Crazy or Funny Inside Jokes/Games with boyfriend/girlfriend?

Okay. I'm a very sarcastic and joking type person. I love to crack jokes and say some pretty outlandish stuff to people because I like to see how people react. I like to do this especially with my girls I'm with.

My sense of humor is pretty dry and maybe a little offbeat at times, but I look at it like if you can say it, you can take it. And I think anyone can say pretty much anything to me and I wouldnt' get upset. It just doesn't phase me because it's just words and I have a good enough sense of humor to get a joke, no matter how brtual it is.

Anyway most of the women I was with were pretty good sports. They got my sense of humor and pretty much just went along with it. A couple women got offended, but I didn't stay around with them longenough.

However, the woman I'm with now is like the female version of me. She is great. She has the same sarcastic tone and she knows how to take a joke. And to me that is the sexiest thing a woman can do with me, since I am a jokester.

Anyway, we like to play this game where we jokingly go back and forth about ways how we would "kill" each other if we got the other cheating or something bad.

Like I would say something like, "If you cheated on me, I'd burn your eyes out with your hair curler and then throw you off a high rise building."

then she would say, "Well if you cheated on me Boss, I would rip out your eyes, then cut off your balls and put them in your empty eye sockets, then throw you in a tub filled with acid."

Haha wow this looks bad now that I have written it out. I know it sounds really psycho and stuff, but we do it in a comical manner with smiles and laughs. We did it in front of her friends one time at a restaurant and the looks on their faces were priceless.

So do you guys have any inside jokes with your significant others that are kind of weird or outlandish?
Crazy or Funny Inside Jokes/Games with boyfriend/girlfriend?
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