Why would a guy "poke" a girl on Facebook?

this guy and I were really flirty the other night at a party. (side note: he's pretty shy when it comes to girls he could possible date). We talked a little the next day then we stopped for a few days and I figured he wasn't interested. then he sent me a "poke" on Facebook... what does it mean?


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  • a "poke" on Facebook means nothing. at all. don't obsess over it or apply any meaning to it.

    all it means is that you crossed his mind, so he gave you a poke is all.

    i guess that's good, that he was thinking about you, but the thing with Facebook is that it makes it hard to not think about people, what with how it throws their lives into your face and all


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  • he most likely thinks it's funny or he's just having fun. my friend always 'poke' me on Facebook and I poke back. I don't think it's a big deal unless in real life he does something else to show that he's crushing on you

  • It means he likes you are is at least interested and is trying to get closer to you. He is shy and this is his way of getting closer, vs the confident men who walk right up to the girl and crack a joke or whatever

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