Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

On April 20, 1999, I was a high school student who watched as Columbine happened on the news in front of me. Two high school students walked into their high school and opened fire on their fellow classmates and teachers. That was the day whatever illusion of safety we felt we had as a country, no longer existed. Basically, no place could be considered safe anymore after that day. About a month after that incident, we were no longer allowed to carry backpacks that weren't clear, certain articles of clothing could no longer be worn, and even joking about a threat to another student could end in your suspension or expulsion from school. In subsequent years, there were office shootings, and church shootings, and mall shootings, and movie theater shootings, and bombings at marathons, and planes crashing into buildings, and the list goes on.

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

It is now 2022 and my nephew in kindergarten is as terrified as I was in 1999, because he experienced his first lock down drill. If you don't know what one is,

-Doors to classrooms are closed and locked.
-Students are moved to the safest part of the room, away from windows and doors, to the interior walls.
-Everyone drops to the floor or out of the line of vision from the door.
-Window shades are pulled down.
-Any windows in doors are covered (to prevent an intruder from seeing into the room).
-Classroom lights are turned off.

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?

Imagine being the adult in a classroom with bouncing happy 5 and 6 year old children and explaining to them that they must now do this drill because someone may try to come in a hurt other people including them, so they must now be trained at 5! on how to try and protect themselves from harm should that happen. Imagine being my brother and sister in law having to also have that conversation with your son especially now after the trauma of dealing with Covid and lockdowns and school closing. It just sucks that we've prioritized guns and gun rights over all as a country because this is a side effect. We don't prioritize mental health care, we don't take away guns, we don't have stricter laws for guns, and now a 5 year old is living in fear.

Do I think this type of training is needed. Sadly, yes. Unfortunately, early studies have shown that the practice of doing these drills with young children can be traumatizing, but is there any other alternative at this point? The mental health status of people now is just far worse having dealt with Covid and many life altering events due to that and everything else. Do we have a choice to make this optional anymore when incidents of active shooters keep happening in schools and malls and places of business?

Should We Have Lock Down Drills For Children?
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  • aWes0MeNeSs
    I remember this being done when I was in school as early as 2001-ish. They called it "Schedule I" in my school. I remember being told it was an intruder drill, but the teachers were pretty vague about the details and pretty much left it at "in case someone who isn't supposed to be here is" and being so young, I never really thought about exactly what "someone who isn't supposed to be here" would be doing, or why we would be hiding from them. I think I assumed we were fooling them into thinking the school was closed (lights turned off, doors locked, and everyone hiding) so they'd go home, as silly as that sounds (but I was little). Columbine happened when I was 4, and I never heard about it until I was in my early teens and read a book in class about it, so the possibility of a school shooting never occurred to me at that time. I cannot imagine what it would've been like to see it unfold in real time as a teen or adult! The Stoneman Douglas one a few years back was tragic as well.

    I think it's good for everyone to be prepared to know what to do in case something like that were to ever happen, though hopefully it doesn't. It's unfortunate that we even have to do it, but it's better for everyone to know what to do in the event of such horror than to be put in extra danger by not knowing what to do.
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  • ninaneedshelp
    This is stupid. Like seriously hiding under a rather open desk? How about we get a few ex military men or women and have them teach and also conceal carry. And the next time someone stupid tries to pull a stunt like that they'll be in for a surprise and I bet there will be less shootings. Gun control will never work because law abiding citizens will turn in their guns and criminals will keep theirs.
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    • Anonymous

      They can't even pay teachers, let alone afford to hire ex military for all schools everywhere and every classroom.

    • Ex military meaning they are civillians doing normal work

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I'm aware, but I can only assume you mean hired to work on campus as something like a "resource officer," which means they would have to pay for the extra help because you can't staff all schools with all ex military teachers nor do most schools now have budgets to hire more teachers.

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  • lightbulb27
    good question I haven't thought enough about to answer. A good reminder of the reality you grew up with that I did not, and it changes your perspective. The generation before me would dive under their desks... for threat of nuclear strike. Now you dive under because of a shooter. Worst I had in school was a knife and brass knuckles... columbine created a mess.

    At that age, I'd say no, a little older yes.

    I agree about the point on mental health at minimum.
    not sure gun rights changes solves anything.
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    • Anonymous

      This is true. I grew up in the 80s and we still had the nuclear strike training, but the concept was so foreign to us because "that type of stuff didn't happen," so there was no reference for the danger for us, whereas these kids can see the violence in schools on the news or they hear adults talking about it, so it's a real and present danger.

      I'm no fan of guns, but I'm not also 100% into taking all guns away because I do know people who hunt responsibly, lock up their guns, train regularly etc, but to agree with you agreeing with me, lol, we must address mental health particularly in schools where violence is happening. Many states have terrible rates of referral or insurance will not cover mental health care unless they've already harmed someone, so you get that kid, in a house, with someone with a gun, and what happens?!? Doing nothing isn't working.

    • yes, mental health checks, cleaning up diets and hormonal environment and family relationships go a long ways. we have a very stressed and traumatized society, with mentally ill people walking around.

      we have a new challenge with the propagation of the worst horror and fear made instantly. We've always had this in society, but it's in our face now. We have to learn how to be aware, prepared with self confidence and strength and yet have care and concern for others. For little kids, that means exposing them to what they can handle at appropriate ages.
      There's always been tragedy in life. hopefully one day we will heal the human condition, many have tried but just the reality that a little negative emotion has many times the power of positive emotion... and it's a tough job.

  • DarkWinterNights
    Maybe I’m too far removed from school, having graduated awhile ago, but I feel like I had them all throughout school. Teachers at my schools had the hardest time getting the kids to take the lockdown drills seriously. We had “school resource officers” which were basically volunteers from the local PD and never had any problems. Maybe the teachers now are inadvertently focusing too much on scaring the kids than actually helping to prepare them?
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    • Anonymous

      I think it has more to do with their age. At 5 it is hard to explain why this drill is necessary without the why and once they know the why, it can be scary for them.

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  • Lliam
    I once looked up number of children killed in schools since and including Columbine. I compared it to the number of school children in any given year and discovered that a child has less than a 0.0001% chance of being murdered in school. Schools are one of the safest places.

    The Gun Control Lobby found that, no matter how they spun it, the number of annual firearm related homicides wasn't enough to get public support for acceptance of gun legislation. 15,000 or even 20,000 firearm related homicides per year is insignificant compared to other causes of death. Those numbers might seem shocking on their own until one realizes that 40,000 people die from accidental falls each year. The same number die from accidental poisonings and 500 children are hospitalized every single day for accidental poisoning. Almost 40,000 people, including 7,000 under the age of 25, die in highway accidents. Over 250,000 people die from preventable hospital error.

    Also keep in mind that the FBI estimates that 80 of firearm related homicides are gang related. So that means that 3,000 to 4,000 each year are not gang related. Let's use the 4,000 number and consider that there 320 million citizens and more like 450 million people in the country at any one time. What are the odds of being killed in a non-gang related shooting?

    But the Gun Control Lobby is determined to strip Americans of their second amendment rights, so they spin the numbers. They try combining homicides with suicides under the term "gun violence" in order to fool people into thinking that over 38,000 people were murdered with guns every year.

    They try publicizing mass "shootings" in order to imply that those were mass "murders"

    Then they tried appealing to emotion by publicizing school shootings and creating their own definition without disclosing how they came up with the numbers. They included any gunfire within a school zone, not necessarily on school grounds or when school was in session, as a school shooting. Mainstream journalists embarrassed the professional Gun Control Lobby propagandists by discovering that their statistics were wildly exaggerated.

    But the Gun Control propaganda campaign never ends. They continue to talk about Columbine, over 21 years after the event, in order to convince parents that their children are in danger.

    The lockdown exercises are part of a campaign to terrorize and traumatize children. If a child grows up being irrationally terrified of guns, they'll be likely to support anti-gun legislation.

    And there is an additional benefit to lockdowns. It produces obedient, compliant citizens, which is what authoritarian regimes require.

    Note the fear of guns, fear of covid, fear of climate change, fear of shortages of goods, fear of enemies. It's all part of the same strategy by the same unimaginably wealthy and powerful technocratic, eugenicist, globalist elites to manipulate the population into accepting the Great Reset/One World Government/New World Order.

    It's a proven fact that the most effective way to manipulate people is through fear.
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  • ShadezMcgee
    I personally feel lockdowns in school are necessary to protect kids. The issue is that the threat needs to be known before it happens to be effective, otherwise lockdowns are happening right as the incident is taking place, which is why I would be for more security and even so far as armed teachers who are licensed CCW individuals. If I were a teacher I would like to have a measure of protection like that to protect my students even further, however schools are gun free zones.

    Hence law enforcement and resource officers should be a detachment to schools to act as deterrents.

    I remember Columbine growing up as a kid in elementary school being on the news and the post interviews of the students who were traumatized. Post Columbine the school I was in implemented lockdowns called Yellow and Red Schedule, yellow being for medical emergencies and red being for active shooter that we would practice throughout the year. The only true incidents we had were medical and my sister was one of those instances.

    Gun laws and acquisition is fairly strict as it is. If you go to licensed firearm dealers and businesses, they do background checks, ask questions to screen individuals and do have the power to deny a sale at any point. Some purchases can be made the same day and some take a day or two to process completely. The background checks search for felonies and if they are found, the sale is denied. It gets harder when guns are bought from different parties or from a prior owner. Those are not tracked or as thoroughly processed which is usually how felons get around that.

    Mental health is iffy because one's mental state can change for better or worse. Which is why HR 127s proposal for mental health screening was problematic when it was introduced, because it would be up to the counselor to determine if an individual could own a firearm and counselor bias could be in play because of ideology, right up there with not defining which mental illnesses were deemed incapable of having a gun. Is it for more severe ones or just any mental health issues in general.
  • HighValue
    1. Gun control laws only take guns away from law abiding citizens and encourage criminals to be more bold.
    2. As someone that has worked in schools for almost 12 years now, I think they should consider how they set up classrooms. The windows can be bullet resistant glass, some of the storage cabinets should be along the wall that has the windows and door to help slow or stop bullets depending on what is stored in them, and for classrooms that don't have that setup (I haven't seen any that do) the teacher can at least set up their classroom library along the wall that has the windows and entrance door. Books stop many calibers of bullets, including the famous 5.56mm.
    3. Teachers need better training for situational awareness, what supplies they have readily available that can be used, and how to use them.
    4. Teachers should just keep their doors locked normally when class is in session.
    5. The first class getting shot is not possible to prevent, only the reactions of staff and students can prevent additional classes from being harmed.
    6. It is mostly luck that the shooters haven't been intelligent in their planning of those events. With no guns they could just get some door stoppers and wait until lunch time when the cafeteria is full with hundreds of people and block the exits while lighting it on fire. Many more people would be harmed that way with no guns involved and anyone can get those supplies and easily hide them in their backpack.
    7. Shooters could also just wait until the end of the day during dismissal when many come out of the gates packed into a small area. Then lock downs, metal detectors, etc. won't make any difference at all.
    8. Students need to be taught the importance of "see something, say something" even if it is their friend. Most of these incidents are done by students themselves, and they often are not able to keep it to themselves without mentioning it to someone they know beforehand. most of those incidents could have been prevented.
    9. Schools need those metal, concrete filled barrier posts in front of their gates like gas stations used to have because people these days do sometimes use vehicles as a weapon.
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  • humpbackjack
    Yes sadly it’s necessary and if you make stricter gun laws or even mandatory all guns have to be turned in who do you think is going to abide by these laws the honest citizens that have guns for hunting or protection or the criminals that are criminals for a reason because they break laws now mandating longer sentences for criminals that use a gun in a crime but maybe if a felon that has a gun at home for protection not as severe and as a country we need to do more for mentally unstable people and definitely make it a harder process to purchase a gun like find out more about their past like were they picked on in school any mental issue in medical and school history anything that might be a red flag at all don’t let them purchase a firearm but there’s too many guns on the streets and they will cost a fraction on the streets as they would in a store one last thing how about starting programs that will train business owners and teachers to be kinder while being fair and how to recognize signs and to report but also how teachers need to step in and help stop bullying
  • Dragonpurple
    Before Columbine they were making elementary schools here kind of lock down due to number of non-custodial parents kidnapping children. The remodels included one way in and out, barring emergency exits.

    Everyone had to go in the main entrance.

    At the same time when I was in high schools we had a killer attendance policy, the teachers were all required to close and lock the door when the last bell was finished.

    Anyone outside was not allowed in the class until attendance was taken, and being tardy to class without a legit excuse meant 8 hours of community service if you wanted to graduate.

    EVERY single tardy or skipping meant 8 hours of community service, once attendance was taken they would let those in. It would not unusual for the door to be locked and everyone would forget it was locked if no one was outside to knock to be let in.

    Safety training should be done, we used to do it for how to cross a road property and crossing train tracks. Never hurts to be prepared for the worst, even if it never happens.
  • Datboi65
    How about I do you one better? Why not just ban fully automatic guns and semiautomatic from civilian use, introduce a federal bill on gun licensing protocols that makes it more challenging to get hand guns, and mandatory classes about gun safety? Then nobody would get shot, and lock downs won't be a necessity.
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    • PAcc92

      Fully automatic guns are banned you incredible dumbass, not that you know what "Automatic" means.

      "Nobody would get shot" is never going to happen, look at Chicago, gun control capitol of the U. S.

      Liberal policies do not work.

    • Datboi65

      @PAcc92 No dipshit, they are TOTALLY LEGAL as long as they were manufactured before 1986. Clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. Also, it is clear as day that if all guns are removed, the crime rate would stay the same, but the murder rate will go down, because you cannot kill as many people with a knife, and it's more likely to be a close range fight, unlike guns that can end someone's life from range. It's a no-brainer that killing someone with a knife is more difficult than with a gun. Finally, look at Britain, Australia and Canada. You tell me if these countries have the same level of gun violence or murder per capita as in the United States. So, does that mean that those policies don't work? Of course they do, we just haven't had the chance to try them, because of stubborn idiots like yourself.

  • ShaTTeredMasterpeace
    Yes it's necessary. Anything that could possibly save lives in that scenario is necessary. As an educator, it is very disheartening to have to explain to younger children why they have to sit on the floor inside of their cubbies and be silent. But it has to be done.
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  • humanearth
    No, I was in school during the Cold War thing. I had to do that whole Duck and cover thing in school. I hated it and all it did was spread fear.

    There is enough fear in the world, don't make it worse by spreading more. The media spreads enough fake fear.
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  • Guffrus
    If i am going to be shot in the face I'd like to think i wouldn't be cowering under a table when it happened.

    But sure why not have children hide under their desks from covid, its not like that would be the most retarded aspect of this circus.
  • hhadeshatesme
    I remember doing these drills in school. I live in Canada. It’s not a traumatizing experience to do the drill itself. It’s cause the US let’s basically anyone carry a gun and there’s so many loopholes in your “gun control”
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    • gun control is stupid cause all the bad guys still have guns

    • yes I know americas already a lost cause on the subject of guns. My point was it’s not the drills that are the problem

    • Yeah I know I was agreeing

  • MelissaMarie9614
    Yes, there should be lock down drills for children. They taught me this when I was in school. It's important for the kids to learn how to protect themselves, how/where to hide and try to escape in a situation like that. That way it'll keep them out of danger and everyone does their best to protect their children.
  • Citizenkirk
    Kids cowering under a table, is this the kind of message we want to send our children?🤔🤺
    I think not😎
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  • RealMarek
    They used to do nuclear air raid drills in the 50s and 60s. That generation survived. That said, it is probably unnecessary to do drills for things that are much less apt to happen than getting struck by lightning.
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  • Jamie05rhs
    They're necessary, unfortunately.

    Yes, mental health needs to be addressed. But even if you do, and even if you do pass strict gun laws, there still will be a few crazies who slip through the cracks. And it's more likely to happen in a free society such as ours that produces horror movies and violent video games.

    It's better to be safe than sorry.
    • Other countries have these video games and movies and this doesn't happen at nearly the same rate...

      Also, we can't get people to take a pandemic seriously and have children wear masks, let alone make them do drills for something half the country doesn't even view as an issue

    • @Armourdillo I certainly view it as an issue.

  • 007kingifrit
    According to a 2018 study by northeastern university mass shootings are at a 30 year low and schools are safer than ever

    mass shootings kill less people each year than toasters. you watch too much news
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  • Leonharted
    I’d rather just let teachers have the option to conceal carry.
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  • Kiran_Yagami
    Why not? Modern problems call for modern solutions. They used to have, "duck and cover" back during the Cuban missile crisis. Teaching children survival measures so they don't get shot to death could never be a bad thing.
  • Subarugirl
    Yeah absolutely, the same reason why we have drills for fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
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  • notwoke
    the number of children killed in cars is hundreds of times higher, we're not doing drills for that. This is stupid
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    Yes but not really for shootings, more for kidnappers and schitzo arsonists and such, they happen on a much larger scale than reported by the media
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