Why are so many women supporting more men?

I know lots of successful men and they either date successful women or women that are great teachers so not earners but really good at what they do.

But a lot of successful women I know have men that don't accomplish much at all. One of them has kids and pays buckets of money for them to go to private preschool full time when really at their age they should be going part time and have Dad picking up some of the slack. He makes $14 and hour. He throws a fit if she has a client dinner and can't come straight home. He goes out on the weekends without her.

She is just one of several women like this I know. I know some other women that are less successful but are now married to successful men that I've known since they met. One used to always go out of town with her boyfriend upon his request but she always had to pay half even though it was often three airfares a month. Another put $100,000 down on their house (her inheritance) while he put nothing and still won't let her get a new car. They are married he should let her buy a new car because I know she's always wanted a luxury vehicle and he drives one.

I I guess it mainly just gets to me because I realize it is most likely just a difference between the two sexes. I don't know if selfless if the word but women tend to naturally give more if they have something to give. Men tend to feel less guilty than women about being opportunistic. Again this doesn't apply to either sex as a whole.

I do have another very close friend from high school who has no educational, is sweet as pie but feels free to complain about how she wanted the Range Rover with the square tailpipes but it was $20,000 more than the one she currently drives.

I just know I have dated men that make much less money and if I
Why are so many women supporting more men?
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