Why Do Women Think Ugly Men Who Flirt Are Creepy?

This isn't true for all women, only some. If this isn't you, then this question isn't about women like you. I understand attraction is a thing. I understand unwanted flirting is going to put someone off. Obviously if a guy you would never date flirts with you it's awkward and a situation you probably rather avoid. If it's a guy you would date maybe it would be different.

What I don't understand is when women call men they don't like or consider attractive creepy when they flirt but if a hot guy does the exact same thing it's just flirting.

It sorta reminds me of this joke a comedian Eliza made.

It just seems to be ugly guy flirts = creepy, hot guy flirts = flirting even if the hot guy and ugly did flirted in the exact same way. What I don't understand is why can't some of these women just acknowledge that just because they won't go out with this ugly guy (who does the same thing as a hot guy) it doesn't mean he's creepy. He's just not what you are looking for simple as that. If a man does attribute creepy behavior that's different. But it seems many women throw the word creepy around too easily. It's like you're lowkey blaming a guy for trying, and just because he doesn't have the tools that other guys have (good looks) he has to be outcasted as a creep instead of just simply rejecting a guy you have no interest in but you don't judge him as a person and cast him as a creep.

I'm decently attractive, I've had women flirt with me who I was not attracted to at all. Not one bit. There's been women who I thought were ugly, I've been in situations where I would rather leave, it was awkward, I felt bad for the person. But never have I thought "This girl who I am not attracted to is flirting with me, therefore she is creepy"

Again this isn't true for all women, but it does seem to be a common trend among some women.
Why Do Women Think Ugly Men Who Flirt Are Creepy?
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