Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!


• Your a feminist. What man wants to get involved in that bullshit, maybe a male feminist but women don't want them.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You are a single mother. Most single mother's are generally good for just a pump n' dump, there's a lot hassle to anything more with her kid that you are basically going to be part raising and likely an angry ex who isn't happy about it. She would need to be a very special woman to date seriously if she's a single mother.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You have a history of cheating. A woman with a history of cheating will cheat again. Men cheat generally for sex while women cheat while searching for a new man, they will string their current guy around for years as he is supporting or contributing to her lifestyle financially either completely are partly. He's the back or stand in until she finds another man willing to get serious so she can dump her current guy. This is what is called monkey branching. Women always have their excuses for cheating and they are varied but usually its because they are just shitty people so why would any guy in the future want to get serious with a woman with a cheating past especially as women are so cold and ruthless in divorce with child custody, property, alimony and child support up for grabs. Date a woman seriously with a history of dating and eventually she will cheat on you and of course it will be your fault.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You have a mental illness. Sorry if this offends you but a partner with a mental illness can can make your life hell and grind you down. Statistics say that 1in4 women have a mental illness.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• Your standards are too high. They want a muscular athletic super thug that can hold his own in the yard at Cook County jail, got 3 degrees from Harvard, making 6 figures with a big dick meanwhile passing up on average dudes and guys at your own level.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You can't/won't cook. It's surprising how many young women can't perform this basic lifestyle.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You lack basic life skills. It shocking how many women these days are completely incapable of doing anything for themselves. They expect their parents to do everything or a man they might be giving a bit of sex too.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You are fat. The statistics of obese women is shocking, especially in America and rises in any country American food and culture is exported. National Institute of Health Study shows that 67% of women in America are OBESE or Overweight. Out of that 67% of ladies, 40% of the women in the population are OBESE. OBESE. Now why are you fat. Its genetics or anything else, it is quite simply for years you have been eating like a pig at a trough too much fattening foods and haven't exercised. The cure is simple, eat less of healthier foods and exercise.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You dress like shit. How you dress reflects on your man. Whether it be dressing slutty or like a man It's broadcasts things like your level of commitment to him and how much you value your relationship.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You are bad in bed. A lot of women don't know how to please a man and put no effort into sex, they think sex is all about what the man does and will just lay there. Many don't know about their own bodies.

• You don't respect yourself. A lot of women have a long history of dating the "bad boys" or a bastard. I've listen to so many women talking about how they were unlucky to have dated these series of men one after the other they were with that treated them like shit, were abusive, manipulative, controlling etc. Sorry you weren't unlucky.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!
Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You like Drama. Some women just love drama, they create it and then play the victim. Whether it be an ex who won't leave them alone or a falling out with your waitress. Drama Queen's are too much work.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You are uneducated yet went to college. I'm sorry but just because you went to college doesn't mean you are educated. In 2021 especially with women it means you did a bullshit degree that you just about scrapped by in in something like gender studies and are only fit to work in Starbucks. Better that you didn't waste 4-8 years that to Swan around pretending they are proffessors.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• Your value on the sexual marketplace has diminished. Some women find this offensive but the fact is women are most desirable for serious committed relationships that go all the way between 16-30. I'm not saying a woman is undesirable after 30 but her attractiveness to the majority of men starts to diminished with every year as her biological clock starts to count down to zero. That's why women after 30 talk about "settling". In fact fairytale Cinderella is basically a parable about this.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• You've made false allegations in the past about a guy.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

•You are a nag. Nagging is seriously crap. You come home from a hard day to be nagged.

• You have nothing to offer. Modern women can't decide whether they are the strong independent woman or a housewife. Women today can't decide. Are they going to bring home their half of the bacon or be the more traditional stay at home wife. Seems that a lot of women refuse the more traditional role whilst their man looks after them financially. I mean no man is going to want to be in a long term relationship with a woman who contributes nothing other than what's between her legs.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

• If you are constantly talking about an ex and shitting on his new life. Seems very common among women, they don't like an ex to be happy or find a better woman even when they are the one who ended things.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!

Please feel free to add anything that I didn't cover.

Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!
Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!
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  • crazyish

    "Your standards are too high" 😂😂😂 If you are a woman you need to meet all these standards but still don't expect the best men in return. Be the best you can be according to men but be ok with men not being the best they can be for women. This is how you avoid a lifetime of being single and miserable. Tbh this is how you have relationships and are still miserable... even worse. Men want to boast about how women should fit a perfect image to be considered worthy that they often don't put much stock into themselves being worthy to women. Trust me, you can be everything someone wants and still not be good enough because they don't see you as a real person and love is unpredictable. Most men can't even see what they have until its gone because they focus on superficial things to begin with and believe that they can always find better. Men who want women to be all of these things tend to overvalue themselves. If you're looking for love then don't go for a man who puts value on superficial things. He doesn't care about the person you are, only for what you can be for him. These men aren't looking for the real deal only for women to fill a certain position in their lives.

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    • @crazyish. Men are far more forgiving of female flaws than females are of men's flaws.

    • crazyish

      @KrakenAttackin You might be right but I've seen more of the opposite happening lately, especially here on GaG. But who knows.

    • A_Bell

      Here's one more.

      Not using paragraph breaks and white space in your writing.

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  • peachymech

    I mean submit your essay to Harvard bro. You seemed to put a lot of effort into it.

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Most Helpful Guys

  • MCheetah

    I don't agree with all of this (some of it only applies to white men, like "be skinny" and "be the traditional Conservative housewife" thing), but I agree with most of it.

    - No feminists
    - No single mothers
    - No cheaters
    - No crazy bitches
    - No arrogant/entitled bitches
    - No womanchilds/womanchildren
    - No curves, be skinny/thin ❌ (don't agree)
    - No trashy fashion
    - No unsubmissive women ❌ (don't agree)
    - No excuse givers
    - No drama queens
    - No gender studies/liberal arts majors
    - No old women
    - No false accusers
    - No naggers
    - No jealous exes

    Like I said; I agree with most of the list. I still believe there are plenty of good single women out there (never married, no kids, aren't feminists or far-left leaning, speaks English, heterosexual, monogamous, still interested in men). Hell if I'll ever find one of 'em, though. Might as well ask me to find the Loch Ness Monster banging Bigfoot.

    And here are some of my meme pics.

    Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!Why Women Are Single! A warning on how to avoid a lifetime of singlehood & misery!
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  • TruthBringer

    Damn dude you hit the nail right on the head! So many things are true. Pretty much points to why the marriage rates are at an all-time low and the manosphere growing bigger and bigger. Now watch how you get a lot of salty women and male feminists who lack accountability call you every name in the book 😂. This Take makes me appreciate my girlfriend even more because she is the opposite of everything described in here. Took me some time to dig through all the damaged girls with daddy issues to found.

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  • razelove

    Most of those are legit. Also why you see so many more guys as players now. It hasn't suddenly become more desirable to play the field for a lot of effort and be lonely for all that effort. It's because they see zero benefit to getting into a relationship compared to the very real risks. That "good guy" example you started out with is only going to get crapped on so many times before flipping the board or leaving the game.

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    • MCheetah

      That was me. I didn't turn into a total asshole player type or go MGTOW, though. I just quietly told myself "This is a waste of time and energy" and devoted the last few years to my career and self-improvement. IF there's a woman out there for me, I'm open to her, but I seriously doubt they exist (good women interested in ME, not just good women in general).

    • razelove

      @MCheetah I was really close to that myself when I met my wife, but I was already starting to go the player route. One date I had maybe a month or two before I met her sticks out in my mind more clearly than much else during that time. This girl I'm going out with is going on and on about herself, how awesome she is, how awesome she will be. Honestly I couldn't even remember her name, and just didn't want to be there.

      Obviously she didn't want to get to know me. Food gets there and she finally has to stop talking to eat. I just asked "So, I don't see this working, are we going to fuck or what?" More rambling about how I could ask that, blah blah blah, "So, is that a yes or a no?" Unsurprisingly she left. Dinner was much more pleasant though. lol

      Yeah, if I hadn't met her when I did, I'd be a stereotype. Or rather would have stayed one. I'm willing to bet there ae good women out there who are interested in you. They just won't allow themselves to be because of some arbitrary list of traits or some such BS. If you ever did fill that list they'd be in love with the idea of you rather than you though.

  • kidvid80

    directed to both genders
    its seems like people in general both genders of all ages are very unhappy these days. they want perfection and have standards some ridiculous some normal like cooking etc, in a potential mate however dont have the same to offer back. there has to be give in take in dating, the points you made about females easily are transferable to men these days as well. as for me i work, cook, clean, own my own home, pay my own bills and have my own car, cut my own lawn, no kids, no criminal. i have almost totally rehabbed my own home with my own two hands, i just finished up a top floor on the back deck. im single because my longterm partner passed and i dont know if i am ready yet. i am not looking for a man to take care of me but to be my best friend and companion and that is hard to find someone wanting to put that time in anymore. plus a lot of men in my area specifically being rural do not like girls going guys work like home repairs which is weird to me. dating is so vapid of meeting someone and having sex asap, having kids with multiple partners, times have changed, the world needs to get back to the root of actual dating, thats to get to know people and see if it progresses into something more for it goes physical and you get pregnant a week into a relationship. am i perfect? absolutely not, do i expect a 6'2, muscle bearing bearded, 6 figure making guy with a huge cock? absolutely not. just someone with their own job, a kid is fine and someone who puts effort in and shows they care and wanna be with me, because i make them happy. and vice versa.

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    • Ah good you've lowered the bar

    • kidvid80

      lowered the bar? for myself personally there is no unreachable bar with what i am looking for its pretty basic/minimal. i am just practical, down to earth and in touch with reality. i have always been this way, i never ask for more then i cannot give back to anyone even in friendship. that old school mentality exists still

    • great reply!! you are amazing! with a grip on things, very rare in this life.

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  • RolandCuthbert

    Haha!!! Funniest shit I have see in a long time.

    My first lady was over 300lbs. She has never had issues attracting a man.

    Women who are horrible folks will always have issues keeping a man, though they may attract some. Men who are good at dating women will always be able to pick and choose.

    Why GaG folks keep injecting politics into relationships is beyond me. I have an acquaintance who is a trump supporter. Yet his liberal wife brings him to his knees routinely. All that political crap goes into the garbage when you really care about someone.

    This doesn't sound like a post by a confident male who has his pick of women. This sounds more like another incel posting crap because he is having a hard time dating. So let me give you some reverse advice.

    1. Stop injecting your insane politics into the dating game.

    2. Date women who are actually good people. Don't date whores, prostitutes, strippers, women who dress provocatively, etc. Because she will run circles around you, dump you and then you will end up blaming your dating experience on liberals.

    3. Stop putting all of your eggs into one basket. Date lots of different women.

    4. Stop pretending that women are some virtuous souls. Or are supposed to be. Women for all of their complexities are rather simplistic when it comes to men. They like to date men who are desired by other women. It doesn't matter what we look like. It doesn't matter if they look like Zac Efron. It doesn't matter if they look like William H. Macy. For goodness sakes, you live in world where Jerry McConnell is married to Rebecca Romijin. You think she married him for his looks? His money?

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  • GingerCatLover


    You're a feminist - nope
    You're a single mother - nope
    History of cheating - nope, never even considered it
    Mental illness - nope
    Standards are too high - a decent guy who isn't a druggie, drunk, smoker has a job & contributes more to the household than playing video games & trolling social media.
    Can't/won't cook - I'm a dang good cook & I love to
    Lack basic life skills - hardly. That picture of a woman changing a tire I was doing that myself when 16 (courtesy of growing up in the country)
    You're fat - I routinely walk, at a minimum, an hour in the morning & an hour in the evening and usually spend at least 3-4 hours walking/hiking on the weekend with the dogs.
    Dress like shit - My style of dress is professional & stylish.
    You're bad in bed - nah. Not even close.
    You don't respect yourself - hardly
    Like drama - nope.
    Uneducated - hardly. Probably better "educated" than some men what when I can have interesting conversations with everything from medical professionals to a heavy equipment mechanic & what they're doing.
    Value on the sexual marketplace diminished - maybe for little boys. Men making upwards of $50/hour with well-established careers... hardly.
    False claims - no.
    Nag - nope
    You have nothing to offer - probably more than some men actually
    ROFL Thank GOD I am NOT interested in little boys but actual men. Intelligent, educated and successful MEN who are confident & self-respect themselves enough that if their woman does more than change diapers their fragile little ego doesn't find a corner and sob for mommy to wipe their backsides for them. As seems to be a trend with these GAG anti-women "experts" on what boys NOT real men want.

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  • A_Bell

    This was obviously written to be over the top, but it has a great deal of truth.

    Feminism is a disease. Not a biological one, but a physcological and intellectual one.

    The more "feminist" a woman is the more angry she is. Men are so polite and helpful to me, but woman are rude and mean as often as not. If not to your face, as soon as you walk away.

    Of course there are exceptions and of course this uses hypeebole, but I think it is true at its core.

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  • 1truekhaleesi

    Hahahahahahahahahaha And what do you bring to the table? Besides disrespect for women and somehow you're angry at us? There's worse things in life than dying single. Being in a relationship with someone like you would be one. My ribs hurt from laughing. It's just so fuckin pathetic.

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    • Don’t worry. Angry men don’t get the girls they want unless they look like Chris Hemsworth. You get the last laugh.

  • whatdoyouwantt

    We’re single cuz men suck. I’m so fed up searching that I quit lol. I’ll be alone for some time now.

    Again I’m not saying we women are amazing, I think it’s equal. People just became worse and worse- both genders so it’s hard to find a decent partner.

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  • paradiseonearth93

    I tend to agree with most of all of this. Some women fill multiple categories and some only one. I found myself in one or two. I assume this is targeted for those who don’t want to be single. Some women just choose to be single for a period in their life.

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    • AzzaBlue

      You are correct, this take as well as other takes like it are directed at bitter women who are single and are miserable. However there is always a number of butthurt individuals who competely miss the point and are quick to assume sexism. It's called "reading between the lines," which is a skill that unfortunately is in short supply these days.

    • Nobody is perfect. But you have a good attitude about it and that can always make the difference. Its these women on here being nasty that have no hope.

  • DarkCarousel

    The ifunny Gender Studies meme was funny.
    Asker, I don’t know what you’d like me to contribute here. I’ll not argue with someone like you. You seem to have it all figured out.

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  • Not_Average

    I mean I tend to agree with everything you’re saying. The entitlement of some of these women has become almost comical. Simps have no issues prostituting their dignity to get laid and it cultivated a delusional ego. They also aren’t used to be rejected, so when you do because they don’t have much to offer, they tend to absolutely lose their shit. Having said that, I tend to look at everyone’s life situation circumstantially. People are capable of change and everyone has flaws. If they choose to grow from them, and establish conviction from it, then there’s always potential.

    But yeah man lol. I’m established, attractive, fit, can provide, and have a lot going for me at this point in my life. Of course I have some flaws but why would I ever date a selfish person who has an ego, a ton of drama, a ton of guy friends ready to fuck. Won’t cook, won’t clean. Overly critical. These are a lot of modern women. They idolize themselves and come across as very selfish. I don’t judge anyone by appearance but I tend to see a clear pattern and cultural decline. Younger modern men are just as cringe.

    Luckily I found a quality woman who’s smart, selfless, kind, and treats me like a king. I in return treat her like a queen. It’s by far the healthiest dynamic I’ve ever experience in a relationship and it’s so refreshing. Guys need to have higher standards and they also need to hold themselves to a higher standard. Stop sleeping around and actually become something rather than a bro.

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  • Vviiccttoorr

    Ya know I do agree on a lot of points here and I do think it goes both ways with there being bad guys and bad girls that you should avoid in relationships. I’ve noticed there are good girls that go for bad guys and vice versa however, I know that there are also good girls who go for good guys and vice versa. Honestly I know for a fact that the media is to blame for many of our relationship issues that arise. All this will lead into my overall point.

    There’s a lot of pushing on what’s cool and what you should and should not do like saying that if you haven’t had sex by time your 18 or something then you’re a loser and promoting how to look sexier and how to hook up; this leading to a lot of casual sex which does (wheather people realize it or not/want to believe it or not) cause negative future sexual encounters like when you’re married to your future spouse. Me personally I want to wait for the right one so the sexual encounter is that much more pleasing and special.

    Another thing that is pushed is something like drugs, gambling, and alcohol and how fun it is. Leading to people acting careless and irrational. People end up with awful lives by becoming addicted to stuff like this. Which could have a person end up with a lot of mental and physical issues.

    These things in turn, lead to many negative personality traits like (women for example) being easy (then regretting it later and leading to missing out on Great guys), (guys for example) doing something like drugs which ruins a healthy lifestyle leading to finding scummy women. Both of these examples could go for either gender.

    My overall point being that there are men and women who have bad intentions that lead to relationship issues for both sides but, the big ones to blame are higher ups trying to get us to fight. Of course it is someone’s decision in the end on wheather or not to be a decent human being but, the dating life has been hindered greatly due to media and societal influence. I truly believe that as long as someone does hold certain values in what they want from a significant other and practices what they preach then they will find that one that they desire. I do believe we should all hold traditional and morally right standards for our significant other (of course everyone is flawed though which is perfectly fine) I believe we should want a true person and be true as well. Of course it’s everyone’s own decision in the end in what they want to do.

    I’ve been discouraged with women greatly but, I do know there are good ones and as long as I hold out and trust the right and natural timing along with holding my values then I’ll end up with someone great. I hope I helped in anyway.

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  • rodeschaap

    I'm not single. Why are you inviting me to share an opinion? All I can say about this post is that those things are indeed things that can put a guy off in a woman. But that it doesn't necessarily mean a woman is "undateable" if she has/is one of a couple of things on your list.

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  • queenimpala

    Are you actually kidding me? Sounds like someone broke your heart so now you treat all women like shit.

    Welcome to reality, man, it's not feminism it's women not wanting to live 1800's lifestyles anymore. If you actually think that all women want to be housewives you need a reality check my friend.

    I wish you luck with this vile, toxic, and frankly evil attitude. I hope someone can mend your heart.

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    • yofuknutz

      I know I know oh, you're going to say that tired cliche, "who hurt you," it's more likely "who hasn't hurt you?"

    • Feminism these days equals man hate.

    • R4zor

      You are fuking disgusting have this attitude in your first dates and watch your self being redeemed as undatable pathetic bitch

  • Smashingdoozy

    Why you are single:

    You don't know the difference between your and you're.

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    • ronaldo75

      Thats it huh? Thats all you have to invalidate his entire post. Very telling.

    • Thought it was pretty obvious the rest was a bunch of misogynistic bullshit

    • YesICan

      When you have no valid counter-argument so you have to correct someone's grammar.

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  • JBR1957

    Who wrote this endless run on story filled with broken English? Please proof read and put a hatch to this endless dribble. Ladies we know the lingo your not dressing up this shit sandwich feminism stinks and any man worth a damn wants nothing to do with it. Thus what others have stated since we know your a feminism we switch from the fastball to the breaking ball. Our goal is bang and move because we don’t want to here about Mike Obama, Bela Lugosi and Hillary Clinton because eventually your going to morph back into Ms.. Hyde no stank you.

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    • yofuknutz

      I'm sorry about the door Luther that looks real painful when it slammed into your rear so that's how you got the crack of your ass.


    • Fuck you! @yofuknutz. I'm going to fuck you in the ass. I'm going to bend you over and fuck you right in the asshole.
      No I'm not going to get into your head I'm going to get into your asshole. Just like I said right up in that tiny little minuscule asshole of yours.

  • Astarlessnightsky

    Why is anyone single.

    They either haven't found the right one, or want to enjoy their independent life for the time being.

    But being single doesn't mean they are lonely or miserable.
    Or being in a relationship doesn't mean you happy.

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  • exitseven

    I sort of went a little off the reservation between the time I ended a long relationship and I met my wife. It was about 8 or 9 months. I dated 6 or 7 girls. Sometimes more than one at a time and once two in the same day. I treated them all badly and I regretted it but I have to say that I can see a lot of the traits you posted in most of them. I probably dodged a bullet.

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  • RedSauce

    I’ve met some properly bitchy women that demand the world but offer little in return, however I have never dated one; they were the “depressed and I know it” types that made everyday tasks much harder but were so emotionally absent that I basically did everything on my own anyway.

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  • Apple1996

    I'm not single but it makes sense cause I don't fall into any of these things you listed. I went through all the womens comments and it's pretty ridiculous how defensive they are getting even though all this shit is true 😂

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  • Twinrova

    LOL! I was dying the entire way through the post; read it right to the last word, by the way. I love you. You are the most insightful, most humorous person on this site, LMAO. I was laughing my way through the post, got to the end, observed the female:male like ratio, and laughed some more. Good stuff, LOL!!

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