The "Ok Boomer" cringefest that shows why gen z is exactly what they are: snowflakes

The Ok Boomer cringefest that shows why gen z is exactly what they are: snowflakes

Gen Z and Millenials always cry about Boomers calling them snowflakes,but what they fail to realize is that,crying over every word in existance,cancelling something because it hurts your feelings, making up a billion genders for attention and trying to ban a lot of words in the English language because "it makes you cry and need to run to your safe space" says exactly that,you are a snowflake,and the overused cringe slang ok boomer clarifies that you can't come up with a constructive argument. Baby Boomers faught in wars,and you are too busy hiding in your littl safe space crying over the latest tweet. Sad thing is you think disrespecting them makes you tough,pretty sad to be honest. Bring on the salty gen z tears : How does THIS not make you snowflakes??

The "Ok Boomer" cringefest that shows why gen z is exactly what they are: snowflakes
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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    It's the same thing as always lol everything is a loop.

    You say that your generation was best bc you lived it and you have been subjected to such idealogies biliefs music entertainment fashion.

    Then you think that next generation is lazy and are soft offcourse they are bc they can afford to be so.

    You people learnt from what your precious gemeration did they will call you lazy and soft.

    Bc with every upcoming generation there is rise in intelligence but the emotional qoutient increases as they don't need to be rough in terms of physical work. they tend to be more sensitive.

    Everyone will agree with evolving generations smartness keeps increasing bc people donot upgrade to present or future they hold on to the past.

    Bc the new genration eiuldny follow there rules and methods and have got easy going approach.

    But everything is a circle you see old fashion with new spin and old songs with new outlook and renditions it's just way of life and everybody is a snowflake
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  • BeenThereLovedIt
    Every generation thinks that the next is lazy, stupid, has bad taste in music/art, and the word snowflake was just something else during the last generation, and something else in the one before that.

    Older generations don't realize the world has change so much that the younger generation is living in the world today, not the past.

    Younger generations don't realize that most wisdom carried by their elders is relevant and useful despite the world moving on.

    Boomers really don't have much of an argument here - they got handed the world by their parents and through greed and apathy they have squandered most of it for themselves, ignoring the damage to the planet and future generations.
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  • bannacookies
    I think its upsetting that *some* of the older generation is putting a blanket rule that the gen z is all like that. They are not. If they call gen z snowflakes, that's just gonna give them more fuel to the fire. Sure, there's many rude & disrespectful youngsters but there's so many that are not like that either. It depends on where you look at most of this starts by social media or online. The older generation needs to teach the younger generation how to treat others with kindness and respect even if they don't agree with one another. The gen z didn't get like that all by themselves. I wish more people treated others with kindness, young or old. Things work out so much better that way it brings out the best in people. Then all of these things could abide. I just hope that most people do not see a young person say, "oh there is a snowflake" and I hope that most young people don't see an older person and say, "there's a boomer." You can't judge a book by its cover.
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  • rachel776
    i always wonder how these people could have survived in the 1800s. if we ever have everything taken away from us, like all the power goes off and doesn't come back on or something, they won't make it more than a week
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  • RedFever
    Snowflakes can be found within every generation, not just those we've labelled 'Gen Zed'. I've known a couple of silly boomers (well actually, more than just a couple) who were often "offended" by the most ridiculous things. One in particular would go off into a flying rage if I told him something as obvious and innocuous as, "Communism doesn't actually work. You do know that, don't you?" Then I would just watch him turn red (an appropriate colour for a Bolshie) and smoke come out of his ears.
  • kespethdude
    Great, fucking Breitbart. I hope the FBI gets you, you sick fuck.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    We should just cancel the Earth at this point. It had a good run. 👍😂
    • Or we should cancel only humans it wouldn't change anything if humans were not there on this planet

    • Earth might recover if humans went for a fection for a million years

    • Vacation*

  • joeldalton
    hard times create hard men. Hard men create good times. good times create weak men. weak men create hard times.
  • NightHawk99
    Is the real reason they're called boomers because they were born in a generation where bombing your enemies into submission was still a new thing?
    • zagor

      It was their parents who did that.

  • Browneye57
    Haha... yep. :)