America all endings (Semi satire, inspired by Hearts of Iron the new order)


The new order is an alternate history mod for the video game called Hearts of Iron. It takes place in a post WWII world where the axis powers won WWII. The endings are not cinematic but show a picture with a quote, text of what ended up happening and who are the main individuals in charge. Here is my custom Hearts of iron ending cluster, remember though this is mostly satire so don’t get offended. “Anton Von Heideberg” is just a fake name, not my real name obviously.

America Good ending(Utopia in America): After the Democrat and Republican parties gradually fall out of favor with the American populace, a new golden age for America dawns where the ideals of the libertarian and constitution parties gradually start to be implemented into American society making America the country it was meant to be. The constitution is strengthened, self defense is recognized as an unalienable right, prisons now resemble Norway’s prisons, TSA is abolished, psych wards are abolished and replaced with more humane treatment, the constitution is strengthened, the FBI is abolished and replaced with a more competent agency, people are no longer extradited for non violent crimes, atheism declines while Christianity becomes the top religion, feminism also declines as more people recognize feminism’s hypocrisy.

”The Republicans and Democrats nearly destroyed this great nation of ours, fortunately God has given us a second opportunity to right all the wrongs by making America the nation it was meant to be from the beginning. A nation of true liberty, freedom, justice, peace and equity for all. And for this to function, more compromises and formulaic policies shall be implemented.” -ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg

America neutral ending(More of the same): America continues its path of infighting between right wing and left wing, with some states adopting right wing politics and other states adopting left wing politics.

” The world laughs at what has become the mightiest circus on Earth”- ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg

America Bad ending(Fallen is Babylon): The economy, political division, natural catastrophes and wars took a massive toll on America as the American dream shattered into Chaos. After the 7 bowls of wrath were poured on Earth, America and many nations collapsed. Shortly afterwards, fallen angels posing as extraterrestrials took advantage of the world’s weakened state and established a new global regime known as “the beast”. Feeling desperate, most complied by taking the mark of the beast. Those few people who still hold onto the values of their fallen nations fight on through guerilla warfare. The world looks on in horror wondering what this new regime has in store for them.

“ Have faith brothers and sisters, the next 7 years of tribulation will not be easy but rest assured that good will triumph in the end!”-ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg in exile addressing resistance movements from around the world

America Pinko ending(A red dystopia): Failing to see the warning signs of a communist regime in the making, the American people soon found themselves at the mercy of a communist dictatorship that took advantage of all the division to establish itself as the sole political party of America. Dissidents who stayed were persecuted, while dissidents who fled to neighboring countries south of the border began patiently planning to reclaim America from this far left wing tyranny. The US military being divided between dissidents and communists was greatly weakened, with the dissidents taking as much weaponry as possible with them in order to prevent the American communist regime from becoming as powerful as it’s predecessor, the Soviet Union.

“The signs slapped you in the face and you chose to ignore them, fools have you learned nothing from history? Oh that’s right, you were too busy censoring history, thoughts and speech you considered “politically incorrect” instead of actually learning from history and hearing opposing views. Now we have to fix this broken nation cause of your blatant stupidity.”-ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg addressing US refugees in Latin America

America goosestepping ending(Hail Victory!): Sick and tired of the far left wing ruining the great nation of America, the American people resorted to electing in a new party that gradually did away with all the constraints preventing its decision making. The fascist party of America has been established and is here to stay. The party formed its own versions of the Gestapo and einsatzgruppen SS which patrolled America’s streets at night to discourage criminal activity and used controversial tactics to do so by targeting any loitering individual wearing hoodies, saggy pants or skinny jeans. Violent criminals are no more but most violence is now committed by the enforcers of this fascist regime against those suspected of dissidence. To secure its Northern border, the American fascist party launched an invasion of Canada and divided Canada into three different countries, completely eradicating Canadian identity.

”The American left wing can only blame itself for it’s own extinction, their stupidity sowed seeds for this new tyrannical fascist regime that has tainted our Stars and Stripes. It’s a shame that the American left wing isn’t around anymore to learn from it’s own mistakes.”-ADFSDF1996-Anton Von Heideberg in exile somewhere in Latin America

American Vengeance ending(Vengeance or late Justice?): A vengeful Japanese-American President is inaugurated as “president” of the US who immediately targeted the descendants of those who supported the Japanese-American internment during WWII and those who still try to justify the Japanese-American internment by rounding them up and putting them in similar internment camps for a few months as a way of “giving them a taste of their own medicine”. Democrats and communists being the majority of those who are interned. Furthermore this new “president” also used the military to “pacify” New York City, Boston and Portland Oregon for being the top three cities that are unfriendly towards Asian-Americans. Now New York City, Portland and Boston are in worse shape than the poorest war torn third world country.

”Unfortunately retribution doesn’t always immediately happen after an injustice. It may come generations later and the descendants of the perpetrators are the ones to bear the burden of their predecessors despite having nothing to do with the injustice”-ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg

America Yeehaw ending(Right libertarianism wins): Right Libertarians rise as the sole dominant political party and waste no time in making America a land of Liberty and justice for all. The constitution is strengthened to be inalienable, self defense is recognized as a right, prisons are reformed to be more like Norway’s prisons, IRS is abolished, the FBI is replaced by a conspiracy theorist led agency, psych wards are abolished and replaced with more humane treatment, local police become one with the people, political correctness is abolished, Extradition is abolished, all troops are recalled from overseas and stationed in their home states. As a result of stronger self defense rights and the reformed justice system, violent crime is almost non existent. And best of all, far left wing Americans migrate to Canada and Australia as they no longer feel welcomed in America.

”For once America can truly call itself a free country that is free from fear, injustice and censorship. Americans can now rest assured that there is no shady business happening behind the curtains as there are no curtains for tyrants to hide behind.”-ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg

America anti communist ending(Second American revolution): After the European Union, the UK and some Latin American countries agreed to liberate America from communist rule, the largest invasion in the history of the world was launched with European soldiers landing on the beaches of the East Coast in a reverse D-day scenario. Canada sided with Communist America but was quickly defeated by the European Union who then used the North to Flank American communist forces. From the South the remnants of the US military along with American civilians and some Latin American Allies storm across the borders and quickly reclaim California, Arizona and Texas. Some communists try to flee through the pacific but are quickly intercepted by the Japanese maritime force and the remnants of the US navy. After a few months of fighting, the Communist party is surrounded at Washington DC. With communist regime collapsing, US civilians plow through the remaining communist forces. In a symbolic gesture, the American civilians knock down the hammer and sickle banner and raise the Stars and Stripes along with the Holy cross above the White House, officially putting an end to communist rule.

”The Stars and Stripes and the Holy Christian cross shall once again be raised above this nation.” -ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg

America Blessed ending(Second coming/Canon ending): Following the 7 bowls of wrath, the collapse of every world superpower and the rise of the fallen Angel led global regime known as the “beast”, The remaining rebels continuously fought against this tyranny even though no progress was being made. After 7 years of tribulations a bright light shined from the heavens as billions saw it all around the world. The second coming of Christ had commenced and with it the battle of Armageddon. Full of hope, the remaining rebels simultaneously rose to the occasion and joined the divine forces in finally purging the beast from the Earth and slaying all the wicked that had sided with the beast. The divine forces effortlessly defeated the remaining fallen angels including the leader of the fallen angels. Following this battle of Armageddon, the eternal kingdom of God had been established on the rejuvenated Earth where eternal peace and joy bloom forever.

”No more suffering, no more hate, no more fear. We finally can rest assured that everything will be alright. This is the New Heaven and New Earth from the book of revelations”-ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg realizing Revelations 21 has been fulfilled

America LOL ending(A nation of bunnies):A new President is elected, nothing unusual about him at first. Although he is the youngest president ever elected. However he quickly unveils his goal which will forever change the nation. Prior to his presidency, he secretly funded research into developing a new biological agent code named “burgreichluft”. This agent is designed to rewire women’s brains to make women more visual when it comes to physical attraction to the opposite sex. This President ordered the US Air Force to spray this biological agent across the entire US. The results were instantly noticeable as women suddenly started pursuing men and developing the same unusual fetishes men have. America became known as the horniest nation on Earth. Mr. President had completed his ultimate goal of making women desire men to the same extent men desire women. The rest of the world looks on in confusion as to what just happened.

”Neat idea Mr. President but eventually going to my local supermarket will be an hour long drive with how much traffic there is on the streets.”-ADFSDF1996/Anton Von Heideberg

America all endings (Semi satire, inspired by Hearts of Iron the new order)
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