Re: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"


My response to this question here. Saving a backup in case the Asker decides to erase it out of spite, or something.

Yes, I do think that Donald Trump really won the election and that the 2020 US Election was filled with Election Fraud, misconduct, and corruption. Yes, I do think it was stolen, regardless of whether I voted for Trump or not. And I'm sick of brainlets thinking it must be some kind of Conspiracy Theory to think this old senile fart we have in the White House right now got more votes than Obama and Trump.

Re: Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?

nd let's not forget this was after a year of the left letting thugs and criminals trash your fucking neighborhood, pissing away money on Broadway and Pakistan social justice and telling you you better kiss their toes if you hope to get $600, and the left in Congress keeping people out of work for an entire year. Yet, you're telling me Mr "You Ain't Black" Badtouch was more popular than "the devil you know," who had a higher approval rating at the time, than Biden has in his first year? Keep in mind, I am not even a Conservative or Republican.

Re: Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?

Had Bernie won, I wouldn't have thought any foul play occurred, since most Democrats actually liked him. Had there been no media censorship of Hunter Biden right around election time, I wouldn't have thought anything. Had there not been Bernie Sanders getting fucked over twice by the DNC, the big upswing for Biden at the last minute, the Republican counters being told to go home early, the mystery ballots out of the blue, the dead people voting, the 110% mathematically impossible voter outcomes, and the Supreme Court blindly dismissing the fate of the fucking country on technicalities and due dates, then nothing would've been thought of it, as well.

Re: Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?

But when you have ALL this evidence of foul play and no one is even willing to take a look at it all? Well, as they say, "If you see a bank with a shattered window, people kneeing down on the floor, and a guy in a mask run out carrying bags of money into a white van, you don't think he just went there for a fucking mortgage loan."

Another thing: If Biden won legitimately, Democrats would've LOVED smearing that shit into the right's faces. They would've been gloating like no end. They would've provided ample proof that no foul play had happened. Because they're petty and juvenile like that. They would've relished sticking it to those they deem "White Nationalists, Terrorists, and Nazis." And yet, nothing. After four years of "Russian collusion" bullshit, nothing. In fact, they did the opposite. The left immediately went for "Now we have to come together and heal." After they were the ones causing almost all of the division and hared from 2016 to 2020, NOW they want to act like "We need to come together as Americans?" Piss off.

Oh, and one more piece of evidence the 2020 US election was stolen: THEY FUCKING ADMITTED IT. Why do people keep forgetting this? They LITERALLY. Fucking. Admitted. They. Stole. The Fucking. Election! You can go read that shit right now. They said major corporations, politicians from both side, and implied China, all got involved. However, they don't think of it as "destroying Democracy," but rather "saving it, for your own good, because we know better than you."

The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election
The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign that Saved the 2020 Election

This is why I'm starting to think the Democrats, as evil, slimy, and fascist as they now are, had the right idea. Most of y'all are dumber than pig shit. And proud of it, too. Seriously, most of you are dense fucking morons too stupid to deserve voting rights, let alone breeding rights, and yet you have the arrogance of the elitists you suck the dicks of, blindly.

BOTH sides of the farm are run by idiots; the sheep and jackasses on the left, and the chickens and pussies on the right. People say they want freedom, yet they let Communists pounce on their rights and then say "Well, maybe in 2024, we can get Trump back," you've already fucking lost.

When you let shit like this happen, there is "going back" to the old way. Just like with COVID restrictions and taking away your rights. Hey, remember when they finally repealed the Patriot Act after 9/11 happened and they caught and killed Osama Bin Laden? No? You mean it didn't go away? Well, I mean, SURELY, the2024 US election won't be filled with controversy and will have all sorts of fair, open, and honest processes to ensure that America votes in a new Republican or Independent president, and... No, they won't happen, either? YOU DON'T FUCKING SAY!

Re: Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?

This is the new normal now. There is no going back. Some would argue there hasn't been actual democracy in America since JFK got shot. And I can't exactly claim they must be wrong, either. But this? This is truly how democracy and freedom dies. When you have an entire generation of mind-numbingly fucking dumb people, who blindly accept Communism and having their rights stripped away, while pledging allegiance to their oppressors. Doubly ironic considering this mostly comes from the side that bitches about AmeriKKKa being oppressors all the time and only caring about rich elitists, while swearing allegiance to rich elitists With a fucking (D) next to their names! I swear, William Shakespeare with infinite time and money couldn't make this shit up.

And normally, I wouldn't be calling people stupid for having their own thoughts and opinions. It's not productive. But considering the fate of the entire Western world, and arguably, the entire world, is at stake by letting America get overrun by obvious fascists like its the plot of fucking "Captain America and the Winter Soldier"... Then yeah, the time for civility is done. We've already lost. There's no going back to normalcy, now. So what's it matter?

Enjoy your fucking CCP style dictatorship where all the rebels are decried "racist" and Cancel Cultured to the New Gulags painted in red, white, and blue. I'll be over here in Korea enjoying the last bit of freedom left, before it too falls. I love my fucking country, but what good is there in saving a nation that is voluntarily killing itself?

Re: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"
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  • Lliam
    Wow, you put a lot of work and passion into that, MC. You know what? I agree with everything you said and am equally passionate about it.

    With all the evidence you listed and more, going all the way back to Killary's theft of the nomination in 2015, there's no question that the 2020 election was stolen. Biden and Harris dropped out of the primaries early because of lack of popular support. And to believe that Biden got more votes than any other president in history during the actual election is inconceivable, especially when one looks at Biden's lackluster campaign.

    Biden has to be the worst choice for a president in the history of this country.
    I'm not a huge Trump fan, but he was in no way as bad at those loyal, TDS infected, dumb as rocks, loyal Democrats imagine. It's hard to imagine why they hated him so badly, in light of the fact that, based on his policies, I often refer to him as Obama II.

    Both parties jumped on board the neoliberal train in the 1980s and have been heading faster and faster down that track ever since. And they left America behind at the station.

    It is apparent that there has been a role reversal in the two parties. The Democrats have become the greatest enemies of America, the people, the constitution and liberty. Loyal Democratic voters and many liberals have become total twats and supporters of totalitarianism.
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    • MCheetah

      I legitimately can't believe this is the world we're living in, at times. And all of this has only happened over the last six years. And it's only gotten super-bad over the last two years! It's insane. And MOST people are completely blind to it, or willfully ignorant. They can't think more than one step ahead, and just let their Trump rage permanently strip them of their freedoms.

      And as far as hating Trump? No one really hates Trump. You can find him obnoxious, loud, arrogant, a buffoon, etc. Sure. But if Trump was always so bad, then why the fuck was he the star of his own reality show for ten+ years, as well as being a constant pop culture personality for 30 years prior to the election? This just adds on how utterly fucking stupid the average person is; they can be "taught" to hate someone they don't know. Not hate their actions, or their words, or their behavior, but to HATE THE PERSON. As if Trump killed their dog and groped their mother or something. And this began as soon as he became the RNC frontrunner and was no longer going to be Hillary's heel, like they suspected he was. In the elite's eyes, he basically betrayed them. And all of the media hate was purely out of revenge and spite. And that's obvious; but the people FALLING for it, are especially bad.

      I don't hate Joe Biden. If anything, I pity. Yeah, I think he's always been an idiot, even back when SNL was making fun of him in 2009. But I don't hate Biden, nor do I think he has any actual power in office, whatsoever. He's literally just the real-life Wizard of Oz for Washington. I don't even hate the people controlling all of this. But they DO need to be stopped, by any means necessary. The problem is, as I said, when they've brainwashed the majority of people, who's going to be left to rebel?

      You'd think at some point, people would learn from their mistakes over SEVERAL decades of US elections. But nope. It's like they all get MIB flashed and have their memories erased every four years.

    • Lliam

      Yep. I agree.

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  • Daniela1982
    Part of their agenda is to take guns away by defunding the police and letting crime run rampant, going as far as letting felons out of prison and not holding criminals accountable for their crimes while murders are up 46% or more in lots of cities. So they will come along and say the only way we can stop this gun crime is to confiscate guns while ignoring the fact that criminals will always be able to get guns. Felons are not supposed to have guns but often do, and when caught they plea bargain it down to a lesser charge. They can't even enforce the gun laws they already have for crying out loud. But they sure don't mind handing over $Billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Taliban to kill innocent people. So let's see how long it will be before they require people to turn in their weapons. I don't know how they will accomplish this after defunding the police and forcing good cops out by forcing retirements and resignations by forcing vaccinations on them while not requiring it for all the illegal immigrants coming over the borders. The military are given discharges for refusing the vaccine so they won't enforce the confiscation. So I guess it will be up to the jack booted thugs of Government to do the dirty work comprising of the chaff of society, the losers who love to have power over people. Won't that be fun?Re: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"
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    • Fuentes

      Very true this happen'd in Texas a guy with a repitive rap sheet for assault with a deadly weapon the dumb judge lets him out, the dude violates his parole so the police come & he pulls out an automatic weapon killing one cop at close range and injuring another... so one officer doesn't return to his family because of s felon & a liberal retard judge following orders to slowly help these people to take our rights, by blaming the weapon but not the judge.

    • @Fuentes This happens a lot. Like a killer being let out on a low bond and then killing someone else.

    • Fuentes

      Yeah it's pretty ridiculous

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  • mike5150
    I dont know looked suspect throwing out people that were there to monitor the vote count and then covering windows. They said there is no offical proof but why did we have democrats for 4 years running around saying 2016 was rigged but if you say 2020 was you either get banned or told you should be in a looney bin somewhere.
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    • MCheetah

      Yes, you have this rare illness called "common sense."

  • Fuentes
    Biden said he had more votes then Obama, the most popular President & the Black American community really voted for him... that's the biggest joke ever, of course Trump won.
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  • DaveToo
    My first impression, last impression, and current impression of this pile of bullshit are that it's typical of a Trumpanzee's moronic concept of free elections. Trump and his PR staff are riling up Americans with bullshit because a little boy that never was told NO is having a long-term temper tantrum.

    T = Traitor
    R = Reprehensible
    U = Unfit
    M = Misogynistic
    P = Pussy GrabberRe: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"Re: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"Re: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"Re: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"Re: "Do you believe that Trump really won the election and it was stolen?"
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    • @DaveToo Maybe you can host all the Covid infected illegal immigrants that Biden is welcoming in. Maybe you can give them jobs too. I think old age is affecting your judgement. But that is one thing you and Biden have in common.

  • BillyBalls
    Trump lost.

    But they was so much election tampering I do not trust the process.
  • karaspara
    Fuck knows