Is getting fired twice in a row for performance, completely the end of the world?

Just wondering, I unfortunately just got fired for the 2nd time in a row last night since I've been stuck in training for nearly a month and had trouble getting past certain audio tests (I had difficulty trying to understand and repeat after/dictate them because they're so unclear and warbled up). Then, I get called by my center manager letting me know the bad news (even he seemed sad of it) that he sent my last test score results (which have gotten dramatically worse) to HR and they decided to force my manager to terminate my employment because of those last test score results (after 12 failed attempts). I guess HR felt that this job might have been a little too much for me to handle since I tend to have speech problems (stuttering and losing breath once in a while) and possibly some degree of hearing problems.

My job before that one, I was fired supposedly for performance reasons (not meeting up to certain standards) but it's really because the management over at that place was pretty horrible and was an overall very hostile work environment. They always put unrealistic standards on their employees, especially new hires and they played favorites with certain people.

I'm a community college student (who's been in CC for 3 years and still trying to knock off all my pre-requisite and still probably need almost one more year to do so) who still living with parents because I literally can't afford to live (food, shelter, water, education, etc.). I've been in credit card debt for a couple of months and was only able to pay off a fraction of the debt from the last month. Now, I have to be back on unemployment insurance AGAIN just to heavily rely on it as my source of income.

So am I pretty much done for with my life and have no purpose to live anymore?
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Is getting fired twice in a row for performance, completely the end of the world?
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