I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice


My story is bigger than this topic, but it undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that I changed my mind about a woman's right to choose an abortion.

I grew up in a small Christian church that took the bible very seriously. Nobody I knew was Pro Choice. I didn't think about it until one day, when we were asked to voice our opinions on abortion in class. I was on the most Pro Life end of the spectrum of opinions, which surprised me given that I had many religious class mates. None of them shared my point of view that abortions were never okay and always brutal and represented a murder.

I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice

Covid-19 changed everything for me. I had more time to think, was able to move away from my parents and when I picked up the bible and analysed it using bible scholars' resources, I realised that it wasn't what I had assumed it to be all those years; to me, the bible no longer is a book of prophecy that you should base your whole life upon, but rather, it's a mildly interesting reflection of the time it was written in. I've since distanced myself from the faith I grew up with as it holds no value for me personally anymore.

I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice

Shortly after realising that I don't have to take the bible as seriously as I had all these years, I felt like finally having sex with my boyfriend. I had always been curious and felt ready, so we did it when we both felt the time was right. I had a lovely first time, full of love and didn't feel used or vulnerable/hurt afterwards like people had always told me I would if I lost my virginity before getting married.

I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice

We use contraception, but I've had two pregnancy scares since becoming sexually active (where I simply didn't get my period on time) and since I know I couldn't have a baby, let alone a child right now (I have no money and don't want to have a baby that's born out of wedlock), I did my research on abortions.

I had never truly delved into what actually happens when you have an abortion, and I strongly believe that many Pro Lifers have an inaccurate image in their head when it comes to abortions. Almost all abortions occur below 12 weeks of pregnancy (in the first trimester, meaning 14 weeks after getting your last period) through either taking different pills or by a small vacuum device being inserted into the uterus while the woman is under anesthesia. Read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_in_the_United_States

I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice

Where I'm from, abortions are only legal in the first trimester and you have to have a talk with an independent source and wait a couple of days before getting the abortion.

Abortions at later points of pregnancy are very, very rare. In the US, only 1.4% of all abortions occur after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Talking about how abortions are conducted in the third trimester is emotional for many Pro Lifers, which is understandable when you envision a healthy mother bearing a healthy baby going through a third trimester abortion. That's not the case though. Third trimester abortions are not something you decide to do on a whim. It's something women reflect very deeply about and abortions at this late point of pregnancy are only to be considered if the baby were to be born dead, to potentially inflict physical or psychological harm on the mother or if the baby was significantly impaired (mentally or physically) if born.

I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice

My final words are that I strongly believe that those that are actually pregnant, not law makers, should have the final say when it comes to abortion.

I'm incredibly lucky to live in a country where getting an abortion is possible in the first trimester.

I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice
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  • hi_it_is_me123
    A fetus ain't a baby. Abortion ain't killing babys when there is no baby. Even if it is baby no one has a right to use someone's organs. Why should a fetus has more rights than a woman? Where tf are the pro lifers when nobody adopt the disabled kids? Did you know that a preg. women have to be MENTALLY and physically healthy to have healthy kids? By forcing her to give birth, she will drink alcohol, take drugs or smoke to overcome this situation. Even eating unhealthy food can cause unhealthy kids or misscarriage. Statistically disabled or unhealthy kids dont get adopted.
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    • To the people who dislikes it, are ok with using your organs against your will? If not why can a so called baby use someone's organ against their will?
      If abortion becames illegal, make it legal to use pro lifers organ against their will. Equal rights, equal consequences.

    • Azura_88

      They're sadists and hypocrites.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn't agree more. There are studies supporting your point too, children born into families that don't want them usually don't have a good life.

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  • OldFruitLoop
    I see a lot of people without a uterus speaking on uterus problem 🤨 there’s nothing wrong with abortion sometimes people just aren’t ready.

    I rather abort than place a child in a foster care agency and have it be mistreated and abused and have it growing up with that feeling of being unwanted, and let’s be real the world is way too fucked up to bring alive into if you're not prepared. Then we’ll over 14,000 kids grow out of foster care sometimes ending up on the streets and that might lead to stealing which is a whole other problem.
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    • DaisyOpal

      Well I've got a uterus and I am strongly Pro-Life. So there.

    • @cth96190 and you are an old has-been who seeks to control women through bullying behaviours.

    • OldFruitLoop - you are absolutely right. Amazing how so many men seem so willing to make enormously judgmental pronouncements on biological experiences they will never truly understand. They are indoctrinated with religious hate. So sad.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Jamie05rhs
    So you decide to engage in risky behavior and participate in an act of which the very purpose is to make babies,... then you get scared that you might IN FACT make a baby. So you change your mind and decide that it's alright to kill a baby.
    Wow. You're a real piece of work.
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    • Grow up

    • Happens to a lot of women. They're super against abortions till they engage in pre-marital sex and when shit hits the fan they suddenly become hardcore abortionists because they want to just get rid of the life within them. Bunch of hypocrites.

    • @Wraith_Cemetery Have you considered that direct experience changes a person's understanding of a matter? It's extremely easy to moralistically weigh in on subjects you have no direct experience of, as you are doing here.

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  • NicoletteXO
    Well, this is a wonderful example of how taking control over your own life makes you less inclined to try to control others.

    Good for you. Glad you had a beautiful 'first time' - the religious demonization of sexuality (and especially women's sexuality) is responsible for so much sickness in this world.
    • Anonymous

      Yup, 100%.

  • Lliam
    Really good MyTake.
    1) I went on the same spiritual journey, beginning in my late teens. I arrived as the same conclusions in regards to the Bible.

    2) I agree with you that (most) women take abortion very seriously. It's a gut wrenching decision, but sometimes it's the best decision. And it should be up to the individual, not to Bible thumpers or lawmakers.

    3) Sometimes mistakes happen. Young people can do stupid things. Birth control methods can fail. A woman shouldn't be punished for life if something goes wrong. She shouldn't be forced to carry a pregnancy to term and then be saddled with a child if she is not ready.

    I knew two girls who had abortions when they were in their mid teens. One was a girlfriend who had gotten pregnant from a previous boyfriend. She was very wary of sex after that. She and I never had sex. I lost track of her so I don't know how her life turned out.
    When I was 16, the first girlfriend who I had a sexual relationship was 15. The same thing had happened to her. She had had one previous boyfriend and gotten pregnant. As I said, kids are naive and can do stupid things. She learned from her experience and got on the pill. She did get married several years later, had a couple of daughters and was a wonderful mother. She's now a grandma and we're still in touch on Facebook.

    Both of those girls had early term abortions. I think of how badly their lives would have been ruined if they had been saddled with babies at 15 years old. I also think of the damage caused to lives of the stupid guys and to everyone's parents.

    Those who judge girls who get abortions also judge young, unwed mothers. Those people are sanctimonious pricks. They can't imagine being in someone else's shoes. They act like they care about fetuses, but I think they are hypocrites because they are mean to people in general. They would heap shame and punishment on others. They support authoritarianism.

    I do have a problem with people who don't learn from their mistakes. It's one thing if contraception fails. But that is rare. It's another thing when a girl continues to have unprotected sex and engages in serial abortions. I do condemn that behavior. It's not just stupid, its callous. I wouldn't mind if such girls/women were sentenced to forced sterilization after two or three abortions.

    I also have a problem with late term abortions. If a girl is so stupid that she doesn't suspect that she may be pregnant after missing a period or two, or if she can't decide what to do about it for more than 12 or 15 weeks, then she, and she alone, may deserve the consequences. At the same time, would anyone want someone like that raising a child?

    The way I look at it is, if a girl is raped or has unprotected sex, there is a morning after pill. If she misses a period (I realize that periods aren't always like clockwork), it is super easy to go to the store and buy a pregnancy test just to find out. I have a hard time understanding how a girl could be pregnant for three months and now know about it. And I have no problem with a chemical abortion within 8 weeks or even a conventional abortion within 12 weeks IF is isn't a regular occurrence.
    • What you said reminds me of this political cartoon, illustrating those "sanctimonious pricks" who rally around the rights of a fetus... until it is born. Then they are all about withholding any kind of aid, welfare, healthcare, etc.
      I went from Pro Life to Pro Choice

    • Anonymous

      I agree with most your points, however, some women still get their periods regularly (to be precise, it's not a period per se, more like a very light one, but some women think they're lucky it's not as as heavy as usually or simply don't notice) while being pregnant.
      Sometimes, we have a lot of stress and are oblivious to the signs our body is showing us. I hope this makes sense.
      Still, I believe most people make the choice very consciously.

    • Anonymous

      @zeitgeist057 That cartoon is definitely true. People will always find something to be judgmental about.

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  • TruthBringer
    I'm stuck between two sides on this one. I can understand and also agree with both sides.

    The way I see it is that I'm not so fond of the idea of abortion. And I believe it should be avoided unless certain factors are met. Factors such as:

    1. The child is the result of rape.
    2. There is something seriously wrong with the child (That would include stuff like down syndrome; as every person I know who has a disabled child hates their life and know their child won't have a decent future.).

    3. If it truly is a byproduct of a mistake and that both man and woman are NOT capable of taking care of the child.
    4. Other factors mentioned in the Take.

    On the other hand, when I look at the stats @KrakenAttackin had shared as well as my knowledge that women undergo abortions like it's some sport, I can understand why people are against abortions. Not to forget to mention that so many Pro Choicers are either toxic feminists or people who think that a man has no say in the decision making, but still expect THE MAN to pay for a child (in case she decides to keep it against his will).
    In that case, I think a woman would be best to keep her legs shut if she (or the dude) doesn't take the importance of birth control/contraceptives seriously. Abortion is not something to be taken lightly and should only be considered when there really is no better alternative.

    I am a STRONG believer that a child should be conceived ONLY when both people are ready for it and are capable to give it a good life to the best of their ability. And not give the child away for adoption. Because what's the point in having a child if you cannot raise it properly (broken home, financial instability, etc.).
    • Djaay

      You can't eat at both tables.. If you are a Truth Bringer then speak truth and only eat from that table. Remember God implants a soul inside that developing fetus so biologically a body may grow around it completely. So remember you can't murder a soul only a biological body. And when a woman aborts by her choice , that new soul goes straight to heaven innocent of any wrong doing while the aborted goes straight to hell for her unforgiving choice of murder.

    • @Djaay There is no absolute truth. The fact is there is truth in both sides and I already acknowledged that. Despite I'm no fan of abortion and I think it's best avoided at all cost, I still can understand why someone would be pro choice. Your truth can be different than someone else's truth. Especially when you're religious.

    • Djaay

      I'm NOT religious. Religion is man - made traditional values that are NOT of GODS commanded commandments. You only speak of facts and facts that are NOT truth. You' re facts are from other humans and NOT of GODS truth. And you're absolutely wrong about absolute truth. Truth is NEVER just facts especially from man-womankind. So Truth Bringer... bring the absolute truth or don't at all.

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  • 19magic
    I think everyone should be able to think and decide for themselves what they want. Personally though I couldn't do it, I've always said my whole life that I wanted a child and when it happened accidentally it wasn't a great start but I feel I've grown so much in personality and finding my true self as I lost it awhile ago and it made me want to be better.
  • zeitgeist057
    I'm happy for you that your perspective, understanding, and knowledge are growing, and that you are intelligent enough to see through the strong influence of your surrounding culture.

    I wish you all the best in continuing to learn and grow as a person. You will find that not all humans are on this same path, and many stay willfully ignorant.
  • nachosaresexy
    I don't really care about the debate. Just do what's been proven to be effective: provide free (tax-payer funded) contraception. Education helps too, but make sure every reasonable form of contraception is easily available.

    It reduces pregnancy rates, which obviously reduces the number of abortions, as well as the number of unplanned/unwanted children brought into all sorts of difficult circumstances, along with the massive medical bills that go with it (often paid/subsidized by taxpayer $$).
  • YesICan
    "to me, the bible no longer is a book of prophecy that you should base your whole life upon, but rather, it's a mildly interesting reflection of the time it was written in." 💯
    • Bricealan

      A very perceptive view for a young man of 22 ! Good for you, young man !

    • YesICan

      @Bricealan Thank you sir, but actually it's the anonymous person that said this, not me. I just quoted her cause I totally agreed with it. :)

    • Bricealan

      I just went back and re-read her post, but still, glad you agree with her and I.

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  • snowboarder720
    I agree with you and respect your thoughts. We all go through changes while going through life. COVID had me deeply rethink topics and change my mind about things too.
    • Anonymous

      Couldn't agree more... It was truly the tiny push I needed to make everything I believed in so firmly crumble because I finally had time to think.

    • COVID really has made a lot of people listen and start to think for themselves. It pulled a lot of my close friends closer while pushing other ‘friends’ away. It’s crazy what happens after a global pandemic, huh? Haha

  • Wester1967
    Funny how male libertarians are ready to drop their entire edifice when it comes to intervening in women's corporeal autonomy. Y'all are trash.

    I support Sunsara Taylor. "Full access. On demand and without apology." Your ruling corporate masters insure this circumstance for their own wives and daughters. Here, Canada, or wherever. Regardless of what they say in public. Regardless of how many right wing suckers sign off on the appointed so called "pro life" candidates.
    • BillyBalls

      Too bad your mother didn't abort you!!!

    • Thank you!! I am appalled by the judgmentalism, and moralistic tut-tutting of these so-called men here. They are all trash! Thanks for pointing out the obvious hypocrisy. It's all "guns n freedom" ... unless a woman is involved, and then it's demonization and forced gestation.

    • Wester1967

      @BillyBalls I see that your momma did in fact abort you

  • 224466881010
    Just an observation: Christians always proport themselves to be kind, inviting and even morally righteous people.

    Watch how they treat you after you think for yourself using the brain that God gave you. You become an "apostate" and you know the rest of the story. Exactly the same process. It's human nature:
    Some form of label->
    Some bogus motif of why x label is harmful to society->
    Rationale for abuse or mistreatment->
    Abuse, mistreatment or alienation
    • Anonymous

      Couldn't agree more. I hate how Christians believe they're better than other man-made religions.

    • smølf

      What you say is kinda true, however, is not what the Bible say we should do though. So do not blame it on God or the Bible.

  • KrakenAttackin
    I went from Pro Life to Pro ChoiceWomen use abortion as a form of convenience, pure and simple. Any woman who would murder her own child is capable of ANYTHING.
    • Subarugirl

      An embryo isn’t a child, it has the potential to become one. There is a difference. Sperm has the ability to create a child…

    • Who actually answers these surveys? I bet a huge majority of people who ' responded' no reason failed to omit a reason (or to actually fill out) the participant survey. Google maps asks for feedback survey, people ask about my disability status every time I apply to a job. You can always ignore the survey and carry on with your day. Sounds like women at these centers had other things on their mind.

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  • Michael49
    To be honest i think you have always been Pro Choice just didn’t know it. One thing people don’t understand is that you can have Pro Life beliefs but if you are also open minded enough to realize that people can make their own decisions that is the meaning of Pro Choice
  • FunkyMonkee
    I don't see why we SHOULDN''T have a choice! My ex, for instance, was told after I got her pregnant that she'd have to spend the entire 9 months in bed and even that was no guarantee that she or the kid would survive! Her previous hubby got her pregnant years before we met and the baby died shortly before it was born so, it really crewed with her head to know that she was walking around with a dead baby inside of her for the last month or two. she wasn't ABOUT to go through THAT again!! So, as badly as I wanted that kid, we booth chose to abort! Better to save one life than lose two!
    • Anonymous

      Thank you for sharing your story. Sometimes, you have to prioritise your own emotions and phyiscal/mental wellbeing over what COULD be. Glad to know you made the choice together.

    • Quite welcome!
      I know, I REALLY WISH we could've kept the baby. I was hoping for a girl. She'd be 27, now. Before she got the news, I would sometimes put my mouth up to her belly and yell, "I love you!".

    • Anonymous

      It's such a sad story to read about not knowing whether I'm fertile or not, considering that fertility has been going down for decades, especially in the western world... There's just a part of me that's touched when I read stories like these because I'm a woman and can partially understand the incredible emotional load of your ex at the time.
      Having a supportive partner really makes the difference in my opinion.

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  • Dragonpurple
    Well said, people can change their mind on things. Not an issue, for every story like yours there is many about pro-choice changing to pro-life.

    I've also heard people say, it should be called pro-choice and anti-choice or pro-murder and pro-life.

    All just talking points.

    I will say no one has to raise a child they do not want, there is a long waiting list to adopt new born babies in the USA. I was on it with my wife until we realized we just couldn't afford it, too long of a wait and too much money.

    You'd think it would be cheaper and shorter, but it was over two years of waiting. Many other couples adopted from other countries because it was cheaper and faster.

    There are lots of people of all kinds waiting to adopt. Now keep in mind I'm talking only NEW BORNS, not some kid that a single mother tried to raise and mess up for 5 or 10 years and decided to finally give them up.

    I would not recommend anyone adopt a child that is not right for them, anymore than a dog owner should adopt an older dog that will do more harm to the animal than good.

    Many people only want to adopt newborns, right or wrong it is what it is.

    I myself went from Pro-choice when I was a young Democrats to pro-life as I got older. I really would like science to confirm exactly when life begins 100% and that could be a cut off of when abortions are considered murder.

    Plus laws should be updated, cause if someone murders a pregnant woman that is considered a double murder, but she could go abort the child and its not a crime. Doesn't make any sense at all.

    I myself do not think of the morning after pill as abortion, but I do know that others consider it that. I also think rape victims, who had no say in the creation of the new life should have that option for the first little bit.

    The problem though is there are stories of babies being cut up and sucked out, there are even survivors who were born mutilated. Even if it is only 1% or less, that is so bad it taints the other 99%.
  • standardguy
    Well, indirectly you confirm that having a "Pro Life" attitude depends on having a strong relationship to God and his Holy Scripture. I am sorry that you lost your true faith by the Covid-19 crisis.
    So watch out that you might not be sifted by Satan. ;,-(
    • Anonymous

      I feel like most Pro Lifers have a history with being associated with some religion that bans abortions.

      I'm still spiritual and believe I'm a good person, but I'm no longer active in an organised religion, if you believe that makes me a bad human being, that's your CHOICE ;)

  • Archerer
    Good for you, I am proud of you. The hatred coming from everyone else is just a reflection of the exact reason you started thinking the way you do now. You are on the right side of history now.
    • Anonymous

      It's so interesting to me how so many people don't understand the other side - I understand where Pro Choice people are coming from, I just now see that it's an emotionally charged discussion and that it has its roots in man-made religions.
      I'd rather have an abortion than raise a child without any money or energy, without being able to finish my education.
      Crazy how people can't digest that when it's simply about my life and my choices.

      Children of religious couples end up pregnant and having abortions too. No abortion is ever an easy decision.

  • lightbulb27
    not sure why the bible is such a strong influence here.
    The bible is saying "God is love and loves us", we are separated from God by a fallen emotional state and gives rules to repair relationship and ultimate solution of salvation from death via eternal life. That's it in a nutshell.

    take from it what you will to benefit your life. Commit sins... you just might end up payig the price, or someone else might. I don't know how women distance themselves emotionally given they are attached to that life and what I've heard, it is emotionally impactful. But if someone isn't paying attention and doesn't care, then maybe it isn't an issue.

    I have some firstand knowledge seeing how impacted my girlfriend was after miscarrying.

    you write kind of cold hearted, but I agree with you, the decision should be an individuals. if mom isn't gonna love that child for 20+ years nor adopt them out, forget it... they have little chance.
    • Anonymous

      I never meant to come off as cold-hearted, thank you for voicing your opinion.

  • BillyBalls
    What does religion have to do with religion?

    Non religious people believe stealing and murder is wrong. Are you claiming that you don't believe in God those things are okay?

    Sounds like since you were not capable of being in control of your own reproductive system, abortion is okay because it serves your own purpose.

    That is a sad commentary on your own moral compass.
    • BillyBalls

      *What does religion have to do with abortion?

    • BillyBalls

      Why would some one give this a thumbs down and not explain why?

  • Rachel794
    This is all false information but I respect your freedom of speech.
    • Rachel794

      Also, aren’t you glad you’re mom didn’t abort you? You’re here spreading shit lies about the pro life community. Forgive me if I value all human life and will be ready to defend the vulnerable. A person’s a person, no matter how small. Abortion is a cop out, sex with no consequences.

    • Rachel794


    • Anonymous

      Please tell me where I spread false information.
      My mother is extremely religious, abortion was never an option for her. What point are you trying to make?

  • Bogoboj
    Why is everyone either 100% for abortion or 0% for abortion?

    I have always been in the middle on this topic and feel that it is ok to abort in certain circumstances but morally wrong to abort in other circumstances.
    • Ninaface

      Why would it be okay in some circumstances, but morally wrong in others? What makes it okay somewhere that doesn't make it okay somewhere else? Either its a baby that is being murdered, or its a cluster of cells being cleared out.

    • Bogoboj

      @Ninaface well lets take the approach that they are a life that is being murdered if so then if a woman in her 40s that has health problems gets pregnant and the doctor says that there is a big chance that she will not survive giving birth i would say that it is morally justified for her to get an abortion.

      But if a jong and healthy woman gets pregnant whith consensual sex while she has access to all kinds of contraception then i find it morally unjustified for her to get an abortion.

      But do note that i keep saying morally and not legally, i find that abortion should be legal i am just talking about morally and emotionally justifying the murder of a life.

    • Ninaface

      If its a situation where its pick the mother or the child's life, that's the only time I find it to be justifiable. Personally, I've always known id choose the child. I couldn't live knowing I chose my life over my baby's. Its picking one life over the other, and that is easier rationalized. But otherwise, its taking one life for no permittable reason.

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  • DaveToo
    An excellent dissertation on a very emotional subject. Thank you!
    • Anonymous

      Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

  • RainbowUnicorn123
    A fetus isn't a baby until later in the pregnancy. Regardless its still a life. I use to be prolife and I guess I'm still am kinda. For me it's more about people having unprotected sex knowing very well they might get pregnant and still having an abortion. But if someone takes measures to keep from getting pregnant and still do, but aren't ready for the child then I think it might be ok. Prolifers don't think much beyond the scope of abortion and have a twisted view of what it is. They think people who are getting abortion are unresponsive people who don't have protected sex and don't take into consideration health issues that might be involved to end the pregnancy. A lot of prolifers have in their head that abortion is wrong regardless and don't look at things in a new light. Prolifers are against abortion saying it's murder, but support every other aspect of murder such as the death sentence or police brutality. Where are the prolifers when it comes to disabled kids being adopted when people can't get abortion. Like I said I used to be a prolifer, but after I learned how the majority was I changed a little.
  • PositiveNote
    There's never a conversation on this topic without expressing a side on the issue. I'm glad you presented both sides of what you are thinking. Everyone has to consider both sides of everything before making a decision.

    I would like you to not stop researching into what other reasons their are into both sides of the issue. Gather all the real-life stories as well as the science. Question those who had to make the choice and how the felt afterward.
  • Quigly
    It is not natural for a mother to rip the baby from her wombed. killing her own child. It takes a very mentally disturbed person to go through with such an act simply as a method of contraception.
    • You see, just by looking at your profile I can make 2 assumptions, 1., you have never been pregnant (your profile shows that you identify as a guy, and given your statement, I highly doubt you've been pregnant/are trans [by all means, prove me wrong]), and 2., you are not a psychology major and you don't know much about mental health (I'm not either, so welcome to the party).
      Also, a fetus requires a lot of strain from the mother, so getting an abortion as a method of contraception seems quite reasonable, maybe realize you don't know everything about the other gender before spouting stuff like this.

    • Quigly

      @JustYourTypicalAsian I know that you are suffering from severe denial when you say it's "reasonable for a mother to kill her own child". Clearly something mentally wrong there. If you want to pass yourself off as sane, maybe you should tone down the outrageous statements before the attempt at trying to influence others.

    • You're saying miscarriage is not natural, but it happens every month.

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  • Better_off_here
    i think that it is up to you and anyone who they believe and what they want to do.
    no one should tell us what we need to do or what a woman wants with her body.
  • DarkWinterNights
    I’ve actually had the opposite happen. Everything I’ve been working toward for the last decade came crashing down during the pandemic and it became difficult to understand the point of anything. It was one of my lowest points and most of my beliefs and connection to God that I’d drifted away from all these years are the only thing that brought me back from the edge and kept me from losing hope in the future. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
  • CallmeTheKnight
    Pro choice is basically supporting the choice made. I never seen the big deal about it
  • QuietRunner
    I believe that birth control should be the true argument

    Abortion should be a last resort for rape/incest/harm to the mother

    Abortion shouldn't be used as birth control

    Let people be responsible for your actions when you have sex and accept you may get pregnant.
    • BillyBalls

      Well sad!!!

    • Nobody is saying abortion should be used as birth control. She specifically said she is using birth control. Why do all these men have to jump to absurd and aggrandized moralising?

    • BillyBalls

      @NicollettteXO If abortion isn't a form of birth control why have an abortion in the first place?

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  • Animefan94
    Also, aren’t you glad you’re mom didn’t abort you? You’re here spreading shit lies about the pro life community. Forgive me if I value all human life and will be ready to defend the vulnerable. A person’s a person, no matter how small. Abortion is a cop out, sex with no consequences.
  • Paul09
    Im Sorry, but that what religion does, controls how people think, so they do not think for themselves. Pretty much longest brainwashing of human history. Man created god and gods. That is a fact.
  • Caunsos
    You seem to have take a step from devote mind set to more secular one. I have to say this is a very brave move that i confidentiality believes you will be happier for doing so. Hope your family will be understanding.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    I think everyone was once a pro-life also because everyone was once naive. When you actually start to think more and deeper about it, should actually be a logical reason of being emotional caring so much about something that doesn't even have any consciousness.
    • DaisyOpal

      Then may I be 100% naive for the rest of my life!

    • Then let's go with that one. I'm not afraid to engage in an argument why i'm a pro choice. Because i will only prove how naive pro lifes can be

    • hahahmm

      According to science, by 3 months a baby has more neural activity than a kitten/puppy the same pro choicers would tell us it's a crime to kill. Consciousness? Are you conscious when you're sleeping? And if not then I should be able to kill you since you just don't matter. Especially if you're a loner or I decide that your life is meaningless... regardless of what you think about it. Oh well.

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  • haooy
    Well usually it's the opposite, but since you never had a baby, there is no physical evidence that you were pro life, you were just a product of the society you were raised in.
    I haven't talked to many people accept my mom about this issue and I would like to quote what she said " it is never an easy or comfortable choice to make for any of us" and I think so too.
    Other than that whatever your moral compass allows you to do.
    • BillyBalls

      So "my moral compass" tells me I should rape, murder and own slves.

      Does that fit into your morally superior view of life?

    • haooy

      You didn't get what I was trying to say. She has said it is not the rule by law (by the government) that someone cannot abort a fetus/baby. So I was trying to say since it is not illegal, only your morals can guide her what she see as right and she will have to live with that decision of hers.
      It is irrelevant what I think about the issue and what my morals are to what I have written.

  • Bricealan
    I am in your court, and the whole god damn issue of 'Right to Life' makes me want to throw up. How many fucking people are on this planet? How many BILLIONS? Jesus, it is just insane with all of this debate over abortion.

    I am an Anthesis, and have no belief system about God creating life, and it is something so 'precious' that it cannot/should not be terminated. That ideology has never made any sense to me, and never will.

    My hope is that the human race will soon become extinct and perhaps another more rational, reasoning, race of beings will inhabit this planet and not cause all of the terror /horror that the human race has inflicted on itself.
    • Bricealan

      You, stay the course and hold to your beliefs, and don't let this so-called 'Christian' ideology sway you with the guilt they want to inflict on you over this issue. Millions, like me support you.

    • You sound mentally ill and pseudo intellectual.

  • BigKevHanma
    Here’s my whole thing if a baby is gonna be that much of a problem then don’t have sex
  • captain_voidwalker
    Since we are on the topic of pro choice, are you down with a mans right to choose not to pay child support?
  • Ijustexiste
    I personally don't have a big opinion on this topic but I'm glad to see you're able to think for yourself.
  • Andres77
    If you're not a troll you should be embarrassed how sto1d you are.
  • Shizunk
    Not sure what to make of this. It's good you no longer believe ancient fiction. But then I was expecting some sort of reasoning to support your conclusion. I dont have a strong opinion on abortions, but I dont think the idea that a child is a human can be ignored or dismissed in any take on the subject. Once you determine if a child is a human, then we need to know if its ok to kill them and why. The how is not the key issue.
    It seems that you want abortions so you dont have to be afraid of improbable consequences of having a sex life? Meaning the child itself is not relevant to your argument, which I find odd. Not trying to say there can be no argument in favor of killing someone. Most people are outraged when the killing of humans is brought up, yet they eat animal corpses without any mental discomfort and couldn't articulate why they make the difference in the first place. But I would like to know your opinion, imho no argument on the subject is complete without it.
    • BillyBalls

      Pro abortion freak will attempt to play word games as to what constitutes human life.

      Abortion by biological definition kills human life.

      Pro abortion people should stipulate that fact and attempt to pose an ethical argument as to why abortion on demand should be legal.

      Notice I used the the phrase "abortion on demand".

      99% of abortions performed are not health care. They are birth control of the last result.

      Abortion in the case of health concerns of the mother is no problem.

      Rape is a tough one... but there is a solution.

      Any woman who was raped should immediately go the the ER and take the "Plan B" pill. She should have a rape kit done in order to prosecute the rapist and make sure he rapes no more.

      Just my take on the situation.

    • Shizunk

      @BillyBalls I am with you on rape. But health problems of mother? Not sure how that works. You mean if there is a chance the mother would die then she should be allowed to authorize a killing of another to guarantee her own safety? How high would that chance have to be to justify a killing?

    • BillyBalls

      @Shizunk That is a tough call!!!

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  • Agape93
    Well said 👏
    • Agape93

      3 down votes and none with a spine to say something.

    • Agape93

      So far 6 cowards without the spine to say something

    • Anonymous

      Crazy how some people's brains work, lol. At least have the courage to comment.

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  • ItsMeItsMe1989
    You wised up, basically, good!
  • katiesmuff
    Have always been a pro choice girl!
  • alance99
    Nice Mytake, i am also on side Pro-choice
  • malwins
    I was too late for abortion believe it or not
  • EnglishEuropean
    Congratulations, have a cookie.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    You were never pro life, you are just gaslighting. You either arbitrarily went from believing the child in a womb is a human life to believing they are just a clump of cells or you never believed they were life to begin with. They are life and not your life or your life to take. Abortion is murder!
  • Anonymous
    I am for the most part pro choice, On that same token, i see abortion in most cases as a cop-out.. A failure to be an adult.. And i definitely believe that absolutely should not be tax payer funded.. If you abort, you pay for it on your own..

    Additionally i support a fathers right to choose not to support if she chooses to have the child against his wishes.. Until fathers have the right to step away both personally and financially, The same way mothers do.. I can't fully support abortion.
    • Anonymous

      In the US, abortions are NOT tax payer funded.

    • Anonymous

      No, But Feminists, what was the phrase "We want free abortions on demand no questions asked" Free 100% of the time means tax payer funded. Additionally Planned parenthood, the LARGEST place that does abortions is indeed tax payer funded. Do your self a favor, Do some research.

    • Anonymous

      I understand your point. Planned Parenthood is indeed partially tax funded, but the elective abortions that they do are not paid for by taxes.
      I found this website that explains it well: oversight.house.gov/planned-parenthood-fact-v-fiction
      "Since the 1980s, the Hyde Amendment has prevented federal funds from being used for abortions except in the case of rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life."

      I don't think "defunding" Planned Parenthood (https://www. plannedparenthoodaction. org/blog/how-federal-funding-works-at-planned-parenthood) is a good idea as it provides necessary services to men and women in need.
      Like many pointed out, access to contraception (especially access to "free" (tax funded) contraception) would most likely help to lower the number of elective abortions.
      It's worth adding that the number of abortions per capita have been going down for decades:
      This is likely due to easier access to contraception (and better sexual education due to the internet).

      Education helps lower the number of unwanted embryos, fetuses and babies dramatically, so why not start there :)

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  • Anonymous
    Great! I'm happy for you and your discovery :) that's really cool.
    you have my support.
  • Anonymous
    I went from pro-life to pro-choice after understanding that those with maladaptive genetics are the most likely to abort, and for them to voluntarily weed themselves out of the gene pool is a good thing.