Why is it seen as bad for women to obey their husband?

I grew up in a traditional family and I think it’s more orderly than the disaster we have now as a society.

I’m a woman, and a virgin. In my opinion women who value their husband and obey him and submit to him are smarter than the women who think they’re cool by losing their virginity before marriage, and the women who wear close to no clothes.

I also don’t like women when they think they’re better than their husband. He is there to lead you, and women are there to follow. Even in the Bible it says men are supposed to be leaders. I don’t like how society is turning out - women fixing cars, getting dirty, women in corporate jobs and women leading nations.

While I understand people’s rationale regarding this, I still think the natural way to be orderly is for women to stay virgins until they marry, and for men to be able to have multiple wives (they were naturally born to seek more than one woman, which is why women have a hymen instead of men). I also think women should stay home and raise the amount of children that the man wants to have with her. I don’t think this is derogatory, in fact I think this is a beautiful thing. Women are naturally nurturing and emotional, we should respect that nature.

I also believe women should always please her husband the way he wants her to. He provides for you so it’s your job to submit to him. Cook for him and clean his house. That’s not bad. It’s not derogatory and it’s a good help for him, the head of the household.
Why is it seen as bad for women to obey their husband?
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