Enough with the Alpha-Beta nonsense already!


Did you know that this Alpha-Beta nonsense got started from a misunderstood, now debunked scientific study? In the 1970s Canadian Scientist L. David Mech observed wolves in a National Park where one "alpha" male and one "alpha" female appeared to be in charge, get first pick at the best parts of a kill, and boss the others around.

When observing wolf packs in the wild, he made the discovery, that these weren't "societies" they were families! The "Alpha Male" was "Dad" and the "Alpha Female" was "Mom."

"The younger wolves were submissive to the parents. The parents controlled the distribution of food. The couple prioritized the youngest puppies to ensure they would get enough food if it needed to be shared. Older siblings may do the same thing, Mech wrote."


This short clip explains some of this:

Mech, L. David. 1999. Alpha Status, Dominance, and Division of Labor in Wolf Packs. Canadian Journal of Zoology 77(8):1196-1203.

Some in society, however, had already latched on to the idea that "alphas" are a thing, not only in wolves, but in human beings as well! This has lead to our current culture where modern day bullies simply relabel themselves as "alphas" or sometimes even "betas."

Yes "betas" can be bullies too
Yes "betas" can be bullies too

In truth its all a load of crap, designed to put people, usually men, into a box or make them feel left out that they aren't in the "alpha" "beta" or whatever club. Some are now adding omega, sigma, and in the future I'm sure a different class for every letter of the Greek alphabet!


My advise, we should stop trying to excuse this. Either you are forever bullied because you are a "beta" nerd, and "Alpha fucks beta bucks," or you are forever a stupid lumbering imbecile because you aren't one. Real men, and real women, don't need to be put into a category!

Real Men dont need to be put into a category!
Real Men don't need to be put into a category!

One final thought the whole Alpha-Beta, Delta, Gamma, Upsilon, whatever is incredibly creepy, straight out of Aldous Huxely's "Brave New World." A dystopic novel on par with George Orwell's "1984" where all of human society is divided into castes; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epislon.

Straight out of dystopia!
Straight out of dystopia!
Enough with the Alpha-Beta nonsense already!
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  • Anonymous
    Finally someone is saying it.
    People have to be a sheep and a wolf depending from the situation. I don’t understand this alpha and beta thingy either; it’s so stupid and it’s toward man only! Time to leave male gender alone honestly I have brothers , I will have a future som who knows point is I don’t want him to live in such a toxic manmade ideology environment.
    I remember once I was at Starbucks I heard a women asking the guy if he was a beta or alpha noooo jokeee🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I was like damn.
    Oh this guy is so confident he is an alpha 😂
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  • kc_4308
    I’m sick of these guys who call themselves red pill , blue pill, MGTOW, and incels. Entertaining this type of behavior is childish and now men who are like this are immature, weak, childish, and toxic. They can’t attract a leveled up woman and or quality women. Any man labeling himself this I’m gone !
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    • R4zor

      gtfo die alone

    • marish01

      Define quality women

    • Ousaf1

      Guess who made those men exist, the answer is very close

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  • hahahmm
    Nobody ever said that bully is synonymous with alpha and for you to think that tells me that you were bullied a lot and still haven't learned how to stand up for yourself. Yes, there are weak people and there are strong people. I tend to think that one can learn to be strong but the older you get the harder it is for (most) people to change.
    • Anonymous

      Alpha is typically what modern day bullies use as an excuse, at least for tradition physical type "gimmie your lunch money" type stuff. As I pointed out, but you obviously didn't read, "betas" can be bullies too.

    • hahahmm

      You were talking about labels. Nobody who talked about alpha & beta ever said a bully was either one as far as I've ever seen. Context matters in how those terms are used. And no, it doesn't matter why the terms first started being used, just like when people talk about race and it doesn't matter that race is a silly concept to people who really think deeply.

    • "Nobody ever said that bully is synonymous with alpha and for you to think that tells me that you were bullied a lot and still haven't learned how to stand up for yourself."
      Right, because it's the victim's fault they were bullied. Idiot.

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  • RenegadeSailor
    Your entire opinion here is bullshit.

    Humans put things into categories and use those categories to describe them.

    The wolf nonsense you are spouting is a talking point some numb skull feminist who hates men came up with.

    The only reason you're pissed about it is you know that you're not the alpha.
    • The way you use ad hominem shows you're possible self projecting

    • Who you kidding, who ever wrote this isn't going to respond to intellectual discourse.

    • R4zor

      @bingbongbangbung stfu and speak with facts he's right

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  • weeee
    Agreed. Its just insecure men with this type of 2 dimensional thinking who are desperate for some form of external validation to feel good.

    Imagine genuinely believing animals like humans who have such complex and intricate systems of social interactions in place can all be boiled down to just 2 boxes.
  • Nightroads
    Cool, love that episode. I do tend to agree with that shows findings, but just because the symbolic origins of the term are incorrect does not mean that overtime the perceptions on which are based on the symbol did not become the societal norm.

    Military has used the fictitious social system to generate functional platoons for years.
  • Rachelspiks
    YES! This needs to be said, loud and clear, far and wide! Preach! :)
  • purplepoppy
    Put ten guys in a room, ask them to close their eyes and raise their hand if they're the room alpha and you'll get ten hands in the air.

    Usually a barebottom spanking off granny shuts them up
    • marish01

      The same applies to women. Ask them if they think they are strong independent women. Lol

  • FraITA92
    I always thought it's nonsense 😂
    I value humans much more than animals (despite all the scum that there is 😂)
    And reducing people and our complex society to a simple hyerarchical pack structure is bullshit and offensive.
    Take this as a reasoning point:
    Let's define alpha = "dominant" and beta ="submissive", in normal terms 😅
    Think about somebody who is huge because he trains at the gym everyday, but is poor and is ugly. He could kill everybody else in the gym, but he could become homeless in 2 months if he gets fired.
    Someone else is super rich but has no care for his body and consequently his sexual performance.
    Another guy is a hot playboy but also broke and not very strong.

    Now put them together in a room with a cop (authority) , and pick the alpha and the betas... According to which characteristic, each of which has advantages in our society? 😅🤣

    Also, they told me a couple times that I am an alpha 😂, but I am sometimes aggressive, and sometimes I just avoid confronting with idiots and let them have it. I am attractive for women but I am not very good with them. I am neither alpha nor beta, I am a man with various sides and moods and interests 😅
  • Mofunfour20
    you're responsible for getting what you want, nobody else. You. People that complain about stuff they can't do anything about will drive themselves crazy. Not me, i got shit to do
  • tupacs_only_wife
    True. I can't wait till the day men stop thinking they are fucking wolfs🤦🏾‍♀
    • R4zor

      I am not wolf but you're a cunt

    • @R4zor And you're clearly a pathetic loser, judging by your comments here.

    • Seems like some one is not willing to have a reality check🤣. Did i bite too hard Mr. R4zor wolf🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☠️☠️

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  • anon1903
    Also, stop telling people the only way to win is through dominance. Even submissive guys can be happy!

    Great share.
    • R4zor

      their girlfriends wives will never be neither will them

    • And if that's the only way to "win", then I would rather lose.

  • Inexpensivefurniture
    THANK YOU I am sooo fucking tired of hearing about "alpha guys". You aren't an "alpha" you're just loud and rude.
    • R4zor

      It depends on your presumption of being rude

    • @R4zor Interrupting, talking over people, not listening, not taking others into account, thinking that every disagreement has to become an argument tgat he will win by calling others names and being louder, etc. Those are the rude things I see self proclaimed alphas do

    • R4zor

      True and this is not alpha by the way this is some cunt faking strength

  • TheMijopapii
    I don't care about any studies. Clearly some are alphas and some are betas. The captain of the football team is an alpha. The leader of a gang is an alpha. Followers and cowards are betas but sometimes someone is neither and they are an omega a lone wolf.
  • Григорий
    I think it’s a safe bet to stay away from Adam and his quest to ruin everything. I’ve seems some pretty nonsense points in his videos.
    (That doesn’t mean all are wrong) but he’s a cook
    • Anonymous

      He is not always right, but in this case he is, I even provided links and citations. Sometimes even "kooks" can be right.

  • lizchill
    I think that there are alphas and betas in humans extrinsic primal animalistic DNA. It is not a choice but a result of your DNA sequencing.
    • R4zor

      part of it but all men have the potential some just don't want to fight (work hard)

    • @R4zor Why should anyone have to fight? Fight for what? This is why the world is in the mess that it's in, because far too many people seem to believe that in order to "get ahead" they have to be an amoral, violent, deranged psychopath. If that's what it takes to "succeed" in life, then maybe society's idea of success isn't worth striving for.

    • R4zor

      @Rachelspiks Cuz a man of no aggression is redeemed of no respect I am not encouraging violence I am saying men need to be dangerous as much as they have it under control

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  • goaded
    I love the Adam Ruins Everything series. Still haven't finished Brave New World, though. :(
  • Soremain
    "In truth its all a load of crap, designed to put people, usually men, into a box or make them feel left out that they aren't in the "alpha""

    That right there is your problem. You feel left out of the alpha category so you want no one to use the terms. But actually the fact that you feel that way, proofs that you believe those categories exist. You wouldn't be able to feel bad about not belonging in a category that doesn't exist in the first place.

    It's true that it's all mostly nonsense, childish, dumb, unscientific and unnecessary and doesn't make the world any better place, but it shouldn't bother you. If it bothers you, it means you also play the game. By resisting the game, you're playing the game.
  • EternallyCorrect
    The first part is a midwit argument. Alpha/beta has been debunked in wolves, but this is irrelevant. Firstly there are alpha/beta animals in many other species: lions, apes etc. Secondly if we’re going to be compared to any animal we’re more closely related to apes than to wolves. Thirdly it was debunked because this was only observed in wolves kept in captivity, as in not living in the wild, which we also are not.

    Plus, if I say beta male and alpha male you already have a picture in your mind of each type. The beta is a wimpy, effeminate, nerdy, shy or “nice guy” type who women don’t tend to find attractive and who other men don’t tend to respect. The “alpha” is the opposite.

    Self-identifying as “alpha” and obsessing over it is cringe, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no truth to it at all.
  • J2ohhhhh
    2 out of 3 jobs before I was self employed I got leadership positions and when I was gaming and led my own guild, I really built my confidence in my leadership skills. But it is nothing sort of being an alpha. It's like fucking diplomacy, just because you're the boss there are people who with their connection hold shit load of power over you. Forexample in a 40 member guild there are group of friends, 10 people and if one is not happy with your decisions you have a 10 people problem. In work place that's the same. In politics some of your supporters are not happy with you, they'll spend some £ on spreading a bed narrative and you're fucked. Fairness is quite a thing even among animals. When they fight for leadership it's mostly 1v1, but if the leader is really a piece of shit they do 2,3 or whatever versus 1. It's an equation, people who are led will tolerate some bullshit, but they will never tolerate more than the benefits of following their leader.
  • bamesjond0069
    Categorization is normal human behavior. One who wants to pretend categories don't exist is living in a fantasy hallucination. They exist and are categories and make sense to many many people. If they don't make sense to you, thats just you failing to understand the concept everyone else gets.

    I don't hear many alphas upset about or arguing these categories don't exist. Only betas do it. Probably because they understand beta male is not a good category to be in. They would benefit by people not calling them out all the time on their personal failings. Very obvious their motivations.
    • weeee

      The problem is not the category's existence, but the fact that its so overtly simplified and completely devoid of all nuance.

      Its a shitty model for representing human behaviour, which is why you dont see any level headed people using terms like beta and alpha in an meaningful actual convo.

    • @weeee uh huh. And you are the definition of "level headed"? If you're complaining about this you're probably a beta. If you are a beta you are morally deficient. If you're morally deficient im going to say you're not level headed.

      "the fact that its so overtly simplified and completely devoid of all nuance" is precisely why its so useful. If we wanted more in depth information then maybe myers briggs or other similar tests would be used. However that information is not usually readily available. Whats the cashiers myers briggs? I don't know but i can tell he's a beta after our short conversation. In this instance myers briggs is useless because its too complex and specific.

    • weeee

      Alright starting off with ad hominem, you then go on to conflate a social hierarchy model with a personality test. Alright. there's some similarities i guess, but the two are way way far apart to be compared like that in the sense that myers briggs does not concern itself with hierarchies as far as im aware. Alpha/beta bullshit doesn't give us "insight" into anything, it is almost always used as a way of putting other men down and thats it. Even you did it like twice up until now. On top of that myers briggs is not that credible either so yeah.

      By level-headed people i mean, and i guess i should have worded it better, the people who are actually concerned with categorising human behaviour. The point im making here is that alpha/beta shit is no more credible than horoscopes and fortune cookies.

      And a little side note, i dont know how myers briggs is a beta since he's two people—isabel myers and katharine briggs. Eitherways this just reaffirms a point I made earlier for like what? The third time now...

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  • Johnsmith23895
    This is such a beta question that attracts other betas
  • Babygirl_S
    I always fall for the Alpha males.
    • R4zor

      And it's okay alpha is not necessarily fk boy it's about high power some abuse some utilize

  • Anonymous
    If a woman really wants an alpha male, why assume at the get go that the guy is going to do something to her, like rape her or something?
  • Anonymous
    Do you know what you'll never see Mr Beta?

    An alpha male who gets regular sex becoming a mass shooter.
  • Anonymous
    nah bro ur just a beta male. You will never be as cool as us sigma males
  • Anonymous
    It’s the same thing as people who toss around the term Karen, etc. get over yourselves first then talk about others.
  • Anonymous
    Yep Omega, Theta, Rho!
  • Anonymous
    Yes exactly. I hate alpha beta delta etc. I am really tired
  • Anonymous
    What is it about the terms alpha and beta that hurt so many people's butts? I don't get it. They are terms used to describe certain human behaviors and personality types, that's all. No one thinks these people are wolves for fuck sake.

    An alpha is a person who is a natural leader, has a charismatic personality and tends to be dominant, not submissive. Use whatever term you want to describe that, but the term "alpha" is fitting and easy to use rather than explaining all those characteristics each time.

    Likewise, a beta is someone who tends to be more of a follower, more submissive in nature. Nothing wrong with that, it's just a personality type, and a common one. Again, use whatever term you want but the term beta fits well and is easy to use. And again, there is nothing wrong with the term unless you have some irrational aversion to it. And that's fine too, but don't act as if others should have that same irrational aversions to these descriptive terms.
    • Anonymous

      "This has lead to our current culture where modern day bullies simply relabel themselves as "alphas" or sometimes even "betas.""

      No, the terms alpha and bet have absolutely nothing to do with bullies or bully culture. Bullying has been going on since the dawn of humanity. Using different terms to describe certain personality types has zero impact on that.

    • R4zor

      some people struggle to realize a man is about being a warrior and when you say alpha a fk boy pops in their head nvm my man keep grinding you got this

    • Have you realised that these terms also endorse toxic masculinity. I bet you know the characteristics you're expected to have if you wanna be an "alfa" or "sigma" Even im a female yet it doesn't sit right with me. Literally abandoning your social life and emotions all because you wanna be strong yet your slowly killing yourself with crippling depression. Aside from that if Jesus himself wept yet he is the son of God then what denies a mortal human being the right to express their emotions?

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  • Anonymous
    Whether it does or does not exist amongst wolves is one thing. The fact that you appear to be so concerned about it shows that it does exist amongst people. And anyone who would watch and or reference, "Adam Ruins Everything," as a legitimate source, has proven themselves to be a Beta.