Seven traits a man needs to find in a woman before dating or marrying her

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan
Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

What's the word on the street everyone, it's your host, Dr. Hostboy "The Realist". Today I'm going to be talking about the seven traits that men need to find in a woman before dating or marrying her. If she doesn't fit ALL of these boxes, you need to find another woman or dump the one you currently have RIGHT NOW.

First one here is:

100% conservative.

Not only is an ideal woman conservative politically, but she needs to be conservative religiously, spiritually, and mentally. When I say "conservative", I MEAN CONSERVATIVE TO THE BONE.

Note: Any woman may support a Republican, listen to a Trump-supporting podcaster, or complain about gas prices and cancel culture, but bear in mind that none of these automatically make her a conservative.

Most importantly: If she is not civilized, cultivated, strictly well-mannered, and doesn't dress or talk in a ladylike fashion (in the mid-20th-century sense of ladylike), that's not a woman. That's literally a Cardi B / Kylie Jenner in the making.

It's sad to see that the term "conservative" has basically lost its meaning, but I am one of the very few that is protecting it from abuse. Conservatives are people who favor a traditional nuclear family lifestyle. They believe in salvation through the church. They also believe in practicing loyalty to national holidays several times a year -- especially on Presidents Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day.

As a man, you need to find yourself a woman who is 100% conservative. Not progressive/liberal/feminist/activist, or whatever excuse-terms they use to cover their asses like "moderate", "centrist", "libertarian", "apolitical", and other such crap.

No man with self-respect would ever establish a platonic friendship with - let alone date or marry - a leftist progressive. By the way, "classical liberals", "libertarians", "New Republicans" (Ex-Democrats, Biden Regretfuls, Bernie Baristas), "Young Republicans" (Candace Owens / Tomi Lahren types) don't exist and never will; those are progressive-lites and they are unicorns (also known as wolves in sheep's clothing).

Second one here is:

Both 100% heterosexual and 100% cissexual.

That's actually one single trait.

Believe it or not, a bisexual woman is just as gay as a lesbian or transgender woman. Not only do you need to feel attracted to her physically, but also mentally. This is especially important.

Forget what the woke mob told you; it's not phobic to not want to date someone who isn't almost like you when it comes to sexuality. And it has nothing to do with politics!

TRUST ME. You want to be with someone you will want to eventually have kids with someday. Only people with either medical problems (good reason) or cheating problems (bad reason) say they don't want kids.

Third one here is:

Absolutely a hard worker.

Yes, I mean someone who has a real job at a PG-rated place. Not as a hostess/server at a bar or at a Hooters-type restaurant (in either case she is probably "accidentally" getting piped by either a manager twice her age on her break shift or by the most attractive male co-worker), AND ESPECIALLY NOT OnlyFans or CashApp. Honestly, I don't even approve of girls that work strictly from home unless they have major COVID problems.

You really should stick to the basics, and I personally would put a ring on my girlfriend only if she works at an "alternative" place like Chick-fil-A or Dutch Bros (you will rarely find simps at those places); places like McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Starbucks however are well too-established and overrated anyway, and it's easy to find simps over there hitting up on those girl employees (well, two types of those simps exist: coworker-simps and customer-simps; sometimes the male coworkers and young managers will even piss on those female employees during break, all behind closed doors).

Fourth one here is:

Not a single mother.

Unlike most dating coaches, I'm not super-harsh on dating a single mom.

I still would recommend NOT dating a single mom of any age unless you are at least 35 years old and very experienced with relationships, but even then, take caution with single moms because you might need to either procreate with her or already have a child of your own who is at least 10 years old in order to handle the single mom's anger and sexual issues.

Physically active, but not doing a strict diet.

Whether that means going to the gym every day or walking around the neighborhood every morning, such a woman is at least putting effort to herself.

If she is on keto, or is a vegan/vegetarian, or a strict meat eater, I'm sorry but to me that's code for she's a piece of s**t and probably a huge gossiper who is insecure about herself and probably a narcissist.

Unless she is plus-size, morbidly obese, or anorexic, remind her that diets are not necessary.

And YOU are a MAN, you absolutely DO NOT need diets. That s**t is for women, girls and young boys. Just focus on gaining muscle and revealing more of your six-pack (every man that isn't morbidly obese or physically inactive has one; you are LYING if you say you don't have one!).

Very feminine.

Feminine is subjective. In my opinion, a woman should NOT be feminine in the way that means showing her skin off with excessive makeup/filters and being promiscuous to guys (both hottie alpha males and ugly simps) for approval from her equally attractive girl friends.

I'm not exactly for patriarchy. I don't plan on owning a car until after graduating from college due to the ridiculous rise in gas prices and due to the fact that my mental illness is already fading away. Not that I have a problem with women owning turbocharged sport-compact cars or V8 muscle cars, but personally I would rather have my girlfriend ride me in a more reasonable and modest upper-compact or midsize semi-sports sedan with an underpowered four-cylinder engine. Less drama, more natural patriarchy for me.

I think a girl should come with natural hair, small to medium eyebrows, mildly glossed lips, naturally pure in both behavior and looks, not care what other people think.

Doesn't do drugs, not even marijuana, vaping, or cigarettes.

Seven traits a man needs to find in a woman before dating or marrying her
Seven traits a man needs to find in a woman before dating or marrying her
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