Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

On April 20, 1999, I was a high school student who watched as Columbine happened on the news in front of me. Two high school students walked into their high school and opened fire on their fellow classmates and teachers. That was the day whatever illusion of safety we felt we had as a country, no longer existed. Basically, no place could be considered safe anymore after that day. About a month after that incident, we were no longer allowed to carry backpacks that weren't clear, certain articles of clothing could no longer be worn, and even joking about a threat to another student could end in your suspension or expulsion from school. In subsequent years, there were office shootings, and church shootings, and mall shootings, and movie theater shootings, and bombings at marathons, and planes crashing into buildings, and the list goes on.

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

It is now 2022 and my nephew in kindergarten is as terrified as I was in 1999, because he experienced his first lock down drill. If you don't know what one is,

-Doors to classrooms are closed and locked.
-Students are moved to the safest part of the room, away from windows and doors, to the interior walls.
-Everyone drops to the floor or out of the line of vision from the door.
-Window shades are pulled down.
-Any windows in doors are covered (to prevent an intruder from seeing into the room).
-Classroom lights are turned off.

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

Imagine being the adult in a classroom with bouncing happy 5 and 6 year old children and explaining to them that they must now do this drill because someone may try to come in a hurt other people including them, so they must now be trained at 5! on how to try and protect themselves from harm should that happen. Imagine being my brother and sister in law having to also have that conversation with your son especially now after the trauma of dealing with Covid and lockdowns and school closing. It just sucks that we've prioritized guns and gun rights over all as a country because this is a side effect. We don't prioritize mental health care, we don't take away guns, we don't have stricter laws for guns, and now a 5 year old is living in fear.

Do I think this type of training is needed. Sadly, yes. Unfortunately, early studies have shown that the practice of doing these drills with young children can be traumatizing, but is there any other alternative at this point? The mental health status of people now is just far worse having dealt with Covid and many life altering events due to that and everything else. Do we have a choice to make this optional anymore when incidents of active shooters keep happening in schools and malls and places of business?

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?
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  • Kiran_Yagami
    Why not? Modern problems call for modern solutions. They used to have, "duck and cover" back during the Cuban missile crisis. Teaching children survival measures so they don't get shot to death could never be a bad thing.
  • Subarugirl
    Yeah absolutely, the same reason why we have drills for fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
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  • notwoke
    the number of children killed in cars is hundreds of times higher, we're not doing drills for that. This is stupid
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    Yes but not really for shootings, more for kidnappers and schitzo arsonists and such, they happen on a much larger scale than reported by the media
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  • Staximus
    You are a special kind of idiot. You can make all the dumb gun laws you want and it's going to do nothing. Do you think people who want to shoot others care about laws? Guns are illegal in Mexico, and the criminals with guns do what they want to the law abiding citizens without guns. They rule them with fear. Is that what you want, to be a sniveling coward? Are you just going to run and hide from everything bad until you get yourself killed or the cops get there? Try standing up for your cowardly self. That's why these shooters do this. They know nobody carries a gun anymore (thanks to dumb liberals) and they can do what they want until the cops get there.
    "The aggressor does not fear the law, so he must be taught to fear you"- Lt. Colonel Jeff Cooper
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  • awkward_author
    Unfortunately, drills like this are necessary because it's better to be safe than sorry.
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    • is it? mass shootings kill 120 a year, toasters kill 320 a year

      where are your toaster drills?

    • @007kingifrit We don't have toaster drills in school because it's irrelevant. With the amount of school shootings that occur, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to children's safety.

    • i just told you mass shootings are basically non existent

      you're far more likely to die from toasters... so where are your toaster drills?

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  • bear926
    Sadly I think there’s no other way. I’ve been experiencing lockdown drills since I was in elementary school. It’s just something that is now engrained into the American education system.
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  • Joker_
    yeah what we should do is have a few kids play seek out with a nerf gun or a water pistol and the other kids should play hide from the school shooters
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  • Massageman
    Yeah. Lock down those drills - they might put a hole in your wall.
  • genericname85
    no, because i think that will actually increase the risk of people commiting such atrocities.
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  • Fromdusktilldawn
    I thought thats already a thing in america, not so much here in Europe
  • Effie2004
    Yes especially school shootings. Sandy Hook I was 7 when it happen.
  • WhiteBoyChill
    Why the hell aren’t we making schools secure? Mass shooters love “Gun free zones”!
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  • jshm2
    Only in America.
  • josephinelcajon
    All this does is scare and scar them for life!
  • emperor90
    Yes it teaches good habbits
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  • Sabretooth
    I fucking wish we didn't.
  • Anonymous
    The stricter gun laws do not work. Just look at Chicago. As for the drills, yes they should happen. Anyone who wishes harm does not care for the law so stricter gun laws will not help. If someone wants a gun bad enough they will get one. This even happens in Europe. I do agree with drills. I also agree mental health needs to become a higher priority in our nation.
  • Anonymous
    how about instead we make getting mental help completely free. and also stop being such assholes to each other?
  • Anonymous
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