I don't think we're doomed yet but heading towards worse ways.

I dont think were doomed yet but heading towards worse ways.

Of course, we've all wished or thought "Why doesn't something just kill us all right f*cking now, dude?" And when it's not coming fast enough.....some of us try to bring down those who aren't at our level to our level. We've been through a few rough years and I think....

5/15/22 I don't know where the hell I was going with this buuut uuuh I think i was saying how the world is getting worse. Of course, there is a yin and yang in life but seeing as now, we are watching one man for slapping someone, a virus that took out 00.9 of population (it feels like more but i digress) and now it seems abortion is now illegal? Thing seem to be going for the worst. It gets like something is going to kill us faster than we can say "did you eat my chilli cheese dog, bryan?" So maybe it's past me but I can still see how we are not going towards brighter days. Not entirely dark, but life seems to be getting harder than usual and people aren't able to survivie it.

I don't think we're doomed yet but heading towards worse ways.
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  • NathanDavis
    well... the Sun might send a big powerful solar punch towards us here on earth... in 2024 or so

    it might not destroy us or the earth... but there might be a tiny possibility that it could shut down the internet, nowadays... that could be apocalyptic enough, lol
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    • Sour-rose

      Oh sweet god, that would be truly the worse. people would be fked.

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  • Chaddi
    How about this one? Vampires? Werewolves? Aliens? Devils? All the same creature all of them. We think they're different because we call them a different name in every language and every border practically from town to town. Chupacabra. Ghost bat. Sea serpent. All of them glow light at light, have a gas form a bat form and a wolf dog form with fangs. They seem to take their physical shape from your mind you're like a suck blood meat puppet to them. It's just different names, ghost deer, gargoyle bat. The footage I've seen of these things looks like gpt-3 image formation, they materialized a bit like when you drop white of egg into hot water. Well these guys are coming out of the closet and we're going to have to say hi.
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    • Chaddi

      One of the strangest truths you're going to have to indicate is that there are familiars just remove the r from the word. Another bug eater? Bugatti? Renfield I'm not here to save you a little constructive diplomacy before the fact is what I think I'm doing