Why do black men and black women hate each other so much?

I'm black and it pisses me of to see all these black people dating outside the race. You barely see black couples nowadays. Black men and black women hate each other and don't wanna date their own. I hear it all the time in and see all the hatred they have for one another on the Internet.

I know that every race has a good percentage that do interracial, but it's for a different reason. Black people do interracial because they have in inferiority complex to others races, and wanna bread "non-black" kids. That's the honest truth, even though most of them will deny it.

Every black dating outside their race says the same bullshit..."it's just love, you can't help who you love". Really? If you can't love yourself, how you gonna love someone else? If you hate the opposite sex of your race. Then you clearly hate yourself... just saying!

Aside from all this blacks still complain about this racist society. How are you complain racism and still breed with the people oppressing you? Does that make sense?

Why do black men and black women hate each other so much?
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