going away.

    Roe v. Wade and Casey allowed abortions based on "Viability", with artificial wombs (which are rapidly advancing) viability WILL be equal to conception. Thus no abortions ever, the child WILL be born and you WILL be held financially responsible for it.

    "Also imagine a woman getting pregnant by a traumatic experience"

    The reason you trot these cases out is because you know your core argument is weak, these cases are less than 1% of all abortions, are you willing to ban the other 99% in which women are ripping babies limb from limb, burning them with saline, and having them poisoned because they have no ability to accept responsibility for themselves?

  • Makeushiver

    I don't see why any guy anywhere- with possible exception of father, should have any say in the matter. I especially don't think that a white guy, ;living in Washington D. C. who has never met you, knows nothing of the situation, couldn't possibly empathize. and is against abortion because it get him re-elected should have any say. ( I used the term, "white guy" because the majority of the decision makers usually are). I think it's incredible that anybody else thinks it's their business. I also think that state by state, if you identify the ones most strongly anti-abortion are often the most strongly pro death penalty, Making all life sacred until it's outside the womb,

  • NerdyEngineer

    Yes and no. Put it this way if a woman wants the child, the guy has to pay up no matter what he wants. If the woman doesn't want the child she can end it even if the guy wants the child. I get its her body her choice, but there becomes a difference in the fact they both had sex. If you don't want kids, they need to take measures before hand if they do the deed or not do it at all.
    To the haters that will come after me, I'm the result of an affair, and almost died by the woman who gave birth to me several times. I know the affects of what I'm saying more then you will ever guess.

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  • najekim

    It's a the person who is pregnant decision. Hopefully with input from people important to her.

  • Snakeyes7

    They already do. A woman does not legally need a man's permission to have an abortion.

  • Guanfei

    As long as you also consider that a woman also has to accept the consequences of the choice (or the opposite choice) there's no debate on it.
    But if the father wants the baby, he might also not be very happy about it, and leave. Which should be accepted too.
    On the other hand, if the woman wants to keep the baby and the father doesn't, he should be able to just go without having to pay a thing for the baby.
    It's always about that. Your choice is yours. But so are the consequences, whatever they may be.

  • JamieLoves

    No.. the child is half of the father. He may want to raise the baby..

    • madgoat

      True, but should she be forced through the entire pregnancy just because the guy thinks it's a good idea? Pregnancy is still a risky business.

    • @madgoat That’s the problem... He should have rights to his child too. How do we solve it?

    • madgoat

      Yeah, in theory he should. I can't see that you can fix this though. There are too many implications for the woman to go through a pregnancy whether she keeps the baby or not. It's be unfair at every point, to my mind.

  • princeofromance

    Yes, It is her choice. She is the one who gives birth to the child.

  • DaisyM23

    Yes, I completely agree.

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